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Yamaha Subwoofer

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Digital Pro Series YST-SW315 10-Inch (Black)

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Yamaha SW315 250Watt 10" Powered Subwoofer Yamaha's SW315 offers 250 high-efficiency watts--enough power to deliver shattering, movie-theater-like bass effects. Full enjoyment of Dolby Digital and DTS surround sources requires deep, clear bass. This is especially true with 5.1- and 6.1-channel sound, because the ".1" channel is dedicated to the bass frequencies. That means you not only need a subwoofer, but a high-power subwoofer capable of handling extremely low frequencies. The SW315's down-firing 10-inch driver translates power into clean bass sound, and the SW315 boasts a frequency response of 20 to 160 Hz (-10 dB at the extremes of the range).

Yamaha's YST-SW315 offers 250 high-efficiency watts--enough power to deliver shattering, movie-theater-like bass effects. Full enjoyment of Dolby Digital and DTS surround sources requires deep, clear bass. This is especially true with 5.1- and 6.1-channel sound, because the ".1" channel is dedicated to the bass frequencies. That means you not only need a subwoofer, but a high-power subwoofer capable of handling extremely low frequencies. The YST-SW315's down-firing 10-inch driver translates power into clean bass sound, and the YST-SW315 boasts a frequency response of 20 to 160 Hz (-10 dB at the extremes of the range).

The YST-SW315 delivers high power at deep bass frequencies, with excellent stability and low power consumption. This is made possible by the sub's highly efficient PWM (pulse-wave modulation) digital-drive power amplifier. The amplifier achieves superior conversion efficiency by minimizing power loss from the power transistors. It delivers stable audio power while minimizing AC power consumption and heat production. As it requires no output filter coil, it's extremely quiet with low distortion.

Yamaha's patented Advanced Active Servo Technology (Advanced YST) generates incredible bass from small speaker enclosures. This system uses negative-impedance feedback in the amp and a Helmholtz resonator in the speaker to provide strong and accurate bass.

QD-Bass (Quatre Dispersion Bass) technology uses a down-firing driver with square, pyramid-shaped reflective plates to radiate sound efficiently in four horizontal directions. The reflective plates (not used in other brands' down-firing subwoofers) negate any effects caused by the floor surface and reduce resonance between sound waves reflected from the floor and the unit. Most other systems use circular cones, but the YST-SW315 avoids firing sound into the legs of the cabinet by radiating in four directions. Changing the height of the pyramid varies the acoustic load, permitting relatively simple high-cut adjustment and improving bandpass properties. QD-Bass also grants greater freedom of placement, since the sound radiates with equal effectiveness in all directions.

The user-adjustable, continuously variable high-cut filter sets the highest frequency the subwoofer will deliver. It can be set anywhere from 40 to 140 Hz. For instance, if the filter is set at 75 Hz, only frequencies 75 Hz or below will be delivered by the subwoofer. This allows the sub's output to be matched to the lowest reproducible frequency of other speakers in the system and the room's acoustics for a seamless presentation.

The rotary volume control permits the perfect matching of the sub's output to the overall volume of the system. The YST-SW315 has a signal-sensing circuit. When the subwoofer detects an audio signal, it turns its power on. When it senses no signal for several minutes, it shuts itself off.

Yamaha's BASS (Bass Action Selector Switch) tailors the sub's output for video or music at the touch of a switch. Two sets of inputs let the sub accept either line- or speaker-level inputs, while a handy phase normal/reverse switch makes it easy to phase the subwoofer with the other speakers in your system.

Three-way speaker terminals accept banana plug and a variety of other connectors, as well as speaker wire, and the YST-SW315's thick, rigid MDF cabinet reduces vibrations and resonance. The speaker's handsome black-ash finish blends in with room decor and complements many furnishing styles, and it's magnetically shielded so you can place it near a TV or computer monitor without degrading the picture.

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Subwoofer, user's manual, and warranty information.

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  1. Great Subwoofer Review by Daniel Stewart

    I'm very happy with this subwoofer it performs admirably in my sound system. Very easy to install and set up. I also like the controls on the front of the subwoofer.
    Without hesitation I recommend this subwoofer to anybody considering a robust and high quality subwoofer at a very reasonable price. (Posted on 7/1/2012)

  2. Better than Bose Review by Michael D. Madsen

    Okay, so here is all you need to know:

    it has an amazing bass control, no muddy sounds and has plenty of power for
    any room up to large living rooms.

    The controls are adequate and the sound is quality to the bone.

    I have had this thing for probably 5 years and it rocks the world.
    I got my self some bose cube speakers and have gone through a few of
    the bigger bose subs....still this sounds batter than the bose subwoofer,
    both powered and non powered.

    I have always been a big fan of bose but this sub is a good match for it.

    So if you have the money consider it a very good investment, it would last
    and serve you well, I believe.

    have fun!!

    Sounds good with all kinds of music, just make sure you play around with the controls
    til you get it juuuust right! (Posted on 6/2/2012)

  3. One of the best! Review by PianoMan

    I bought this subwoofer on sale over 6 years ago. To date it has done nothing but provide earth rumbling, window rattling, and heart vibrating bass.
    I have relocated it several times to different rooms to accommodate the occasional Halo death match with my friends, and it never ceases to amaze me.

    It's got a nice wooden feel (not sure if it's real wood or plywood), with a nice polished black finish. it just says "classy" when you look at it. Best of all, it has a sleep function so you don't have to turn it on or off - after you shut everything else down it powers off on it's own. When you turn everything else on, it clicks on by itself.

    6 years of using this thing, and I have zero regrets. (Posted on 5/31/2012)

  4. Poor reliability, even worse customer service! Review by P. Breakfield IV "Tom Steele"

    Reliability issues and Yamaha support is non-existant. I have been through two of these now and I really liked the way they sound, but due to poor build quality and Yamaha's complete indifference and lack of customer service, I will never buy anything from them again. And I had/still have a lot of their components.

