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Panasonic Lumix 14.1 MP

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD - Black

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Panasonics Lumix DMC-FZ100 features a newly-developed Leica DC Vario-ELMARIT lens with powerful 24x optical zoom. As Panasonic's first hybrid compact digital camera with a MOS sensor, the Lumix FZ100 can record full 1080p High Definition (HD) video--giving you a powerful hybrid that can shoot video and still photos with ease and professional-like quality. The Lumix FZ100 has an incredibly fast burst shooting in 14.1-megapixel full resolution at 11 frames per second with a mechanical shutter, and increases the frames per second to 60 in 3.5-megapixel recording. Additionally, the Lumix FZ100 features continuous Auto Focus up to five frames per second at full resolution for great action shots. It also features Intelligent Burst shooting.

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  1. Hold on Amazon - What's going on? Review by LabradorArt

    I ordered this camera on 5 June and received my package very quickly. Problem is Sunset Electronics shipped me a European version - no english instructions, PAL clearly marked on the outside of the box. And I am pretty upset that every time I check Amazon is listing a different seller for MY ORDER and my actual seller - Sunset Electronics - no longer is showing up. I emailed them according to the flyer provided within the box and got a quick reply that I would be sent a UPS return label so they could send me a replacement. There was NO indication anywhere on Amazon that this might be an incompatible version when I placed the order (I live in NY and supplier shipped from NY). I got the label, shipped the box back and they should have it by now (June 21). I am not drawing any conclusions yet, but I am not happy that Amazon shows a different seller every time I click on the link within MY ORDER receipt and I am waiting with baited breath to see if Sunset Electronics makes good. If not, they, Amazon and Visa can expect to hear from me. Sunset Electronics - I hope you are paying attention. I will submit a positive review if you follow through here on your word ... So far this experience has greatly lowered my opinion of shopping on Amazon. I'll let you know.....

    Update: I finally did receive a full refund on this camera. UPS confirmed that they received it back within a few days. I played telephone tag with Sunset Electronics for a couple of weeks while receiving emails trying to convince me to purchase a different model from them instead. Finally got to talk to a real person and he was polite and processed my refund with no fiddle-de-funk (thanks Alex). It took over another week because it had to go back through Amazon, so overall it took over a month (partly due to me not getting through on calls during their hours or the guy I was "suppose" to talk to not being available), but it did work out in the end. I appreciated that the customer service rep I finally connected with was polite and helpful and got the job done. Changing my rating to 2 stars for that. (Posted on 6/20/2012)

  2. nice camera Review by LuluQ

    It produces high quality pictures and videos. Very consumer-friendly use. Light enough compared with other same-level digital cameras. But not good enough for night shot. (Posted on 6/10/2012)

  3. is an all in one for all kind of places and ocations Review by Felipe

    i owned this camera for one year and when my friends see my photos they star asking to do their weddings quinceaneras firs communions etc i have done about 23 events in less than a year with this camera, yes wowow

    this is the best camera
    1. 11 pic per second haaa no more than 2 cameras do this today!
    2 option for extra flash.
    3 1080i video, if you use even iMovie wow like hollywood movie
    4 super zoom x24 and keep filming video clear
    5 mic input
    6 recording botton
    8 easy to use buy at the same time have a lot options
    9 full manual mode
    and many more. (Posted on 5/10/2012)

  4. Great gift Review by developer

    We are very happy with this product. It is very versatile with many features. Close-ups of flowers turned out great as well as mountain top vistas. (Posted on 4/28/2012)

  5. Good hardware , terrible user support Review by Barry Steele

    I bought a Panasonic camera, but I will never do it again. I am travelling and do not have the supplied CD with me. When I called up to find out how to download a copy, I was told that it was impossible. That was after navigating a huge number of pages on their site simply to find someone I could talk to. these people are not interested in you as a customer, I recommend not dealing with them at all. Customer service needs to be as good as the product in my opinion. (Posted on 2/15/2012)

  6. So much noise! Review by N. Collingwood

    I've been using this camera for work for taking pictures of products to use for 3D models. And even with a lightbox, lighting, and my extensive experience with a DSLR and SLR, the photos were terrible. I mean they were decent but I could've used a P&S camera and gotten the same results. And as another reviewer said, any ISO over 200-400 is useless. I thought it was something wrong I was doing when I was shooting at 400 and the pictures were so grainy, then I put it all the way down to 100 and finally they were serviceable.

    So while on paper this camera truly looks amazing, search elsewhere. Maybe the Canon G12 or Nikon P7000 and you'll get much nicer photos. Even the video was pretty disappointing. Especially the high speed. So continue your search if you are considering this camera. It just doesn't cut it. (Posted on 1/23/2012)

  7. dmc fz 100 Review by aly

    it was shipped in time
    it's a great camera for this price
    works and look exactly like a new one (Posted on 1/23/2012)

  8. If you're a bird watcher, look at this camera. Review by Gladsong

    After I dropped my CANON PowerShot S3IS the third time (no more zoom!), It was time to buy a new camera for taking shots of very photo-shy birds. Why not check out the competition? The HD video camera-like features, the many choices of still and video formats, and the 24X zoom were what sold me on this camera. The pictures I've taken in full zoom, even with digital zoom added, are amazingly crisp and clear. Birds that could not be identified with quality binoculars, could be identified on my viewfinder screen. If you want telephoto, but don't want to carry or buy a bunch of lenses, this is the way to go. For indoor shooting, I was disappointed. In the dimly lit atmosphere of my son's wedding reception, I missed many good shots because it took so long for it to find the subject it was focusing on. Flash was ready as I took a picture of my wife dancing with my son. When it finally took the picture, I got their backs! This happened often. I decided to buy a CANON PowerShot SX230HS for my indoor photography, remembering the low light ability of my S3IS. (see my review of the SX230HS) On the plus side, when it did focus, the picture quality was excelent. This camera is definitely a keeper, and I like it, but if I'm going out on the town, I might leave it home and put the smaller CANON in my pocket instead. Oh yea, a camera of this sophistication won't fit in your pocket. There's not much you can do about that. Bottom line: If you already have a nice little point-and-shoot, keep it, and buy LUMIX FZ100 for those special shots. (Posted on 1/5/2012)

  9. Great camera Review by Patrick Leathrum

    Another great camera from the folks at Panasonic. Upgraded from my DMC-FZ7 (yes, rather old) to this one and find the quality and features of this camera make it an excellent buy. (Posted on 12/24/2011)

  10. Awesome Review by Irene Aguerrevere "Irene"

    This camera is great, no complaints. The soft skin setting under portraits is amazing. I am not a professional photographer or anything but I do have a good eye for photos and this camera does the trick. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 11/27/2011)

  11. Terrible Image Quality Review by Margo J. Chisholm "The Freedom Coach"

    I have been an avid amateur photographer for 20+ years, creating very good quality images. I could not get a truly sharp image with this camera no matter what adjustments I made or how many different ways to shoot I tried. My sister who is a professional photographer had the same experience. We have both returned our cameras. I am grateful to Amazon for making that return process simple.

    It appears that the lens in this camera is hit or miss. From other reviews I've read here and on other sites, some of the cameras simply will not create a sharp image.

    Take a chance, if you like, and I would beware. (Posted on 11/3/2011)

  12. Run, don't walk away from this camera. Review by Phillip G. Palmer "Philmo"

    Don't make the same mistake that I did and buy this camera. It's a piece of crap.

    I've been shooting Panasonic FZ's since '05 and have thousands and thousands of pics under my belt using them. I started with the FZ20 and moved up to the FZ28 and the FZ35, with the last one being the FZ100 that I bought on Amazon back in late July at what I thought was a great price.

    I soon found out that I'd been had. By Amazon and Panasonic. I spent over a month trying to get good shots, thinking that I must of been doing something wrong, when the reality was that the FZ100 is a piece of crap. Actually, for me, It's a $400 paperweight.

    I've been buying stuff on Amazon for years and in my head I thought that Amazon had a 90 day return policy. when I finally had enough and wanted to return it, I sadly discovered that Amazon's return policy was 30 days and I also realized that the reason it was cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else is because they must have a bunch of them they couldn't sell at $500 and thought that there were still some rubes left in this world like me. Haha!

    The good thing about me buying this camera on Amazon is that I learned a great lesson and will not buy anymore things like this here. I'll keep buying books and songs, but no more spending over $100 on something here.

    One more gripe and I'm done.

    Panasonic seems to have lost their way when it comes to these cameras, they keep trying to turn their cameras into fancy, but cheap HD video cameras, while at the same time they are forgetting that this is a still camera first. If I wanted an HD video camera I would buy one. One that takes much better HD video than their line of FZ's.

    Forgetting for a moment how bad the pictures were with the FZ100, Panasonic also removed some of my favorite selections in the scene mode. Pinhole, Hi-Speed and Film Grain B&W are nowhere to be found. I'm not counting that stupid Burst button. They also jerked around with the overall design, moving and adding/subtracting buttons for no real purpose other than to piss you off.

    I wanted a much improved FZ35 with even more bells and whistles and all I got was an expensive paperweight.

    In the search for a replacement camera company I've tried 3 different SuperZooms and finally found what I was looking for at my local club store (with a 90 day return policy) and bought a Canon SX40 HS.

