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Panasonic Lumix 14.1 MP

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 16x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and Built-In GPS Function (Black)

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Panasonic Lumix ZS10 3-Inch Smart Touch 14.1 Megapix GPS Camera. This Panasonic camera makes it easy for anyone to take beautiful photos. ThePanasonic Lumix ZS10 3-Inch Smart Touch LCD 14.1 Megapixel GPS Digital Camera continues its versatility with a 24mm ultra-wide-angle and powerful 16x optical zoom Leica DC Vario-Elmar lens - and it features full high-definition of 1920x1080 video recording capability. The newly-adopted large 3.0 inch, 460,000-dot smart touch intelligent LCD which allows for Touch Zoom, Touch Auto Focus (AF), Touch Shutter, and Touch Playback. The built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) function allows geotagged images to be pinpointed via online maps and easily shared with friends and families. Features Include: 14.1 Megapixels 16x Optical Zoom Lens Aspect Ratio of 1:1 / 4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9 Battery Life approx. 260 pictures Face Detection Dimensions: 1.3"L x 4.1"W x 2.3"H

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  1. Abysmal low light video / bad file format for archiving video Review by H.R. #1 "gloerax3"

    If you want this point and shoot for the HD video, don't do it!! Ambient light no doubt is what it's meant for but I tried in a basement with all lights on and it was a joke. And yes, it is a bright room. For stills I guess it's okay from what I tried but this isn't worth it.

    Also, the video file format is not one you want if you archive on DVD. One format is the apple quick time (.mov) which needs converting definitely. And the software only converts to non-HD Mpeg2 which is dumb. I want to convert in HD, not Mpeg2 480p. The other format at 60fps is M2TS which has incredible large files. It's nice to get uncompressed files but I'm not doing professional work and want some compression.

    I highly recommend SAMSUNG which is a great all around point and shoot. We don't hear about it much but the MP4 files for the HD video are just right. And the included software for SAMSUNG is way better than Panasonic.

    Also for the Lumix, the battery can ONLY be charged while outside the camera in a recharger. This is a pain and the SAMSUNG recharges all in tact with an AC adapter on the USB cord. This is great on vacation when not around a computer.

    And the winner definitely goes to SAMSUNG with a lower price and all around better camera experience. (Posted on 8/19/2012)

  2. guala's bulky camera! Review by Laura G. D. Guzman "guala"

    Been buying PANASONIC LUMIX cameras since 2005 or 2006, they've worked great for an all around basic camera, so I bought this for my mom (to replace her previous 2007 lumix version which was making super slow and making weird noises ),same brand, one that used the same memory and had the same type of commands she already knew form her previous camera.....The thing is, you'd think that as a model advances to a new one, everything should be improved!, not with this cam though, IT IS SUPER HEAVY AND BULKY! compared to many many out there, who, for the same price offer much more freedom of bulkyness!! the pictures are good, as LUMIX should be expected to, but my mom does not carry it around as much as she used to the past camera... you've guessed it, because of the weight or it doesnt fit in her gowing-out-mini time i see this big of a discount on a camera.... ILL TRIPLE CHECK, OR I WONT BUY AGAIN!.. so disappointed.... (Posted on 7/31/2012)

  3. Great camera and always handy in my purse! Review by H. Bailey

    I simply love this Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 camera. It takes super pictures which allow for great enlargements and I can carry it in my purse, so it's always available when I run into the perfect shot. Now I don't have to carry my "big" telephoto lens on my Canon to get quality pictures. (Posted on 7/30/2012)

  4. ¡Excellent! Review by Alejandro Echeverri

    I'm very pleased with this camera. I'm a begginer and i'm learning. The PASM modes and the Great Optical Zoom was the factors for purchase this camera. Except for the very short battery life while GPS is turned On, the camera it's a great choice. (Posted on 7/25/2012)

  5. Like it Review by Kumbarik

    Fast delivery, camera absolutely fantastic, easy to use and adjust, zoom options is sufficient for pocket size of camera. Video HD. (Posted on 7/9/2012)



  7. TERRIBLE BATTERY LIFE Review by Les from Oz

    Nice camera (purchased for my wife to replace old Samsung)a bit larger and heavier than the Samsung but the battery life is abysmal.Have a Canon G11 where the battery seems to last for ever before recharging whereas I needed to recharge the Lumix after taking a few sample photos and videos (both very very good quality) whilst familiarising myself with it. (Posted on 6/18/2012)

  8. Very good camera, but... Review by Tato

    This is a great camera, no cons at all, BUT, unfortunately it came without the CD that includes the software to improve the photos and make panoramic pics. As I bought to be delivered to a friend in NY, I just found out about the disc a month later, when he handed the camera to me. The best part is that the Panasonic don't have the software for download in its website.. If I want it I'll have to Buy it. This is very disappointing. (Posted on 6/13/2012)

  9. Great little camera Review by Logan Garrett

    This is my second Lumix. The ZS10 is very user friendly. Battery last for about 100 pictures. I recommend this camera for everyday use (Posted on 6/12/2012)

  10. Randomly shoots pics Review by Traveler

    I was very pleased with the quality of photos this camera took. They were clear and well exposed. The problem was, it took photos on its own. The last time I used it, it recorded 27 photos but only 10 were shots I took. The other 17 were random shots of the sky, ground, my feet, whatever it felt like shooting. It was very strange.
    The ZS10 also had features I didn't use, like GPS. Since I don't shoot for the AP, I didn't see the need for this battery draining feature. The touch screen never worked either.
    So, I returned it and bought the newer ZS15 which works superbly. The photos are crisp and well exposed and it doesn't have the not needed GPS or touch screen. I highly recommend the ZS15. (Posted on 6/3/2012)

  11. Great point and shoot camera!! Review by Nick

    This camera has surprised me at the quality of pics and video that it takes. The wide angle zoom is great for a camera this size. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is b/c of battery life. I do leave the GPS feature on most of the time since I've been traveling so much which does drain the battery faster. Definitely get a back up battery.
    Overall wonderful camera for the price (I paid just under $200). (Posted on 6/3/2012)

  12. Love my new Panasonic Lumix Review by Salnu "Sal"

    This is my third camera. I use to own a Sony but it died in a year and a half. Then I bought an Olympus but flash pictures were horribly grainy. This Panasonic Lumix is awesome. Great pics and videos. No real flaws to speak of yet. (Posted on 5/31/2012)

  13. Panasonic ZS10 Review by birddog

    I bought this camera to take on a canoe trip in Canada. The automatic setting worked great for both still shots & movies.The camera was easy to use, the battery lasted 6 days, taking 200 pictures & about 8 movies ranging from 40 seconds to 2 minutes.Start up time was a bit slow,that would be my only criticism. (Posted on 5/28/2012)

  14. fullfilled my expectations Review by Dr. Marko Rocznik

    I loved the FinePix F30 and tried to replace (and upgrade) it. The ZS10 is a great camera and almost fullfilled all my expectations. From other review I learned already that under pore light condition the F30 would still be better - and it's true - the ZS10 can't compete with the F30 in low light without Flash.

    As for the rest I'm simply blown away! The super zoom combined with the image stabilization is something I have never seen before. I really love this and also the overall handling of the camera. One Example is for instance that there are two push buttons: one for taking a picture and one for making video. No fidelling around with menues or dial switches - just push and the thing starts.

    I'm very happy with my decition, especially because I had to return a Canon camera which has very similar specs but poor picture quality. (Posted on 5/25/2012)

  15. Great camera Review by Pen Name

    Item was received sooner than expected, works perfectly out of the box, and the pictures are great. I'm not a photographer, or anything close, but the quality of the pictures seem better than my previous camera. (Posted on 5/23/2012)

  16. Very good camera Review by Michel

    It is very good, the 16X zoom is just wonderful for the price, excellent pictures quality and the battery lasts for a long time. (Posted on 5/22/2012)

  17. CAMERA HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN Review by Carol Underwood "NANNY"

    I upgraded to the PANASONIC DMC-ZS10 camera almost a year ago because of the better zoom than on all the other Lumix models I have owned. I have had nothing but problems with it. It will start bursting pictures in the middle of taking regular shots. Quality of Pictures is not as good as the previous 4 Lumix models I have owned. Sometimes it takes several seconds for the picture to take and by that time the moment is lost. I am very frustrated by this camera.The fill light is awful. Pictures come out dark or blurry. I would like to see if the DMC-ZS20 is better since the reviews I have read say it is. I have been a loyal buyer of the Lumix cameras because of the compact size and the great zoom but maybe I should look at the Canon which has the 20x zoom also. (Posted on 5/8/2012)

  18. Great Camera! Review by Beverly A. Phelps

    Got the camera the very next day! It doesn't get any faster than that. It is a wonderful camera and takes great photos! (Posted on 5/6/2012)



  20. Love it Review by arthu

    Great camera for the price. Does everything I need and it's not complicated to use. Very fast boot-up and picture taking times.
    I particularly love the video and the quality of the zoom while in video. This thing rocks (Posted on 5/1/2012)

  21. Excellent digital camara! Review by Adderly

    Very very bought, the design its good, The camera is fantastic. Picture quality is amazing along with the other camera features added along.
    All its simply amazing! Get it! (Posted on 4/30/2012)

  22. great picture quality Review by A. Porfirio "AP"

    quality is great .i have 3 other point and shoot.this one is the winner! true to life colors. know what you're doin when taking pictures,that way you'll get the best quality out of this camera. (Posted on 4/24/2012)

  23. Be very careful of the flimsy battery cover Review by David Chin

    Excellent digital and photo features on my Lumix ZS10 camera. Many advance features to explore and experiment with.

    But the battery/memory chip cover is made with a very lightweight hinge and the lid itself is made with a very thin plastic. Plus, the battery cover can open by itself. The sliding lock is not well designed. It's not easy to lock/unlock with this sliding lock.

    So, I'm on bus in Florence Italy, when the lid opened on its own. I accidentally broke the lid completely off. Lucky I did not lose the battery. People, you should know you cannot use this camera with a missing lid. Luckily I had some blue tape to hold it together and closed. Panasonic should re-design the cover to be thicker with a stronger hinge. The body is made with metal. Why not the cover?? For the price you pay, this should not happen.
    I will return it when I get home... if it makes it in one piece.

    I would keep it if it had a stronger cover or a cover made from metal.
    This is a deal-breaker and bummer.
    Panasonic - if you read this, upgrade your battery cover!!! I want my money back. (Posted on 4/24/2012)

  24. Normal camera Review by Eve

    The functionality of the camera is as described in the instruction. I didn't expect the width of the camera was so thick. It's an okay camera. I still prefer a slick style camera. (Posted on 4/24/2012)

  25. Not worth the trouble... Review by Dive Addict "CD"

    I purchased this camera in October 2011 as a spare camera when I didn't want to carry around my Nikon. It's a good compact - just the right size for quick snapshots.

    Initially, I had no complaints. I had shot a few pictures with it around the house, nothing too fancy, and it was good camera. All told, less than 100 pictures before I took it on vacation in February.

    About 45 minutes into arriving, disaster.... Camera won't turn on. OK. Change the battery, right? Wrong. Still won't turn on.

    When I returned home, I sent it in for repair assuming it was still under warranty and that is where the problems started. As requested, I sent all the appropriate items (batteries, manuals, charger) including a copy of the receipt.

    Post two-weeks mailing it in, I get a phone call from Panasonic indicating they can't honor the warranty since I had not sent a copy of the receipt. They want $180 to repair the camera. Really? But, that's ok - it probably got lost. No problem - I resent it via e-mail.

    A few days later, I get another phone call telling me that I had voided my warranty by not taking proper care of the camera. Took about 10 minutes of discussion to find out what this "exactly" meant with me being told initially to go look this up in my owner's manual (which I sent back with the camera). Finally, after going rounds, I was told the technician indicated the camera had got wet.

    All told, I had taken less than 100 photos with the camera. And since it never went out of the house until my vacation (and it died within in the first 45 minutes of that), I'm still trying to figure out how it ever got wet.

    Obviously, it's my word against theirs and I am sure they get tons of cameras that get soaked and sent in with owners saying the same thing. However, it was the run-around from them that completely soured the situation. We had the loss of the initial paperwork, the demand for $$ for a repair, not being up front about their findings and finally, the manager telling me I should buy one of their camera's specifically made to get wet instead. When I asked if this could be a design defect, I was told that was virtually impossible.

    So, I'm out a camera. At least they sent it back and it will be fun to disassemble and see exactly how much corrosion is built up inside (apparently, it was ALOT).

    So my opinion is to avoid Panasonic at all costs. I've had much better luck with many other brands out there and far less run-around trying to get them fixed. (Posted on 4/22/2012)

  26. Good point and shoot Review by Christopher Edgington "Edge"

    I was initially disappointed with the results I was getting with the camera when I took a few snapshots of my friends. Changing the various modes on the camera didn't work and manually adjusting the settings fared no better. I was close to returning the camera when it was pointed out to me that the camera was taking good was just that my friends were butt-ugly. After trying the camera out on better looking individuals I can safely say that I'm happy with the results.

    GPS feature works well, too. (Posted on 4/18/2012)

  27. Great Upgrade from TZ3, amazing 3D Review by AMC

    To keep it short, this camera does bring a lot of power in a small package. I have been a fan of the Lumix series, specially thanks to the large, well built lens. This new version does have the same power as the TZ3, with enhanced tech stuff that, although may overwelm the not to teckie bunch, it will amaze you once you see the results.

    For those who loves 3D stuff, this camera does the job very well. Once you learn the process, the 3D photos you'll see in your HDTV 3D tv will throw your socks off!... it's a coll party trick.

    The only element keeping me off the 5 stars is the noise in night shots, I believe it is too heavy even for a Point and Shoot, but overall this is a very good camera for a decent price. (Posted on 4/16/2012)

  28. A pleasant surprise Review by Cheney_WA

    This is my second Panasonic camera.
    The first one got stolen, hopefully the person has found that one useful.
    Bought this one after extended research.
    Found it very versatile, still many features I haven't been used so far.
    Does really good in the macro mode and very nice to be able to lock the focal point.
    I haven't used the GPS function, doesn't really need it but maybe some day when my memory starts to fail or on longer trips.
    The lens (Leica) is very sharp, even out in the corners.
    For a 200 dollar camera I would definitely buy it again and recommend it. (Posted on 4/10/2012)

  29. MORE TECH LESS QUALITY! Review by Chase

    MPB (Posted on 4/4/2012)

  30. Love this Camera! Review by Emilie28

    I am very happy with my camera. We had the SZ-7 and this newer version, SZ-10, is great. Takes very nice and clear pictures in low light and without flash, the overall quality of the pictures is a great as with the SZ-7, and I discovered that this SZ-10 version has a touch screen to take pictures, zoom, go through the pictures taken, etc... it's a nice addition! :) (Posted on 4/1/2012)

  31. A beauty, easy to handle Review by IRENA

    Purchased this camera as local paper rated it as a good value. I am not disappointed and it is indeed a good camera with clear pictures, easy to operate. In future, would the seller mention it comes with a battery pak, as bought one separate and did not need it. (Posted on 3/28/2012)

  32. Standard Zoom - shades the picture on left bottom. Review by sunil miriyala

    Looks like standard zoom is blocking the flash and provides dark shade on left bottom. this is a major setback when using flash. (Posted on 3/26/2012)

  33. This is an excellent carry around camera. Review by Alfred F. Lee

    I have bought two of these cameras the Lumix DMC-ZS10. When I bought the first one I was very disappointed in the quality of the video and still pictures they were over softened and looks smeary. However I went to the Panasonic website and downloaded the firmware update installed it in the camera and now the video and still photos are awesome. Whoever buys this should thoroughly read and understand the directions for using the camera and you'll find that for the money it's one of the best cameras on the market sincerely yours Alfred F Lee. (Posted on 3/22/2012)

  34. Fantastic camera for every-day users Review by Chadwick D. Virgil "world travelin' book worm"

    We go through a lot of cameras. This is the only one out of the last 6 that we would buy again if we had to.

    Make sure you get the upgraded firmware (version 1.2 as of this writing) installed... it really makes a big difference in picture quality and the useability of the GPS features. Panasonic doesn't exactly make this easy, but it is worthwhile.

    For starters, this camera is fast. Fast startup, fast focus, fash flash charging, fast switches from photo to video, fast switches between shooting modes, and fast times between shots. If you have a decent memory card, most of these things work better, as would be expected. If you put a cheap, slow card in a good camera, you get the lowest common denominator level of performance... so get a good card.

    Some of the criticism on here complains about the picture quality. I think they either have old firmware, or are blowing up wall murals, because the quality, for normal usage, is superb. If you're sharing photos with friends or printing out standard sized photos for personal or business use, you will be very happy with this camera. Colors are rich, the pics are sharp, and the fast sensor captures motion very well. Even low-light pictures work out well if you take them properly:

    Tip: For low-light pictures, don't use the built-in night-shot capabilities unless you are using a tripod and the delay timer (to negate the shiver effect of pushing the shutter button... this camera is fast, and takes the photo when you push the button)... for hand-held low-light photos, we found it best to use the touchscreen feature, and tap where we wanted the camera to focus and shoot. We got very good shots using this method in really poor lighting conditions. When using the built in scene modes, they weren't as good.