    I bought the first one and had it for just under a year when the power went out at my house. Nothing else was harmed, but the subwoofer would turn on and not make any sound. The subwoofer would power on, it just wouldn't put out any sound.

    Having bought the first one from Etronics, Yamaha told me that they were not an "authorized dealer" or something ridiculous like that, so it was not covered under warranty. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that these things are far too heavy and big to ship back and forth in order to SEE IF MAYBE they can be fixed, so I bit the bullet and hoped this was a one-off bad experience and tried again.

    I was in a different house when this one died. Same thing, came home and found the power had gone out. Reset clocks on microwaves, etc... Nothing else was harmed, but the new subwoofer would power on but make no noise. This one lasted more than a year, so even though I had purchased through an authorized dealer, it was out of warranty.

    I am even willing to fix it, but good luck finding anyone who will look at it and do anything more than tell you to buy a new one. I have found a British website that has the service manual and some of the commonly failed parts and I am going to try and order some of them and fix them myself. But right now they are just taking up space in my garage.

    Search for CHS Interactive to search their site for the parts. They have parts for the YST-SW320 which I think has the same components. They also have parts for the YST-SW800 which has the same issues and MAY provide beefier part replacement for the YST-SW315 if you want to try and improve your odds the next time the power goes out. Also, if you really want to get into it, you can find those parts (most run $15-20 each - ouch!) and write down the part numbers and do a search on Newark or Mouser or Digi-key or Allied. Some of them will have the FET transistors and MOSFETs that you need and you don't have to order them from Britain. Plus the service manual will tell you what parts to test and how to test them. Good luck!

    I know one issue that I encountered when dealing with Yamaha support, was that they kept saying that "Yamaha can't be responsible for a power surge from the power company." But when I pointed out that NOTHING else in the house (including a Yamaha reciever and a Samsung TV and all kinds of other sensitive electronic equipment) was damaged by the power outage, they didn't seem to feel like their subwoofer should be expected to be held to the same level of reliability as all of the other electronics in the house and they didn't seem to think that this indicated a design flaw in the subwoofer. I'm not sure how a logical person could arrive at that conclusion, unless they just realized that actually stepping up and accepting responsibility would cost them too much money and they weren't able to admit error.

    Since then, I have purchased a Velodyne CHT-12 and CHT-15 (for my theater room) and while I think they are a tiny bit more "boomy" than the Yamahas, I have had them each for over two years.

    My advice is to avoid Yamaha altogether. They clearly are willing to lose customers over a design defect that is THEIR fault, and don't even care about the bad reviews they will get as a result.

    There are other companies like them I am sure, but there are also companies that will stand behind their product. I'd prefer to use one of those companies, (Posted on 5/26/2012)

  5. Defectuve unit returned Review by William Sonstrom

    Auto On feature essentially didn't work. Came on a few times, but usually didn't. I tried a variety of digitally recorded CDs with significant bass. Tried various settings. Nothing helped. After 3 weeks of frustration, returned product. (Hooked up via LFE to new Yamaha receiver.) Replaced with Polk PSW 110 with similar features. That has worked fine. I have 2 Yamaha recievers, a CD player, and a digital(hybrid) piano. Love them all, but this product just didn't work. (Posted on 2/15/2012)

  6. Thunder! Review by Kurt

    This is a very high quality sub! I was going to buy a cheapie at 100 bux, but convinced myself that i dont want to have to buy a sub again so paid i lil more. This sub is awesome. I love the switching options it has. Adjustable high-pass filter, volume, a movie/music switch, power/stand-by, phase switch and more. They put a small lip on top of the cabinet so if there's something sitting on top it doesnt rattle off. The cabinet finish is beautiful

    the only downside is the little stick-on rubber feet. they shouldve made the 4 corners threaded, with screw in feet. I just know that once i move these stickons wont last.

    Yamaha did it again! Another great speaker product! (Posted on 1/27/2012)

  7. Yamaha sub woofer YST-SW315 Review by eric_e

    I would like to say that this item is absolutely fantastic. It arrived to Australia within 5 days and with no complications. The sub woofer is everything Yamaha promote it to be. Sounds great and goes to stand by mode automatically after a set time. Would buy again from Amazon and would not buy another brand of sound system if it's not Yamaha (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  8. yamaha sw315 Review by msummr6

    I purchased this sub last month from another site at 199 shipped. I read so many reviews about this sub before purchasing it and saw some mixed reviews. I rate this sub 5 stars because in its price range you will not find one with so much power, kick, clarity, and build quality. I went to other stores and checked out powered subs in the 200-450 price range. the controls on the front are excellent and easy to use. One thing I saw is that people are saying that it isn't that loud. I have a yamaha receiver and used the sub out line with a coaxial rca cable with a 6 inch splitter to use the 2 inputs for the sub. Doing this makes the sub soooooo much louder, I even tried just one cable and noticed the power was cut dramatically. Then with the yamaha receiver I can add more power to the sub. This thing will shake the house! I recommend getting a high quality rca cable built like a rope with a splitter. People who give it negative reviews are just not using it to its full potential or just don't know how to hook it up and use it because they are use to the "home theater in a box". I guarantee if you are looking for a powered sub under 300 you will not find one better than this. If i had a bigger budget I would not change my decision unless I built my own or bought a 1000 dollar front firing sub. If you purchase this powered sub make sure you buy the right cables and know how to adjust the crossover!!!! (Posted on 11/4/2011)

  9. Amazong Sound from this Subwoofer Review by Do-It Yourselfer

    The subwoofer has AMAZING sound and is worth every penny. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a great addition to their home theater. (Posted on 10/30/2011)

