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Yamaha Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

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NS-AW390BL 2-Way (Pair, Black)

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Yamaha's NS-AW390BL indoor/outdoor speakers feature durable all-weather speaker grills design, 6 Ohms impedance, 130 Watts maximum input power, 2-way acoustic suspension,and magnetic shielding sensitivity.

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  1. Nice speakers Review by CHRIS ROSENBERGEN

    Great price and nice sound...easy to connect...somewhat bully but worth it...comes with everything you need to install except speaker wire... (Posted on 8/6/2012)

  2. Very Impressed for size and price Review by K. Hoffmann "Karl46"

    Received my Yamaha NS-AW390(B-Stock)speakers today and couldn't wait to get home from work to install them. I wasn't disappointed. My primary system in the house is a JBL Northridge Series 7.1 surround with a very capable Yamaha AMP. In the past I have owned high end audio gear, i.e. class A non-switching amps, high end speakers, etc. so I can discern quality sound reproduction.

    First impression of the 390's is they breathe, very open sound, nice sound stage for the angle and distance. Agree with all the other posts that they are not bass heavy, but they sure do sound GREAT. So far I have listened to jazz: New Orleans Night Crawlers (they are all brass and drums), Sara McLachlan, Toto, Chris Tomlin, Josh Wilson, Chrisette Michelle, REM, Stevie Ray, Luther Allison, Luther Vandross and then more blues. Everything sounded great and seemed to sound even better after about an hour of continuous use.

    Install was a snap with the speakers placed about 7 feet apart. Because the speakers were hanging just below a trim piece on the patio and there wasn't anything solid behind the woofer, I flipped them upside down (woofer on top) to help enhance the bass. As stated in other posts they are not efficient, but I have to replace the speaker wires this weekend. The current wires have been outside for about 12 years. Even stripping the wires back they show corrosion. Going to replace them with 14 gauge oxygen free copper which should help deliver more juice to the speakers.

    Definitely recommend these speakers. Best $83.00 I have spent in a long, long time! (Posted on 7/8/2012)

  3. already blown Review by Pen Name

    Speakers not even a month in use and already distorted. Have to turn bass to -6 on eq. For no crackling noise. (Posted on 5/18/2012)

  4. Great value on a quality product! Review by LFE_Addict

    I had originally purchased some outdoor rock speakers with an 8" woofer that I had high hopes for. I just wanted a decent outdoor party setup. The rock speakers were complete and total garbage sound wise despite having great exterior build quality for $90. I returned those after listening for 15 seconds and immediately purchased the Yamaha NS-AW390s refurbished for $79. They are 100X better! The clarity/detail is amazing for the price. I am picky when it comes to audio so I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of everything in the 'kit', not to mention the SOUND! Of course, with any of these speakers, you are not going to get booming bass if you are mounting them in free air outside. You will get decent thump if you are in an enclosed space with corner placement. Having experience with a myriad of speakers of all types, I didn't expect to get much low end from a small cabinet and 6.5" woofer. I just wanted some reasonable quality audio and you will get at least that and more with these. The only minor downside is that they are not very efficient (87db) and do require a fair amount of power to drive them but not as bad as some other models out there. If you are covering a large area I would recommend at least 50-100 watts per channel.
    Finally something that is worth at least what you pay for and probably much more!

    I am more than pleased and am ordering a second pair before the deal runs out! (Posted on 4/19/2012)

  5. Above average for the $$$ Review by Wayne Milford "WM"

    Installed these a few days ago and I'm pretty happy with them. They produce a deeper bass than one would expect from a smaller speaker. (Posted on 8/16/2011)

  6. Yamaha speakers Review by Big Wine Lover

    Good size, good sound and good price,,,, I've had outdoor speakers before, but these really surprised me and are very efficient as well. (Posted on 8/8/2011)