    Outdoor shots were great, and the excellent lens lets you get the wide shot, or zoom in for very good detail (without the distortions of a digital zoom on a lesser camera). Use the touch screen again for the zoom to get in and out with one tap.

    Switching to video was as easy as pushing a single button, and its starts recording immediately, so you can capture shots that the other cameras will miss. Video even works well with the zoom and the touchscreen focusing function.

    Overall, my only complaint is the batteries. Battery life was good (around 300 shots each charge with most of the features enabled), but extra batteries are very expensive as Panasonic chips theirs and the camera won't work with generics, even if they are the right specs otherwise. Buy the spares here at Amazon for the best prices I could find. (Posted on 3/21/2012)

  35. My 4th Lumix Review by Leon Photo

    Starting out with the TZ5 I now have the TZ9 and TZ10 More features on the TZ9 and TZ10 but I have been very pleased with the these three.. I also have TZ3 however for some reason it is non functioning but rather than concern myself about a big repair bill I will retire it to a drawer. and not use valuable time worrying about it. On the other hand should the Panasonic company desire to
    due a post mortem on the camera without incurring any expense on my part and as courtesy repair it. I would be agreeable.. (Posted on 3/15/2012)

  36. Excellent camera Review by A. Boom

    We have used this camera during one of our recent trips and the results are excellent. The zoom works very nice and the GSM is a very welcome addition. The sharpness of the photo's is also very good and this is obvious when we show our pictures on the big TV.
    Will recommend this camera. (Posted on 3/14/2012)

  37. Nice P&S. Bigger, Heavier Than I Expected. Review by 399Retouch Photo Retouching

    First off, this camera does what it says it will. No argument there. But for me it wasn't the right choice.

    Before getting this new DMC-ZS10 I used a Panasonic DMC-FH22 for a couple of years and loved it. Pocket size, big display, light weight, 8x optical zoom. When the camera disappeared from my pocket on a crowded subway, I decided to move up to the DMC-ZS10 in order to get the longer zoom and built-in GPS.

    What I didn't count on was the increase in size and weight. When you set them side-by-side the two cameras look very similar in dimensions, but the extra quarter inch or so is really noticeable in my pants pocket. And the increase in weight, even more so.

    Frustrated, I then bought a used DMC-FH22 on Amazon to replace my stolen one, and could not be happier...except that the used one occasionally gives a bogus "out of memory" indication. Maybe a firmware upgrade would fix it?

    One tip for anyone using the DMC-ZS10: If you do not see location information in the EXIF data of your photos, check the video setting of the camera. There are 4 possible video settings, and (as noted in the manual) two of them block location information...even if you are just shooting still photos. That's a weird limitation.

    One more tip: Fight the urge to take photos of small groups of people using the power-on wide angle lens setting. If you do, the people at the edge of the photograph will be distorted in a most un-flattering manner. You need to force yourself to push the lens at least a little toward telephoto before taking the photo.

    This is a nice camera, and if you are accustomed to carrying a DSLR or other large camera you will love it. (Posted on 3/11/2012)

  38. love this camera Review by nikoniko

    best deal for the price point. this is my second lumix. only quirky thing is that it's easy to accidentally take photos if using the touch screen mode - not the worst thing really. otherwise, an awesome camera on all levels. (Posted on 3/10/2012)

  39. Exceeds the need Review by NewYorkRick

    Forget the "Swiss Army Knife" junk -- this is the Schrade Multi-tool of pocket cameras. Amazing lens and low-light capabilities, tricks and features galore, 1080P video (as good as a not-too-old camcorder, if not better), GPS / geotagging, touch screen, long battery life - and more. And it slips into your shirt pocket. No disappointments here. (Posted on 3/8/2012)

  40. Pocketsize Camera Review by James R Nellen

    I love this little camera. It's small enough to put into a handbag and it takes quality pictures. I like the fact that you don't have to put it up to your eye to view the potential picture. One just holds it up to see what you want to include in your picture and snap it. Also, I like the zoom feature on the camera. So far, it's just what I wanted! (Posted on 3/8/2012)

  41. Lumix TZ20: mostly good news and good value, with minor reservations Review by The Guardian

    Having had my 2-year old TZ10 stolen, I looked to replace it with another Lumix. The TZ20/ZS10 is the updated model of the TZ10 so was the obvious choice (I've had Sony Cybershots in the past, but they proved unreliable and the after-sales service was in my experience not great).

    TZ20's improvements over the TZ10 are:

    * Zoom is now 16x, very good for a compact

    * Touch-screen display, great in concept but not so great in use

    * HD video in 1080i - it's resource hungry so get a BIG memory card

    * You get slo-mo video too, if you can find a use for it

    * A GPS database which actually works, slowly - but warning, if you don't turn it off when you stop using the camera then it will keep working even when the camera is turned off, and drain the battery in a day or so

    Surprisingly, the still image quality delivered by this latest Lumix is not quite as faultless as its predecessor, especially in poor light. I understand there are complex techie reasons for this: reportedly the use of MOS tech for the sensor offers better video but a slight degradation in still image quality except in bright light. This should not be a deal-breaker for most buyers, as the camera is packed with innovative up-to-the-minute gadgetry and is, overall, outstanding value in a highly competitive market segment.

    The Lumix hits the jackpot with its superb wide-angle lens and intelligent autofocus features. However, if crisp still image quality - especially in less than perfect lighting conditions - is your number one priority, then you might consider looking at rival products: in this important respect it's good but not outstanding. For me, I could take or leave the touch-screen facility too, as I find it annoying to use - but that's just a personal preference, and many buyers will no doubt love it.

    In summary: a good compact, packed with features, with excellent lens and top-of-the-line video, but let down slightly by still image res under certain conditions. Still good value, though: three years ago, you couldn't buy a camera this capable, and packed with all these features, for this kind of money - and now you can. (Posted on 3/7/2012)

  42. Easy use and always nice photo! Review by A Phillies' Fan "Phillies40"

    I am not a professional photographer but ZS10 always takes great and beautiful photos! Almost everyone who sees me using this camera taking photos is amazed by the beauty of the picture.

    Update (04/12/2012): I broke this camera last week and I am bidding a used one in Ebay! I love this one so much that I can not wait to get another! :)

    Update (04/25/2012): I won the bid for a blue ZS10 in Ebay for $155 (plus a carry case and 8G Card, so I did not do too bad! :)
    The camera still amazes me! I love it! (Posted on 3/3/2012)

  43. Lint Lint Lint! Review by C. Godfrey "Cswerve"

    I must admit that I don't have the DMC-ZS10, but I would caution anyone against buying it and here's why. In 2010 two friends and myself each bought the DMC-ZS7. Its basically the same camera as this one (same aesthetics). At the time it was listed as the best camera in its class by Cnet. Two of us got ours from Amazon, a third friend bought his from a different vendor. We all initially thought our camera's were great. We loved all the features; high speed burst, gps, great zoom, etc. But there were problems right out the box, chiefly the poor quality indoor pics. Looking at the reviews here I see Panasonic hasn't fixed that problem yet, however that wasn't the only problem.

    Over the next few months one of my friends began to notice lint inside the camera behind the lens. What made him aware of it, was the fact that he was taking pictures of something in the (blue)sky and noticed blemishes on his photos. Upon closer inspection, he noticed the lint. He sent his camera in, because it was under warranty and they gave him a refurbished model. A couple months later, same thing, so he sent it in again; again, another refurbished model. 3 months after the warranty was up, he got the lint again. He's a heavy camera user, but used his camera case religiously (of all of us, I was the one who was most likely to to stick my camera in my pocket without the case, but when at home, I kept it in the case). At the time the rest of us weren't seeing this problem and thought he got a defective camera(s). He did some internet research and saw a forum where others were having this issue.

    About six months ago, I began having the same issue with my camera, of course the warranty was up by then so I had no recourse. Its annoying to know that I can't take pictures of anything with a light background without seeing these blemishes on my pictures. Looking in the lens, I can see the lint. How did it get in there? Isn't that supposed to be airtight?

    Our third friend now has lint, but he's not concerned enough about it to worry, he says he uses his camera very little and being an avid gardener only uses it for taking pictures of his garden in the summer.

    Head over to youtube. There are videos on how to open the camera to clean the sensor, because that can help with "some" of the blemishes, but wont fix the ones in the "airtight" compartment immediately behind the lens.

    We each paid almost 300 dollars for our cameras and what a waist of money. I've had better luck with my 99 dollar walmart camera. This was my first major camera purchase and Panasonic really let me down.

    As of this note our first friend has bought a new camera, several months ago (Canon) and today I broke down and bought a new one myself (Sony). I would never buy another Panasonic product. (Posted on 3/2/2012)

  44. Fantastic Value at $179 - $200 Review by Mr. Ralph J. Secoy

    I do not understand other reviews saying that image quality is poor. Per my experience with other Panasonic cameras, including a predecessor DMC-ZS7, the manual controls for aperture and others do not really perform as expected (or perform at all). However, the "P" Program setting provides very good resolution, with photos that can be cropped to a surprising extent. The Leica lens, CMOS sensor and Venus Engine seem to make a great difference in photo quality. Clearance of this model for the next at $179 - 200 is an unbelievable value. Purchased from Adorama Camera for $179. (Posted on 2/27/2012)

  45. Good value, good camera Review by 2Tight

    I read reviews on this camera for a few months and was hesitant after comments about image quality. I've now shot over 200 photos and have to say I'm impressed. Sure it's not going to approach DSLR quality or take perfect photos in every instance. The 1080i video is excellent outside, the zoom/wide angle and stabilization functions are top notch for a small point and shoot. I like the fact it has several special shooting modes for different situations. It does struggle in very low light as expected but using manual override settings solved that issue for me. The GPS is of no use to me so I keep it turned off. I am glad to not have to hump my large Fuji DSLR with me all the time but will still rely on it for my best shots if photo enlargements are called for. All and all I am very pleased and happy I didn't put as much importance on the negative reviews as the positive ones (Posted on 2/27/2012)

  46. Best camera Review by Dhuser

    I LOVE my new camera. It takes really clear shots, easy to operate, charged up the battery right out of box, ready to go in 2 hours after receiving. Can't wait to test it out on vacation soon. Amazon had the best price for this camera. (Posted on 2/24/2012)

  47. Good quality Review by Claudio Hadid

    Nothing to complain about image quality and HD video. Great optical zoom! However, it's compatibility with Mac OS is limited. Photos download ok with iphoto. But videos can be downloaded, seen and edited only with imovie. You can't download videos with iphoto nor can find the videos when exploring the camera with the finder. Only imovie can do that. (Posted on 2/20/2012)

  48. Broke after a month - GPS is Slow Review by redbrindlejake

    I am disappointed that the camera failed after just a month of use. It can no longer focus. I have to send it in for Warranty already. This just adds to the cost of the camera. And the hassle of owning it. Fortunately my old Nikon is around. I had to take it on the vacation I wanted the new camera for. I am also disappointed in the GPS it is slow to acquire location. I was with my Brother in law that got the Nikon Coolpix AW100 the same day. we did side by side comparisons except for the Shorter zoom range I think i would go for the AW100. GPS was faster and has a map to verify location. (Posted on 2/17/2012)

  49. Possibly defective? Review by Jessica Halpin

    I pretty much hate this camera.. it takes such terrible pictures that I'm wondering if there's not actually something wrong with it? At first I thought it was just me adjusting to it from my previous Canon (which I loved) but as time went on the picture quality didn't improve. As i had no problems with my previous camera, I don't think it's me and I'm going to look into returning it. Additionally, Panasonic's customer service is terrible and I will never buy their products again. (Posted on 2/15/2012)

  50. Great Camera with Awesome Zoom but no Mac software Review by Theizzy

    Great compact camera with a 16X optical zoom that extends up to 30X when using 7MP resolution!
    Good picture quality.
    Unfortunately it comes with PC software only so I could not extract AVCHD videos to my MacBook on the road.
    Also the the intelligent mode does not not allow you to change anything (exposure, white balance etc). (Posted on 2/15/2012)

  51. Good value Review by Claudio Cavalcanti

    The camera has great features, such as the AI photograph. It dramatically improves the quality of the photographs of common point-and-shot photographers (such as me and my family). Zoom quality is ok (with some granularity, depending on lighting conditions of course). GPS is ok, but it takes a bit longer than usual to find itself. Aditionally, with panasonic software it lost most of GPS references. I don't have other GPS camera to compare, but it seems a little worthless if it takes too long to update the GPS position. I took some photos in a place and then, I got indoor in other place it stills keep the old GPS position. I expected at least that in photos it showed position unknown.

    I had one previous model of Panasonic (I don't remember the specific model) but this one is thinner and lighter. The HD video quality, in my opinion, is very good comparing to other models (even camcorders) I tested. A great feature is the video button, which allows you to gather videos in any photo scenarios. It also allows Zooming during capture, what is obvious but the feature was not present in the previous model.

    At first sight the battery seemed insufficient. I bought another battery pack, just in case. Thus, if you use too many video and the GPS it will naturally drain more battery.

    Anyway, it is a great camera and if you like Lumix you might like this one. (Posted on 2/15/2012)

  52. Love it! Review by iene

    I own a previous version of this camera but I must say this one is awesome. Easy to use and carry.
    I would buy it again and I love having a color choice. This is great especially if you do't want to do anything but point and shoot. If you are considering this I highly recommend this. (Posted on 2/10/2012)

  53. Better than I thought. Review by babaluti

    Got a great Amazon deal on this camera. $195.00. I was worried after I bought it about so many negative reviews on picture quality. Granted it's not as good as our Pentax DSLR, but for a point and shoot it's been pretty impressive. And you can just whip it out of a pocket or purse. I've only had it a few days and all my photos have been indoors, and as long as you are near your subject it takes great pictures. Don't expect to shoot across a room 20 feet. Clean and sharp with good color. I looked at the ZS8 and the Nikon s9100 and believe I made the right choice. I'm very happily surprised. I'm really looking forward to shooting outdoors, especially sporting events with the burst feature. This is a beefy little camera and seems well built. I have big hands and you have to pay attention to not letting your fingers interfere with the flash. Battery life could be a little better, but I've been playing with it a lot. I did by an extra battery kit. So far - so good. (Posted on 2/9/2012)

  54. Awful picture quality Review by Alex34

    This camera has nice features like GPS, 3D, and full HD. However, it stops short of covering the basics - ability to make decent pictures. When shooting inside of the building where there is only lamp light, the picture quality is awful (noisy, unfocused) both in photo and video modes. I did not believe previous reviews on this issue and decided to rely on the legendary Lumix/Leika reputation and also to play with the camera options. Alas, this new Lumix DMC-ZS10 is a bummer. (Posted on 2/4/2012)

  55. DMC- ZS10 14.1 MP Digital Camera Review by david

    I have taken around 1500 photos in the past month with this camera and am very happy. I am a camera person. I take a lot of action pictures and as many indoor pictures both still and party type. The camers ability to adjust for lighting changes is very good. The telephoto lens is excellent. Several of my friends have made comments about how much better the overall quality of my pictures are compared to theirs useing simillar type camers. I would recommend this camera to anyone even if they only use it occasionly. (Posted on 2/2/2012)

  56. Worst camera experience to date Review by R. Wheadon

    Panasonic had a tough act to follow when my wife's powershot A640 died. We shopped a lot of these entry level cameras for her replacement and found the layout of Panasonic's Lumix ZS10 to be the most tolerable for her large hands. April of 2011 we purchased a kit and my wife was again able to capture lasting memories. Most of her pictures get printed directly from the camera at Walmart or whatever store is convenient for her and it is not until the card is nearly full that I download its contents. I had noticed poor image quality towards the end of the summer when I downloaded her card for the first time and I blamed the grainy/blurry pictures on settings and user error.

    Moving forward in September we began tweaking settings and practicing more with the camera to "learn" how to take good pictures from it. Three months later, during christmas break we finally came to the sickening realization that our 380.00 camera was never going to function adequately for us. By December of 2011 the horrible product reviews and quality had dropped retail prices to sub 200.00 which proved to me in an unscientific way that this camera is , in my opinion, a piece of junk. Unfortunately I did not discover the shortcoming of this device within a 90 day return window and Panasonic's customer service can only recommend sending it in for inspection.

    I can only assume that those who have written great reviews for this camera either have low expectations for a digital camera or they have never experienced the superior image quality coming from Canon and Nikon entry level cameras. We have now gotten our repaired Canon AS640 back from a repair shop and the positive difference in image quality coming from our old Canon camera is breathtaking. I would not be stretching things much to say in comparison to the images we are getting from the Canon device that the Lumix ZS10 pictures look like they came from an old 110 compact film camera.