  10. Hear the bass, but don't feel it Review by Heart of Texas

    Got this one after extensive reading of competition reviews - polk audio, and BIC, primary contenders. Unfortunately at the time I got it, 6 mos ago, most reviewers called the other ones sluggish either with music or movies. I used to play semi professional bass, so I think I might know a thing or two. I have 16x16 living room with a HDMI of HtPC. I am overall satisfied with this because it works as advertized with both music and movies. THe bass response is good - you hear it well (after the initialy tunning and placement trials). My only hope was I could "feel" the bass a little -- this does not do it justice to "feel" the frequency. I guess you would need one of those 1000W BIC boxes. I did not want an unbalanced system so chose this for my existing system. Would recommend it with that one caveat! (Posted on 5/30/2011)

  11. Incredible Review by Allen Treschler

    I am using this as the 2nd woofer in an Onkyo 7,2 system and it is incredible. I saw a review saying it will not reproduce 20 Hz sounds and that is wrong. I have run a tone genersator with calibration equipment and although below 25 Hz the volume at 20 Hz is some few decibles lower than 25 Hz the woofer certianly does as advertised.

    In terms of it not being loud enough; when I ran the speaker setup I found it balanced perfectly (I prefer a little more bass so I upped it +6 DB in the receiver's setup and it sounds great).

    Easily differentiates betweeen bass drum and bass guitar and really gives the low frequency sounds (like rumbles and crashes) perfectly).

    Best bang for the buck! (Posted on 5/12/2011)

  12. Polk PSW505 Vs. Yamaha sw315 Review by JAY

    Ok so i wanted a new subwoofer to finish off my full Polk Audio system that i built up and wanted it all to match. I looked at many subs and went with the Polk PSW505 based off of all the good reviews on it plus everything would be matching. It came in and looked really. Got it out of the box,hooked it up and it was loud! Now that being said i watched movies on it and played tons of music on it and i just felt it was missing something. Yeah it was loud buy it really was falling behind on fast bass notes,was to boomy and really didnt complement the rest of my Polk system. It was time for a change.....

    I did have the Yamaha in mind when i bought the Polk and was going to buy it instead. I went back and forth on the two and gambled wrong. I sold the Polk and Bought the Yamaha and i couldnt be more happy! The Yamaha was the missing link in my system.
    The sound was really different from that of the Polk. It wasnt boomy and didnt fall behind on any note that i through at it. The sound seemed to blend in and if you closed your eyes you could not pin point the Yamaha.The sound just seems to come from everywhere as it should. I also noticed on Blueray soundtracks it even seemed to play lower and just as loud as the Polk.

    Bottom line is in my opinion the Yamaha stands on top and in the price range it can be beat in sound quality. So if you are have second thoughs on this subwoofer dont!! Just click the by-now button get it opend,set it up and enjoy. (Posted on 2/17/2011)

  13. Replace the Subwoofer Review by duncan

    I purchased this Unit 6 months ago and already have toasted the Voice Coil in the Subwoofer. This is not covered in the Warranty (Customer Abuse). I bought this unit because of the good reviews and Yamaha name. The best thing I did was replace the subwoofer with a car subwoofer. Sure you go from the stock 6 ohm subwoofer to a 4 ohm subwoofer but you gain a great hybrid unit that rocks. Since I replaced the sub par subwoofer with a Polk audio DXI 104 SVX 10" car subwoofer I've gained more decibles and performance. So that is why I am rating this unit a 4 star purchase. Great construction on the Box and the amplifer. Even with the cost of the unit and the $91.00 upgrade to a better subwoofer. I still paid less than the advertised price. The good thing is knowing if I destroy this subwoofer with Hours of Rockband I can always replace the Subwoofer and have a brand new powered subwoofer. (Posted on 2/17/2011)

  14. battle of the bass Review by S. lim "electrnic mayhem"

    i was looking for a moderate priced sub in the 250-400 arena where the competition is tough. i came across a few subs that were worthy from the reviews i have read, mirage always a favourite, polk, Hsu resarch {500} emotiva, but there was a problem i bought all of them to try out at the house of sound mi casa. ported seems better placed for movies and sealed better for music. i was looking for 2 cheaper subs for the music / video room and a smaller unit for the main movie / living room. to match my old but faithfull JBL 12" 400 watter still going strong after extensive use for over 6 years. here are my findings , for music the polk and the emotiva 10 were way more detailed and transparant in nature u think they came form the speakers themselves and blended with the fast transisents of my speakers. the yamaha was cleary less detailed but presented me with way more authourity coming from a little box. all speakers are built well with the yamaha setting the pace for movies with its huge clean lows and rumbles that terrifies my dog. the HSu which is probably the best all rounded sub but costs nearly 300 more and way too much power and angry lows for my 25 ft by 13 ft viewing space, i stuck with the yamahas for their small and stylish footprint. overall i would liked to have the HSU research rosenut 12" subs for 649 but decided that the little yamahas for 250 will suffice. as for the emotiva and the polk micro 2000 with a 10/" and an8 " they are going to be placed in my music room where the tightness and quickness will be well appreciated by moi and its speakers they are pairing with. (Posted on 9/29/2010)

  15. Doesn't break the bank or your back Review by T Mo

    This is really a great sub for the money. I wanted more bass for my home theatre/music system without spending more than ~$300, and this sub really fits the bill. My only spec nitpick is that it doesn't have a crossover bypass, so I just turned the crossover knob up to its highest setting and let my AVR handle the sub crossover, which works great. The auto-on/off feature works fine for me, and I only use one cable from my AVR LFE out to the mono input on the sub. I had to set the sensitivity switch to high, but it worked fine after that. Some people report having to split their receiver's LFE output to feed both L+R sub inputs, but I didn't have to do this. From a test disc I used, there's not much in the way of 20Hz output. Not too surprising, since the specs say it's -10dB@20Hz. That being said, it shakes my LR floor and my girlfriend can feel it on the other side of the house. Both music and movies sound fantastic, and I set the Music/Movies switch to Movies and just left it there. The worst part about this sub is it makes me all too aware of how little bass my speakers actually put out. When I set my AVR's crossover to 80Hz (from the suggested 40Hz), the bass comes alive. Yes, my speakers are rated to -3dB @ 38Hz, but the sub does a much better job below about 80-100Hz. (Posted on 9/20/2010)