  7. Good Sounding Speakers for the Money Review by Psyclist "Wayne Smith"

    I installed these on my front porch and, while realizing they would not be of audiophile quality, they do a good job for a decent price. Because I missed the "thump" and low end clarity I have come enjoy in my indoor setup, I added a 12 inch subwoofer in a non ported enclosure and now I have a KILLER system! The 390's suit me just fine, but, like with most outdoor speakers of this size, get ready to live without much bass output or be prepared to add a subwoofer. ( I used a 12 inch Pioneer TS-W303R 12" auto speaker in a Scosche enclosure, both available on Amazon, and powered it separately with an old Kenwood pre/power amp, with the treble rolled off.....sort of a poor man's crossover, but it works!). I powered the 390's from my indoor amp by adding a Monster Cable SS4 Multi-Speaker selector to switch between indoor and outdoor speaker pairs. I drilled a 1/2" hole through my wall to pass the speaker wire through and now I can enjoy my shady front porch swing and even listen to music while working in the yard....pretty sweet! (Posted on 7/23/2011)

  8. Work great Review by Cookie

    I had been looking for a decent pair of outdoor speakers and found these the be the overall best value. Bought for 1/2 of what est Buy sells for in store and very pleased with the sound. I was looking at a $300 pair for a couple manufactures and while the sound good, I didn't notice the difference to be worth the extra money. I would rather buy 2-3 sets of the Yamaha's then buy 1 pair of $300 speaks and I am certain 4-6 speaks will always sound better than 2. I did only buy the pair and have not second guessed that decision. (Posted on 4/15/2011)

  9. Great sound Review by dp

    Installed these in a screened porch, so their exposure to the elements has been limited. They sound great and installed easily. Have made it through a cold winter in Atlanta with no issues. (Posted on 2/16/2011)

  10. Yamaha's rock Review by theboz's

    Excellent sound quality in a fairly small package at a reasonable price delivered very promptly considering we live on a remote Caribbean island. They are pretty exposed to the sea so only time will tell how they hold up. We are very happy so far. Thought the sound of the surf might make them hard to hear, not a problem at all. Our quests are totally amazed too, thanks. (Posted on 12/8/2010)

  11. good sound and excellent value Review by Dakar

    I just put these out on my deck, installing them was easy. Their just the right size, their not small but not to large to fit under an overhang. Running the speaker wires was the only pain. Overall I was very satisfied with how they sounded. They provided good bass and fairly good detail. May be lacking just a little on the highs, but thats mostly in comparison to my $2000 indoor floor speakers.
    They don't seem to get exceptionally loud, but certainly loud enough.
    Overall I was very happy to find a quality pair of speakers for outside use without having to spend much. They go well with my new Yamaha receiver. (Posted on 10/2/2010)

  12. Great Sound, Great Price on Amazon! Review by Aero1234

    These speakers arrived last week. I just installed them and they sound great in my courtyard, I was really surprised by how good they sound outdoors. Installation was simple and secure. The price on Amazon can't be beat and the speakers are worth the money! (Posted on 9/12/2010)

  13. Great sound and Look! Review by Benjamin Olson

    I have been searching for awhile on speakers for my patio and came accross these Yamaha's. I am into pro sound systems and know their quality is very good so I thought I would give these a shot after reading the reviews and I am glad I did. They actually have decent bass response and the highs are good. The mids personally are a little muffled but not bad some EQing and that can go away. I did add a TIC GS50 Onmi Subwoofer to the system and glad I did just to give it a more full sound. Very happy with my purchase with these Yamaha's! (Posted on 8/24/2010)

  14. Good speakers Review by Michael O'Connor

    the speakers mounted nicely on my trellis. the sound great using my stereo. Good value for the price. (Posted on 8/3/2010)

  15. Wow, wow, wow! Review by Brian M Reed

    I originally intended to buy the Bose 151 outdoor speakers until I read some unfavorable reviews. I came across the reviews for the AW390's and ended up purchasing them. I installed the speakers today and was BLOWN AWAY at just how good these speakers sound. I went with a 16 gauge wire, and was still impressed at how clear and high quality these speakers sound. All for the $109!!! Quite the deal.