    The SX40 HS is an amazing camera and takes much better pics than any of the cameras I had bought from Panasonic (6) It also has great zoom and a much better image stabilization system. Quit reading this and go buy one already. You won't be sorry. (Posted on 10/24/2011)

  13. Best non dslr ..( mega zoom) camera out there Review by Laura Bailey

    This is the first review I have ever taken the time to write. First of all I want to say that I absolutely love this camera. My husband and I spent several weeks doing research on the best camera for us. Becasue we did so much research we knew what wanted it to have In our new camera...must haves were a good zoom (more than 20x and not shaky), wanted it to be easy to use but with all the bells and fast shutter speed..hd movie capability etc and great picture quality. We also wanted to spend under 400. So after several hours on the Internet was a great source of info), at best buy, frys, and wal mart, and few stops at local camera stores we narrowed our search. Although we initally considered getting a dslr...we quickly changed our minds because of the price and the need for additional lense (I for one did not want to carry around extra lenses just to take pics..also they can be very heavy and expensive) We were just not ready to move in that direction. So we narrowed our search down to three front runners...The Panasonic FZ 150..Nikon Cool Pix P100...and the Nikon cool pix s 9100. As noted the FZ 100 was not one the finalists. But after reading all the reviews about it on amazon and testing the Panasonic FZ 150 out at the store we took a shot and ordered it. We were not disapointed.

    We eliminated the Nikon P100 after trying it out at the store. The speed of the P100 was much slower and when zoomed all the way it seemed to shake quite a bit....not for us. I was in love with the cool pix S9100. Came in fun colors (like red) and everything I wanted...except it only had a 18 x zoom and when holding the camera it felt well like a deal breaker in the end for my husband. The Panasonic FZ 150 was great..easy to hold, had many options and did not seam to shake due to a great stabilizing feature. It looked awesome..similar to a dslr..which my husband really liked.

    So we decided to get the FZ 150 ...but after even more research we found that the FZ 100 had a faster shutter speed..which allows for thoes action shots. So we ordered it instead. When it arrived I instantly fell in love. So easy to use just like a point and shoot. And the zoom..well amazing. The camera does 1080ip hd movies and has A really cool 15 shot burst mode. It does take a bit to learn all the features..especially if you have never had a camera like this before. Well worth the money!!

    My advice is to test out your top favs at the store tons of reviews ...and get the camera that fits your is a great source..and I promise if you decide on this camera u should love it. If you are looking for a nice pocket point and shoot look at the Nikon cool pixS9100..but if you want a set up...dslr feel....tons of features...the PanasonicFZ 100 is the camera to get!!!<a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)</a>

    Here are the specs:

    Key specs Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100
    Dimensions (WHD) 4.9 x 3.2 x 3.7 inches
    Weight (with battery and media) 1.2 pounds
    Megapixels, image sensor size, type 15 megapixels, 1/2.3-inch MOS (14 megapixels effective)
    LCD size, resolution/viewfinder 3-inch LCD, 460K dots/electronic
    Lens (zoom, aperture, focal length) 24x, f3.3-5.7, 25-600mm (35mm equivalent)
    File format (still/video) JPEG, raw (.RW2)/AVCHD (.MTS)
    Highest resolution size (still/video) 4,320x3,240 pixels/ 1,920x1,080 at 30fps (interlaced; 19Mbps), 1,280x720 at 30fps (progressive; 17Mbps)
    Image stabilization type Optical and digital
    Battery type, CIPA rated life Li-ion rechargeable, 410 shots
    Battery charged in camera No; external charger supplied
    Storage media SD/SDHC/SDXC
    Bundled software Photofunstudio 5.2 HD Edition (Windows), SilkyPix Developer Studio 3.1 SE (Windows, Mac)

    Read more: (...) (Posted on 10/24/2011)

  14. why carry the equipment? Review by mysnoopy1

    Ok, i purchased my FZ100 in july and have shot approximately 3000 - 4000 pics, everything from weddings to football games, and i am extremely happy, the only down side so far is getting the perfect video indoors. i have recommended this camera to everybody who would listen. (Posted on 10/20/2011)

  15. Awful sensor Review by 7 "7"

    This camera reads wonderfully on paper. Tons of features, unbelievable zoom range. I am also a die-hard Lumix P&S user and Nikon pro gear shooter. I own the Lumix FX01, TZ3, ZS7, two TS2's and a TS3. The FZ100 is the only of my Lumixes that I have turned around and sold, and I sold it a week after I bought it.

    The Leica lenses embarrass all but the very highest-end Canon and Nikon P&S cameras and bury lesser brands like Olympus and Pentax. I have owned a Canon G12 but sold it quickly because its handling was just too sluggish despite having very nice image quality. For DSLR money, I expect reasonable usability speed and the G12 was just frustratingly slow and the menu system was really inefficient. The FZ100 menu is familiar to most P&S cameras and is a SUPER-easy transition for existing Lumix users.

    The zoom lens is, frankly, amazing! That range is just spectacular!

    Handling is quick. Much faster than the Canon G12.

    So why my really low rating??? Very simple: the sensor is AWFUL! Panasonic opted for this particular sensor because they aimed it at the video market. Well, it takes terrible photos. I'm sorry to say, but it's true. EVERY other Lumix I've owned takes better photos. Megapixels mean NOTHING when the sensor sucks. Colors lacked saturation and depth and images never seemed sharp. Some of this could possibly be because of the lens, but I find it hard to fault a Leica lens when these characteristics are typical of bad sensors, particularly tiny high-megapixel ones and this sensor was not designed for still images.

    That brings me to the reason I bought this camera; the high-speed video for super-slow-motion. Well, it's ridiculous. If you're not shooting in bright sunlight, and I mean this literally, BRIGHT sunlight, it won't work. To get the really high shutter speed you need for super-slo-mo, you need LOTS of light and/or really high ISO. And speaking of high ISO, the FZ100 has THE worst high ISO performance I've experienced in ANY camera. This is no exaggeration. Anything above ISO 400 is very unappealing and forget ISO 1600, it's downright ugly and wouldn't serve any purpose other than surveillance but ISO 1600 isn't enough for surveillance... Plus, the resolution for super-slow-mo is ridiculously low. Anything beyond crappy YouTube caliber is beyond reach. Even regular HD video is unimpressive. Poor color, saturation and clarity.

    This camera is chock full of features but it's all for nothing as no matter what you do, you will never get tight colorful saturated images or appealing video and you'll never get that super-slo-mo that made me buy this camera.

    Though I haven't used it, I'm willing to bet that the FZ40 is a MUCH better choice. It is essentially the SAME camera as the FZ100 but with different sensors and the FZ40 can't do super-slo-mo. But the FZ100, in real life, can't do it either anyway. And the FZ40 doesn't have a swivel screen. Also look into the newer FZ47 and FZ150 offerings. If you can live with a "sane," and still impressive, zoom range, look into the Lumix ZS7. Very nice images for a P&S, quite reasonably priced and MUCH smaller.

    The FZ100 is a huge disappointment from such a great camera company. My only disappointment from Lumix ever. :( (Posted on 10/20/2011)

  16. Pick a Winner Review by Beene007

    I have had this camera for about a year and a half. I replaced an older version of the same camera (about two years old ... prior to that I had a Panasonic film 35mm camera) to have the greater optical zoom capabilities and other enhancements. I am not a professional photographer - pure amateur. I take thousands of pictures every year though - low light, bright light, indoor and outdoor sports, Christmas portraits...everything but underwater with this camera. This is a very easy to use camera with phenomenal results. Images are sharp and clear, recovery time is great. I am able to crop and resize photos when editing with extremely good results for use in printing and in digital scrapbooking. The video quality has been very good, even in low-light indoor sports settings. (Posted on 10/17/2011)

  17. Not living up to expectations Review by jjv

    I would put my wife in the just above point-and-shoot catagory. She is not happy with the quality of the pictures she is getting. Some of it may be user error - she doesn't have a lot of patience with technical things - but she takes alot of pictures and even took a class at the community college. She also is a pretty serious editor of pictures (using Adobe Elements). She had a cannon in the same catagory/quality before this and she was less likely to take a bad picture with the cannon. (Posted on 9/19/2011)

  18. Great Digital and Video Camera! Review by F. Sharp "Frank - Semi-Pro"

    This is a great camera. I have had it for a few weeks now and am completely satisfied. Just by chance, the day I recieved my camera, I had been invited to an Indian birthday party. So I took my camera and my Canon Rebel XSI DSLR along with me. The Canon did a much better job on the indoor portrait as expected. The Panasonic portraits were a bit soft. But sometime later I made some portraits outside at the Senior Center and they turned out fastastically. Since I didn't use a tripod with either camera this might partially explain the softness.
    This past week I made a short video at the Senior Center of a wonderful piano player. If you would like to see the video, go to the Search Box in and type in
    Anne at Senior Center and that will bring up the video. Enjoy. I have had several Panasonic Lumix cameras (and many other brands) and this is the best Panasonic that I have ever had. (Posted on 9/2/2011)

  19. good purchase Review by Taku

    It has many features, is light. I recommend the purchase. I have my doubts with the video format, but will learn. Something that I like is that the software is not supported on Linux, and is unstable. (Posted on 8/25/2011)

  20. It wasn't for me Review by Jake

    I was not happy with the picture quality. I like the features and the ZOOM but quality of picture for me was low. For an amateur may be it's a fun camera (Posted on 8/17/2011)

  21. Love it so far! Review by D:C

    Thia was my first venture away from the compact point-and-shoot, and I'm really glad I did this. The images look so great, and the features are convenient. While it's also considerably larger than any of my previous cameras, I've gone on a few long walks through the woods carrying it without ever thinking it was too heavy or cumbersome. I'm just learning about the techniques of photography, so I love that I can choose between the Intelligent Auto mode and the -priority / manual modes. I don't think I'll make the leap to full-on DSLR any time in the foreseeable future; this camera suits me perfectly! (Posted on 8/16/2011)

  22. great features poor quality Review by thirdeyem

    this camera has great features, but because the sensor is so small you get way to much noise. Not usable in low light. I ended up returning it. Spend two or three hundred more and get a Nikon. Made the change and was very happy!!!! (Posted on 8/15/2011)

  23. great images Review by lynnie

    Took awhile to get things set properly. Recommend that digital zoom feature be turned off. The viewfinder tends to give impression that image is great when it enlarged too much and finished picture looks bad. Great images can be made with it off. If subject is too far away, reducing picture size will enlarge it (bring it in closer) and still give satisfactory sharpness and detail.