  16. Musical Sub Review by D. McDaniel

    I've had this sub for about and month and am very pleased with it. I wanted something that was large enough to be felt on movies but small enough that my wife wouldn't give me grief. It also had to be very musical. This Yamaha fits the bill. Be aware that it is a 15 inch black box sitting on a 3 inch plastic stand (the stand holds a cone underneath the speaker) and is not small enough to hide. I thought my wife would freak when I first set it up but when I asked her if it blended in with our other black components she said it was "Ok". I was very releaved as one of our biggest arguments ever was over speaker placement.

    Sound: I have the Klipsch Quintet SL's main speakers(very nice) and a Kenwood receiver with 100 watts per channel. The Yamaha blends in very well with the main speakers. I have a very wide range of taste in music from classical to rock and I can't find any faults with this sub. I have the volume set at 25% and the cut off set at 40% and this seems to be ideal settings for music. I purchased the Tierney Sutton Dancing in the Dark (Multichannel Hybrid SACD) and couldn't be more pleased with the sound. The Yamaha augmented my Klipsch speakers perfectly and the sub just disappeared in the background. This is what a musical sub should sound like.

    Movies: I haven't watched a lot of movies with the sub attached(because I am enjoying the music so much) but one that did make an impression is the movie "Twister". If you crank up the volume on the sub past 60% things start to move. When the twisters were in full force I could feel the sub moving my pants legs from 12 feet away.

    Notes: You must supply input to both the right and left side connectors on the sub. My receiver only has one "sub out" connection so I had to use a "T" on the cable to supply both sides. If you just supply one side there is a large drop in sound volume.

    Summary: I must have looked at 50 subs and was close to buying a Definitive Tech or a Klipsch sub. I'm glad I kept looking as this Yamaha is the best I have heard for under $500. If you just want an "In your face thumper" then this probably isn't the sub for you. If you are into quality sound over volume then you can stop looking. This is it. (Posted on 2/20/2010)

  17. Best Subwoofer Your Money Can Buy Review by Darrell Gurrieri

    I was looking at the Polk PSW10 ($104 on Amazon) but I was impatient so I went out to the electronic stores by my house to see if they could match Amazon's price. No one had it in stock but PC Richards did have the YST-SW315. The sales manager explained to me that the Yamaha was a much better subwoofer, especially in duplicating sounds like machine gun fire in movies. PC Richards had it for $369 and the Sales Manager gave it to me for $165!!! What a steal!

    I took it home and hooked it up to my STR-DH800 and put my Watchmen Blu Ray into my PS3. I was BLOWN AWAY at the sound on this thing. It shook my sliding glass door on 50% volume. There is absolutely no distortion and the bass that this adds with the QD-Bass technology is amazing.

    A Few notes for owners:

    1. My receiver's manual recommends turning the High Pass cutoff to the HIGHEST level to allow more sound to go to the subwoofer. This is great for DTS-Master movies.

    2. You CAN hook this up with one single RCA audio cable using the "Mono" input.

    3. The Auto-Standby switch DOES work. You need to have the power switch switched to "ON" and the button on the front needs to be in the "ON" position as well. I keep mine switched to the "High" position which means as soon as the subwoofer detects any sound coming to it, it will turn on. (Posted on 2/12/2010)

  18. Very Pleased Review by Joseph J. Cassiba "Joseph"

    I upgraded from a passive Yamaha sub that came with a home theatre system to this Yamaha YST-SW315. Wow, what a difference. I went from checking to see if my old sub was even working to having to turn this one down. It has more than enough power and has significantly improved both movies and music. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 2/3/2010)

  19. Tight And Clean Bass Review by The Man

    This Sub is simply amazing. Hook up is a snap. It outputs tight and clean bass with no distortion even at high volume. It has multiple inputs and even has two Low frequency Extension (LFE) inputs just in case you have high end Receiver that has two LFE outputs. I previously owned a Sony <a href="">Sony SA-W2500 Performance Line 100 Watt Subwoofer</a> which has sub-par performance. This Yamaha is in a class by itself. It does not only produce dynamic bass but is a classic piece of workmanship to boot. (Posted on 1/18/2010)

  20. No Regrets. Review by P. Chebib



  21. Superb sound Review by Victor Soltero "Victor E"

    Unit is A-OK except that I was not told that the model comes in to two different wiring connections at the side of the unit - one at the left and other on the right. Customers should be made to chose which side they prefer the wiring connections will be. (Posted on 10/26/2009)

  22. Amazing Sound/Price Review by Brandon Alonzo "LoadZO"

    Just got this hooked up today. And tested it out putting it through movie/PS3/Music tests. This sub, paired with THX certified Monster Cable Sub-Cable sounds amazing. And for the price, you won't find a better Sub anywhere else online or at a store unless you get some sort of employee discount. I really didn't need to tweak my system much for it to work. Amazing. (Posted on 8/5/2009)