    "Learn how to use it" someone told me... but it's hard to learn how to take good pictures with a bad camera. (Posted on 2/1/2012)

  57. Great little camera, very satisfied. Review by David Page "David Page"

    I bought this camera after seeing some negative reviews about its low light performance, and was genuinely impressed. This is my first camera that shoots in HD, and I am very happy with it. Although low light does suffer quite a bit in in intelligent auto mode, there are several decent low light modes, while not for subjects that are moving quickly, it does quite well for scenery and even portraits. The winning feature for me was the separate video recording button, allowing you to shoot video in most picture modes(panoramic and 3D excluded). The only feature that is annoying to me is the fact that it does not charge through the usb port, so if you leave it plugged into your computer to long the battery will drain. Overall a sharp little camera, with stunning outdoor video and adequate indoor video(providing you tinker with the settings). (Posted on 1/30/2012)

  58. I did like it! Review by HR

    I am not a professional photographer... I use it for family pics only....I did like the camera, beautiful pictures. The touch screen is not very useful...there is a lot of things that can not be made with the touch screen. But I did like it anyway... (Posted on 1/29/2012)

  59. A Step sideways Review by JackieTH

    I was very impressed by the quality of pictures on my prior generation Lumix. So I waited a bit and grabbed this updated model when the price had come down. Yes it has a stronger zoom and a GPS antenna, but beyond that they've made a mess out of the menus, dumbed it down in terms of even less manual controls, and the overall picture quality may be slightly worse than its predecessor. Also has a touch screen feature which is a curiosity at best. At least it takes exactly the same battery. That's quite nice actually. (Posted on 1/28/2012)

  60. Downhill evolution Review by jgmookie

    I had a DMC-ZS3. Loved it! It was the best, high quality image and versatile HD Video video (pocket) camera I ever had. Then someone stole it. I finally purchased another; I had no intentions of leaving Panasonic, as I was so pleased with the last one. I bought the ZS10. And have been exceedingly disappointed. Indoors, low light, the camera is awful. I have experimented with multiple modes, different flash modes, exposure, etc. All from my experience with my ZS3. The red-eye mode for crying out loud doesn't even work! Every picture of my daughter, flash forced on or red-eye mode on, results in red-eye. Even when the picture is taken during the day!!! Ridiculous.

    The other huge let-down is the time for the camera to actually take a picture once you hit the button, or hold for focus, is extremely delayed compared to the older model. I am talking about 2-4 miss your shot every single time. Every time. Talk about a step back. I am disgusted with the sluggishness of this camera when operating.

    The ZS3 was quick, more instant, much better quality for stills of people, more versatile in different light conditions, particularly indoors. The ZS10 might have added improvements to some environments, but I have not seen them in the day to day pictures I take.

    I am no photographer. But that is why I loved the ZS3! It produced excellent results without needing to be a photo-genius. The ZS10; poor.

    I have a problem when "evolution" and "advancement" leaves behind some basic functions and capabilities that were just fine they way they were. Add ONTO, but don't cut out what was already effective and replace with other features. Shame on Panasonic for their ZS10.

    I am not at all happy with this camera and would replace it in a heartbeat for the one I had. (Posted on 1/20/2012)

  61. Good Camera Easy to Use Review by Carol

    We have found this camera to be easy to use for the amateur photographer. Takes great pictures. We have found the touch screen to be sensitive. (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  62. A Stills Camera built for Video Review by John Hurd

    My review refers to the camera as the TZ-22. This is the reference number of the model here in Germany, but it is the DMC-ZS10 elsewhere.

    I have a lot of experience with Panasonic cameras - my first ,proper' digital was an FZ-5 Superzoom. I also carry an DMC-FX35 as a pocket camera. What I wanted though was something with better quality than this for when I didn't have my Nikon dslr with me.

    I'd heard good things about the TZ-10, but as it was no longer available so the TZ-18 or TZ-22 seemed logical (and must be better - newer technology and all that). What a disappointment the TZ-22 (ZS10) turned out to be! It seems like it was that time of year when an update of an old model was due. How can we improve on the old (last years!) model? It has an excellent optic already. Well let's add new things that people don't necessarily need but will show how technically advanced we are? HD-Video? Touch screen? 3D Function? GPS?...

    My view: You want HD-Video? Buy a digicam. Touch-Screen? You can barely see the screen in daylight never mind touch a tiny icon on it. 3D? There's nowhere to display it even if it was worth displaying, you can't print it in 3D. GPS? If you can't remember where you took the shot it can't have been a memorable thing you want to remember anyway.
    But at least we still have an excellent still camera? Sorry, the C-MOS sensor was introduced so that the GPRS and HD-Video were possible. The still picture quality takes a major hit so that the `new extras' are available.

    I compared still pictures from the TZ-18 and every time they were sharper and less noisy than it's older brother the TZ-22 (ZS-10).
    Finally I returned the TZ-22 in exchange for a TZ-18 (the salesman recommended it because it was `close to' the picture quality of the even older TZ-10!).
    The only difference I miss from the TZ-22 is the scene mode for night pictures that takes several pics in a burst and puts them together to filter out noise.

    Moral of the story - don't assume every new model is updated for the consumers benefit.
    All the new `extras' that reduce the picture quality might be worth it one day, when they figure out how to maintain image quality on the C-MOS sensor but right now the TZ-22 is a prototype HD-Video/Still picture Compact. If you want a good video image buy a Camcorder and if you want a good still picture buy the <a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS8 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 16x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)</a> also known as the TZ-18. It does what a good camera is supposed to do - take good pictures. (Posted on 1/16/2012)

  63. Not as good as previous model, but better than the bad reviews Review by L. Olson

    Read lots of reviews which were written by serious photographers stating that this camera was inferior to the model(s) wich it replaced. I own the TS3 whichas best camera of the year in the long zoom pocket cameras and itwas wonderful till it broke.

    My experience with the current camera is that its shortcommings were real, but grately over exaggerated. The simplicity of use and improved interface along with pocket size makes the net result positive. This camera works well in good light outdoors, excellent macro (flowers & bugs), people indoors 7 to 12 feet away with reasonable light nd flash. It captures kids in motion before they move out of the frame. The HD Movies are excellent, even when the light is not good. The movie sound is weak so you have to speak very loud.

    This camera (and its predecessors were poor low light performers. Flash is mandatory indoors and fill flash often needed outdoors. (Posted on 1/15/2012)

  64. Panasonic Boom! Review by Green Valley, AZ

    GREAT Camera. It does everything promised and easy for even oldsters to use. We researched for weeks before making the purchase just wanting something to take with us and not need to fool around with our Rebel lens changes. We like the weight and feel of this Panasonic it opens up a new world in photos after having our Sony Cybershot five pixels for the past six years and loving it so much never thought about moving on until we dropped it. One of my prize possessions years ago was a top of the line Panasonic bicycle. So far I like this Lumix Camera as well. (Posted on 1/13/2012)

  65. Great Camera Review by Paul

    Bought one to replace my stolen Canon Powershot. Liked the very VERY close macro capability, plus the 16x optical zoom, and the GPS. The touchscreen I could care less about, though it is sort of 'cool'. Showed it to my dad and he bought a red one for my mom for Christmas. She loves hers too. (Posted on 1/11/2012)

  66. Worked one day Review by tefitz61

    Used on beach one day, got wet and that was it. I assume this is the water proof version htat I had bought. So trying to return to get it fixed. Good luck I didnt have any. (Posted on 1/11/2012)

  67. Great cmera Review by Judy Hathcoat

    This is an outstanding cmaera. Easy to use. Very vibrant photos. Great technology that anyone can master. I can't say enough about how good this camera has been. (Posted on 1/10/2012)

  68. Great photos AND video Review by Gnat

    We could not be more pleased with the photo and video capabilities on this camera. Other than being a little ackward to get the videos to play back on the camera (which are beautiful) and having to reset my computer resolution and the video still being a little jerkey because of my media version, it has worked like a charm. We took it to Disney instead of our bulky camera and it did everything we needed it to do and then some. We used the IA setting. Digital zoom is better than most but not perfect. I would definately recommend it. (Posted on 1/10/2012)

  69. Love this! Review by Sharon Nobles/Tom LaRocca

    My first Lumix camera (similar to this one) was worn out! It took some wonderful photos and I was sad to see it slow down. Then this one came out and OMG!!! Love love love this!! The GPS function is great esp if you are traveling and don't want to have to keep a log of everywhere you were when snapping a photo. The HD of this is wonderful and the video quality is too! (Posted on 1/6/2012)

  70. very good camera, still having trouble with night shots Review by leja

    the camera is very good, but it has shadows that I cannot explain when I do close up shots with flash
    i have tried to change the configuration but still having that issue.
    the rest of the performances are very good and it is a very good product in general (Posted on 1/5/2012)

  71. Panasonice ZS10 Review by GRoberts

    I been using my camera for about 2 months, still need to learn all the features. It takes great action pictures. There are multiple settings so that you can get many shots per second. Love that feature and the zoom capabilaty. (Posted on 1/4/2012)

  72. Great christmas gift Review by Keith Markle

    This camera is very easy to use and has a great zoom. Pictures come in very clear. Controls are easy to understand and use. The size is perfect for keeping it in my wife's purse to capture any moment. Lithium Ion battery should last a long time in between charges. (Posted on 1/1/2012)

  73. Excellent camera Review by Vince

    I own the previous model and I loved it.
    I just bought this one as gift, and the improvements are impressive.
    In particular, I noticed big improvements on the video recording, the stabilizer works great.
    I really like the touch to focus feature.
    And now the camera is even cheaper than the previous model.
    I think it's a great photocamera if you are looking for a high quality point&shoot. (Posted on 1/1/2012)

  74. Very good all around but.... Review by Chris Raab

    If I weren't so picky about image quality I would give this camera five stars. The camera is very easy to use and seems to do everything. I found the touchscreen to be very good and usable, not quite iPhone but definitely easy to navigate. The size of the camera seems perfect in my hands, not too small and but just the right size that it feels comfortable and secure in my hands. The zoom is excellent as well as the wide angle length.

    Where I have a problem is with its image quality. I'm not a professional photographer but I am a little picky about image noise. I found the image noise to be unacceptable for a cameara that is marketed to above average photographers. Images at ISO 100 is very good but above that level you can definitely see the difference. With that said, if you want a camera that is very easy to use, has tons of features and takes better pictures than those cheaper digital point and shoot cameras then this camera may be for you. But if you want a camera that takes pictures with more contrast and less noise I would look else where. Priced around $200 is about right for this camera considering all the features you get. (Posted on 1/1/2012)

  75. Lots of settings, not a good manual to go with it. Review by KBallard

    I find that the picture quality is awesome. Due to so many setting options, I would have like a manual that offered detailed information. The manual didn't really describe each setting and what it was used for. Maybe this camera is for an advanced photographer. (Posted on 12/29/2011)

  76. Camera review Review by Bjd

    This is a great portable camera. I already own one so I bought one for my fiancée. She loves to take pictures and this one is a great on the go option. It does better with natural light than with flash but that is to be expected. (Posted on 12/23/2011)

  77. second one for me Review by janet

    I have one of these cameras and like it so much bought this one as a Christmas gift. Great zoom and fast recovery between shots. (Posted on 12/22/2011)

  78. Excellent Point and Shoot Camera Review by Kenzmyth

    I bought this camera as my walking-around-every-day-easy-to-carry camera. The ZS-10 is a great camera within it's limitations. I have used it for EBay products, shots of family and friends and video clips on the golf course, in the studio and in live theater situations. It captures decent audio, too. As a professional photographer and videographer, it goes on every photo shoot as a backup and B-roll video unit. It focuses quicker than any other point and shoot I have owned or tested and it's low light capability is quite good considering it's sensor size and unit cost.
    When my non-pro photographer friends and acquaintances ask for a recommendation, this is the camera I specify. I also like that it will fit in my shirt, jacket or even pants pocket and be ready to
    shoot in about 2 seconds. I owned and earlier version in this product line and continue to look at it's competitors to see if it can be topped, but am satisfied I have the right tool for my needs. (Posted on 12/16/2011)

  79. This is exactly what I wanted as a companion to my DSLR. Review by Kathleen Rilliet

    Sometimes my DSLR is just too big or bulky or obvious. This camera is exactly what I wanted to take along on hiking trips, family occassions even sporting events (where you cannot take cameras with long lenses). Pictures are amazing just with auto settings, and I haven't even tried anything creative yet! Excellent value - plus the RED is cool. Everyone knows it is MINE. (Posted on 12/13/2011)

  80. Not for indoor use Review by SavedByTechnology

    Pros: 16x optical zoom, image stabilization, build quality.

    Cons: indoor image quality, battery life, no viewfinder.

    I purchased this camera based on past Panasonic quality and the impressive optical zoom range for this category. I also purchased a 16GB class 10 SDHC memory card. I'm comparing this camera to our Canon A710is. I prefer the size of the Canon because it is easier to grip (even for the wife), but the zoom capability was not adequate for capturing photos of my childrens' sporting events.

    The overall build quality of the Panasonic is excellent. Most functions are easily located, though the menu can be complicated for some. The LCD is large, bright and sharp, but I doubt I'll use the touchscreen feature. The camera comes with a stylus for the touchscreen, which can get misplaced rather easily. There is no viewfinder (sadly, most manufacturers have dropped this feature in the compact zoom category), which makes it much more difficult to frame a photo in direct sunlight. The camera performs well during outdoor events, but is very grainy for indoor photos, using the auto (iA) setting. Both my wife and I are novices at photography, so we use that setting the most. I find the Canon takes far superior indoor photos.

    Video recording is pretty good. Recording time is limited to 30 minutes using the default AVCHD setting, which is not immediately recognized by Apple Macs. The camera will also record with the motion-JPEG format, but is only limited to 2GB file size (regardless of memory card size), which for an HD capture is about EIGHT MINUTES.

    The color of the camera wasn't important, but when the wife saw it was available in red, she had to have it (she is the primary user).

    Battery life is nowhere near the 260 photos claimed by the manufacturer. We can take maybe 100 shots before getting the dreaded flashing battery in the display. Luckily, I purchased a spare battery, but both perform about the same, so the battery life doesn't appear to be a fluke.


    This is a well featured camera for the price (which has dropped $30 since 11/22/2011, when I bought mine). But if you intend to shoot a lot of indoor photos, you would do well to look elsewhere. (Posted on 12/11/2011)

  81. Great buy! Review by GJ

    This camera is a great value. Paid 3x as much for the Leica version which is not as good. The biggest advandage to the Lieca is the sharp display. Not what I buy a camera for. I buy it for the quality of the shots.This is one nice camera. Just what I wanted to carry on motorcycle trips, where bulk is an issue. Same lens as on the Lieca version. Great metal body! I have been and still am a die hard Lieca fan. But this Panasonic is a great little camera!
    G. (Posted on 12/11/2011)

  82. Panasonic Camera Review by oneroze

    Just returned fron a 21 day trip through Europe and cruising across the Atlantic. This camera is fantastic, easy to use, and the clarity and color are amazing. The GPS function allowed us to look at the pictures later and remember exactly where we were when the picture was taken. Great investment! (Posted on 12/10/2011)

  83. unstable performance and unacceptable low-light image quality Review by econiche

    This camera has all the great features but eventually I am frustrated with low quality on low-light settings such as the sunset and indoor scenes that I like to photograph. The zoom in function with focus is not always accurate and frustrating to use. Most images look ok on the screen but I am a picky person on image quality and I can't stand the image noise that is so noticeable! So I had to return it and get cannon which has better image quality. (Posted on 12/8/2011)

  84. Sub-par picture quality Review by Lance David

    I have an older 10x 9MP version of this camera and was looking to upgrade. Well the feature set is great. Just like my old one I love how easy the camera is to navigate. Panasonic really has the user interface figured out. The only problem is in the picture quality. There is a noticable softness, lack of sharpness, in ZS10. In fact it was really unacceptable to me so I returned it and bought a Sony HX9V. The Sony is pretty equal to the Lumix in features, harder to navigate, but much better picture quality, in my view. (Posted on 12/2/2011)

  85. Easy to use: BEAUTIFUL photos! Review by KPfeet

    I'm so glad I finally spent a little more so that my pictures live up to the quality of my memories!

    I really needed a good point and shoot after finally admitting that my pictures sucked. With my old camera, the lighting was always off and I don't know enough about photography to manually adjust the settings. I need something that is VERY user friendly that basically figures out for me what the right settings are. This one does it! I took it on a trip around NY and got POSTCARD QUALITY pictures by choosing some of the easy to understand automatic settings. (Posted on 12/1/2011)

  86. THE BEST LITTLE CAMERA Review by H. D. Nelson


  87. I was going to return this camera... Review by S. C. Lykins "range rider"

    I read all the pro and con reviews before buying the Lumix ZS10 but decided to try it out anyway, thinking all the while that I would probably return it, given the number of critical reviews regarding its image quality. I have been a pro shooter for years, with a stable of cameras that included Nikon D3, D300 and D80 and I always had a Lumix camera as my sidekick when engaging in something that wasn't conducive to lugging around all that bulk and weight, such as horseback riding.

    I received my cute little ZS10 and handled it with kid gloves so that it would be in tip top returnable shape. I felt right at home with it because I've owned other Panasonics and was familiar with the menu controls. I was a little obsessive about seeing just how intolerable the image quality was, being that was the big letdown according to enough other critics to make me wary. It turned out to be true, that the images are softer than one would like. My last Panasonic was the FZ28, which produces a very respectable detailed image but was just too bulky for my grab and run fun shooter. Unfortunately, it got banged up pretty good. I scoured over the current offerings for weeks, reading review after review and almost pushed the button on several different models but there was always something wrong with them... it's as if the manufacturers conspire to not give us the perfect little point and shoot on purpose, each deciding which flaw to have so that nobody can have the perfect one. If it has great image quality then it might not have a great zoom or be lacking in stereo sound or have an annoying flash that pops up in the wrong location or myriad other annoyances.