    Initially, I did not like the camera, but after getting it set properly it has become my favorite. This was purchased as a backup for my first one. 14MP gives great details, especially on macro shots and images at less than full zoom. (Posted on 8/14/2011)

  24. Best camera ever! Review by techhobby-ist

    Bought this camera after hours and hours of researching mega zoom cameras. Based on reviews, price, cnet, and talking to professional photographers, I decided on this camera. And I am not disappointed. It is easy to use, has incredible photos, and ever feature known to man. The shutter lag is non-existant. You press the shutter button and .004 seconds later the picture is taken. It can capture a moving cheetah running 60+ miles per hour in perfect quality. One very impressive feature is the 5 FPS AF shooting mode. it is better than it sounds in the description on the panasonic website. As well in a car while it is being driven I can take 10X zoom pictures with virtually no blur, even without the motion stabilization mode on. Check out my review for the extra battery, it might be helpful as well.<a href="">Panasonic DMW-BMB9 Lithium-Ion Battery for select Panasonic Lumix Cameras for DMCFZ100K and DMCFZ40K</a> Also you might like my protection filter review, which is another must have product.<a href="">Panasonic DMW-LMC52 52mm Protection Filter for Panasonic Digital Camera</a> (Posted on 8/9/2011)

  25. Lumix FZ100 purchased at Amazon Review by BooBoo

    We currently have an FX18 Fz28 and FX35. They are great cameras. We were really looking forward to the 14mp, the CMOS sensor and the 24X zoom. Loved the camera but; the picture quality on our FZ35 is much clearer and crisper. My wife takes wildlife pictures, birds etc. The extra zoom is nice but the picture quality just isn't there. We have already sent it back. Going to look and the FZ47 when it comes out. They dropped the 14mp back to 12mp and stayed with the CCD sensor. (Posted on 8/5/2011)

  26. Best camera for a beginner Review by prabhu

    The zoom is the one that stands out of all other cameras, of similar type. The image quality at it's max zoom is also excellent. Panasonic has given it's best through this product. (Posted on 8/3/2011)

  27. nice camera Review by camera mom

    I wanted a camera that was better than a point and shoot as well as one that did not need to change the lens but yet I could get close ups at sporting events. I also did not want to spend over a $1000.00 for the dslr camera that would do a lot of the same things. This camera got great reviews as well as lowered the price down to a little over $ 400.00 I have still a lot to learn but from the get go it has been user friendly. Good battery life too. (Posted on 8/1/2011)

  28. perfect Review by Juancho

    I own the fz-35 as well. I am NOT a pro or anything at all but i take a lot of pictures and I am trying all the possible functions and all of them work perfect i don not know how to take professional pictures but, the fz-100 Is way better in my opinion i do have a <a href="">Patriot LX Pro Series 32 GB SDHC Class 10 133X Up To 20MB/s PSF32GSDHC10133</a> and it is very fast. this camera takes good pictures I like all the features the only problem that I found was the hdmi cable the should include it with the camera at least a cheap one you know over all I founded Perfect (Posted on 7/12/2011)

  29. Great camera IF you take the time to make it that way Review by carissa l telecky

    First of all, I should say I am NOT a professional photographer; most days I probably don't even qualify as an advanced beginner. So please forgive my non-technical review :)
    I read several of the reviews before deciding on this camera, and while there were several negative reviews there were far more positive ones so I decided to give it a shot. When I first took the camera out of the box, I almost cried; it took super fast shots and had pretty incredible zoom capability, but when I loaded the pics on my computer they were terrible-- grainy, out of focus, and generally ugly. I had it back in the box ready to be returned when I remembered something I had read in the other reviews about messing with the ISO settings in the A or P modes. I read a bunch more reviews (on Amazon and other sites as well) as well as REALLY read through the user manual (as opposed to just skimming it like I usually do), messed with some of the settings, and now I couln't be happier. The burst mode is fanstastic, especially since I have little kids- I love taking a bunch in a row and then slowly going through them to pick the best shot. I took some closeups of flowers and bugs, and to my eye (and those of many of my also non-professional friends), the images look like magazine-quality photos. Even without the burst on, the speed is incredibly fast; there is basically no shutter lag at all. The zoom is more than adequate for my needs; I took a picture of a STOP sign at an intersection that is probably 1/5-1/4 of a mile away from my backyard, and I took a picture of the moon in which I could actually see surface detail. I want to get a tripod, because I am sure if the camera was stable it would take even better shots. There are a TON of presets for shooting in different conditions (so many that I haven't even tried them all yet); some of them work wonderfully, some are just OK. I hope that as time goes by I will have more time to mess with individual settings and get better image quality from those that are just OK. Indoors, the camera takes pretty good shots as long as there is good light; when the flash is on (especially in the flash-burst mode) the pictures still get a little grainy (although one of my friends commented that she actually liked it, because the graininess gave the image a more "artsy" feel-- so I guess it's all in what you like). Some of the negative reviews said the battery-life is very short; I have had no problems with this. I fully charged the battery and I have taken pictures every day for more than a week and it still says that it's fully charged. I haven't used the editing software at all, but the dowloading wizard makes it very fast and easy to load pics to my PC. There are a few little design things that bug me-- the delete button is in weird place, and the screen is off to the side when it's open, so it took me a few tries to figure out where I was actually pointing my lens. But those are just little personal preferences, and I'm already getting used to them. Over all, I am more than happy with this camera; basically I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it is not wonderful straight out of the box-- it does take some effort and reading time to get it where it needs to be. But if you're willing to put a couple of hours into messing with it, I would absolutely recommend it! (Posted on 7/12/2011)

  30. The FZ100 is a Lightweight Review by Art

    Reasonably light anyway. I was looking for a still/hd video camera that could be carried on a belt pouch and not be more than say twice the weight of an A710IS, and small enough to fit when wearing a rain jacket on top. Decent image quality and camera ergonomics was important too.
    With a CO179EP belt pouch (2oz) the weight for everything incl lenshood
    is 22.65oz (using my eat smart scale) which doesn't include a spare battery, if I carry one it's usually in a jacket pocket. The FZ100 fits sideways with the handle on top, and the Lumix neck strap filling the spaces. For use in carry on luggage I purchased a DCB-304 belt pouch which is larger and has more padding, cheaper too. In both cases the lens hood fits in the reversed position on the camera, but you can't just leave it there-it blocks the AF light and tends to move ones fingers going tele to wide angle, does cover the shiny stuff around the lens though which I prefer not to see.

    As for FZ100 settings, I used these recommended by others (thank you) for both still and 1080i video:
    P mode
    Intelligent ISO, max 400
    Sharpness +2
    Sat +1
    Contrast +1
    NR -2

    I was pleased with the results and can see printing 10 X 8 's and the next size up occasionally. Viewing on a hd monitor, pictures look great at appx screen image size 12 X 16 and normal viewing distance of 12-16 inches. The pictures tend to fall apart when some magnification is applied though. If you want to make very large prints don't get this camera.

    It's obvious that camera support is needed when using video at 600mm, nothing new there. I'm going to look at monopods that are small enough to fit in carry on luggage.

    Overall I can see why it's a recommended camera for general use/travel/safari, it's small, lightweight, flexible, and fast to get into action, and can be carried all the time.

    dpreview has a good tool for comparing cameras. Look at the GH2 review as a reference point, you can then plug in
    three other cameras for a comparison of jpeg, jpeg high ISO, or raw i.e. FZ100, FZ35, G12. I also like luminous landscape
    reviews and tutorials. My assessment of the dpreview results is that the FZ100 is OK at the lowest ISO settings only, and that the FZ35 was indeed better at higher ISO values. Also the GH2 can operate at much higher ISO values and still look OK
    (also heavier and 3X the price). (Posted on 6/21/2011)

  31. great surf camera. will lock on subject, shoot short burst and recover quickly. Review by J. Stroud "mjd"

    Great camera for action and nature, as people and animals move quickly.
    camera stays locked in focus on subject. (Posted on 6/6/2011)

  32. FZ-100 Review by Bill C. Youngquist

    The FZ100 has a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD sensor and is Panasonics 1st superzoom model out with it, in time they might perfect it. It takes nice Videos along with slow motion Video and has a great burst mode. Most of us buy more Expensive Cameras for image Quality and not for extra features you may use 20% of the time unless you carry the operating manual. This Camera produces some noisy pictures ,and has dull colors . The viewfinder during lowlight conditions has noise in it. The firmware update being blamed is already on most new fz100s. (The FZ-35 or FZ40 Image Quality might make most happy). 6-9-11 Ive done more research and can say if you use it other then in IA auto it is possible to get better images, this Camera has a longer learning Curve then most. (If your a person that likes manual operating of a Camera its Probably a 4 Star for you). I take 1 star away for the chip in the battery that forces people to buy a Panasonic battery instead of a Generic for the battery meter to work. (Posted on 6/5/2011)

  33. Great Zoomer Review by Richard Karlin

    I've taken this camera on one trip and have taken about 900 photos with it. I've discarded very few pics and am in love with the camera! I shot mainly on auto and am very happy with it having exceeded my expectations. (Posted on 6/3/2011)

  34. Great Camera! Review by Ovieda Estrada "Insight Seeker"

    I am a camera user who doesn't like to read manuals. I don't know all the ins and outs of photography, lighting, lenses and camera lingo. I just need to take great pictures easily. And this camera does that. I take pictures of nature, of family and close-up shots of jewelry I make for my website. This camera has excelled in all 3. So if you need great pictures without a lot of knowledge needed, this is a great camera for you. It might be great if you are a camera guru too! :-) (Posted on 5/24/2011)

  35. Great camera Review by Tabitha

    I'm not professional photography but I think this is a great camera. The zoom is pretty fast. The continuous mode takes quick, clear pictures. Power on in less than a second is crucial. Would recommend and buy again. (Posted on 5/22/2011)

  36. Noisy! and I don't mean loud! Review by P. Laflamme

    Nice build quality. Panasonic makes nice stuff. I guess the Point & Shoot CMOS race has begun but no one (especially us consumers) are winning! Great features...more than anyone can grasp but what do we REALLY want? Just decent save-able images. This camera doesn't do that. Lots of noise even below 400. Regardless of ISO I got yellow spots all over the photos when viewed close-up (100%crop). Thank's for all the bells and whistles but this thing is nothing to whistle about. ANOTHER CMOS P&S returned. I just got a Nikon P500...stay tuned.