  23. Best I've had so far. Review by Clayton Ward

    So this is the fourth sub i've purchased lifetime, and i have to say it's definitely the best sounding and has the tightest response of the four. My previous sub was a KEF 230w, and the thing was loud...i mean REALLY loud but a little too boomy for my taste, that and it decided to die on me after a year. I have my surround system located in my bedroom, which is probably as big as some living rooms so you can take that with a grain of salt. I'm no expert on all the technicalities and inner-workings of these things so i'm not going to try and BS you. We all know yamaha makes quality sound-producing units, and to some extent we also know that floor-firing subs are usually pretty darn expensive. For this price this sub will give you all you need in sound, feeling and wall-rattling that you would ever need(unless you fancy huuuge house parties and want to wake up the next morning with buzzing in your ears). It simply has the best articulation of any sub i've ever heard, music is a blast to listen to, you can pretty much picture the location of the drum set and pluck it right from the other instruments, without it over-powering them. Movies are every bit as exciting as the theater with this thing. Granted, you need to have a decent receiver and surround setup so that you can tune the crossover preferences and speaker levels to the range that is best for you, but basically add this sub to any mid to high-range setup and you won't be disappointed. (Posted on 7/10/2009)

  24. None better for the price Review by Robert F. Schmidt "Bob Schmidt"

    Yamaha sounds great with home theater or music. I checked out subs for around $400 plus but this one is as good or better. I had a 8 inch Yamaha for years but this one is much better with new yamaha RX-V1800. (Posted on 5/18/2009)

  25. A Very Nice Purchase Review by D. Hals

    This subwoofer performs very well for all my needs. There is a music mode, which makes the response much cleaner, and a movie mode which lets the subwoofer go all out.

    I listen to both classical and Jazz and the subwoofer is well balanced with the music mode. I do not turn the music up ear-blisteringly loud but I have yet to notice any distortions. In fact, I was recently listening to the 1812 Overture performed by Sir Neville Marriner with real cannons...I had to re-arrange the glasses in the kitchen...

    When watching movies (particularly Blue Rays), this subwoofer also performs quiet nicely. Once again, I do not go loud enough to make my ears bleed, but I turn it up pretty loud. This subwoofer produces quiet a kick! I have been watching my old DVDs again (Matrix, LOTR, etc) because the movie experience is enhanced dramatically.

    This is my first subwoofer and I am extremely happy with it. I am sure you can get a more powerful one for more money, but I personally would not want anything more powerful. (Posted on 4/24/2009)

  26. Great Value from a Great Brand Review by Bill C. Woods "Bee Cee"

    I first heard the YST series of Yamaha subs a few years ago at a buddy's house. It was the 8" 120 watt version and I noticed right off that the sound could be tuned from the front which is very convenient. Aside from the power button, there was also a button to toggle between music and movies which seemed to tighten the bass response for music, or add delay with a slower decay for movies. And lastly the output level and crossover frequency knobs. By way of comparison, my buddy bought a new surround speaker system made by JBL that came with a 10" 150 watt sub. The Yamaha sub seemed to have more flexibility with tuning and tailoring the sound to the respective listening area, as well as wider dynamic range when integrating with the midbass in musical passages. I was sold.
    I ended up buying 2 YST-SW315s. I always buy subs in pairs because I listen to a lot of music and prefer bass frequencies to play in true stereo. Also, pairing up subs tends to make them 'disappear' as well as add more punch with less effort than a single sub system. My twin subs are mainly used with music, providing enhanced bass for a pair of audiophile calibur Eminent Tech Speakers that are extremely fast and accurate. The 'twins' hold their own nicely and add a bouncy punch to the bottom 2 octaves. The quality is undeniable, the fit n' finish is superb, and the sound is solid and clear. When you add a pricetag that can fit most any budget, you get much, much more than just a subwoofer, you get a respectable foundation upon which you can build the sound system of your dreams. (Posted on 12/29/2008)

  27. This Thing Rocks! Review by Rick S.

    I replaced an old inexpensive sub woofer with this unit and I can't believe what I was missing!
    This thing rocks the house. The difference is amazing. Whether listening to music or watching a movie in Dolby Digital 5.1 this thing pounds (yet you can turn it down). And it's clear. The sound clarity is great. I didn't realize a sub woofer could reproduce such clear, well defined low frequency sound. My previous sub was smaller than this one and I kinda thought this one was a little too big (there is an 8" version) but after listening to it the extra size is well worth it. Another nice feature is the front panel controls which makes it very easy to adjust the sound for different circumstances. All in all I'm very satisfied with the performance of this unit especially for the price. Combined with the Yamaha NS-125 Tower speakers I also purchased (a great deal) my system sounds better than ever. (Posted on 11/24/2008)

  28. Yamaha Sub Review by Dragon Chief

    Great bang for the buck. Easily hidden in the living room, where I did not want an obtrusive box. Can't beat Yamaha for quality in sound. Highly recommend to those who are space limited. (Posted on 11/23/2008)

  29. Great Bang for the Buck Review by D. Wexstein "wex"

    The Yamaha YST-SW315 does just what it's supposed to do. It's fast, accurate, and provides plenty of punch with it's 280 watt digital amplifier. I also like the fact that it doesn't take up much space. Yamaha provided felt pads for those of us that have wood or tile floors. Considering the price and performance, I had to give this Subwoofer 5 stars. Nice going Yamaha. (Posted on 10/29/2008)

  30. Your Own Personal Earthquake In A Box Review by M. Pickering

    As I have surround sound systems in several rooms of my home, I own quite a few subwoofers. Although I have purchased subs from different manufacturers in the past, I have found that Yamaha subs give the biggest bang (or thump) for the buck. The YST-SW315 is a perfect example of Yamaha's ability to deliver serious bass frequencies from a rather simple, low cost device.