    This little ZS10 has been in my hands for 2 weeks now and it has really grown on me. I know one should not like a camera for how it looks but for how it performs, but I do love the looks and the feel of it. And I've found that using some of the many scene modes gives me very good results that I was not getting in the intelligent auto shooting mode. As each day goes by I feel stronger that I'm going to keep it. There are a ton of reviews that list all the pluses and minuses about this camera and I'm not one of those reviewers. All I'm going to say is that it performs decently, looks adorable (I got the brown model being an earthy tone girl turned off by blues and reds and bored by blacks and silvers) feels comfy in my hands and I'm quite satisfied with its image and video shooting because I have no illusions that it will double as a DSLR. But it's no worse than my nephew's pocket size Nikon and has several more features. (Posted on 11/28/2011)

  88. Lumix 16x camera Review by Thomas Herr

    I bought this camera for my wife and she loves it. She is still learning some of the features it offers. The pictures are nice and sharp, even when using the long zoom. She likes the blue color of the camera. Once you get the basic settings down... the camera does all the work. Panasonic did a good job on this one. I did put in a new SD card (32g... She likes to take a lot of videos) (Posted on 11/26/2011)

  89. Great Little Travel Cam Review by ambaker

    This is a compact point and shoot camera. If you are expecting to compete with a $2,000 DSLR, it just isn't going to happen. At the same time, it is compact, light, does movies and stills, shoots a pretty fair macro shot, has image stabilization, and a healthy zoom to boot.

    The view screen is nice and bright, with very good color and resolution. The camera takes SD/HC/XC cards which are plentiful and easy to find. The camera has all your normal auto functions, and special scene settings. When you are ready to move up, in your picture taking, it has all the manual bells and whistles as well for extra control over your images.

    About the only drawback that I can see is the GPS. It does not immediately shut down when you turn the camera off, unless you shut the GPS function down first. It will periodically seek its location for three hours after the last use. This shortens battery life a bit, but not badly. Then again, if you are not needed the GPS data, just leave it off. It's easy to find in the menu, and do. The only other thing is the GPS is a little weaker than your car nav system, or for that matter my iPAD. My iPAD can find the satellites inside my office, the camera cannot.

    Still, for the price you get good image stabilization, a very good picture, and a nice light, rugged camera. If you want a beter build, you will need one that is built for underwater use. (Posted on 11/20/2011)

  90. Awesome Camera Review by hm

    I ordered on Fri and received on Sat, played with it all weekend. This is an awesome camera! I shoot primarily manual and I found the features to be very robust. Everything from low-light macro, to night shots, to portraits, you name it ... and it does it. Although the manual and menu functions are well written and very intuitive, this is not a camera for the average consumer. It helps to know about aperture priority, iso settings, shutter speeds, white balance, etc. That's exactly the reason I bought it ... as a semi-pro, I want a point and shoot that I can tweek the exposure settings. Bottom line, this IS my travel camera, I love it!!!

    If you upgrade the firmware use this link. The one on Panasonic's website returns a ZS10_V12.bin that is the wrong size ... this link returns a self-extracting exe that creates a bin that is the correct size. This firmware update deletes your CS1, CS2, and CS2 settings and your MS1 and MS2 settings ... as well as all other settings, so be sure to write them down before doing the update (that is, if you want to keep them)

    v1.2 firmware update [...] (Posted on 11/20/2011)

  91. Just a Fantastic Camera Review by John W. Heard

    This is beyond my best expectations, it corrects for human deficiencies in focus, camera movement and exposure. The optical zoom is ipressive, but it is the other features that will win you over very quickly. Bought one for me and the day after it arrived bought anothe for my wife. Superb product and a great value. (Posted on 11/14/2011)

  92. What's the problem? Review by K. Cook

    I am just always amazed at all of the varying opinions on items reviewed here and elsewhere. I just don't understand the negative reviews on this camera. I am no professional photographer, however, I have been taking all sort of pictures over the years, from the old 35mm to the larger and more expensive DSL cameras and I think this Panasonic DMC-ZS10 is an outstanding camera for the money. First of all, OK, it is not a perfect world, we just cannot buy any one item that serves all our needs so, having said that, let me simply say that I bought this camera for my wife. She absolutely loves it. She sets it on the "Intelligent Mode" and never looks back. This thing is truly amazing. I love to take macro shots, however,on other cameras I have, you must adjust every time you go from one mode to another. Shooting in the "Intelligent Mode" makes it very simple to go from a shot of a mountain range to an extreme close-up of a small flower. You do nothing but hold on to the camera and fire away. It figures out that it must shoot in "Macro Mode" and sets the camera with the shooter doing nothing but pressing halfway down on the shutter, allowing the auto-focus to kick in and shoot. Believe me, this is great for those who only want outstanding high quality pictures and do not wish to keep fiddling with the camera. I just do not understand the few negative reviews. We all have our opinions and that is exactly what these reviews are all about so, for my money, we are absolutely delighted and unless it falls apart in the next few weeks, I would not even consider giving it anything but five stars. OK, granted, I have not shot in all modes nor do I intend to offer some in depth opinion and evaluation about this camera. Let me just say that I think it is an excellent choice and certainly the perfect camera for those who could care less about all the other great modes. If you want to use them, they are there and they seem to be outstanding. It comes down to spending your time fiddling with all the available options when trying to get that quick shot or simply using the "Intelligent Mode" and firing away. Many like to keep it simple. If so this really takes great pictures without have to worry about an in depth knowledge about photography. Believe me, it is a fine little camera that should provide many years of excellent shots. (Posted on 11/12/2011)

  93. Horrible pictures Review by Sunrain

    I had the zs7 and loved it! So when I saw the zs10 I thought great and upgraded. Big mistake. Unless you shoot in bright sunlight pictures are grainy and unfocused. Its better than standard point and shoots but not nearly the quality pics I was able to get with the zs7. I was very disappointed and I returned the camera after using it for a few weeks. Panasonic should stop trying to add a lot of useless features and pumping up the zoom and go back to the drawing board instead of taking a step in the future with the zs10 they took a giant step back. Lots if cool features but features aren't what is important photo quality is what matters and this camera does not have it. (Posted on 11/10/2011)

  94. Great camera Review by J. TRUJILLO "JarJar"

    The only complaints I have are the battery life and taking video in low light. The camera is built well and feels good in hands. (Posted on 11/9/2011)

  95. Takes really fuzzy pictures ... Review by Donald Gillies "secretbearer"

    This is a great camera if your girlfriend isn't very good looking, for example. Otherwise, I'd look for a ZS7 or ZS3 I own both of these previous models ), or a Canon SX230 (the newest Canon improves on earlier generations and has surpassed the ZS10.)

    Please check out these studio shots, you can see the focus on the ZS10 is much poorer and the sharpness is much less than on earlier models (ZS7, ZS3) :

    (on double-yew, double-yew, double-yew dot imaging-resource dot com)

    Check out the colored yarn details (upper right corner) and then go to the Proportional Scale and see how many tick marks you can distinguish between 12 o'clock and 2 o'clock (ZS3 - 36, ZS7 - about 27, ZS10 - about 18!). The ZS3 ROCKS in these photos and the ZS7 is very good but the ZS10 is horrible !!

    There is one particular mode where you can set the "sharpening and image processing" in the ZS7, and if you turn it down all the way, I could not find a difference in performance between the ZS7 and ZS3, taking photos in low light in my family room about 2 months ago. Now that I've used both cameras (my wife owns the ZS7), I'd probably get a ZS7 the next time around just because the default point-and-shoot mode produces fewer yellow blotches, and it's more of a struggle to get good low-light pictures (must set 5 manual settings) on the ZS3.

    These cameras are loaded with features and I've used most of them at one time or another but frankly, many features is NEVER a substitute for clear and detailed pictures, especially at this price point !!!

    In my opinion, most buyers of the ZS10 would be much happier with either a ZS3, ZS7, or the new Canon SX230 (see studio shots 4th on the list above), as both of the older Lumixes and the newest Canon TravelZoom are much sharper than the ZS10. (Posted on 11/5/2011)

  96. Very bad, I wasted $350 Review by Mroz

    Stop working after 4 months, can not turn on. Sent to Panasonic repair center in Texas and a month later (sic) Panasonic reject repair under warranty due to rust!!! I could not believe when customer service said so about product I bought 4months ago.
    Completely disappointed with product (extremely low quality product and extremely bad Panasonic support, I will never buy Panasonic brand) (Posted on 10/30/2011)

  97. Does not live up to specs Review by Late January

    The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 14.1 MP Digital Camera takes photographs that are about in line with expectations given design date, the size and megapixels of the sensor, and the camera size.
    However, it claims several features for which I paid a premium and the product disappoints.
    (1) The 16x zoom lens only works in the so-called Intelligent Auto mode. In other modes, such as aperture priority and shutter speed priority, the zoom range is limited to 3x. Fortunately, the 3x is at the wide angle end of the spectrum and not the tele end, or the camera would be a total disaster. Since I often venture out of auto modes and need control over aperture and shutter speed, this is a severe disappointment. Seems like a dumb design choice to me.
    (2) The Built-In GPS Function exists but is not very accurate and drains the battery rapidly, even with the camera turned off. Based on several trials in locations that were far apart, the GPS can be up to 100 feet off. I have the Samsung CL65 <a href="">Samsung 12.2 Mp 5X Opt Zoom 3.5IN Ts LCD with Gps Bt Red</a> to be much superior both from the standpoint of GPS accuracy and battery performance.
    (3) Panasonic has a crusade to "protect" the consumer by installing firmware that prevent the consumer from choosing to use an unapproved third-party battery. When I checked the Panasonic website recently, it said that no third-party battery has been tested and approved for this model. Don't hold your breath. I might add that the Panasonic batteries are wimpy (don't hold much charge) and cost a bundle. It's a racket in my opinion.
    Overall, I am unlikely to ever buy another Panasonic camera.
    Note: I have not used video much in the past and have no comment on the video capabilities. (Posted on 10/24/2011)

  98. Do the Firmware 1.2 update! Review by David Chaika

    I just bought the ZS10 to replace a ZS5 that someone lifted out of my coat pocket in a Moscow train station. I noticed there is a firmware update at Panasonic to fix the reported picture quality issue. I have installed it but haven't tested it yet. Someone else has, and they have posted before/after pix here:

    I still miss the RAW capability. But I like these little babies, the zoom is great for travel photos. (Posted on 10/23/2011)

  99. Panasonic ZS10 digital Review by Philip Gemmill "Beemer Dude"

    Really a superb little camera. Has lots of functions and great quality. Wish it had the Sony panoramic view and stich feature
    but probably would not use it much. (Posted on 10/23/2011)

  100. camera is quite faulty, i wish I could return it Review by spike

    the camera takes pictures randomly without pressing the button. The LCD screen freezes when I want to review pictures or videos in mass quantity by zooming out in the review screen. the shutter door to the camera lens either stays open, or doesnt close all the way. sometimes when i take pictures i see a shadow in the top left of the pictures, and i have to either open the shutter door, or restart the camera. i have NEVER dropped it, exposed it to moisture, or treated it poorly. I love all my electronics and I want to keep them for a long time. I however, wish I NEVER bought this GOLD deal, yes it was a daily gold deal, and I wish I never bought it. it has caused me a lot of pain, waste of time, and ruined many pictures. I do not recommend buying it for any reason. oh, and the GPS option, just drains my battery very quickly, so I never use it, I turned that feature off in the very complicated user interface of the menu. (Posted on 10/22/2011)

  101. Great photos, but GPS doesn't cut it. Review by Joel W. Goldwein "JWG417"

    If you are looking for a digital camera with a GPS that "does the job", this is NOT the one to buy. The GPS takes too long to acquire a position, and once acquired does not update frequently enough to use "on the go". It also sucks battery life, so you'll want to have a spare battery on hand.

    That said, if you are looking for a great digital camera that takes good photos (quickly) and only occasionally need to geo-tag a picture, go for it. (Posted on 10/20/2011)

  102. Best Digital Camera I have Ever Owned Review by Jimmy

    I just wanted a really good, small, point and shoot camera that I could take some short HD video with. I'm not a photo pro, I just like to have a high quality, yet unobtrusive, camera available where ever I go. I have had the camera about 6 months now and I have been very happy with the image quality I get with this camera. I have only read several pages of the manual and have found the camera menus very intuitive to work with. Admittedly, I could probably get a lot more out of this camera if I took the time to RTFM.
    I was never happy with the way that my previous Olympus camera rendered blues. The Panasonic color balance, including blues, is as near perfect as I will ever need.
    Battery life is great!
    Get yourself a (medium) Tuff-Luv leather case for this digicam if you want a case that fits like a glove (with no space for anything else). A bit expensive but a great addition that is well worth the $.
    Highly Recommended. (Posted on 10/20/2011)

  103. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 Review by RS232

    Very good camera, battery life average, but with GPS off acceptable, I would recommend purchasing a spare battery then you're on the safe side. Very fast shutter, great pic quality, good handling and size, not the cheapest but worth the money. (Posted on 10/18/2011)

  104. Awesome!! Review by elgobo

    Great camera, great value. Has many features that make it a wonderful product. A little bit heavy, but the features it has are worth the weight. (Posted on 10/17/2011)

  105. ZS10 - Panasonic Lumix - gave it away Review by A. R. Jonez "Why not!"

    I just wanted to throw my review in with the rest. After purchasing Panasonic's ZS3 I really became enamored with the brand. The ZS3 was the finest digital camera I have owned. Unfortunately, my ZS3 suddenly had fibers inside the lens - and Panasonic replaced it - with a refurbished camera. The replacement never shot as well as the original - there was a slight difference in some settings, I missed the original. When the ZS7 hit the market, I thought I would wait for the upcoming ZS10 with it's CMOS 16.1 MP sensor. I bought the ZS10 and immediately was very disappointed with the images it produced. It has a better lens and more bells and whistles than I ever needed, but there is something in the software within that cannot produce an image that can be zoomed and cropped after downloading to the computer. I admit to being a pixel-peeper - the ZS3 begged to have the images enlarged and rewarded me with many wonderful crops/zooms. The ZS10 makes beautiful images if you are sharing pics on facebook, just not crisp on a 42 inch plasma. I know there will be cranky individuals who pan my review - oh well. I pulled out my wallet and purchased a Sony A55 with an 18-250 Sigma zoom lens, and have been quietly happy with that combo. My ZS10 went to live with my girlfriend - she is very happy with it, as she shares a lot on facebook... the old ZS3 still goes on bike rides with me, it's a good stand-by. :)
    Panasonic, your very best point and shoot ever is the ZS7, I firmly recommend it! (Posted on 10/17/2011)

  106. small and light Review by Heather Rolland "author"

    I picked up the ZS-10 after murdering my FZ18 (shooting video in the hurricane - oops). I was very happy with the FZ 18, but didn't want to spend the extra cash to replace it. I was uncertain about the ZS, since I was so used to the larger lens and heavier camera.

    Most of the photography I do is on the hiking trail or in the woods. I love to shoot using the macro feature, and don't take advantage of MOST of the other features. This thing is crazy with all kinds of advanced and fancy settings and features (touch screen! GPS!) but image quality is more important than any of those to me. The ZS was pretty easy to use straight out of the box. Controls and settings are where I expected them to be, no problems with getting set up and starting to shoot.

    I actually miss the heft and bulk of the larger camera, but that's just what I was used to. The image quality appears to be the same. The FZ was able to reshoot faster but not by much. Both cameras have the same issue with extreme close ups and low light conditions - it can be frustrating to focus but there may be settings that will help with that problem.

    Battery seems to last a long time, and charged up for me in about 1.5 hours.