    Indoors I have Bose 301's, while the AW390's aren't 301's they certainly provide excellent sound quality for an outdoor speaker.

    -Brian (Posted on 7/21/2010)

  16. Sound Great Outside and Terrific Value Review by MJC "mjc"

    I bought these without great expectations. Yes, the reviews are very good, but the urban balcony into which I placed them is sonically hostile. Highly reflective brick walls on three sides of a 15' x 20' area, street noise is an issue, and I don't want to bother the neighbors (too much).

    After a few months of listening, they sound really good. I'm impressed with the detail of music and with their ability to provide decent bass, without going "boomy" Several guests and friends have commented on their sound quality. Considering that they are usually played at a low volume, that's unexpected.

    With Amazon's price and free delivery, these might be one of the best purchases I've made this summer. (Posted on 7/11/2010)

  17. Brings music outside Review by William Misencik

    Very well made and great sounding product for the money. My only caveat is that the mounting brackets when directly mounted to the soffit have a limited range in its travel. This may cause your speaker to be aimed down a little too far if you are trying to project sound a good distance away. Other than that, well satisfied with this product. (Posted on 6/17/2010)

  18. Great Value! Review by Richard Churchill

    I have always loved the quality and sound of Yamaha, but I still do my research whenever purchasing another piece of audio, video, or any other equipment for that matter. And after clarifying our budget, visiting many websites, reading a lot of reviews, and comparing prices we decided on the Yamaha NS-AW390BL Indoor/Outdoor speakers for our deck.

    The speakers were below our budget, but beyond our expectations. The sound quality is superb and fills our patio and backyard so nicely that it seems our neighbors spend a lot more time outdoors with us. I will admit that the deck doesn't tremble under our feet from the bass, but what do you expect from a 6 1/2" woofer. We would recommend these speakers to anyone loves their music very crisp and precise. ***** (Posted on 6/5/2010)

  19. Careful with the grilles Review by D. Conley

    The Yamaha NS-AW390 is a very good choice for a fairly compact, wired, outdoor speaker. The sound is about as good as you could expect in an outdoor setting from something in a package this size.

    I noted two issues/cautions regarding the design:
    - Be extra careful handling them until you get them mounted, as the protruding grille is formed from thin perforated sheet metal. It doesn't take much of a bump to dent/deform the grille, and then you're stuck with it, as the sealed cabinet prevents access to the back of the grille, precluding any easy/non-destructive way to pop the dent out.
    - The terminal clamps don't provide a very firm grip on the wire ends - it's too easy to pull the inserted wire out of the clamp. (Screw terminals might have been a better design choice.) They're fine once mounted and connected, but connections can be flaky while moving the speaker around to adjust the angle within the mounting bracket. (I used 16 gage stranded wire - like lightweight lamp cord.) (Posted on 5/17/2010)

  20. Speaker Review Review by Aaron And Debra Bell

    I had a friend that had these speakers playing one night outside at his bonfire and I was impressed. Did the research and pulled the trigger on this purchase. They sound very nice for the money spent, bass is very respectable. It's not like having a powered sub woofer outside thumping on your deck, but a good quality sound. You won't be disappointed with these. (Posted on 5/13/2010)

  21. Yamaha speakers Review by Ken Duncan

    Great speakers. They are outside on our deck. We can hear quality sound throughout our large yard. (Posted on 4/13/2010)

  22. Great Speaker for Patio applications Review by C. Anderson "J.C. Anderson"

    For the money, these are an excellent speaker setup. A little light on the bass response, but considering cost, and location (screened patio, no solid walls), these do quite well. I was very pleased to see the safety cable for installation. This was extremely handy, and kept me from bouncing a speaker off the deck while I was trying to mount them. Only change I would wish for is binding posts instead of spring tabs to provide a more secure wiring connection. I am very happy with the look and performance of these speakers and would highly recommend them for outdoor applications. (Posted on 1/4/2010)