    I purchased the YST-SW315 for my home office, to provide extra depth for the surround system that I have connected to my computer and other A/V equipment. The SW315 subwoofer sits on the floor, hidden below a corner desk unit. This sub enclosure measures 13-3/4" (W) x 16-15/16" (H) x 15-1/16" (D), and weighs roughly 42 lbs. Although it's not extremely small, this sub really doesn't take up that much room. It is a fairly square shaped box with a flat surface, so you can always sit something on top of it if you desire. I have the sub hooked to my surround receiver via the line level inputs. However, there are also speaker level inputs and outputs, for those that wish to connect the subwoofer inline, between their stereo amplifier and stereo speakers. It is magnetically shielded, so this subwoofer can be placed next to anything without worry of magnetic interference from the speaker itself.

    The YST-SW315 subwoofer utilizes two technologies that are unique to Yamaha.

    * Advanced YST - Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology is a unique system in which the speaker and amplifier work together to cancel out impedance so the speaker unit has a perfectly linear motion. Advanced YST helps to ensure the highest levels of sound pressure and overall performance.

    * QD-Bass Technology - Quatre Dispersion Bass technology uses down-firing drivers with square, pyramid-shaped reflective plates to radiate the sound efficiently in four horizontal directions. The reflective plates negate any effects caused by the floor surface and reduce resonance between sound waves reflected from the floor and the unit.

    I don't know much about Advanced YST and QD-Bass Technology, but I do know this subwoofer sounds great. Although relatively small, this little speaker box packs quite a punch, and fills the room with deep sound that you can feel as well as hear. I use this subwoofer for a combination of listening to music, for computer game play and for watching movies. There is a button, on the subwoofer control panel, that lets you select "Movie" or "Music" mode. There is a noticeable sound difference between the two modes, so a user would definitely want to utilize this button when switching between watching movies and listening to music. The control panel, which is located on the front side of the subwoofer cube, also contains a volume knob, an auto standby (on/off) switch, a high cut filter (on/off) switch, and a high cut filter adjustment knob. The auto standby feature is very handy, as it allows the subwoofer to power itself up when it receives sound and goes into standby (sleep) mode when no sound is present after about 5 minutes. Power consumption, while in standby mode, is only 0.5 watts, so I personally love the convenience and energy efficiency of the auto standby feature. If you prefer to power the subwoofer on and off manually, the main power switch is located on the back of the unit, rather than on the control panel itself. Next to the on/off power switch is also a Phase Control switch, so you can select whether you want the sub to work in normal or reverse phase. I will not go into what phase changing does to the sound, but audiophiles will understand that reversing the phase would be the same as reversing the positive and negative wire connections on the back of a loudspeaker. It simply changes whether the speaker cone moves inward or outward to produce sound waves.

    The high cut filter adjustment control works very well, allowing you to determine the high-end frequency cutoff of the speaker. Obviously a subwoofer is meant to produce very low frequency sounds, so being able to cut out somewhat higher frequencies can produce much cleaner, punchier bass sound. This control allows you to customize the bass sound, to best match the speakers that you have producing the higher frequencies. When set correctly you should experience a full bodied sound, without any dropouts in the frequency range between the main speakers and the subwoofer.

    Here are some technical specs of the YST-SW315:

    * Advanced YST Technology
    * QD Bass Technology
    * High Efficiency Power Amplifier: 250-watts nominal / 270-watts dynamic power
    * Multi-Range Driver: 10" Cone
    * Magnetic Shielding
    * Phase Control Switch: Normal or Reverse
    * High Cut Filter: 40 - 140 Hz
    * Auto Standby
    * Bass Action Selector System: Movie Mode or Music Mode
    * Inputs: Line-level in (RCA phono x 2), Speaker-level in (heavy-duty post x 2)
    * Outputs: Speaker-level pass-through (heavy-duty post x 2)
    * Frequency Response: 20 - 160 Hz (-10 dB)
    * Power Consumption: 80-Watts (operation) / 0.5-Watts (stand-by)
    * Warranty: 2 years (parts & labor)

    Overall I have been extremely pleased with the Yamaha YST-SW315 subwoofer. The flat-black cabinet fits in well with most of today's stereo equipment, and this model is also available in silver and glossy piano-black finishes as well. It is small enough to hide behind a piece of furniture but looks good enough to leave out in plain view. There is an air outlet port on one side, so you will want to make sure to place the cabinet in an area where the air can escape without restriction, otherwise the sound will be affected in a negative way. A few inches of clearance should prove adequate for the air to move freely. The speaker cone itself is located on the bottom of the cabinet, which fires down toward the floor and therefore doesn't require any special clearance. The bass produced by the YST-SW315 subwoofer is very solid and punchy, and gives very little audible distortion at even high volume levels. I feel that this subwoofer is excellent for a mid-sized family room or living room, but may not be well suited for an extremely large room, unless you added a second subwoofer (one for each channel - left & right). My home office measures roughly 16' x 18', and this subwoofer is able to fill that room with gut-rumbling bass very well. I leave the SW315 in auto standby mode at all times, as I find this feature to work very well. It should be noted, however, that there is about a 6-second delay before the subwoofer begins working, after it receives a signal from your audio source. This may prove annoying for those that use the subwoofer for music. But for movie watching it really isn't an issue since the sub only misses the first few seconds of the opening music score (usually a movie preview that comes on before the actual movie begins).