    Overall good, the jury is still out as to whether or not I can fall in love with this camera. I still mourn for my fz 18. (Posted on 10/16/2011)

  107. Sophisticated camera Review by M. Magley

    My husband and I both shoot with DSLRs and are accustomed to having the ability to control how an image is taken (aperture or shutter priority, manual, etc). I have had a Panasonic DMC-TZ3 for 4+ years and it is my "go to" camera when I don't want to lug out my "big" camera. My husband wanted a similar one for his birthday so after exhaustive (and confusing) comparision research I once again bought a Panasonic because it has more control over image capture than other "point and shoot cameras", not to mention it has the incredible Leica superzoom lens. My husband is still learning all the features but it is easy to use as a simple point and shoot, too. It takes great pictures (no I have not pixel peeped). I thought the GPS function would be superfluous but it is actually a nice feature to have. I love the red - it makes a little camera like this easy to find (versus a black one). Both my husband and I are totally satisfied with this little guy. (Posted on 10/15/2011)

  108. Great little camera, excellent zoom! Review by Judith S. Schattner

    I wanted a camera that wasn't bulky and that has a good lens with great zoom capability without having to carry around an SLR. I enjoy taking photos of the local wildlife around my house in Florida and was able to use the 16X zoom feature to see the eye of a Great Blue Heron very clearly! from a distance away. Many little cameras now offer at 14 MP lens but in addition the 16x optical zoom on the Leica lens (same as for Nikon cameras I think) is an excellent quality. Fairly easy to figure out how to use. Though would be good to read through the long on-line manual to learn how to use all the features. I prefer to turn the GPS feature off as I understand that may use up battery life more quickly, or keep that feature on stand-by mode. I prefer to use the automatic settings and it interprets the scene (portrait, landscape, night) very well without my having to change settings. There's a "no-shake" feature but when using the 16x zoom - you really need to keep the camera still as it feels like the scene is moving if not. Overall, great camera - easy to carry - with longer zoom than most (for $100 less you get a good camera but only with an 8x optical zoom for example). I got a good deal buying through Amazon - and was able to get the color of my choice (brown!). I recommend this camera to people who want a beautifully sharp image. Also, the camera was shipped and delivered within a few days. (Posted on 10/13/2011)

  109. INCREDIBLE MACHINE!!! Review by Samuel Barros "From the real south."

    This wonderful camera can take beautiful pictures, including small flowers
    with great detail. While taking pictures on the field, this camera was lost
    during a trip to a small hill. It was impossible to find it the same day
    because it was getting dark. A friend find it the next day under the weeds.
    This camera suffered from low temperature and high humidity through the night
    and early morning, and high temperature in the afternoon the next day.
    It was found about 5.00 pm in upright position and closed. I took off the
    battery looking for the contacts and they were dry, so I put it back.
    With only some dust on the surface and lens cover, the rest of the camera
    surface was OK. And... the camera is like new, and every function is
    working. What else can I say? My LUMIX ZS10 is an INCREDIBLE MACHINE!!!!
    Samuel Barros. (Posted on 10/13/2011)

  110. Lumix DMC-ZX10 vs Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V Review by GMann "GManning"

    I bought both and tried them out for several weeks. I returned both, but leaned towards the Panasonic - here's why. put up alot of beach pics, go there to see the great outdoor quality if you'd like)

    Panasonic - good:

    Great zoom (can digitally go to 141 x ! use a tripod and the pics are very good.
    Great outside pics, crisp, clear, just beautiful.
    Solid build, easy to navigate and operate. No electrical connections were exposed, had covers.
    Battery was easy to charge, had its own small, separate charger.
    Took me awhile, but I was able to get some really nice pics of a bright moon.
    The video was very clear, high quality, but the sound was a little tinny. The zoom lens would make noise while using it in video mode, unless you're very light fingered.

    Panasonic - not so good:
    Inside shooting was pretty poor. The flash concentrated the light vs spreading it out.
    My $50 Samsung has an amazing flash compared to the $250+ Panasonic
    Unless you were outside, facial pictures were just awful. Turned people pink, no matter what setting I tried.
    Battery life so-so, but no big deal, just buy a spare, it's very small.
    Has scene modes, but some don't work at all. I was at the beach, put it on beach scene, and all the pics came out way too bright. The landscape mode was too bright, had to use sunset for the majority of the outdoor pics (to be able use the 141x zoom).

    If the majority of your pics are outside, it is a great little camera, and a powerful zoom is a delight. Even driving at 55, in a convertible, it captured great zoom pics, so action pics are easy. But if you do alot of inside pics, even for stuff to sell on Ebay, it just doesn't handle the low lights well (the macro was clear, but the colors off).

    Sony - good

    The colors were actually better than the Panasonic, a little richer. Both have the ability to change the hues, but the Sony was a little crisper, with side by side comparisons.

    Zoom is very good, but not as long as the Panasonic

    The video was great, as well as the sound - incredible stereo sound. It records it as a .mst file, not the easiest to work with, for me at least.

    Had a good textured grip for shooting.

    Sony - not so good

    I didn't like where the connections were so exposed to dirt, dust.
    You have to charge the battery in the camera, and that takes 270 minutes !
    The one door it has, for the hdmi, is so flimsy, I thought it was broken. I was afraid to open it again.

    It took pretty good low light pics inside, but the flash is just way too powerful. Unless your subject is 30 feet away, they'll get washed out.

    The flash is positioned terribly ! Most people shoot with 2 hands, and fingers/thumbs on the 4 corners. The flash pops up and 99% of the time your left index finger is over it. It's an accident waiting to happen. It's going to stop popping up after awhile.

    Conclusion, why I didn't buy either:

    Both take great pics outside. But for that much money, both should do low light and have a flash that works properly. I hate the Sony pop up flash that kept jamming me, so much, I wouldn't buy it just on that. The Panasonic felt more solid, and since it was about par with inside shots, I'd get it for the zoom, the build, the ease of use, and great outside pics. Maybe I'm picky, but I want a camera to work well inside as well as outside, without having to try and figure the fstop, white balance, iso, etc. If you've read this far, hope this helps. (Posted on 10/6/2011)

  111. Excelente compra Review by Marcos A. Oliveira

    A Lumix DMC-ZS10 reune tudo que fotógrafo amador pode querer de um equipamento e muito mais. As funções automáticas facilitam a vida de quem quer apertar um botão e obter uma excelente foto, além de permitir diversos ajustes manuais para quem entende mais de fotografia. Possui também a interessante opção de GPS, que marca o local das fotos tiradas e também pode ser utilizada para gravar filmes em Full HD. (Posted on 10/3/2011)

  112. What happened between ZS-7 and ZS-10? Review by Julia

    I previously owned Panasonic DMC-ZS7. It was a predecessor of this camera. While I had my gripes with it, the image quality for both video and photo were great. Unfortunately my ZS-7 was accidentally dropped in the water. So without much thought I decided to buy ZS-10 expecting similar or better quality. After testing it in various conditions and comparing the results of my previous camera to this one I must say I am very disappointed with this product. I am not sure what happened between the last version and this one but something obviously went terribly wrong. The image quality for both photo and video is significantly worse especially in indoor situations (not very low light. all lights were turned on during my tests)

    At this point I am returning this camera to Amazon and would not advise others to buy it. (Posted on 10/3/2011)

  113. Excellent zoom and fast operation Review by M. Dameron

    Very impressive optical zoom. Startup time and shutter speeds nice and fast, nearly instant. Image quality is great and the videos are great too. All-in-all an impressive camera at a great price. (Posted on 10/2/2011)

  114. Almost perfect Review by B. Drakeford "Curious Traveler"

    Easy to use, yet you can drill down to settings like, food, or set it to auto intelligent, and forget it! (Posted on 10/1/2011)

  115. Great Camera Review by Paul V.

    I bought this to replace my camera and camcorder. I wanted a long zoom and 1080 video. I've used it a lot and it performs great. Using the auto settings the pictures are great and it's extremely easy to switch back and forth between pictures and video. The videos are great and fill and look good on my 47" flatscreen. The only minor issue is that you have to remove the battery to charge it, but the charger is very small and easy to carry. I don't use the GPS so battery life is good. The software is usable and it's easy to upload to the PC. I am very happy with this camera and would recommend it to anyone who wants to take pictures and video. (Posted on 9/30/2011)

  116. Could not ask for better. Review by Jerry M. Ku "newdad"

    The pictures are just great, sharp, no blur with movement, the colors are very true, the zoom is fantastic. The battery doesn't drain as quickly as I thought it would with the gps always on. Easy to operate. The menu is very intuitive. Knowing that Leica and Panasonic worked on the technology makes me believe this will be a very good camera for many years to come. (Posted on 9/30/2011)

  117. Little Comparison with ZS7 Review by H. Tam "fish-in-the-pond"

    After playing with ZS-7 for a year, I started considering upgrading to ZS-10. There are conflicting comments about the image quality of ZS-10, but I took a gamble. I sold my ZS-7 and bought ZS-10.

    First of all, I like the touch pad feature. Have not tried the 3D feature because I don't have a 3D TV. Panorama assist is better than no panorama. I used free software to stitch photos together, sometimes with special effects provided by the software and I would say the result is better than straight panorama photo. Extra zoom is always welcome.

    Regarding image quality, I compared two photos of an oil painting taken with ZS-7 and ZS-10 with same lighting and at the same distance using iA mode. Color of ZS-10 is a little softer but barely noticable. ZS-10 photo is smoother than ZS-7. The edge is ZS-10 photo may not be as sharp as ZS-7. I noticed on ZS-7 photo when I zoomed in there were patterns that I would describe as similar to random small dents on cardboard. I examined the painting and found no such patterns. However, there are regular tiny cloth like patterns you expect from canvas but neither camera captured that.

    I compared another photos of seaport taken from my building in broad daylight, both wide angle and maximum optical zoom. ZS-10 zooms out a bit more and zooms in a lot more than ZS-7 as expected. Color on both photos are equally good.

    So I would say these two cameras are both good depending on what you want from them. It is just my two cents.

    In my last comment, I said image quality of ZS-10 was not as good as ZS-7 based on the zoom in comparison. Now I realized you also have to look at the object itself before making a truly objective conclusion. (Posted on 9/28/2011)

  118. Very disappointing Review by Patty

    We did a lot of research before we bought this camera as a gift. So it was very disappointing to learn that the memory card that came with it was so small that only a few pictures had been taken.

    It feels like a hustle. Why can't a new $300 camera include a decent-size card so that its owner can enjoy it and learn well how to use it.

    I'll be very slow to buy another Panasonic and very quick to ask about memory cards the next time I buy a camera somewhere else. (Posted on 9/26/2011)

  119. Nice pocket camera Review by Gypsy

    Little wider than some pocket cameras, but still fits pocket. Great pictures. Easy to use. I purchased 2nd battery just in case. (Posted on 9/24/2011)

  120. Outstanding Camera Review by cjs

    I bought this camera before a hunting trip to Africa. All I can say is that I love it.. The picture quality is great, very few blurred photos (my Sony had a lot of blurred photos). The zoom is outstanding. The HD video is outstanding as well... Video of archery shots at 30 fps, you would have 3 - 4 frames of the arrow in flight.

    Last, night shooting is exceptional at football games, etc.. when you figure out how to adjust to the correct scene settings.

    I would buy it again.

    Not that it is a downside, I turned off the GPS to save battery life. I did not have an issue with battery life, but didn't want an issue either.

    Chris (Posted on 9/22/2011)

  121. Great camera Review by Victor Gavrilenko

    This camera took better images than its predecessors ZS3 and ZS7 which I also owned. It has new features like geotagging with actual place name on the screen, 3D and HDR modes. It takes good 1080p video. Low light photos are not perfect, but better than predecessors. Too bad I dropped my ZS10 during bike ride and it died later.

    I bought LX5 to replace broken ZS10, but don't like form factor of LX5 and its menus. ZS10 has better design, better menus, better size, 1080p video and more features. But LX5 supposedly takes better pictures. (Posted on 9/22/2011)

  122. viedo and camera Review by Sharon A. Pierce

    I really love this camera. Has a lot of settings, so it takes a while to learn exactly how to use it. A lot of really neat settings. Pictures are exceptional. I like the zoom best of all. Graduation class standing in bleachers--was able to zoom in on my grandson. I also zoomed in on a neighbors car (1/3 block away) and could read license plate. Wanted to know what kind of car it was, as I like it. A little expensive, but I had $150 for using Amazon Visa and a $75 Amazon gift card. If you are looking for a camera that gives you many options, this is the one for you. Also, I tend to shake sometimes and this has a stablizer that works well. (Posted on 9/22/2011)

  123. Beginner DSLR in a P&S Review by Rose Alvarado

    Definitely a very good camera for those photography beginners. Takes wonderful HD Videos, took to the Bronx Zoo and the zoom was awesome and the pictures were amazing. It has great manual settings, I'm just starting to get into those. The touch screen is a nice feature haven't really used it too much and its not too sensitive in that if you accidentally touch it you go into 5 different options. The battery life doesn't really last too long if you take a lot of HD Movies, but with pictures it fairs well. (Posted on 9/22/2011)

  124. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 14MP Digital Camera with 16x Zoom Review by JEFFREY SMITH "Jeff Smith"

    I had a DMC-TZ3 7MP with 10X Zoom, this is a better camera, a little thinner and takes better pictures, too. Looking forward to taking a lot of great shot with the extra length in the Zoom lens and I bought larger SD memory to cover the need of 4 more pixels.
    GPS - don't know if I want people to know where I was at such and such a time.
    There are a few extra things this camera has that I will need to try before adding to this review. Stay tuned for addition info... (Posted on 9/21/2011)

  125. great camera just not for me Review by deedemp

    Purchased this camera through The camera took great pictures but just was not for an amature like me. The purchasing procedure and return of the camera through Amazon was wonderful. I have never had any trouble returning a product. I am now waiting for the Samsung wb750 to arrive. It does not have GPS on it and has a lot of auto scene choices. So I am going to give this camera a try. Hopefully Amazon will carry it when it is available for purchase. (Posted on 9/21/2011)

  126. Some of these reviews are way too intense. Review by R. McLaughlin

    Egads, breathing room please! Look, this is a point and shoot camera. This replaces the Canon Snappy or the Kodak Instamatic. This does NOT replace you Nikon D3x, Canon 1Ds Mark II, or Leica M9. It won't and it never will. I think some of these reviews are expecting way too much from a $250 camera.

    A friend has the ZS7 and I liked it, so I wanted one too. The ZS8 and 10 were current but the 10 was out of stock everywhere. I got the ZS8 and had bad pixels. When I went back to the store they had one ZS10 left. I grabbed it! This replaced a Canon 870IS.

    The 3D effect is just weird. The zoom is great, the lens is Leica, and the IS works well. When you use the IS on movies unless you have a steadicam it will show movement. The camera is just so small and light that it will jitter. Expect it.

    Battery life sucks on all these little cameras. I wish the GPS sensor was a solar panel! Buy an extra battery, or two. You will need them.

    If I want better images I take out my Nikon D3s and long lenses. If I don't care about quality at all I use my phone. If a phone is a 1 and the Nikon a 10, then this camera is a 7.4. You get a lot for $250, and it will serve you very well, but there will be better.

    The images I shoot with it will 99% of the time be posted on the internet and emailed and that is about it. If you want pics for the wall you will want to use a larger sensor.

    Other than an extra battery, also get a tripod. It can be a small one. It will assist greatly in your images when you can or have to take the time to set it up. (Posted on 9/16/2011)

  127. Very convenient Review by Eileen M. Minior "E. Minior"

    I've always used DSLR size cameras to get the best results, but frequently missed good photo opps because I didn't always carry my camera due to its inconvenient size. This camera takes great pictures AND takes up little pocket space, so it's always with me. If you have kids, or just enjoy taking pictures everywhere you go, this is a great choice. (Posted on 9/14/2011)

  128. Feature Packed Camera that takes Terrible Pictures, especially in Low Light Review by Gadget Geek

    The subject really says it all. Although this camera is absolutely packed with features including 3D photo support, GPS, 16x optical zoom, OIS, 1080i video, facial recognition, etc. - all of that is for naught. The pictures are washed out with very little detail. They get much worse in low light without flash as, regardless of ISO, the pictures are grainy and too dark. Most damning for this camera the low light video recording is not a usable feature - all you will get is a grey/black picture with stereo audio.

    I've tried adjusting every setting on the camera, resetting the adjustments, and retrying to no avail. Although it supports manual override of both aperture and shutter speed, no combination at various ISOs was able to alleviate these problems. The automatic settings work acceptably only if the flash is enabled.

    I am going to return this camera and get another model after doing more research. Alternate suggestions would be quite welcome, I'm currently considering the Canon PowerShot S95. (Posted on 9/14/2011)

  129. Great camera for the intermediate photographer Review by Ashton S

    I opted to replace my digital camera with the ZS10 after many years of great service from the DMC-TZ3.

    I chose the ZS10, because it was the logical replacement in the DMC series, and because of improvements in Video quality and features - like zooming whilst recording. The Picture quality of the Leica lens doesn't cease to amaze me.

    The change in the layout of the menu was quite confusing in the beginning, but I'm slowly getting used to where everything is.

    The touchscreen, although not required for this camera, i.e. happy to have accepted an enhancement to another feature and you can pretty much get by without touching the screen, is a welcome change because it introduces focal-point focus, active-zoom and scrolling.

    The battery life isn't great if you take pictures with the flash on the whole time, i.o.w. don't expect it to last for more than 200 shots at night. During the day though, you could easily take 1000 pics, and still have some battery left. My solution to the battery life was simply to purchase a second battery; a generic one worked for me, but make sure you buy it from a reputable vendor if you follow that route.

    Lastly, it's a great camera if you're an intermediate photographer, i.e. some days you want to point and shoot, and other days you really want to get into some of the finer photographic techniques. It is by no means a replacement for a DSLR, but the quality of the pictures really come close. Ultimately, it's the combination of your skillful eye and the camera that delivers amazing pictures, and sometimes it's just dumb luck. If you're adventurous, try the different camera modes to see how truly amazing the camera is.

    For your benefit, outside of the USA, this camera is known as the DMC-TZ20.

    Hope this helps, Regards Ashton. (Posted on 9/14/2011)

  130. Terrible Image Quality... Review by Roberto Vicente "bodhiu"

    The ZS10 needed the current firmware update (1.2). I installed it and shot 180 pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed the ease of the camera and its performance. Loved the size, lens and flexibility, image stabilization, and good battery life when not using GPS...but...

    the image quality was/is a disaster as has been noted by everyone on the internet and in reviews. I reviewed my photos and found them to be too smudged for any good use. I called Panasonic to set up immediate return of the ZS10. Too bad because the ZS10 has many attractive features (however it could use RAW capability). I wouldn't recommend the camera to anyone. Terribly image quality. (Posted on 9/12/2011)

  131. Soft focus = weak picture quality Review by newyork2dallas

    I owned this for 12 days. It has some very good features, the multi-shot setting and image stabilization work well, low light performance was decent. But I returned the camera for one reason: poor picture quality.