    Pete (Posted on 5/17/2011)

  37. A great travel camera! Review by Sherry Conley "NPVagabond"

    This camera is great! It was easy to start taking Great photos. For more scenic serious photos I will still use my SLR Digital but this camera is ideal for travel and people photos. I really like having the ability to use the viewfinder or the fully rotatable LCD screen. Terrific zoom. I did have to print out the manual but I then took it to an office store to have it shrunk and bound for easy use. There are many great features that I have not begun to tap but I am sure it will be a lot of fun to have and use. Highly recommended. (Posted on 5/7/2011)

  38. 1 great camera Review by outdoorsman

    i'm just a novice,not much experience.the zoom is fantastic,even at full zoom the pics are clear. i haven't tested the video enough,to tell you anything,it's very easy to use.i've had better luck with auto focus mode,so far. it's about half the price of the leicon. very nice to take with you, without bringing that extra lens, i would not suggest the reccomended case shown,it's a little small,and the camera only fits on end,i'll look for one a little bigger. (Posted on 5/3/2011)

  39. DMC-FZ100 Review by EC

    When compared side by side with the FZ35, there is not much in it for the pictures in bright light. As the light goes down, the lesser quality of the FZ100 becomes more obvious. In even medium light, the less sensitive sensor makes a mess of video. Shame on Panasonic for going backwards on quality! (Posted on 4/24/2011)

  40. Good but cheap on Manual Review by Lowell Dubbels "ld"

    Although I have not used most of the features of the camera, the photo quality on the auto mode is very good. The viewing screen is large and clear the rotating tilting feature is state of the art.

    Controls are generally well located. What to some may be awkward to others may be convenient. Much better than my previous Nikon.

    The printed instruction manual only provides for setup and basic operational functions. A CD manual is provided but is of little value afield. I hope someone will pick up on printing manuals for each language rather than bilingual.

    I selected this camera based on the recommendation of a friend and on full reviews. I am not disappointed. I ordered this camera from two other dealers and cancelled one after high pressure sales hype for add ons and the other for shoudy customer service. Over night service is a bargin at Amazon. (Posted on 4/18/2011)

  41. Excellent bridge camera Review by Costa

    I have Lumix ZS3 and I got this camera as a gift from my Brazilians daughter's mostly for outdoors photos. I did not know anything about photography and I was forced to read and learn more about.
    So far I am enjoying it a lot ...
    If you are not willing to go a little deeper into the subject ; don't buy it.

    I strongly recommend reading David Busch's book on Lumix DMC-GF1 because both cameras menus are about the same and provides a good guidance , Amazon reviews are also a solid source of information (Posted on 4/14/2011)

  42. Outstanding Enthusiast Camera Review by L. P. Baier

    I spent close to a year looking at upgrade camera options and finally settled on the FZ-100. I have been very impressed with my previous compact Lumix but was looking for something with a longer reach and some greater exposure control. I considered all of the micro 4/3 cameras with interchangeable lenses. I could not justify the cost and the need to lug a bag with different lenses. My original review of the FZ-100 reviews caused me to dismiss this option but as I continued my search I found myself returning to the features that this camera and few others offer. I especially like the fold out LCD screen. It really gives you more creativity in composition. The HD video is also an excellent option, my compact Lumix has this feature which totally amazes me and the FZ-100 full HD really is great to capture spontaneous video moments. When I searched for this camera on the Amazon site and read the reviews, especially the very comprehensive one by Rolla Gravett it was apparent that this camera would meet my needs. I have used the new camera for two weeks and find that it has exceeded my expectations. If you want to carry a bag full of prestige, Canon, Nikon and the rest have lots of cameras that will lighten your wallet. If you want a superzoom camera loaded with useful features, great optics and reasonable cost, then you should put the FZ-100 at the top of your wish list.

    [..] (Posted on 4/14/2011)

  43. The next steps will be terrific if the firmware will evolve! Review by GianMarco Tavazzani "GianMarco Tavazzani"

    Im still using my FZ28 (Ok, a gift to a nice girl very near to me...) with this one.
    FZ28 is so much lighter, smaller, intuitive (well... now after more that 2 years I have it!!!) and make remarkable fresh images with top level lens quality and also the extra zoom (which seamed me a joke) is in fact a great thing!
    FZ100 gives immediately (and more and more by using it) the feeling of a robust result of a long experience in complet megazooms cameras, not just the fun to attach a super performing zoom to a toy!

    Now the weak point: the Image Quality!
    has to be 'masterd' making long experience with the large 'built in' settings and I'm learning how to pull out the best by using Apple Aperture, powerful and slow very professional application.

    I do my best to never use more than ISO 100 and so, frankly, the beauty of the pictures comes back on the skill and taste of the photograph which is increased by the easy handling of this kind of camera towards professionals which should have, for example a lenght of a full meter to have the same zoom capability!

    Folk, if the guys out there insists to develop incredible software which compare different shots, the speed of our CMOS will be their best allied: make quicklky a handful of shots and then work them smart out, and you will have a picture with HUNDREDS of MP and NO NOISE even at ISO 6400!!! Let's see if I'm right, I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE that we're (Ok, they're!) going in that direction and will surprise us.
    By the way... somebody wants bet that the mechanical shutter in this case will be DIED and our cameras even lighter? Not to mention, my dears, that a very goosd software with a very precise lens building can correct a simplified construction of the lens themselves... ;-)

    If you walk holding your FZ100 in the hand, ready to shot, your thumb is just over the 'Play back' button, so most of the time you must loose time to revert to 'recording'!!! CHANGE THE PLACE or turn back to the wise cursor of the FZ28!
    The viewfinder!
    Panasonic has already a MUUUUCH better viewfinder on his G series (not all) and this is THE ONLY detail that still allows DLSR people to say that this camera is 'cheap'!!!!! Mount it on a next FZ without mechanical shutter and an incredibly smart and fast firmware and I will again SUPPORT FINANCIALLY PANASONIC! :-D (Posted on 4/13/2011)

  44. Great, Versatile Camera Review by J. Green


    I've only had this camera for a few days, but I'll go ahead and give my initial impressions. I'm headed to the Grand Canyon next week, so I'll update the review when I get back with more detail as needed.

    I had been contemplating this purchase for a while. Then, I decided to wait for the Nikon P500. Upon seeing some mixed reviews and learning that that camera didn't have a "night mode" shutter of more than 8secs, I decided to revert back to plan A and go with the Lumix. So, far... I'm really happy I did.

    First, let me state that I'm an avid backpacker. I used to take a 35mm camera, an HDV video camera and pocket digital camera. This was more weight than my food for a week-long outing! I eventually changed to just the video camera and a better digital camera. Still too much. The hope was that with this purchase I could get down just to one camera -- without the expense and weight of a DSLR kit. Priorities for me were lens versatility, manual controls, rugged but not heavy build, battery life, outdoor results and video quality. From what I've seen so far of the pictures/video -- I think I'm going to be pleased.

    My first impression was -- WOW this zoom is great. It got me up close and I was thrilled that it was fairly stead with the stabilizer at full 600mm. I can't imagine trying to hand-hold anything beyond that though. The wide end of 25mm was great too. Made it easy to do self portraits -- especially with the reversible LCD monitor. So... lens versatility was a definite CHECK.

    Manual controls/options seem to be really good so far. I like the arrangement of the dedicated buttons and the menus. It's not all 100% intuitive, but the manual is good and I expect to have full control once I learn it all. Downside is that there is NOT a full printed manual included (just a 'basic' manual). For all the good stuff you have to read via your computer. So... manual controls I will say CHECK.

    Rugged, but not heavy. We will see if it survives the Grand Canyon, but so far it feels really good in my hand and the buttons feel solid and it's still lighter than my 35mm or my previous bridge camera. My only small complaint re: construction is that if you have the lens hood (included!) attached backwards for storage, and turn off the camera while still having a firm grip -- the lens hood will pinch your finger (at least it happens with my big fingers!) This is really not a big deal, so.. CHECK.

    Battery life: I really haven't given it a full run yet. But -- I've shot a bunch of photos and video already and have yet to put a dent in the meter. The ratings via other sites have been good here too, so I will go ahead and say CHECK.

    For Outdoor Results, so far I have been pleased -- but not blown away. Again -- I'm evaluating this as a bridge camera not a DSLR. As mentioned above, images relying on the zoom were great. But, in terms of pure quality I had some mixed results. Noise wasn't too much of an issue, but I was mostly shooting outside in bright sunlight. Close-ups of flowers were great. However, when I did landscape shots they were a little washed out. This is nothing that can't be easily fixed and I expect to learn to compensate in-camera. I love that the camera does bracketing as well -- including the ability to customize the offset up to 3 stops! So... all-in-all a CHECK* here. *We will see how the quality is after more shots.