    Although I cannot guarantee that this subwoofer will prove to be perfection for every consumer, I honestly cannot find one fault in this device. I have pushed this speaker pretty hard in the past, and I have yet to notice any serious distortion or the typical overpowering boomy sound that many subs produce. The YST-SW315 produces clean, punchy bass at just about any volume level, and when adjusted correctly will not overpower the rest of your audio. It has a powerful built-in amplifier and looks, feels, and sounds very well made. Since this subwoofer has exceeded my expectations, and is an incredible value for the price, I am giving the Yamaha YST-SW315 10-inch Digital Pro Series Subwoofer 5-stars. I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking to add solid low-end frequencies to their stereo or home theater audio system. (Posted on 9/11/2008)

  31. Good value Review by John Pittman "Dr. Hypercube"

    I bought this sub a month or so ago to fill in the bottom end of what was then a 3.0 AV system (the 3 speakers are NHT SuperOnes). It works beautifully - not boomy - and fills my small living room effectively. I like the tunable crossover - very useful. The music/movie button on mine has been set to music throughout - don't think I'll ever use the movie setting, but for folks who want more 'splosion action, it's there. I'd recommend for anyone who wants to spend not a lot of money for a very effective sub. (Posted on 8/28/2008)

  32. VERY NICE!! Review by Jose R. Cardona "Rami87"

    WOW! All I can say is that it gives the bass I was looking for. I use it in a room 8 x 11 not even half the volume and sound comes very clear, loud, it is just amazing!.
    The company a bought provide a greate shipping service, it was packed properly, no damage. I recomend this product. (Posted on 8/14/2008)

  33. Dan Review by Daniel F. Nevins

    Not a real sound expert, but WOW this woofer really sounds great, and even I can hear, and feel so much more out of my DVDs. Have a Yamaha 7.1 surround sound amp, and a and am really pleased with what this 42+ ponnds of speaker has done. (Posted on 7/21/2008)

  34. 5 star for sure Review by Travis Burkhart

    I wanted to set aside my 13 year old 15" KLH bulky speakers for a cleaner smaller set up but same quality. I have not been disappointed yet. This yahmaha can bump, the first movie I put in was Twister. I love this subwoofer almost as much as my KLH speakers "those are my babies". Highly suggested to anyone stressed with space great addition to the family. (Posted on 6/8/2008)

  35. yamaha sub Review by Elmer French

    supurb, has everything i was looking for. yamaha is hard to beat in quality and especially price. (Posted on 3/5/2008)

  36. Sounds great!! Review by M. Vasquez

    I bought this sub for my master-bedroom setup and it's more than enough. It fills the room with nice deep sounds. I have it paired up with a Yamaha RX-N600 receiver, Boston Acoustic in-ceiling speakers, a Yamaha Center Channel speaker and a Samsung 50" Plasma. Overall sound is perfect for my needs as it is only the master-bedroom and not the theater room. I'll tell you one thing, we have been spending more time in the room, relaxing in bed, watching Blu-ray movies. Much more comfortable... ;o) (Posted on 2/10/2008)

  37. Great bass Review by Vincent Keith Conley Jr.

    I had been shopping for a powered subwoofer to beef up my yamaha suround sound. I came across this yst-315 and after reading a few reviews I bought it. Nothing could have prepared me for the sound that this speaker produces, it is amazing. I have never heard a "clean" bass sound before this. I highly advice buying this if you are shopping for subs. (Posted on 2/9/2008)

  38. get two Review by J. NIEMEYER

    I built speaker cabinets as a hobby for a few years, because there was so much you could do, years ago, to improve on the existing products of the time, I think it's a tough call anymore...

    I have two of these and i'm still grinning. I matched them up with the yam. 777s & center. The sound is really balanced, it's too bad it took me
    30+ yrs. to put such a nice sounding system together, and at pennies of what things cost in the 70s, Yamaha is a bargain! (and I'm a Suzuki fan)
    But... I may need a brick house to hold these puppies.
    Two, may be overkill, but.. is there too much of a good thing?

    The build quality looks to be great, it will have to be as these things
    are getting a work out. (Posted on 1/23/2008)

  39. Good subwoofer for the price Review by F. Farwell "shopcb"

    Sure this is not a Polk or Infinity subwoofer. But for the price you get a pretty darn good subwoofer so its a great value. Of course if your an audio file and want the absolute best spend $600+ But for my money this is just fine (Posted on 3/3/2007)

  40. Great Sub for the price I paid. Review by William M

    I needed a sub for my garage, and did not want to spend more than $200. Got it on sale for well under that.

    Since this was just for the garage, when tinkering with my bikes, I didn't want something too expensive, and didn't expect much from such a small sub. I was very pleasantly suprised by it's performance, This thing will rock when needed, and hits suprisingly low for a small sub in a very large space.

    I first tried a Polk PSW10, since Polk products had never dissapointed me in the past. Well there is always a first time... The Yamaha smokes the Polk sub, I returned the Polk immediatly.

    Of couse it doesn't compare with the Energy S12.3 I use in my main music system, but for 1/5 the cost, I never expected it to. (Posted on 1/4/2007)

  41. Poor placement of on/off swithch Review by Von Gardiner

    The on/off switch is on the back of the housing. It is not easily reached unless you physically go behind the unit. If you turn the switch on, then in the front of the housing, there is another push button switch that either turns the unit on, or turns it to standby mode, where it is suppose to turn itself on when it detects a bass signal. It makes more sense to have a three way switch in the front of the housing, that is either on, off, or standby. When I turn the unit on standby, it never comes on, so that is useless.

    I have read that Yamaha has terrible manuals. This one is. It contradicts itself from one page to another. It's a good thing that this is simple. Heaven help those who buy a Yamaha receiver! (Posted on 10/13/2006)

  42. BADASS FOR THE CASH Review by N. DeNova "Knightmare"

    This this pounds plenty. Dont spend 500+ on other subs when this is perfect for less than 200. I really cant imagine a subwoofer getting much better than this. Major bang for the buck. And it has nice features too. Only thing it lacks is a crossover bypass option, but you can just turn the crossover all the way up to get over that issue. (Posted on 10/11/2006)

  43. 10" of pure whoop ass Review by M. J. Meler

    I got this sub about a year ago and i have it hooked up to an old NAD reciever. Not even old technology slows this black box down. I tried it on another Denon reciever and i hooked up a monster cable from the rec sub output into the sub and it sounded even more amazing. I can turn the bass on my Nad all the way down and adjust the sub and it sounds amazing. Its great for just plain music listening, parties, gaming, or watching movies that need subs like action movies. On my floor last year all the guys hooked up their stereos in teh lounge and we had a sound off..... no one even came close to my sub with 2 infiniti kappa speakers backing it up. there were guys with 4' tall floor speakers and one guy even had a 15" sub in a box brand new.. i dont know the brand, but it wasnt even close to mine. I was named the floor pounder for the year with the best stereo.