    Look: the purpose of a camera is to capture the moments of your life and record the sights and reactions that matter to you. If the pictures are muddy, soft, and simply not sharp and crisp, you lose the accuracy and excellence that you want from the camera. That's the problem with the ZS-10 -- it takes mediocre pictures. So why get one? (Posted on 9/9/2011)

  132. Wonderful Review by HUMBERTO ZAMORA

    Purchased this point and shoot panasonic to replace my older point and shoot. It has great quality photos and so many photo schemes to choose from. Along with the gps you can take photos and shows where you where when you took the photo. (Posted on 9/9/2011)

  133. how to reduce noise? Review by J. Martin "JD"

    Sorry for posting questions rather than observations. I want to buy this camera despite some of the negative comments as I think it has a lot of good features. But I will rarely use the full 14MP due to file size. If I shoot at say 10MP resolution, does the camera simply not use some pixels on the outer edges of the sensor, or does it throw away pixels throughout the image by resampling or some other method? Second question, one can easily add noise to an image but is there a way to remove noise that would work something like undoing the add noise filter? Conceptually it seems like noise should be as easily identifiable by algorithm as it is to our eyes. In which case wouldn't it be better shoot at full resolution and apply such filter when downsampling rather than shoot at lower resolution? If you are decreasing resolution anyway why not delete all the pixels tagged as noise first? You'd have the benefits of smaller files, better image quality, and better compressibility (noise doesn't compress). (Posted on 9/7/2011)

  134. Pretty satisfied with this camera Review by M. Henri De Feraudy

    I bought this camera just before going off on holidays. I wanted a small camera with a powerful zoom and a GPS. The shop
    sugested this model and a cheaper Canon model. I did not have time to do my homework and research before I bought it.

    This is my eleventh digital camera and I havent had the opportunity of testing many more. I guess the camera I own that resembles it closest is the LX3, which is very different (might brighter lens, but much less zoom range). The camera I probably use most these days is the EOS 5D mark 2. You can imagine that I wasnt expecting anything near like the performance of the latter.

    Overall I was pretty happy with it, let me point out a few of the good and not so good points.
    Actually the low light performance is not so bad for such a small camera, pictures at 400 ASA were sort of usable, somewhat close to the LX3's results here, except that the latter will have a shorter exposure time due to the bright lens.
    The reviewer who said the low light perfomance is horrible would probably say the same thing about most of those compact digital cameras.

    The image quality goes down as you zoom, this is hardly surprising, but that doesnt make the long range zoom useless. I suppose I'll post up some pictures on my website and update this review in a short while.
    The bokeh of the lens is not so pretty when zooming: ie out of focus bright spots end up looking like rings.

    Shawn Barnett of imaging resource has pointed out that the noise processing loses some fine details which were visible in the pictures of this camera's predecessor.

    There is no raw mode, oh well, I wont be able to make use of DXO's amazing high ISO processing.

    Colours are pretty neutral and very satisfying. Pretty inditinguishalble from my DLSR.

    At wide angles the pictures a pretty sharp, but I really wonder why we are given 14 megapixels, whereas 10 megapixels would probably give you just as good an image, with smaller files.

    The stabilizer was surprisingly good.

    The GPS option is quite slow to react to a change of location, there were a few mistakes here, even if I had moved 50 kilometers in a car, it could take 5 minutes to get back in sync. You can leave the GPS on all the time however this consumes battery power, but not so much that you can't leave it on all night.

    The contrast of the pictures is not as good as my LX3, but then the LX3's lens probably has fewer elements.

    The camera might take a couple of seconds to power up, but once it's on, it's surprisingly reactive, no complaints here.

    I found the movie mode very impressive, but I'm not comparing it with many of the other cameras on the market. Very pleased here.

    As for the user interface, it's very nice to be able to touch the screen and tell it to focus on that detail. You can actually fire the camera this way too, but I did not have too many problems here.

    I didnt like the panaoram mode that much, I didnt think it helped very much.

    The flash is rather weak, a bit disappointing.

    The screen is not as bright as the one on my DLSR's and that can make it hard to see what you are taking if the sun is shining on it.

    Battery life was good enough for what I was doing, I could shoot for a couple of days between a recharge. (Posted on 9/4/2011)

  135. Excelente Review by PEDRO MIGUEL PEREZ MEZA

    Wonderful camera, reliable, I came in perfect condition .. The excellent color clarity is worth this release. For people who still do not understand how this technology works and how good or bad is, they have to make the camera see in this super .. Rating 100% (Posted on 9/3/2011)

  136. Took great photos in Alaska Review by Mary Beth Domaz "Lovestotravel"

    I wanted a point and shoot camera with good zoom. I was tired of dragging around an SLR and wanted something that could go in my pocket or purse and still take good photos. We were simply wowed by the photos this camera took. The burst mode is fantastic. I was able to finally get some great whale photos. As someone else mentioned, if you play with the different modes, you can get photos in all varieties of light. The automatic setting might not do it for you, but one of the many mode settings should. The only negative I have found is the battery life. My husband's old Canon P&S lasts all day. I typically go through three batteries for an all day scenic cruising. I would like to disable the touchscreen but I am not sure yet if that is possible. So far I haven't figured out how. If anyone reading this knows how, please post a comment to my post. I took so many photos of the ground, my pocket etc. I found the camera easy to learn how to use with an intuitive menu. Other than battery, we haven't found anything bad about this camera.

    I do wish people would stop rating this camera poorly because it does not have a viewfinder. No one is currently making point and shoots with an optical viewfinder. If you want an optical viewfinder you will need to go to a different class of camera. Yes, I do wish it had an optical viewfinder like my husband's old Canon, but I would never think of rating this camera poorly because it doesn't have something it is not advertised as having. (Posted on 8/29/2011)

  137. Dirt in lens Review by Blazing Tartan

    This is my third TZ/ZS Lumix and as with the others, I've been more than happy with all aspects of the camera. However, I keep my camera in my pocket all the time and this one has two specs of dust inside the lens which show up as fairly large shadows on lighter photos. This never happened with the previous cameras so I'm a bit miffed (to say the least) that it's happened with this one. Other than that, it's a brilliant camera that consistently gives excellent results. (Posted on 8/28/2011)

  138. Great for my bird photo shoots Review by Phyllis

    I recently purchased this camera, and I must admit that it has truly inspired me to take my photography talent more seriously. Taking pictures of birds is my true passion in life. I live alone, and it is looking like I probably always will, but one thing that keeps me going in my alone time is birds. I have been bird watching for about 3 weeks now, and I have found it to be very relaxing. I have been able to photograph many birds, and the camera is so good I am able to capture the expression of each bird. Some birds try to be serious, some try to look curious, others are shy, and others try to be mysterious, however one thing they all do is fly away after the camera flashes.I am very happy that this camera has brought me closer to nature and wildlife. I really enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy long walks near ponds and lakes, where birds are. I hope to one day save up enough money to buy a real professional camera, but at the moment holding the sign and dancing on the side of the street for Little Caesars $5 Hot and Ready pizzas is just not paying the bills, they do hook me up with free crazy bread though, and every once in a while they let me take the old pizzas home with me. I really do have it made working for them, where else could I get all the attention in the world, and get paid to dance around the street with my headphones on, not to mention the happy ending where I get to take home somewhat fresh pizza. Nowhere, that's where you can get that. (Posted on 8/28/2011)

  139. POOR low light pics, even after FW update (SEE PICS) Review by MariaSmiles

    This is my fifth Panasonic digital camera, (my eighth digital camera of any brand if you don't count 6 or 7 camera-phones - I like gadgets). I have Panasonic's FZ-28 and just sold my pretty blue ZS-7 to a relative needing a great camera, as I was anticipating this year's model to be even better. I wish I had read the reviews first. Once I did, I was really disappointed, so I ended up buying a Sony HX5V first, since it was only 189 bux and had similar features and was touted to have good low-light performance. I take a lot of low-light pics, so this is a feature I always look for. The Sony pics came out pretty good, but I really missed the Panasonic interface (it just made more "sense" to me & obviously, I was used to it), and the longer zoom (16x vs 10x on the Sony). After a few weeks with the Sony, I took another look at the ZS-10. I found that there had been two firmware updates since the initial release, one which claimed to improve detail. I fell in love with the brown, and took a leap of faith. It arrived and boy, is it gorgeous! The touchscreen is cool, but not totally needed (not totally implemented, either), but that's ok, as the idea of smearing up my LCD with fingerprints, or accidentally touching the screen all the time didn't really appeal to me.

    A few days in, I decided to compare apples-to-apples. I set up a little "still life" and took some shots with the Sony and some with the Panasonic, using the same (as much as possible) settings and lighting on each shot, both, before the firmware update, and after (on the ZS-10). I lowered both cameras to 5 megapixels (I usually use this setting). I took some with flash, without flash, and in low-light (60W bulb, diffused, 8' away) and very low light (dark room, with only hall light filtering in) - I wanted to push the boundaries and see what happens - almost any camera can take a good picture on a bright, sunny day. I used the auto modes, the tripod modes (with a tripod), the handheld modes (handheld), the twilight modes, even the self-timer to reduce blur from shutter button presses. I did not use the manual modes (M, S, A, P), as the Sony only has M & P, and I usually take very quick shots in varied environments and do not have time to "fiddle" with settings, like I do when I use my wonderful FZ-28. I am saddened to report that the Sony HX5V beat the Panasonic ZS-10 hands-down. Really saddened (see photos and notes in the Product Images section, Brown color version). I don't care that the Sony costs less money, or that the batteries cost less money (I always buy two), or that it's smaller, or that there's no play/shoot switch (just hit the shutter), or that the panorama mode is super-cool and easy, or that it has a directional thingie with the GPS to tell you what direction you're facing, I REALLY wanted the Panasonic to beat it. Unfortunately, to my eyes, and for my purposes, it does not. I'm so bummed.

    PROS (things I care about):
    - gorgeous brown exterior color
    - stereo mics in sensible place (rarely covered by fingers when recording)
    - 16x optical zoom (more, in some modes)
    - compact (considering all the features)
    - cool GPS implementation with landmarks already inputted
    - 30 SCN (scene) modes - these are great when you want a certain "look" to your pics, but don't have time to change the settings (or aren't familiar with them) - the icons are in color, now.
    - CUST (custom) setting on dial, so you can set your favorite settings for a frequent scene
    - tripod socket in the middle = more well-balanced on weaker/smoother tripods (the sony's is on the edge)
    - the battery/card door 'springs' open when unlocked (this makes it easier to access contents with one hand)
    - did I mention the gorgeous brown wrapper?

    This camera has many more features (3D, 10fps burst shooting, face detection, face recognition, etc.) that are cool, but not important to me, so I did not include them in my PROs, or in my review, as I don't even use them.

    CONS (things that bother me):
    - disgraceful IQ in very low-light (I realize this is not an SLR, but it's really bad, even when compared to the older, cheaper Sony)
    - awful IQ/inexcusably high noise in low light (light from a 60W bulb, diffused, 8 feet away)
    - low-light modes "hidden" in sub-menus (the sony has two, right on their dial) - may be possible to assign one to the CUST (custom) setting on the dial
    - even when using flash, image is "blown out" (compared to the Sony)
    - solid colors appear grainy, image appears fuzzy (even when viewing at 62% - full-screen). I didn't even bother pixel-peeping - the horror!

    Yes, there are fewer CONS, but these are higher on my "priority" list and Image Quality is more important than where the tripod socket was placed, etc. After all, I show my photos to many people, but I'm the only one who really looks at my camera.

    I am so disappointed and I feel so let down by the 2011 "travel zoom" camera department over at Panasonic. I know they "owe" me nothing, but I feel I have been a great customer and have now been presented with a poor product (when the previous version was fantastic). I have heard the ZS-8 has better IQ (fewer "bells & whistles" & a different sensor), I might have to try it out. But, right now, I feel so upset that my beautiful brown camera is only pretty on the outside, especially once the sun goes down.

    As much as it pains me to say this, (especially after being a Panasonic Lumix fan for so many years), my recommendation, for now, would be to look into other cameras. There are other, lower cost cameras that take better pictures and have some of the "ooohhh-aaahhh" features this ZS-10 has. Even if you don't take a lot of low(er) light photos, the IQ when using the flash really concerns me (when compared to the Sony), and, considering the high cost, I don't even think this would be a good "barbecues and birthday parties" camera. Unfortunately, there are many reputable reviews on the web that report the same findings. I was hoping they just got a "bum" camera.

    I really want to love and utilize this camera, and I am certainly not a professional photographer, so if you have any practical advice or tips which may improve my low-light results with this camera, (other than increasing the light in the image) please leave your tips in the comments section of this review. Even if it is months from now, as other low-light users may find them helpful. Thanks!

    I rely on reviews here at Amazon to help me make informed buying choices. I hope this review has helped you in the same manner. If you voted this as helpful, I Thank You! :) (Posted on 8/28/2011)

  140. Very poor image quality. The worst camera I've ever had. Review by Forlane

    Nice features, but very poor image quality. My older dmc7 takes better pictures.
    For dark pictures, the thing gets worst. I wouldn't recommend this item.
    I did lost many good moments taking horrible pictures with this crap. Don't buy it! (Posted on 8/26/2011)

  141. Great camera Review by tim

    I like this camera. The powerful OPTICAL zoom is very handy when shooting video. This camera has everything so that there's no need to carry a separate video camera and still camera. (Posted on 8/26/2011)

  142. Robbie in Mammoth Review by Robbie

    This camera was purchase from Amazon to replace a DMC-ZS7 with which I was very satisfied. However, the new one offered a wider zoom range and 1080P. In daylight, the camera's pictures are easily a match for those of my Nikon D300. The zoom range of 16:1 is incredible. Handheld at maximum zoom is rock steady. The videos are outstanding. The ability to plug an HDMI cable directly into a large screen TV and see the stills or videos instantly is a major plus. Our 52 inch TV shows incredible detail. The GPS is remarkable in showing hundreds of thousands of locations by name although it does burn up battery life.

    In low light such as shooting indoor concerts or sports activities where the contrast is not great, the automatic focus can vary and the pictures are not as sharp. The other weaknesses which all small cameras share are the electric zoom and the lack of an optical view finder. I miss the manual zoom and the optical view finder of my Nikon SLR. However, the screen is high resolution and better than most other cameras even in direct sunlight. I would appreciate longer battery life but carrying an extra battery is not a problem.

    The big feature is that the camera is small enough to be always with me. (Posted on 8/24/2011)

  143. Panasonic zs-10 Review by Tallisman

    It,s a point & shoot camera that, in a very small form factor, hits a home run. The optical zoom is 16x, which in such a small camera is non too shabby. The HD video capability works very well. And although it takes some time to get used to all of the menus, given it's myriad capabilities, it is time (and money) well spent. It's a keeper. (Posted on 8/16/2011)

  144. A Perfect Little Travel Companion Review by Udo

    I was very suprised to see all the great features of this High Tech camera. A great Leitz zoom lens and I wonder "how they managed to get this zoom in as little over one inch body width". Lots of settings for special shots. Good GPS, but the software should be updated to include more sites and special places, important for people who do a lot of travelling. A second battery is necesary and battery life is not all that bright.
    <a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 16x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and Built-In GPS Function (Black)</a>All together "great value" and I am happy with my purchase. (Posted on 8/13/2011)

  145. Amazing small digital camera Review by braveskimom

    Fits in a pocket, but has some serious lens power. I love this camera. In fact, I've bought two within 3 months but that's because one drowned in a deluge (inside my pack, but when your pack is soaked, so is the camera). So while the Lumix is not waterproof, it is a powerful, incredible photographic tool. Take the time to watch the instructional cd so that you can operate it fully. Don't just point and's so much more fun to compose! Love this camera. (Posted on 8/10/2011)

  146. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 14.1 MP Digital Camera Review by Guy Stinchcombe

    Overall great quality pictures and video. Big draw back is that the LCD screen can not be viewed out side in sunlight at all. Battery life is good. (Posted on 8/10/2011)

  147. I really dislike this camera Review by R. Shaddy

    I bought this camera because it had the best reviews for the price point I wanted to pay. I had lost my husbands other point and shoot camera which took really great pictures so I wanted to replace it with something the same or better. Since this camera received better reviews on Amazon than his last camera I bought this one. OH was that a MISTAKE! This camera is slow to take pictures. I miss all the great shots because it takes so long to "think" about it. Unless I have the setting on the fast multiple shot setting I miss everything. However, on that setting the picture quality is terrible.