    Finally video quality. My initial tests were pretty good. It's hard to evaluate this because video quality is really important to me -- maybe more important than should be required for a "non-video" camera. My initial tests had really great color and exposure. The fact I can customize the mode settings in video is awesome. I was also very happy with the on-board mic, but that fact there's a hot-shoe is bonus. I will say it's the best video I've seen from any PnS camera. However, it wasn't quite as strong as a dedicated video camera in some ways. The focus would drift slightly, the zoom is slow and its control is not as video friendly and in very quiet spots you could here the zoom. BUT... I think if one is aware of these limitations it can produce great results. I plan on ditching my dedicated video camera for now. So... a tentative CHECK.

    Other GOOD stuff:
    - Threaded for filters. Yay!
    - Fast response time
    - Night shots up to 60 seconds long
    - Self-timer DOES include a 10 sec. X3 option!
    - LCD screen is reversible to protect it on the trail.

    Some BAD stuff:
    - Manual focus is VERY difficult using the scroll wheel
    - lens hood can be difficult to remove
    - turning histogram on/off requires menus

    So all-in-all I'm pretty happy. I'll post some sample pics and update this review when I have more detail. Thx.

    I'm back from the Grand Canyon and have mixed feeling about the shots I got. Whereas originally I was torn between 4 or 5 stars, now I'm torn between 3 and 4. My "Starry Night" shots weren't nearly as good as I hoped (worse than other point and shoot) and bright outdoor shots are still washed out slightly. The video controls and stabilizer were noticebly inferior to my stand-alone video camera -- but the locked off shots were better in color. After doing more post work than I'd like, I have some pretty great shots of the canyon, so I'm still pretty happy -- and definitely enjoyed the lighter package and great battery life. So... I'm still fairly happy and I'll leave it at 4 Stars. (Posted on 4/10/2011)

  45. If you are worried about pic quality, shoot in RAW! Review by gan106

    I just purchased this camera from Amazon (service was great!) and have only had a day so far to play with it but wanted to post this in case it helps someone else with their decision. I did my homework and kept coming back to this camera because it had real photographer controls on it (aperture, shutter speed, and manual) in addition to the "Intelligent Auto" setting (which works just fine in daylight out of doors) and many other features I liked. I wanted something in-between my full sized DSLR (Nikon d-700) and a compact point & shoot for times when I am traveling and want quality photographs but don't want to lug the full kit around to get it. My only concern was the bad reviews this camera was getting for low-light, indoor photograph quality and, on the "Intelligent Auto" setting, it is just about as bad as many others have written. Lots of noise even at ISO 400 and under. But I took hope in a quick comment Josh Goldman of CNET made about the camera in his video four star review of this camera. He said, "if you are willing to shoot in RAW and do some post processing, the photos are much better" or words to that effect. The good news is that he is RIGHT, at least from my quick tests last night. I used Apple's Aperture 3 photo processing program with plug-ins from NIK and I was able to fairly quickly and dramaticly improve the quality on the indoor, low-light photos I was taking with this camera (and using no flash!). Are they as good as the ones I can get with my Nikon d700 and using great glass? No, but I am pretty fussy about picture quality and they are as good or better than I would have expected from any fixed lens camera in this price range. The caveat is that one must shoot in RAW and do the post processing. You cannot shoot in RAW with the "Intelligent Auto" setting--the camera simply won't let you, so if your are looking for a 'camera does it all for you' situation, and are concerned about picture quality in indoor, low-light situations, then this camera is not for you. But if you are willing to spend a bit more time post-processing shots taken in the RAW setting in your PhotoShop/Aperture type photo processor (especially for low-light situations), have no fear about purchasing this camera. I am very glad I did. It fits my needs perfectly! (Posted on 4/6/2011)

  46. I should have been in Heaven! Review by cathyland "cathyland"

    I was excited to receive this item, and researched between several models. The colors are outstanding, it's fun to shoot, it has a bright clear settings section, great LCD, lots of options, does RAW and auto bracketing! I'm very torn, because I still love all of the options and in theory this should have been "the one". Unfortunately, the picture quality is awful. The images are often blurry, and always noisy. Sometimes even looking like a watercolor image up close. I even tried 5mp. Some settings work better then others. I was able to get some clear shots with a couple of settings and I tried for a week, but most were not. RAW is awful. I needed a camera for not just outside shooting, but inside on occasion as well. It does best in macro, and sunset setting produces great color. It says focused, and image looks great on the LCD, but on the screen, not so great. For this much money I want better quality images. Sending it back and trying again on a different camera, good luck to me. (Posted on 4/5/2011)

  47. great camera Review by Stewart Corman

    Was shopping for quite a while, but was unable to hold one in any store.
    At under $400 , quite a deal.
    Tried the Canon SX30 and didn't like the way the slooooow focus searched.
    Have had other problems with previous Canon cameras.

    Remember that for all superzooms, IQ is only good (great?) in bright sunlight or with flash ...the sensor is 13x smaller than a DSLR sensor, so very susceptible to noise/lack of sharpness if used in low light and higher than 100 ASA. In daylight with sun shining ..terrific!

    Best IQ for printing large photos can be gotten from RAW mode and PP w/ free Helicon (noise, sharpness, etc.), but that requires some effort.
    High quality jpeg is more than adequate for general use.

    Then again, for a DSLR to get 600mm, you are lugging a small cannon around ( and kit lens) and a 300mm (at >double the cost for package), just won't give you as good an image when blown up by 1.33x to give equivalent image blowup.

    The controls are VERY user friendly, and there are many options/settings of values ...the image stability function is amazing.

    One button movies is the way to go.
    Movies are first rate in HD, even in marginal lighting ...slide show w/HDMI connection (cable costs $4) is spectacular.
    With 16GB, class 10 SDHC, you can get over 2 hours of 1080i movies.

    Everyone on forum are complaining about proprietary "chipped" battery selling for $50 and rightfully so...clones @ $15 (Power 2000) work but have some camera features disabled. Too bad they didn't use NiMH AAs.

    Independent reviews put this one at the top of the list, and I would agree:
    [...] (Posted on 3/12/2011)

  48. the best Review by edy

    Incredible for that money you can't ask for more
    I am not a professional just a regular picture and film taker,. I love it (Posted on 3/6/2011)

  49. It's great for what I use it for Review by Smiley

    When I started looking to buy a new camera, I was stuck between wanting to buy an SLR and keeping it simple. I say "keeping it simple" because I've never had an SLR, nor am I familiar with one. I made the decision to buy this camera because I wanted something with a megazoom and higher quality than what I had without having to spend over $1000 and the additional costs of lenses. So far I've taken this camera on vacation, hiking, and around the neighborhood and decided it was just what I was looking for. (Posted on 3/6/2011)

  50. this camera ia awsome!!! Review by majed

    this camera is on of the best camera I ever had!!
    The most thing I like is the iA(intelligence mode) and the preset mode!! since Im not professional photographer!!
    I highly recommended!! (Posted on 3/5/2011)

  51. Picture Quality Sucks at Night, with or without FLASH! Review by F Oscar

    I did a through research before buying this Camera. Pictures taken at Night with or without Flash is very noisy and dark. Picture quality taken during the day is perfect, but at night...Gawd! sucks. If you are researching a camera to buy, I will suggest you dont buy LUMIX FZ100. Sucks at NIGHT, WITH or WITHOUT FLASH! (Posted on 3/4/2011)

  52. Fine superzoom Review by off-road runner

    I've had the FZ100 for about 2 months now. I'm not a professional, this is actually my first camera with full manual controls. I'll admit it was a little intimidating those first couple of weeks, and I was somewhat disappointed with IQ at first. Now I'm more knowledgeable about photography and this particular camera, I'm cranking out some great photos.
    Those who gave this camera low marks were either expecting DSLR IQ or not choosing appropiate settings for given situations. You can't expect great photos to be taken in AUTO mode with most cameras. The FZ100 does struggle indoors in low light, but not many people are buying a camera with 24X zoom to take photos indoors of subjects 10 feet away.
    The BURST mode on the FZ100 is great, it will allow you to get captures that would be nearly impossible with a slower cam. It is amazing how quick it is. The auto focus is surprisingly fast also. The features/settings are so numerous that after 2 months I'm still discovering new selections.
    The video capabilities are also very great, I no longer need a dedicated camcorder for family events etc..., I take the FZ100 and it captures great stills and superb video. The zoom is a little slower on video than stills, but the auto focus is just as quick and spot on.
    If you want a camera to take DSLR quality images, get a DSLR. If you want a fast, fun, camera with the ability to take great video and a good zoom all in one package, get the FZ100. (Posted on 3/1/2011)

  53. Sold my Nikon D40, Nikon tele lens and Nikon SB600 for this camera! Review by Bob DUMON "Bob D."

    Where to begin... First, read Rolla "Ken" Gravett's extensive review here on the FZ100. His review is way more detailed than mine will be. However I'll cover a few items that I really love about this camera as well as a couple with which I'm less thrilled.

    IMAGE FORMAT - I love that I can take photos in 16:9 format to match my HDTV and wide screen PC monitor sizes. That's very cool.

    IMAGE QUALITY - I've compared shots taken from the same spot with my Nikon D40 and the FZ100, and frankly I don't see much difference. I generally shoot outdoors on the FZ100 with a maximum ISO setting of 400, typically at ISO 100, and usually with a "Moose's warm Polarizing filter" left over from my Nikon days. I also generally limit my pixel setting to 7.5 since I NEVER print anything larger than 11" x 14" and rightly or wrongly I feel 7.5 megapixels is plenty to give me a quality image. So in short, I've been quite pleased by the image quality from this camera. To each his/her own. I see very little difference between the images from my several past Nikon's and Nikon lenses and the images from this camera.