    If you know what sounds good, and how to make things sound good.... you well get a big bang for your buck.... BUY IT!!!!!! (Posted on 6/25/2006)

  44. Great Clean Bass Small pretty package Review by GLENN LEVY "lover of fun"

    I had just bought a Yamaha HTR 5990 and decided I needed a real powered Sub to go with it without going too crazy. This seemed to fit the bill, from stylish looks to power and the fact that it had a great range down to 20hz.I have to say after it arriving and getting it setup, I was not disappointed! This pretty little Box can Hum. The 4 tuned bass ports put a lot of sound without it sounding like a truck on the highway, it sounds like music, or whatever else its trying to achieve. It has nice options for how you want it setup for cutoff, and I love the auto sensing power on/off. I was happy with how well it went with floor standing Definative Tech BPs, and M&K SATs in the rear. Anyone looking for a mid-grade Sub without too much over drive{as long as you don't over power it} This should satisfy your needs.I'm very happy with it. Movies, Games, Music it handles it all well. I don't feel you can do much better for the price. I listened to much more expensive Subs at the local tweeter, which I found much less appealing. (Posted on 4/24/2006)

  45. Ideal Addition to any System Review by P. McGrath "prmcgr"

    I picked up the Sony 8" (SA-WM250 100-Watt) Active Subwoofer recently, and it's quite nice (especially the price at under $100.00). But this smaller system can't hold a candle to the Yahama. This 10" system pumps out clean, crisp base and its cut-off option allows the user to limit the higher frequency response of the sub-woofer (and let your mid-range speakers do the job). The result - a pretty massive, well defined bottom that can be as subtle or as "in your face" as you like it and which will nicely compliment just about any existing audio/visual system.

    Because I use a pair of smaller AAD speakers, I keep the volume level for the subwoofer at below 50%, but the frequency cut-off a bit higher (110 hz out of max 140hz) for a nicely balanced, very full sound. Another nice feature is a bass button selection for either (i) music, or (ii) movies. The latter provides maximum bass response - suitable for achieving something similar to what you get in movie theatres - the rumbling bass that lodges in your stomach. The former, music option, is ideal and very complimentary to my existing stereo arrangement.

    If you're unhappy with the response of your shelf speakers (want more oomph?), you'll love this Yamaha subwoofer. It'll add depth to your existing system, and add real luster to your audio-video setup. I recently re-watched "The Two Towers" on DVD using the Yahama - the experience was truly like a return to the theatre. (Posted on 10/3/2005)

  46. audio bliss... with real nymphs! Review by cosmo "failure is always an option"

    Maybe I'm bias because I really like Yamaha, maybe, because I have kinda' good ears or, it's the fat check sitting on my table from Yamaha; but what ever it is I realllllllly like this sub-woofer.

    I looked around a long time for the right sub, and, I like to think I got a good one here.
    You want power? Ok, it's only 250 watts -not 1,000 watts like Velodyne, but in my room (30 by 18ish with a 25 foot ceiling) it ROCKS.

    I love music, all kinds; loud or quiet no matter I like both, but I do like depth more than volume. However, I believe if you are going to listen to something real loud, being able to feel the music is as important as being able to here it.
    And let me say you can FEEL music if you want to.
    one of the things I love most about this sub is it's range; it can (maybe) reach 20 hertz. 20 hertz! that is astounding.
    20Hz is the lowest frequency the human ear can hear, in fact it's starting into the range of sounds that are felt more than heard.

    Maybe I have good ears and maybe I don't, but to hear rich airy low-end, and, bass notes. yes! bass NOTES! bass is not one big boomy lump of noise, it's huge, open, grazing pasture of distinct sounds!

    In short, music sounds great, even hip-hop (which I don't like) sounds, well, better.
    Also, their is no need to turn the volume way up to hear a improvement; at very quiet levels too, you can hear good clean bass notes. But, if you do a lot of quite listening, we're talking back ground music levels: disable the auto-on feature and manually turn it on and off, because if you happen to be listening to something quiet, even if you still can here low notes from this, it does not seem to be enough signal to keep the auto-on, well... on.

    It improves movies as well, take something with a lot of dynamics like, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" or, "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" there are a lot of sudden loud, and very low sounds in those movie's and the Yamaha handles it all with aplomb.

    With most of the controls are on the front set-up is and tweaking is made easy, and if you are wondering about the "BASS" button: if the button is in the "music" position you will have to turn the volume to a higher level to shake the termites out of the walls than if its set to the "movie" position (I think "music" is a flatter frequency response).
    As this review seems to be getting a bit long I'll some it up:
    yes, there are far better subwoofers out there (like from B&W), but I don't have the money for those, and if someone gave me a 1,000 watt Velodyne I would take it in a heartbeat- but, I wouldn't want to give this one up too.
    It's a absolute pleasure to listen to.

    Update: I have run some test tones on this subwoofer, and well, it can not reach 20Hz. 38Hz seems to be the limit for usable bass, although it is still audible to around 32Hz, 20Hz is a stretch.
    If 38Hz sounds to high: their are not many movie's or CD's that have any sounds below 35Hz. And very, very few have sound below 25Hz.
    Although it does not go as low as I would have hoped, it is still a good sub for the money, and still worth a five star review. (Posted on 9/4/2005)

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