  23. Outdoor audio speakers Review by Gary Leonard "photodude"

    I am very impressed with the sound quality of these speakers - especially the bass response. The music is full and rich with plenty of volume - not always the case with speakers this size. They sound terrific out on the patio, and their construction and mounting brackets are very solid. I am impressed by the price I paid, and the service was exceptionally quick - I had them even before the date estimated for delivery by UPS. I intend to order at least one more pair for a different location. (Posted on 12/4/2009)

  24. Yamaha Outdoor speakers vs. Polk Review by Eugene C. Pilcher "Energene"

    I have some large Polk outdoor speakers that are better, but they cost 3 times as much as these Yamahas, the Yamahas have real value. I recommend adding a sub that you can store inside and take outside when you need it. I am looking for a sub now. (Posted on 11/2/2009)

  25. These work great Review by Not-So-Tech-support "George"

    the only caution I would make is that if you are hanging in the eves outside, you need to be sure you leave enough room on either side of the speaker to get the mounting "bolt" through the bracket and into the speaker. The head is large enough to adjust by hand and the bolt is kind of long. This is a convenience but without proper planning can become a pain. (Posted on 9/15/2009)

  26. Yamaha NS- AW390BL Speakers Review by Scott S. Webster "80zrocker"

    Great highs...lack a little bass, but very nice speakers-good sound.
    These are used outdoors and have great power (Posted on 9/4/2009)

  27. Great Outdoor Speakers Review by Simon Mall Giftcard Customer

    Sound is very crisp and clear. I placed these speakers in my patio and I am pleasantly surprised at the sound. You can't beat this sound for the price! (Posted on 8/29/2009)

  28. Great sound at a great price Review by J. Kraft "tech-realist"

    I really enjoy the richness that these speakers provide at lower volumes. We use them on our covered deck and we don't ever turn the volume too high.
    The instructions say that they recommend a vertical installation rather then a horizontal. I called tech support and they said that the vertical recommendation is based on better water tightness on the speaker connections, but mounting them horizonally does not effect the sound or performance. The mounting brackets do not lie completely flat against a wall due to some round indentation, which must conform to some standard, so I had to add 2 large washers behind each mounting screw to keep the speakers from wobbling from side to side. I called Yamaha and they don't have any explanation and no accessory mounting brackets to allow 360 degree rotation to allow the speakers to point in the desired direction for maximum sound. The speaker mounting brackets do rotate a few inches up and down so I get some directional sound control. (Posted on 7/27/2009)

  29. Superior Sound Review by J. Guest

    Pros: Easy to install and adjust for sound dispersion. The sound is superior to the Bose outdoor system that cost more.
    Cons: None (Posted on 6/21/2009)

  30. Exceptional Sound and Clarity Review by D. J. Meier "DJ"

    We hooked up these speakers and could not get over the sound and clarity and distance range. We can be in the back corner of our large yard and still hear them very clearly. They have made us use our backyard a lot more and look forward to all the use they will get over the summer.

    I would highly recommend them and the price was great. I saw them at competitor stores for more. Enjoy (Posted on 6/12/2009)

  31. 390 vs 350 Review by Cam M. "C-Manta"

    I compared these to the NS-AW350BL side-by-side and I found that the 390's definitely sound like a smaller speaker. The bass in the 390's did not live up to my expectations after having the 350's. The high frequencies sound great on both of these sets of speakers, and I recommend both of them to anyone who wants a great value for a set of fantastic sounding indoor/outdoor speakers. (Posted on 5/7/2009)

  32. They do the job Review by T P

    I've been using these relatvely frequently as supplemental speakers in jukebox installations.In my opinion the cost to audio quality ratio with these is a 'no brainer'. My boss is happy I'm keeping cost down and the customer is happy with the performance. Their sound is crisp and clean and the 6" woofers reproduce a surprising rich bass. (Posted on 4/4/2009)