    On other settings the picture quality is also terrible. I want my husbands other camera back. I'm getting rid of this one asap! (Posted on 8/6/2011)

  148. Panasonic DMC-ZS10 Review by Robert

    I got this camera at Costco a few days ago. First of all it seems that these days ignorance dominates and all it takes to sell a camera to the uninformed consumer is lots of zoom, lots of megapixels, GPS and a big LCD touch screen. 14MP is way too much for the sensor on this camera, no matter what settings you use the pictures always come out blurry especially at night, and if you zoom in even a little bit, your quality decreases DRAMATICALLY! Megapixels only increase the image quality if the sensor can handle it. For instance, if you use a sensor that is only capable of 8 or 10 MP (just an estimate) and then you convert that to 14MP, you're obviously going to lose a lot of quality, and that is what Panasonic is doing with this camera. These cameras can not handle such high MP, yet they (and most other companies) are making cameras like this because they know higher megapixels will appeal to consumers. Somehow it got in peoples heads that more megapixels means better quality, but this is true only if the sensor is good enough, and in this case the sensor is not made to handle 14 megapixels. Beware of the great megapixel swindle, most of these newer point & shoots are junk.

    Before I got this I was using a Kodak easyshare c743 which is several years older, less zoom, less megapixels and it takes way sharper and more detailed pics than this brand new sleek & fancy Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10. Don't be fooled by looks and high numbers!!

    I'm returning this in the next couple of days to get an older camera from a different brand, most definitely will not buy another Panasonic after this. 14 Megapixels + small sensor = bad quality images. Do your research, avoid this camera. (Posted on 8/2/2011)

  149. Even Better Review by Phil

    This is the fourth camera I have had in this series. The others I have sold to my relatives and that allows me to rationalize an upgrade. I expected that there would be the usual improvements in picture qualities, but was quite impressed with the improved ease of use considering all the new features added. The on screen description of features selected work great as reminders. The size is exactly same as the earlier models and with the metal case is very rugged. I shoot thousands of photos a year hiking and climbing, as well as other activities. One of my climbing buddies impressed with my earlier ZS cameras purchased one as well instead of Brand "C". (Posted on 7/29/2011)

  150. Good for Most Review by Gcustomer

    This camera was purchased as our main camera to replace our older Canon elf that was slow, w/ 3x zoom and a Sony Hard drive camcorder that took good video but not user friendly to save and share.
    The ZS10 is nice for most pictures and video: faster, longer zoom, larger dispay and fits in a pocket. (One and done). The picture color looks good and seems clear but I'm not sure if I'm looking for perfection and not seeing it when I look at the pictures at larger scale on the computer and see blurry pixals.
    I don't use GPS much so battery life is good and predictable and using at least an 8GB card has plenty of room for a days worth of pictures and video.
    If I need an 18x20 or larger picture I will probably call a photographer. (Posted on 7/28/2011)

  151. Lumix DMC-ZS10 Review by Fury

    I was in charge of doing the shopping for the group present from the whole family for my brother's birthday. I ended up picking this camera as he was looking for a small camera with a good zoom that is easy to carry around in his pocket and be able to take good quality pictures. He has a brand new Canon DSLR, but that is not always functional to use for day to day pictures. I gave it to him a week or so ago and we played around with it taking lots of pictures. Overall we were both very pleased at the quality of the pictures. The zoom is great for a small camera, and the camera is small enough it easily stores in a pocket for taking pictures on the go. When we opened it up we found out that it takes 3d pictures (I didn't know about the feature when I bought it). It basically takes a lot of pictures in a row while you move the camera, then stitches them together to make a virtual 3d image. We did not have a 3d tv around to test the images, as I am the only one in the family with a 3d tv and we were not at my house, so I cannot comment on the quality of the 3d and how much of an effect it really gives the pictures. As this is not something I even knew the camera had, it is more of a bonus and may or may not be used. The reason I decided on this model over lower models was for the better quality touch screen on the back. Overall, I am very pleased, but even more important than that, my brother is very pleased and he is looking forward to getting a lot of use on it on his upcoming vacation. (Posted on 7/24/2011)

  152. no viewfinder Review by Judi

    The camera is very good but the fact that it does not have a viewfinder makes it very difficult for me to frame my pictures. Taking pictures in bright sunlight is impossible for me with this camera and I am very upset that I bought it for this reason. For the price it should have this feature. (Posted on 7/22/2011)

  153. LUMIX ZS10 Review by Barilski

    It's the best camera i've owned. Taking pictures using the correct scene mode takes getting used to and you still have to make adjustments when you get them on your computer but unless you have all the time in the world to set the shot up, it gives you what you're looking for, quickly. The video quality is unbelievable. It is so clear and image stabilization is great. The audio recording isn't the greatest but it's hard to stuff a good mic into that little box. (Posted on 7/20/2011)

  154. big zoom Review by Dan "Dan"

    The camera's zoom is pretty amazing, I took photos of dragonflies and you can clearly see their big round eyes looking back at the camera. Pretty amazing zoom on this little camera. (Posted on 7/19/2011)

  155. Panasonic DMC-ZS10 Camera Review by Ernie

    Pros: Great zoom (16X), small size, lots of features, advanced Intelligent Auto (IA) mode.
    Cons: Battery life, especially with GPS on; GPS feature even less useful than I expected; Image detail not very sharp when blown up.

    Bought this camera to upgrade from prior Lumix (TZ1), notably for the 1080 HD movie, advanced image stabilization, and increased image file processing speed with new MOS sensor. There are certainly lots of features (takes better part of day to review Panasonic on-line feature summary and the electronic user manual.

    The IA mode certainly lives up to its promo's and delivers great picture compositions for most snapshots; and you can select from many other manual or semi-auto modes to meet most scene criteria. The Handheld Night Shot mode does a nice job of enhancing low light shots IF you select this mode manually (but camera does not seem to select this feature when using the IA mode, as the instructions seem to imply it will).

    Although I did not purchase this camera for its GPS feature, the GPS is the arguably the most disappointing feature. It takes a long time to lock-on (and seems to lose lock-on if put away in pocket or car, or in walking in wooded areas); uses a lot of battery life; and the promoted 1 million landmarks do NOT seem to include many of the areas that I have used in our New England area (such as most town names or landmarks). I learned to keep it set on the Airplane mode (GPS turns off when camera is turned off) to conserve battery life. The GPS may be more useful when on vacation in larger cities with major landmarks.

    As noted in many of the on-line technical reviews, the MOS sensor seems to lack the ability to provide detailed clarity even with the high pixel resolution count at 14 Megapix. When comparing enlarged images to those on other cameras, there appears to be less clarity/sharpness. This is disappointing, particularly when comparing the 16X optical zoom that gives a picture that may compare with a 12X zoom on other cameras when cropped to the equavalent size.

    That said, the MOS sensor does allow for very fast processing, and that provides some convenient high burst speed shots that can exceed 10 frams/sec compared to 1.5 - 2.0 fps on CCD cameras.

    I am still working on using the facial recognition features, but am not very satisfied at results so far. First the camera has to achieve facial detection, and then perform facial recognition evalution based on my manual picture inputs for individuals I want recognized. Many pictures are coming out without any faces detected and thus will not support recognition (this may be related to needing closer up shots, and at full frontal positioning).

    I found the provided Panasonic PhotoFunStudio managing/editing software to be somewhat limited as compared to my existing software (MS Digital Photo) in editing capabilities. Also, the Panasonic software is needed to get the full benefit of many of the image properties (such as GPS, facial recognition, and camera modes). While the AVC HD video 1080 format provides small file sizes, I am still working on finding suitable video editing software (currently having problems with Roxio handling any HD settings). However, both the camera and the PC software allow for fast and efficient cropping of video segments in-camera and on PC (very convenient).

    Overall, I am pleased with large feature assortment and technical performance for this "pocket" camera. (Posted on 7/19/2011)

  156. Panasonic Lumix Camera Review by liz

    I purchased a Panasonic LumixDMC-ZS10 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 16x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and Built-in GPS. Imagine my surprise that it did not have a memory card as part of the package, nor did it indicate that it did not. Had I not purchased an "extra" card, I would not have been able to use the camera during a family visit. Where is that card? For $319.95, it certainly should have had one. (Posted on 7/7/2011)

  157. Lumix camera Review by Aunt Nota

    This camera takes the best close up pics of any small camera I've ever owned. It's not hard to use but some of the settings are a bit confusing (especially for someone who is not tech oriented). I've learned a lot by trial and error and took some rather unitentional, interesting variations of the photos I intended to take. Movies are also wonderful but taking them eats battery life like crazy. The GPS feature is nice but it sometimes gets confused and doesn't update as it seems like it should (maybe due to my error?). All in all a great camera. (Posted on 7/4/2011)

  158. Know your modes Review by Earthling

    TIP for Lumix P&S cameras: The better you are at selecting the right mode, the better your result. One trick I learned for bright, high contrast, full daylight landscapes is to use the "Snow" setting, which works like a polarizing filter. I was recently shooting in Yosemite and my shots of Yosemite Falls (with all the reflective granite) were looking washed out and hazy. Disappointed, I then tried the "Snow" setting and... OMG - I got beautiful tones & a sharp image! Experiment, get to know the modes better and you will be really pleased with your purchase. Try it! (Posted on 7/2/2011)

  159. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 Great Camera! Review by Metro Exteriors, Inc. "Rusty"

    This is my 3rd Panasonic Lumix Camera. They are great camaras for their price range and size. The first one was stolen in Las Vegas, the second got sand on it at the beach and now the lens will not open or close. If you take them to the beach keep them dry and away from sand! (Posted on 6/26/2011)

  160. Suggested case will NOT fit Review by J. Messek

    The TBC 302 case is about an inch too short for the camera to fit into it. The TBC 312 does fit nicely being an inch lnger than the 302 case. (Posted on 6/18/2011)

  161. A great travellers camera Review by BikeRider

    Although slightly larger than some point and shoots this is a great camera. With big zoom and GPS it is a great travelling companion. Very high quality photos. (Posted on 6/15/2011)

  162. Awesome Pics! Review by jennbmen

    I got this camera to replace an old Canon. I am very pleased with the picture quality. There are numerous settings that can improve your pictures. Lots of info and it is a "learn by doing" kind of gadget. GPS is probably superfluous, but a fun perk. Turn it off when you don't need it as it will eat up battery time! I took some of the most beautiful sunset pictures and because of the high settings, I can blow them up and maintain picture quality. (Posted on 6/12/2011)

  163. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 Review by Donna R. Gantz

    My Lumix DMC-ZS10 has a major failing. In bright sunlight, the LCD brightness was too low to get a good view of my subject on the view screen. I did adjust the LCD brightness (high, low & automatic). It did change brightness and somewhat improved my outdoor view. To get good pictures, you need to see your subject and this camera does not do it. Before my adjustment, I had to just point the camera to make a movie of 6 yr old granddaughter's soccer game. (Posted on 6/11/2011)

  164. Beware of the crappy MOS sensor! Read the reviews!!!! Review by Kevin Deal

    I feel like someone in Japan is smoking crack. I buy a new Panasonic camera most every year. I have a now discontinued DMC-ZR3 which is much smaller. I set the two up side by side and took pictures. They were similar. The TZ10 was no better. In movies....with low light...the TZ10 was worse!!!! Way worse!!! I feel like buying a ZR3 'cause I love it so much!

    Pictures in bright light looked fine. And the Mega OIS is smokin'. So is the zoom. But in low light there is so much noise I'm returning it. In reviews it has been hinted that the SZ8 has a better image because it has a CCD compared to the ZS10 MOS. I suggest you read reviews and think carefully. I think it sucks. But that's just my opinion. (Posted on 6/5/2011)

  165. noise apparent at all ISO's Review by d_v_b_l

    short: really wanted to like this camera, but image quality is just not there. returned.

    long: this would have been about my eighth digital p&s, so i'm not exactly a stranger to it, and have a pretty good sense for what i ought to expect from a $400 camera.

    spent weekend taking several hundred "kid shots" in a variety of conditions, from indoors at home to outdoor full sun to a well-lit kid museum, etc, with flash/without, trying most of the various modes (except the "effect"/"gimmick" ones that i'd never use).

    results? ISO's above 100 are way too noisy (and noise is even evident at lowest), combined with a lens/sensor combo that (apparently) just aren't sensitive enough, so the camera often picks higher ISO in auto/program/scene modes to get the exposure, and the result is lots of noise. so you try program mode with lower iso's, then the corresponding slower shutter speeds that go along with that, so frequent blur with active subjects like kids, on top of that noise. no win.

    maybe i just got a lemon, as there are other reviews here raving about "detail" in the image quality, but i saw none of that! (er, unless you define all that speckly noise as detail, then yikes, in that case, i saw way too much of that kind of detail) (Posted on 6/5/2011)

  166. Compact powerhouse Review by Ronald Jonason

    This is a great compact camera. I found it to be very user friendly and full of exciting features. The quality of my pictures has increased significantly because the camera literally describes the features of particular settings as I selected them, enabling me to choose the effect I wanted given the conditions of the shoot. I wish it was shock resistant, waterproof and that it had a built-in viewer in addition to the LCD screen. A hotshoe for a more powerful flash capability would, also, be nice. The recharageable battery lasts for a full day of shooting. but, two days would be ever better. I take it everywhere because of it's size and versatility. I would rate the camera 4 1/2 + stars overall. I love it! (Posted on 5/31/2011)

  167. panasonic dmc-zs10 Review by rooster_ranch

    This camera doesn't have an option to automatically stamp the date on the pictures. Some people like to have this feature, others don't, so I wish it was an option. All this has is the option to go back and manually stamp the date on each picture individually which for someone like me who can take up to 100 pictures at a family gathering, that is no fun to go back and stamp a bunch of pictures! The touch screen is pretty non-functional and the camera itself is not slim and light by any means. It takes awhile to focus before shooting also. It took decent pictures in indoor lighting but I'm still going to return it because of the cons. (Posted on 5/25/2011)

  168. A feature-packed camera in a beautiful package, easy to use Review by CMW

    Camera arrived in time for mother's day weekend and we happily broke it in. We are casual photographers and have no desire to use the manual features, thus all of our usage was on the automatic setting. Controls are straightforward and easy to use with little or no need to consult the written guide or the online manual. Photos turned out crisp and clear both indoors with flash and outdoors in sunlight and dusk; colors are bright. Photos at full optical zoom are terrific quality (a real difference from our former point and shoot camera). There is no recognizeable shutter lag, another nice upgrade for us. The 16x optical zoom is an amazing feature on such a small camera, and the Leica lens is huge plus. Our Mac iPhoto handled the camera's download without any fuss and with no additional software to install.

    Overall we find this camera to be jam-packed with features and a good value for the money, even though there were plenty of competitors in its class that would have cost less. I would buy this one again if we had to do it over. We selected the red version and like the color and the styling as well as the functionality. (Posted on 5/8/2011)

  169. Great camera for candid, event, and wildlife photography Review by Martin

    I bought this at Costco, so maybe this review won't get printed, but if it does, here goes. I own and still love the ZS-3 and the ZS-7 and have taken tons of images with both. The ZS-10 is a small step backwards in image purity but a big step forward in usefulness. When I want to take a single image of a still life subject in difficult lighting conditions such as backlighting or very high contrast, the 3 or the 7 will yield more reliable results. In those conditions, the 10 sometimes shows some purple fringing or neon borders; not enough to make the images unusable, but remarkable simply because those defects almost never happen with the 7 or the 3. But most of my photography doesn't involve still subjects in high-contrast lighting. I take pictures of the grandson playing with the dog, or of speakers and performers at an event, or of faces in a crowd in a public place, or of birds in nature. In those situations, the high-speed full-frame burst mode of the 10 opens the door to photo satisfaction in a way that the older models never could. When the kid takes the ball from the dog's mouth, the action takes just a second, and with the older models my chances of hitting the perfect moment are statistically slim. With the 10, I can be taking 5, 10, 40 or even 60 full-resolution frames during that second, and I'm going to capture the perfect combination of facial expression and hand position to convey the magic of the moment. When talking heads speak, the motion of their faces makes all kinds of grimaces, and if I only have one or a few snapshots, I may have nothing that I can print without making the speaker look like a fool. With the 10's fast burst mode, I have options; I can make the speaker or performer look at their best. If I were a news photographer in the thick of action, this is the camera I'd want in my shirt pocket. I also like to to take bird pictures. Birds rarely sit still, and if I can only squeeze off a few shots, I may not get the ideal pose with the head forward or sideways and an eye clearly visible. With the high speed burst mode in the 10, I get my choice of bird postures. And did I mention the zoom? I can get perfectly printable shots at the 21x zoom, the equivalent of a 504 mm telephoto lens. The digital zoom takes it out to 84x, longer than 1000 mm; and while shots at that range look like an Impressionist filter was applied, and won't win too many photo contests, they are good enough to accurately identify the bird, or the person, or the object. I recently sold my digital SLR outfit with lenses up to 1000mm and I don't miss it at all. What you can do with this combination of burst and zoom, and in a package of this size, is mind-boggling. And it does a completely satisfactory job with ordinary landscapes, sunsets, flowers, street scenes, family snapshots, and the like. In short, Panasonic's switch to the high-speed CMOS sensor in the 10 does mean a small sacrifice in image quality in nasty lighting situations, but a big gain in usability. The 10 reliably gives me usable images, images that capture precious moments, that are worth printing, and that people love, in situations that were a photographic crapshoot until the 10 came along. To me, that's a big plus in photo satisfaction. (Posted on 5/7/2011)

  170. Took surprisingly sharp pictures Review by Lottie

    Took it on a trip, where I mainly used the Intelligent Auto. I was impressed that this function detects when red-eye and fill-in flash is needed. Even with flash turned off, the exposure compensated quite well. Plant and people pictures were quite vivid and sharp, even in breezes. I did overexpose one people-shot, but just one.