    ZOOM LENS - The zoom capability with this lens is simply astonishing. I shot a photo of a friend's 37 foot Tayana yacht from a dock further down river. In the widest angle setting I could barely pick out the distinctive cream color of the hull on his boat. As I zoomed closer, more of the vessel came into view. At maximum zoom I COULD NOT ONLY READ HIS Sea Gypsy NAME, I COULD ALSO CLEARLY READ "San Francisco" in small print beneath the name Sea Gypsy! I read somewhere that the total zoom capability on this camera is the 35mm camera equivalent of from 25mm to over 1200mm!!! Used on a tripod, or even a monopod at a sporting event, or for nature photography, wow! Imagine the possibilities. Using two heavy lenses on my Nikons my range was from 28mm to 200mm!

    HD VIDEO - I shot videos at a concert recently featuring the remarkably talented and beautiful Nicki Parrott. These are available on YouTube. They were shot handheld using available light only, and the on-camera built-in stereo microphone. See what you think. Look for the CACSJ series (here's one: I'm pretty happy with them. By the way, shooting in the Motion JPEG mode while restricted to 720p and requiring a LOT more space on your SD card provides a MUCH brighter picture so I ALWAYS use MJPEG mode for available light indoor shots. AVCHD may be okay outdoors, but forget using it in low light conditions.

    I bought an external Alzden stereo mic for the camera, and have yet to really test it in a crowded environment, but it works fine AS LONG AS you buy a 3.5mm to 2.5mm converter!!! This is a MUST in order to use anyone's external mic other than Panasonic's very expensive offering.

    MAJOR GRIPES - There are three:

    1. Panasonic provides a camera that records video in High Definition, and then only provides a crappy COMPOSITE ("RCA" style red-white-yellow) cable to connect the FZ100 camera to a TV set. Hello, Panasonic! It's the 21st Century, not 1950. This means you have to buy an extra cost HDMI cable if you want to view your HD videos on an HDTV set in High Definition! AND for older HD sets that don't have HDMI input slots, there is NO HD COMPONENT cable available anywhere, including from Panasonic, that will fit the FZ100! The Panasonic Component Cable available for prior model cameras and camcorders WILL NOT FIT THE FZ100! Thanks a lot, Panasonic, for CHANGING the slot size on the FZ100. Duh! Since our 50" Samsung HD DLP set will only accept COMPONENT cable for producing a signal in High Definition, that means I can't view my FZ100 HD videos in High Def on the Samsung because it doesn't accept HDMI cables. VERY frustrating to record videos in HD and have to view them on my large screen DLP HD TV in "LOW" Definition only!

    2. Aftermarket batteries do not as of this writing let you know how much charge they have left in them, and some don't even work at all. Therefore, stick to the EXPENSIVE Panasonic brand batteries for backup. I paid $60 for mine, but they have come down in price a little by now, and they do run for a longgggg time before dying.

    3. The little red "record video" button is difficult to engage. At a rehearsal of our little jazz trio last night I lost two videos because I thought I was recording after having pressed the red record button, but instead AFTER the set when I thought I was turning OFF the recording button I actually was only then turning it ON so I got some great shots of the ceiling, etc., but no music. Be sure you see the little icon of a movie projector on the display screen before you assume you are recording videos!

    OVERALL - I LOVE this camera, in spite of the few accessories gripes. The image quality is fine, the zoom range is incredible, it's small, but seems sturdily built, and once one starts becoming familiar with it's 240 page owner's manual, it is a powerful tool for any photographer. And it shoots in RAW as well as JPG or RAW AND JPG for those who like to fool around working with RAW processing. I highly recommend this camera. (Posted on 3/1/2011)

  54. This was sadly not what I was thought I was getting Review by D. Bushong

    After months of research, I ordered this camera. My goal was to get a camera that would take fast action shots of my kids doing their various sporting events. I was so disappointed. Yes, outside, I could get many shots of the kids. But NOTHING inside was good. I am pretty much a point and shoot gal,so I had a friend of mine "tweek" it so that the settings would work for me..he gave up as well. I need to have one that takes a decent inside shot too for this kind of money. Outside videos are amazing! (Posted on 2/25/2011)

  55. I found out I need to learn more about photography Review by Adriana Trejo "creative chica"

    It is a great product, that I thought I could handle, but I can't. It has many different options that I have to go the manual. It would be easier just to choose the automatic option, but this camera has plenty to get the best pictures. So I better learn about its functions and get the best out of it.
    After I bought it I went to a store and saw some SLRs around the same price. So even though I don't regret getting it, I would suggest you visit you local and favorite electronics retailer. (Posted on 2/20/2011)

  56. Good jack of all trades Review by J. B. Oconnor "JBOConnor"

    There's a lot of complaints about the IQ of the photos from this camera and it's all pretty much accurate. It's basically about as good as a cheaper point and shoot.. but it has an awesome lens as opposed to a little 4 or 5 times magnification. For regular 4*6 or 5*8 snapshots though it's fine. It really tries to overcompensate for the noisy images.. even at ISO 100 with judicial noise reduction that can make the jpegs look more like watercolor paintings than photographs. When you print at those mentioned smaller sizes, though, the noise isn't anywhere near as apparent as the smudgy edges created by the internal noise reduction.

    The video is wonderful, I've been recording at 720p and using the supplied software to convert. My PC is pretty good but there is some jitteriness in playback on the PC I don't see when playing from the camera. I haven't burned a DVD yet, so don't know if.. and assume it won't, transfer to that media.

    Basically I bought this camera as a backup to my DSLRs and lenses which can be a pain to drag around on day trips and hikes. That and the family was in desperate need of a camcorder since my old SD model is.. well, really old. It does exactly what I wanted it to do and I can't really expect more out of it than what it does. Yes, compared to the photos I can get with my K20D paired up with a $200 or $300 dollar lens the images are wretched, but then again that's why I have that expensive DSLR and lenses. But in the time it takes to swap out the 50mm for the 70-200mm when something pops up unexpected the little FZ100 can capture a couple few dozen shots of the subject. Better a ton of so-so photos than none at all.

    The RAW format (RW2)of the Panasonic isn't recognized by Photoshop CS4 or earlier (so I've heard, I use CS3).. unless you want to play with the Silkypix program that comes with the camera and save them as tiff files for post processing you'll need to download the Adobe DNG Converter from their website (free) and convert them to DNG files. The raw images are still very noisy but you'll have more to work with in your image programs to pretty them up.

    You'll never have a photo from your FZ100 adorn the cover of National Graphic Magazine, it's not that kind of a camera. But by dialing back the noise reduction it can give you decent pictures for the family scrap book. Thus far it seems to over expose by a half stop or so in bright conditions, but that's something you can program, too. Despite it's shortcomings it has a wealth of settings similar to what you'd expect in a DSLR to compensate for it's weaknesses.

    Where it shines is the Zoom, which is officially 24 times magnification but can actually extend to 32 times without any apparent loss to the (ah-hem) quality of the images. The digital magnification goes up to 127x which is always visually challenging but if you need to get a photo of something... it works.

    Video is another awesome feature. It works great and with a 16GB card in mine it can capture over 2 hours of 720p video. The sound has been very good in the few longer videos I've shot.. all indoors. There are a lot of other bells and whistles regarding the video.. as well as all types of image settings.. but I rarely mess with those types of things. For stills I toss my cameras in Aperture Priority and use the internal meter to make decisions, for video I just point and shoot and hope the camera knows what to do. It comes with a proprietary battery and a charger. I played with the camera for 3 days taking videos, photos, and flash photos and the bars on the power meter only dropped by one (of three).

    If high quality photography is your primary need for this camera then you might want to look to something with better image reviews, even a lower end DSLR from Pentax, Nikon, etc with a kit lens. The images from the FZ100 aren't going to look very nice if you use them for a 16 by 20 art print on your wall unless you're looking to process it as a digital painting or some such thing. But if you're looking for a fantastic jack of all trades tool that can do an ok job replacing a camera and a bag full of lenses AND your video recorder that fits in a nice, neat little lightweight package then the FZ100 very well may fit the bill. I'll be packing this little image capturing tool with me where ever I go. (Posted on 2/19/2011)

  57. Love it so far Review by William A Gamino

    The FZ100 is my first "nice" digital camera, after years of toting around a tiny Nikon Coolpix. I did a lot of research before settling on the FZ100 and I have been thrilled with it so far. The Leica lens and hood are a real plus at this price point, and the design is sturdy, resembling a much higher-priced DSLR. I would highly recommend this camera to the casual photography enthusiast, which I am. (Posted on 2/12/2011)

  58. Replacement for my DMC-FZ7 Review by The Adept

    2nd Panasonic. The last one was good for 4 years and stood up to a lot of US and foreign travel before becoming sporatic. This upgrade is basically the same as the Leica but with the Panasonic label. I am hard on equipment and hope this one holds up as well. (Posted on 2/12/2011)

  59. Panasonic DMC FZ100 not up to par Review by manzoro

    I bought this camera as an upgrade to my much older Panasonic DMC FZ18.
    I liked the idea of fast burst rate, a cmos sensor, HD video with stereo sound,
    and of all else the 24x zoom.
    After receiving this camera and thoroughly testing it in the field, I
    was much dissapointed.
    I compared many shots using the same settings as my FZ18 and the FZ18 IQ came
    out on top in almost EVERY photo. The noise on this tiny cmos sensor even appears in
    some (but very few) iso 100 pics. it then increases upwards until iso 800 is useless.
    iso 400 is bearly acceptable. Panasonic is a great company and I am surprised they
    would put all the extra goodies this camera has to offer all to end up with a 500.00 camera
    that has an IQ that can't exceed that of my much older Pany FZ 18.
    I did manage to get some good extreme 24x optical zoom pictures that were acceptable, but
    they had a sort of washed-out look to them. The macro on this camera is also not very worthy
    of any detail especially in my flowers test. petals did not show the detail compared to that
    of my FZ18.
    The camera does have however an excellent optical stabilizer which blows away my FZ18 for steadier shots at high zoom.
    I returned this camera and decided to go with an older Pany FZ35 which is a step up from my
    FZ18 and has the CCD sensor, but which offers a better IQ and HD video with Dolby stereo sound. (Posted on 2/11/2011)