  33. Best bang for the buck Review by Thomas E. Shannon "TS"

    Bought two pairs of these speakers after looking at several other, more expensive brands and reading on line reviews. I've got them hooked up to a Panasonic SA-HE100 receiver that I found at Goodwill for $35. The performance of the Yamaha NS-AW390BL's are every bit as good (if not better) than Bose. When placed outside properly the sound is great. Plenty of base and clarity. What impresses me the most is that the integrity of the sound is maintained regardless of volume(these things can crank out the sound) and distance. (Posted on 4/2/2009)

  34. Great bang for the buck. Review by Rich B.

    These were easy to hook up, and for the low price they sound great. Good bass out of the small form. Quality construction. (Posted on 3/19/2009)

  35. Great pair of speakers Review by Tupelo Jones

    I've only had these speakers for a few weeks, but they sound great on my patio. I spent several months reading reviews on different websites and listening to different speakers in stores. I was looking for a pair of speakers around the $150 price range and have a decent amount of bass. I really liked these when I heard them in the store at Best Buy, even compared to some of the more expensive speakers. It took me some time to realize that I should check Amazon to read reviews and I am really glad I did. They were a little less than half the price in the store. I installed them the day they arrived and I've been enjoying music on my patio ever since. (Posted on 1/24/2009)

  36. Excellent Sound Quality with Solid Bass Review by Gene Bates "Guyver"

    This is an excellent set of indoor/outdoor speakers. Don't let the price fool you. The sound is top notch and the bass is solid. (Posted on 1/11/2009)

  37. Fits my needs perfectly Review by Speaker of the house "music is it"

    Can't beat these for the price. I wanted some speakers that didn't sound tinny for outdoors, but can't afford high dollar boxes for my backyard. These fit the bill perfectly. Good bass for the price, no tinny sound you would expect for this price point. I've had them for a month and am positively pleased. If they last a couple years I'll be 100% happy to buy another pair. (Posted on 10/26/2008)

  38. Great economical speakers Review by D. M. Freind "Movie fan"

    These speakers were easy to install, they sound good and work well. I have another set of outdoor speakers (brand ???) bought from expensive electronics store, they work well but don't sound as good as this pair. (Posted on 10/14/2008)

  39. Good sound, perfect for outdoors Review by C. Williams

    I bought these speakers to use at our college football tailgate party. The sound is excellent and they're a good value for the money. I had to improvise a little on the mounting, but was able to create a mounting solution to attach them to our folding tent frame using some inexpensive brackets, bolts and nuts from a hardware store.

    Time will tell how they stand up to the rain and cold, but they've withstood some pretty good heat with no signs of wear and tear. (Posted on 9/14/2008)

  40. Yamaha NS-AW390 Review by Paul V. "P.V."

    I purchased these from Wholesale AV, which I would highly recommend. I really only had other reviews to go by. Since the other older models received such high reviews, decided to go with the newer. They get the thumbs up from me. They have reasonable lows and nice crisp highs. Remember that if you're mounting these outside, you won't get the bass you're used to inside your home where there are better acoustics. I love being in my backyard way more than ever, either working or just relaxing. You'll look for excuses to just be outside!
    I play internet radio through my computer & have a headphone to stero rca adapter going to my amplifier & from the amp I ran telephone line through the attic to the other side of the house, & just outside my patio I installed a stereo volume control purchased from Radio Shack for $40.00, & from in-wall volume control to the speakers mounted about 15' apart..just under the eave. You will need 4 screws to mount the bracket. I have hardy plank siding & used 2.5" wood screws. If you don't have speakers in your backyard, don't wait any longer. It's a great investment and you and your friends will love them. (Posted on 8/9/2008)

  41. husband really enjoys the speakers Review by Donna Chappell

    works well, sound good, very easy to install and include a safety chain if the bracket should ever fail. It is nice to be able to listen to music on while we are outside working or swimming. Would recomend! (Posted on 7/7/2008)

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