    As I expected, taking pictures of far-away, partially hidden,or fast-moving animals in forest where of course, vegetation in front is going to throw off the focus, was indeed difficult. Much of my animal shots were were obtained by an experienced guide shooting them through a scope, and these also turned out surprisingly well. Animal shots in nature take a lot of practice, finding the animal in wide angle first, then gradually going with the zoom. Just touching the portion of the screen where the animal is to take the shot can be helpful where there's no time for that. I took a number of accidental photos by touching the screen, but you just waste digital electrons.

    The camera definitely could use a viewfinder. Failing that, take a very wide-brimmed hat so you can shade the camera when in the sun to be able to see what you are taking. (Posted on 5/7/2011)

  171. Doing its job quite well - I am Satisfied Review by C. Segal "cs74"

    I am a casual camera user with slightly higher than average knowledge about the subject. I wanted a good, handy, simple pocket camera. To be used as a versatile convenient mean to capture family memories inside and outdoors.
    Bottom line - it is doing its job quite well. I own it for one month now. First I'd like to share my experience on the photos' quality. The pictures DO LOOK GREAT on my 21'' LCD computer screen, on my 47'' LCD TV set and when I print them on 4''X6'' postcards. They look FUZZY and BLURRY WHEN I ZOOM to 100% and beyond. Bottom line: good pictures, however the huge MB size of the files does not pick up fine clear details.

    The good: It is versatile, can handle quite many situations, quick, very nice zoom, good battery life (I was able to extensively use it for an entire day on one battery run), good color reproduction, reasonable size (for its class), very good modes selection, versatile manual and automatic modes, nice touch-display (though not Apple class).

    The bad: Price, brightness of the display (on sunny days, at times (not always) I needed to guess what exactly I am capturing).

    I found it quite intuitive to learn how to use its basic functions. However when I wanted to deal with a bit more challenging scenarios (e.g. back-light compensation, non-centered focusing) I needed much more RTFM (and actually did not find answers to all of my questions).
    For me - it certainly deserves the extra cost. It allows me to better capture these moments I want to remember. I will upload some outdoor pictures for your review. (Posted on 4/28/2011)

  172. Awesome Camera and Image Quality - Review by TheWindyCity

    I am a semi-professional photographer, and wanted a small travel camera to go along with my DSLR. I have owned Panasonic's TZ1, TZ5, ZS3, ZS6. The ZS6 was a disappointment regarding low light image quality. I purchased the ZS10 after I looked at the new specs, and saw that they changed the sensor and added the Handheld Nightshot Mode. This new model is amazing! The low light photos are clean and have low level noise as compared to the ZS6 and ZS3. I was able to use manual mode as well to accomplish some tricks in the field, such as smoothing a waterfal while maintaining the proper scene exposure. I love the other mode settings I can manipulate, such as the white balance and easier EV settings. I've gotten some great shots with that, including improved food shots in Aperture Priority Mode, over using the scene selection for Food, which turned out a little blurry (which may be my fault of being too close). The lense quality is simply amazing. The detail in the photos is remarkable. I would highly recommend this camera. If you would like to see a few shots, send me a message with your email address and I'll put a few photos together for you to compare and help make your decision. (Posted on 4/26/2011)

  173. great zs series ruined, bad video quality Review by waver

    I'd both the zs3 and zs7 and have really enjoy the Panasonic zs series. The zs3 has accompany me to several concerts and have taken very good videos. I bought the zs10 thinking I might need some extra reach in some upcoming concerts that I plan to go to, unfortunately the zs10 is just bad....this is going back to amazon. Vote with your wallet and don't buy this camera!

    The video quality is bad.... I'd taken some videos in my room (decently lit) and watching the video on my pc the quality is just not good, with obvious blothes everywhere. Ultimately I end up getting both the fuji ex550 and the sony hx9 to compare, the fuji still has some focusing issue in video mode, the sony hx9 has the best quality and no focusing issue, the zs10 video quality is dead last. (Posted on 4/23/2011)

  174. Horrible image quality, full of noise; poor low light performance! Review by Byrna

    The title speaks for itself: This proves to me that Panasonic has not done any really relevant and ground-breaking research in developing this camera (and others in the same category) because their imaging sensor is horrendeous. The photos are full of colourful specks of noise and are very smudgy and blurry, even at ISOs as low as 400! At 800, 1600 they are a disaster! The exposure of videos is poor and overall, low light performance is also very poor. I took a photo of my livingroom under tungster/halogen lighting which came out OK but again with much noise. Then I made a video of the same room right afterwards under the same lighting conditions and the video was too dark. This camera also has no exposure compensation for videos. I read the manual and it clearly indicates that videos are strictly in automatic mode with no exposure control at all by the photographer. You are at the mercy of the camera. The Canon PowerShot SX220/230 HS DOES have exposure compensation for videos FYI...

    The only good thing is that the videos are smooth because of a fast 60fps (interlaced i - not progressive p though). And having a GPS is just a gimmick and a toy to fool consumers, and does not make the picture quality of this camera any more "attractive" or in any way better.

    Having a Leica lens is not enough because a good digital camera also needs a good image sensor. The actual sharpness and noise level in the image is determined largely by the sensor. One can have the best lens in the world and have a poor sensor and the resulting photos and videos will be horrible. This camera is not worth it! For the same price ($449) wait for the Sony Cybershot HX100V - it is outstanding based on reviews on the internet. (Posted on 4/16/2011)

  175. These cameras just keep egtting better Review by Gracewing

    I have had the TZ1 and TZ3 cameras from Panasonic and, after the latter was damaged, bought the latest in the series, the TZ20 or as it is known in the US the ZS10.

    Like the others in this series this is larger than many of the "pocket" cameras avaiable but this still fits in my handbag and so I have it with me all the time. This model now has a 16x optical zoom or 21x with digital zoom incorporated. With 14m images, even the full digital zoom still leaves a high resolution image.

    This new model also adds GPS and I was most impressed when I used it the first time to see it knew the golf course I was playing. However you must reposition it each time you move to a new location, otherwise it retains the previous one and incorrectly tags your photos.

    I like the switch that allows you to review your pictures without losing your shooting settings. You can use the touch snsitive screen to flip through your photos, rather than pushing buttons. There is a separate button allows you to start shooting video, again without fiddling with the settings dial. Video is up to 1920x1080 with GPS tagging also available.

    The image quality is good and it has the stabilisation need to use the high zoom levels without getting blurry images.

    All in all, a great camera, probably the best in its class. (Posted on 4/16/2011)

  176. ZS10 vs ZS3 (disappointing image quality for 2011 / impressive zoom) Review by hihuymsn

    (professional filmmaker using a pocket-size camera for unplanned filming/photo opportunities)

    I wish I bought zs7 when it was on sale for $200 instead of this camera (zs10) for twice as much. Before this camera I had zs3 from 2009 and was very happy with it. I used it so much in the last 2 years so it practically died from overuse. It was dropped a dozen times, got completely wet once and stopped working but resurrected itself after 3 days... finally last fall the lens mechanism stopped responding i think from getting in contact with sea water and sand (I used the camera almost every day so this was bound to happen).

    So, zs10 is my replacement and I have to disappoint those who expect the image and video quality improve on this new model. I've compared 720p Motion Jpeg video of zs10 with the same format of zs3 (2009) and prefer the zs3 samples. The difference is not huge, they are just a little sharper but that camera was manufactured 3 years ago! Same goes for the picture quality, there is no visible improvement at all. At least it's not worse.

    I tried to find some advantages of this new model so not to get completely dissatisfied and calmed myself down with following cool improvements:

    -it's faster, it focuses quicker so in situations where you're trying to take a picture of a fast moving object you are well equipped.
    -zoom is more powerful and it's the camera's best feature.
    -you have more manual control over photos (BUT not the videos) so you can play with depth of field and exposure.
    -in video mode you're able to re-focus during recording by half pressing the shutter button (it works especially great with "continuous focus" switched off).

    (don't really care about the GPS and 3D-picture functions. screen resolution difference isn't noticeable. touchscreen isn't all that useful it actually is an obstacle sometimes because touching it by accident can result in a picture being taken. slow motion is not that impressive at 320x240 resolution. 1080i AVCHD mode's quality didn't seem better from MJPEG 720p)

    disadvantages over zs3 (which is 2 years older, remind you):
    -you won't be able to use (cheaper) batteries not made by Panasonic
    -battery life is shorter even with GPS off.
    -all photos/videos look sharper on ZS3

    No one should really compare this camera to a model from 2008, so before you buy it compare it with current models from other competitors. I recommend this camera to people with loose cash and low standards for image quality, who want a fast performing, long-zoomed pocket camera. It's a nice toy.
    Update: after 2 weeks of use I am truly Annoyed with this camera. I bought it in US but currently in Europe and therefore can't return it. I would gladly sell it for 70% of what i paid for it.
    I found out that:

    1. 24mm widescreen is only used for taking photos. When you shoot videos the screen is heavily cropped and you lose about one third of the width.
    2. None of the manual controls can be used in video mode.
    3. Video Stabilization only works with AVCHD video format.

    I chose this camera over Canon SX230 mainly for:
    ability to shoot in Motion Jpeg format,
    better widescreen and
    manual controls.

    Well as i mentioned above I found out that none of these features can be used in video mode and Motion Jpeg mode is useless due to very poor stabilization.

    I will Never buy another Lumix. (Posted on 4/14/2011)

  177. didn't work for me Review by rn "rn"

    I tried this camera, the canon, & the nikon. This camera had noticibly softer imgages than the other 3, and had a great deal more difficulty w/ the ambient room lighting. All of it's photos were dark & would have required post procecessing on the indoor shots that I took w/o flash, even when I ramped up the ISO. The other two handled it just fine. I ended up chosing the canon for the image quality, even though it has the shortest zoom range of the 3, which is the feature I headed into this group looking at. (Posted on 4/6/2011)

  178. COMPLETE OUTFIT IN YOUR HAND! Review by Stephen R. Walker

    I'm a Professional Photographer, and I bought one for the quick shot without carring bodies, & lenes everywhere. I have a large range here. 24mm-384mm with ease. Full HD Video, in one package. Well built, but not waterproof. With family an friends, it's great to get them in the act of living. Yet I want use it for Professional work. LUMIX DMC-ZS10, it's a great buy to take pictures, & video. SW. [...] (Posted on 4/1/2011)

  179. First Panasonic Owned, Coming From Canon Review by Elliott

    I am an ametour user and mainly bought this camera because of the features and the zoom (16x). I use cameras mainly for concerts and have one coming up in 2 weeks so will revisit this review at that time. That being said, I have tested this out mainly indoors and a few outdoors and it takes really decent pictures for what I need it for. I love how I can put it to touch screen and touch the focus of the picture on screen and have it snap a quick picture. The focus/shutter time is fast so you don't miss your shot. I have played around with the GPS a bit but only indoors so it just brought up the county I live in. I mainly bought the camera with GPS for when we go to Hawaii in a few months. It will be a nice feature so as I go back through the photos at a later date I will know where I was. I love how you can enter your pet or child's name and date of birth and it tags the photos for you with name and exact age. This is the first Panasonic I have ever bought and so far I'm pretty happy with it. I am coming from a Canon SD4500 in which the zoom and battery life suck. A dead battery after 83 pictures and 2 hours is not acceptable to me no matter what setting you have it on (which I had it on auto). So far on this camera the zoom is a 10!! I love being able to see items clearly that are pretty far away!! I can't yet rate the battery fairly as I haven't really tested the camera out to the fullest. I will udate this review in a few weeks after using it at the concert. I have bought an extra battery just in case it is needed, but I'm hoping it's not.


    Update: I really used this camera this past weekend at a concert. I love this camera! It took really good pictures (to my content) and had awesome zoom! The concert started at 7 and at 10:00 pm the battery had one bar left on it. I wish I would have let it run out to see how long it really would have lasted but I put in the second battery I purchased instead. I will upload some pictures to the description of Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert. This camera has so many features and I'm really excited to test the GPS function when I'm in Hawaii in June! (Posted on 3/26/2011)

  180. Canon S95 VS Panasonic ZS10 Review by Artur

    I'm not pretending on anything and telling ahead of time I'm a pretty basic user. From all cameras on the market after a lot of purchases and returns I selected two - Canon S95 and this one. I'll upload couple images but overall I'm satisfied and will go with this camera. S95 has better night time pictures but it does not have any meaningful kind of zoom. Night pictures on this camera were not bad at all. Actually I disliked more indoor pictures that did not come out good. Zoom is good. Anti shake system worked pretty good for me and I do not have steady hands. But even at full zoom the pictures were pretty sharp.
    Do I completely like the dept' and quality of the picture - no I do not but I also did not completely liked it on S95.
    GPS for some reason did not work. I'll try it again but so far it did not...
    I really liked the speed it records pictures to the memory card. Compared to S95 it is night and day. S95 does it as a turtle.
    I'm posting some pictures so you will be able to take a look. As I said I'm a basic user so most pictures will be in automatic mode. (Posted on 3/25/2011)

  181. Lumix scores again Review by R. Overall

    I have owned several Panasonic Lumix cameras in the last 10 years, upgrading periodically when new feature(s) make it economical to buy newer models. I still use my FZ50 professionally, upgraded from an FZ20 to a 35 to the 50. Wanting a point-and-shoot, but something more than snaps, for my personal life, I went to the Lumix. The ZS series has been excellent. For personal work, I don't want to spend a lot of time setting up shots, and I'm more likely to want quick reaction to capture a fleeting moment or motion. No point-and-shoot (p&s) will be excellent at that, but that doesn't mean I can't get one that does well in a majority of situations. My Lumix ZS3 performed exceptionally well for a p&s, and the ZS7 did even better. So looking over the specs of the ZS10, I decided to buy one. While I rarely use the video feature (I was raised on still photography!), much improved in this model, I wanted quality for stills. 16X zoom (to 21 with some kind of electronic extender option) up from 12X, and 14.1 megapixels up from 12.1. Improved antishake (at my age it's very useful), and GPS (which eats battery, can be turned off, but is occasionally useful for verifying sources), and other software I will continue to try out. So far so good, with crisp photos in most situations. Still is only good, not great, in low light; is better at eliminating motion blur (CMOS instead of CCD), and the easy menu help make this a worthy upgrade. Flash is still basic minimal (about 8 feet), typical of a p&s. Uses the same battery as the ZS3, so didn't have to buy new ones. Mini-USB plug (at camera) to standard USB plug is also typical. I invested in SanDisk Ultra cards (Class 6), and they work well. My 8 Gb says it will take 2800 pictures at 12.1 Mp. I don't think I'll ever reach that number, preferring to upload to my computer regularly, but it's nice to have spare capacity. The ZS10 has an SDXC host software, so can take the new BIG cards (48 and 64 Gb), but their high cost makes them uneconomical currently for me. Still, nice to have the capability (NOTE: lots of cautions say NOT to put an SDXC card in an SD/SDHC camera that DOES NOT have an SDXC host software). So instead bought a moderately expensive Extreme Pro SDHC (Class 10) 32 Gb card, and in this camera the irritating lag between pictures (typical in nearly all electronic cameras) was shortened noticeably. That's nice! The ZS10 will run SD, SDHC, and SDXC, so my legacy cards are still fine. From a first day testing perspective, the ZS10 has shown its mettle, an improvement (significant, if not huge) over the ZS3, and in most situations where a personal camera is useful, takes excellent pictures, and has a reasonably useable menu. I like my blue one. (Posted on 3/24/2011)

  182. Poor Image Quality Review by RonAnnArbor

    Please note that I ordered this camera through a different distributor, and returned it a day later due to poor image quality. I am posting here because of the excellent reviews that I gave the ZS3 and then the ZS7 that I purchased through Amazon. I do not change those reviews, and either is a 5-star camera. The ZS10 IS NOT.

    I just wanted to alert buyers that the ZS10's image quality drops significantly from the ZS7 (which dropped from the ZS3 before it). I can no longer recommend this camera as the best compact on the market.

    My number one priority in a camera is image quality, secondary to versatility. I love the zoom on these cameras. but not at the expense of IQ.

    The ZS10 Image Quality is average at best. There is noticable noise at anything above 300. Night shots (which look great with the ZS3 for example) here are washed out and very noisy. The new "night shot" auto setting is equally poor. There is noticable corner fringing, and vignetting from 24 - 28mm.

    More importantly, the ZS10 has poor contrast -- with both older model ZS3 and ZS7, you can at least get enough contrast between sky/buildings (for example) that you can still get cloud detail in the final shot. Here that is not so -- the camera is unable to do anything but wash out your sky and give you large swaths of white which are not savable in post-processing. I've tried all the in-camera tweeks for this, and it's just a no-go.

    I do not recommend this as a solo travel camera if you are looking for high quality images, especially for landscapes or street photography. It's great for people photos, etc -- but ironically, you can do that with ANY snapshot camera. The ZS10 image quality spoils this as an upgrade. Stick with either the ZS7, or the older ZS3. See my reviews for those cameras for more in-depth information. (Posted on 3/23/2011)

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