  60. Great camera Review by Shaer

    I've been reading many bad reviews about this camera...But was impressed by the number of people who does not know anything about photography and bought this camera and as a cosequence gave it bad reviews,with all my respect to the other negative fair reviews.
    This is a great camera if you are aware of it's (fair)limitations...For example this is a zoom camera with small sensor,so if you will use high ISO you will not get a clean image...
    Don't buy this camera if you don't know the basics of photography or not planning to learn them.
    I will not go into the pros since you will find them in so many other reviews...
    Highly recommended and love it. (Posted on 2/5/2011)

  61. What a surprise! No hard copy of entire operating manual Review by Susan Taylor

    What would I have wanted to know before I purchased the product? That I could only read the entire operating manual on my PC. That the enclosed hard copy manual only covered the basics. I was really surprised! I expected to receive a hard copy of the entire operating manual with the online copy as backup. I did not expect to have to pay for the hard copy of the operating manual in addition to the cost of the camera.
    For me, a hard copy of the entire operating manual is essential. I don't want to have to run and look at my computer each and every time I have a question. The FZ100's online manual is 144 pages, so I do not plan to print it. I was told in a chat with Panasonic support that I would have to purchase the hard copy of the entire manual.
    Online manuals for my computer, printer and scanner make sense to me. It doesn't make sense to me to only have a complete manual available online for a portable device that operates independently from a computer, such as a camera. (Posted on 2/5/2011)

  62. Lumix FZ100 Review by rlak

    A great camera, although the image quality could be better in lower light.
    The battery could have a little more Mah's, 1000 or more would be nice. (Posted on 1/31/2011)

  63. Fair weather camera Review by rb ny

    Battery works well above freezing temps. The colder it gets the battery fails + camera shuts off. 20* or colder' The camera itself is good. (Posted on 1/29/2011)

  64. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 Review by Charles A. Marr

    I purchased this camera for the flip out screen, raw format, 1080i video, hotshoe, and it supports an external microphone/wireless mic. Prior to getting this camera I was using a Panasonic HDC-SD5PP for HD video and Olympus 590UZ for stills. Now I can do it all with one camera. I was considering the Canon EOS 60D but decided the better picture quality just wasn't worth additional $$$$ and crap (lens and ect) to haul around. I'm able to edit the Panasonic RAW photos in photoshop with excellent results. The only thing I miss in the Panasonic is the time lapse function which the Olympus has.
    I love this digital age. Used to have a couple of Nikon F2's and darkroom. It's so much simpler now. (Posted on 1/27/2011)

  65. FZ100 for Christmas Review by D. Nordstrom "Romance-Fantasy Lover"

    I did some research before Christmas and decided on the FZ-100. I am so glad I did. It's super easy to use, information is right there on the display for most every option, (I haven't tried them all yet!).. I take it to hockey games with me and can take pictures from the second level to the ice with no isse (at the OTHER end of the ice even!).. Planning to take with me to AZ in a couple weeks for Grand Canyon pics and more. I highly recommend this camera to beginner and higher. (Posted on 1/24/2011)

  66. Blazing fast AF, Burst, Processing/Write Speed Review by kandoro

    For this level of camera it's blazing fast at everything it does. The IQ of the MOS sensor has suffered a little over the CCD quality of the FZ35/40's. This is a tradeoff of having to allow for the faster needed processing of the MOS sensor for the 1920x1080 HD video. But if your not pixel peeping you probably won't see a difference.

    The overall colors of the FZ100 just jump out there compared to my FZ35. Sure you can PP to whatever but having those native colors in RAW is impressive.

    Also being able to shoot 2-10 fps burst singles with a full AF on each shot up to 5 fps, WHILE SHOOTING HD VIDEO is impressive. The processing power in this little camera is blazing fast. I would say the FZ100 is at least 3 times faster at processing/write times versus my FZ35. I can shoot 10 shots with the FZ100 while the FZ35 is still writing the 3rd shot. The AF is faster as well. The whole camera is just way faster than the FZ35. I don't own the new FZ40 so I can't say about it.

    When people are comparing the FZ35/40 versus the FZ100, I don't see too many mention the speed of the amazing FZ100. Until you have owned both you really can't quantify the speed difference. But once you actually physically compare, the FZ100 just leaps out with superior performance. IMHO, this extra processing/AF speed is a much overlooked attribute of the FZ100.

    For outright IQ of the singles there probably are a few cameras in this range which can top the FZ100, but for overall features and speed I don't think there is a better value than the FZ100.
    My FZ35 can slightly out resolve the FZ100, but the difference is much smaller than I had originally thought. The FZ100 is one camera that does reward the user for getting to know her. Even if you're totally a manual type, try the differene scene/function modes. You might be suprised at how close they come to what you had intended with full manual adjustments.

    BTW, don't forget to check the firmware as Panasonic has issued version 1.2 for download. Also be sure and try the included PhotoStudio software especially for the HD video. I usually never even bother with these factory free programs but this time it gave a much smoother flow and truer colors than a couple $100 video programs I already own.

    Rather than be too redundant as to what others have already stated, I'll just say, BUY IT!!!

    kd (Posted on 1/23/2011)

  67. I got what I wanted Review by daich_98

    I am an sdvanced ameture photographer. For me it is a dream camera for under four hundred dollars! It is everything that I wished to have in a camera for everyday use. This camera is light enough for one hand operation and all its controls are very conveniently located and thoughtfully designed. I specially like the Quich Menu button which is wonderful for adjusting settings while the camera is in use. Quality of pictures are satisfactory at every settings. (Posted on 1/22/2011)

  68. Panasonic FZ100 Camera Review by William Heyns

    This is a really great camera compared to most others on the market. It is somewhat bulkier than a purse camera but not as bulky as a full size SLR and it delivers the same quality as full sized SLR's without the inconvenience of having to change lenses because it has a 40:1 zoom, the highest zoom ratio of any camera on the market now. It has image stabilization, but at the highest telephoto, you still need a tripod...same is true for full sized SLR. If you want to take the full moon so it prints like you see it, or take a close up (macro) from 15ft away, this is the camera for you. (Posted on 1/21/2011)

  69. Definitely the best you can buy for the money. Review by 1234sweetpea

    Sold my SLR Nikon D-90 to down grade to a less bulky camera and something that took full HD video because my husband also has a very nice SLR camera so need for two. MY husband has been know to use this camera more then me now because of the video quality. It does awesome in natural light settings but late at night inside my home the picture quality isn't as great. That can be expected though. If you have your mind set on this product definitely order it on AMazon because I saved over $150.00 buy not buying it from a local store. (Posted on 1/18/2011)

  70. Excellent camera for long-zoom point-and-shoot Review by dwf "computer guy"

    After reading many reviews, I decided to order this camera. I'm not disappointed. I made many of the adjustments
    to the settings as recommended and find that it takes excellent picture once these adjustments were made. The image
    quality is not up to a DSLR, but that shouldn't be expected. It has some problems in low light and as long as I keep
    the ISO below 400 and make the recommended adjustments based on the various reviews recommendations it takes great photos.
    The video works well also including the 1080i settings. I've used the P setting with manual adjustments which are sufficient
    to allow for good photos. I've used the RAW setting also, and used Photoshop Elements 8 to make jpgs also of excellent quality.
    I would like to have RAW support in the DxO software that is available to enable even better photos with this camera. It is
    much lighter weight that a DSLR and thus is available for photography much more often. It also shoots photos very quickly
    and is always ready to shoot. Learning to use the 24x zoom is taking some practice as I am not be able to follow a quickly
    moving object very easily. (Posted on 1/15/2011)

  71. Very noisy images Review by Rafael

    This camera has very impressive features, but unfortunately the image quality is unacceptable.
    All my pictures came out so noisy, I did not even want to keep them.

    Amazon was very generous with their return policy, and I'm now a very happy owner of a Canon EOS 60D.

    I suggest you to compare camera sample images at before choosing one. (Posted on 1/12/2011)

  72. Excellent overall camera Review by Peter Dorfman

    I have been very pleased with this camera. Both still photos and videos are good quality and the wide range of controls are very useful in taking pictures under different conditions. For example, it is easy to adjust the exposure to take a picture of an object that is back lit and for which the camera's automatic exposure setting would have underexposed the image. Aperture and shutter priority modes allow you to set the exposure for as needed although I have found that under most conditions using the program mode is quite sufficient. In a few cases I have found the manual focus option useful when the auto focus feature was confused by window glass or other objects in the view.

    The zoom is quite powerful and worked well for me on a recent African safari in which I got some excellent images of animals at distances up to a couple of 100 yards. At maximum magnification objects are still quite clear and most detail is preserved.

    The one area in which this camera is very weak is taking pictures in low light. Even interior pictures taken using ambient light during the evening are so grainy and require such a long exposure time that they are almost useless. This has the unfortunate consequence that you must use the flash in order to take pictures of most indoor activities except in the brightest lighting conditions. I consider this a major weakness in this camera since I have a much older digital camera that takes excellent pictures under the same conditions. (Posted on 1/12/2011)

  73. CAMERA THAT PORTAITS "NOISE" Review by Federico Sánchez "Frederick"

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Unbelievable, Panasonic Corp. has launched to the market a camera for portrait noice, much noise specialy in 14.1MP even in 10MP the photos are just "good" (enough), my Nikon P80 (technology from 2008) purchased also in <a href="">Nikon Coolpix P80 10.1MP Digital Camera with 18x Wide Angle Optical Vibration Reduction Zoom (Black)</a>, takes photos with superior quality image even in hard light conditions, I also own an Olympus SP-570UZ (technology from 2007 I think)<a href="">Olympus SP-570UZ 10MP Digital Camera with 20x Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom</a>, offers superior quality vs. Panasonic Lumix FZ100 this offer more seize 14.1 MP, bt what for, if it is very noisy, I'm sure that you will read similar opinions about the noise effect on pictures of this camera, from other custumers, I expected a much better product from this brand, but photographically, I am really disappointed, not even the german Leica lens can help to the bad processor, SD class 2 or 4 cards, are just enogh to take the noisy photos that this camera takes,3 and 4 stars rating are for photographic purposes, but keep reading because in VIDEO it's a different story.
    VIDEO: WOW, amazing, astonishing, the excellent quality video that it delivers, professional quality in the palm of your hand, it records AVCHD full HD 1920x1080 for this it's necesary a SDXD card class 10, <a href="">Panasonic 64 GB High Speed 22MB/s SDXC Class 10 Memory Card RP-SDW64GE1K</a> beware, because this card it's more expensive than the camera it self, but it doesn't matter because the image quality it's superb, AVCHD Lite, this one can be recorded on any SDHC card class 6 or above, very good quiality practicaly excellent, it also records JPEG Motion Quicktime (any format only in NTSC), the audio, it is recorded in authentic Dolby Stereo by a stereo omnidirectional microphone located above the flash built in, the camera comes with Dolby Stereo Creator, the fidelity it's excellent, needless to write more, I purchased the optional DMW-MS1 Directional microphone <a href="">Panasonic DMW-MS1 External Microphone for Panasonic GH1</a>(You should read the other rating about this item). The image quality excellent, here is in action the powerful german lens Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 1:2.8-5.2/4.6-108 aspherical, 24X optical zoom, a little masterpiece from german optics. The original accesories for this item are over priced, but in conclussion, if sometime you dreamed about to be a ghostbuster, use this camera because the noise effect gives a touch phantasmagorical image in photos in large seizes, but if you want to take a nice HD video, you can trust in this camera, IN VIDEO, ONLY IN VIDEO, it won't disappoint you, after of all this a Panasonic terrain, here it rules, but not in photography, this is practically a video camera, with the shape of a photo camera, a terrain that Panasonic should leave to the traditional photographic brands, and leave them alone. What a waste a german lens among this sitiation. I don't understand how this camera passed the photographic japanese quality control, because it's MADE IN JAPAN, on video OK.<a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)</a>
    I've been photographer for 38 years, video maker for over 25, I have scout locations for movie studios from USA, Germany and Spain, in exotic locations, I know very well the image world, for taking photos I will continue using my Nikon or Olympus, for video, definitely the Panasonic Lumix FZ100. (Posted on 1/12/2011)

  74. the best of the rest Review by makakilojones

    O.K. We've all read the reviews of the other superzooms an they all have their faults, this one being image quality, but 4stars for image quality for a non DSLR is nothing to sneeze at. I am extremely happy with the pictures from this camera and if I want a picture without noise, I change the ISO and do it manually and haven't had a problem with it.
    This is the best all around camera period. One camera case, no other accessories required.
    Video is over the top and audio is as good as any HD video camera
    IQ for stills is still excellent for everyday shooting
    Convenient point and shoot or customize your shots
    easy to use, intuitive controls and placements
    Much more versatile than just a point and shoot
    Optical zoom is very good (again, this is not a DSLR)
    slo mo video
    fast startup time, fast cycling between shots
    rapid fire action shots are extremely fast and you can shoot 5fps with auto focus.
    Intelligent Auto is accurate, it's got it for all around shooting conditions
    It will take you longer to think about what you want to do than to take the pictures.

    Finally, if you are really picky about picture quality and have to have only the best, get a DSLR, and if you are really, really picky, get the best of the best DSLR and all of the specialty lenses and accessories that go with it and drag that heavy bag on vacation, but by the time you dig into your bag to choose the right lens to set up your shot, I'll be long gone on to the next museum.
    I gave it 5 stars not because it's the best camera ever made but because it's the best camera in it's class to carry with you wherever you go. (Posted on 1/11/2011)

  75. Great camera Review by Man of Glass "manofglass"

    I have bought a bunch of cheaper digital point & shoot cameras over the last several years and all have been average at best. I decided this time to spend a little extra money on this Panasonic and I'm glad I did. The camera is great. There are a variety of settings to choose from when taking pictures and the camera produces very good images. I am very pleased overall with this camera. (Posted on 1/9/2011)

  76. Terrible video, High Speed is useless Review by R. Davenport

    I bought this camera because of the claim that it had high speed video and high quality HD video. The video produced was terrible. First in the HD video you get "jello jiggles" anytime you are panning or trying to follow action. Second, the only speed offered in the high speed was 240 frames per second and at QVGA resolution. I tried to use the camera to analyze a tennis serve. The pixalization was so extreme that you couldn't see the tennis ball hit the strings. Terrible quality.

    I also checked the quality of the still shots. I was amazed at how bad it was. I took a picture of my daughter and when I cropped it I found that her hair was just a muddled mass of brown. Found a reviewer online that pointed out the same problem with any fine detail. It may offer 14 MP, but you can beat the IQ with 10 MP cameras from all the other vendors. Oh, and the claimed 11 frames per second was just a claim. Measured closer to 8 or 9. Noted in one review that if you only used the RAW pictures you could get better quality. Of course you have to then convert the RAW to JPG or TIFF if you want to post them or use them. Definitely not a feature, just a work around that takes a lot of work. This also doesn't help with the poor video quality.

    The physical camera was great. Wonderful handling, could take a filter, came with a hood, easy to use. Too bad they didn't spend a little money on the Image Quality.

    I had bought a Casio Exlim EX-FH25 <a href="">Casio EX-FH25 10.1MP High Speed Digital Camera with 20x Wide Angle Zoom with CMOS Shift Image Stabilization and 3.0 inch LCD</a> first, but it was defective and had to go back. I thought I would just upgrade to the Panasonic instead trying another Casio. The Casio had a range of high speed video options and it's resolution and IQ at 240 fps were very usable. It also offered 120 fps and 60 fps as options (as well as a totally unusable 1,000 fps). It only offered 720p HD video, but the quality was very good.

    Comparing pictures and videos taken with the two cameras, the Casio had superior IQ in all of my person samples. The Casio didn't have some of the handling features of the Panasonic, but it is $100 cheaper. Much better choice if you want a camera to take action pictures.

    Amazon was great about taking the camera back. No wonder I buy everything directly from Amazon. I am going to wait until March when all the new 2011 cameras are available to try to find a camera that is good for action photography and video. (Posted on 1/9/2011)

  77. Panasonic DMC-FZ100 Review by Tom M

    I purchased this camera to replace my Canon A620. After taking many test pictures in many different lighting conditions, I was very dissappointed in the image results. The Auto ISO & flash & Inteligent Auto was very inconsistent. Some were over exposed & some were under exposed. The flesh tones were mostly "washed out" and not true to actual skin tones. I found that my Canon A620 takes MUCH BETTER pictures overall. The focus was mostly very "soft." I also found it ackward and not easy to use. I consistantly inadvertly pressed the preview or menu buttons by just picking it up in a normal grip. I returned this camera to Amazon for a refund and my request was promptly handled. I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND AMAZON for all purchases as their prices and return policy cannot be beat! <a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)</a> (Posted on 1/9/2011)

  78. Terrific value Review by Eitan

    As an old-time SLR user, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, etc. and strictly a non-professional who took some really good pictures every once in a while, I am a great fan of the Lumix FZ-100. I am also a great believer in 90% solutions. In other words, 90% of the time I don't need a heavy camera bag and I don't feel like switching heavy lenses. It also turns out that since I tend NOT to have the heavy camera bag with me 90% of the time, I miss many, many great camera opportunities. Therefore, it is with a great dose of realism that I accept the FZ-100 as one of the greatest cameras EVER! It is small and light enough to take along when I would never even consider heavy, cumbersome alternatives. Not only do I give myself the opportunity to capture precious moments, this camera has built-in flexibility and zooming powers that are almost incomparable. All this power in such a small package - what a pleasure. Again, my 90% principle applies also in the need for sophistication when I snap my pictures. I learned, and also observed by reading the specs behind some winning pictures in the magazines, that it is the subject and the photographer's talents that makes pictures unique and such a pleasure to look at. A boring subject and an unskilled can never be improved on by any combination of camera and lenses regardless of price. If my pictures miss 10% of sharpness or color fidelity, the loss is insignificant when compared to their other much more important ingredients. I dare most professionals to tell me how many of their best, most memorable shots could be attributed to over or under exposure, or to a slightly out-of-focus, soft quality of a portrait, etc. The FZ-100 is so comfortable to hold, has such incredible zooming powers and is so user friendly, that I will be quite happy to settle for the 90% solution in this case too. Finally, it may be a great insult to many photographers' ego, but setting the camera to its IA mode will result in such reliable, automated and intelligent exposure decisions that they will feel they are using a point-and-shoot instead of a sophisticated instrument. Imagine, all of this and for well under $400.00! I feel I received a grade of 90% for deciding to buy it. (Posted on 1/8/2011)

  79. Accessories Review by Hunter

    Recently purchased a FZ100, great camera. I admit there is a learning curve. I also purchased a "bundled kit" from Sunset Electronics. I tried in vain but I could not get the 3.5 Power Telephoto to auto focus. They also sent me a 2 power for free stating that some of the 3.5 telephoto didn't work. There is a message there! Anybody familiar with the add on telephoto lens? I am getting ready to send the lenses back.
    I bought this camera to use on my hunting trips and short vacations.

    Hunter (Posted on 1/4/2011)

  80. Good special purpose camera Review by Joe W "Joe W"

    Hardware quality, design, and specifications (on paper) are excellent. Picture quality ranges from slightly below average to downright poor. The camera does HD movies, burst shooting and quick focusing very well - these are the reasons to buy the camera. It is not a great all around camera. My old FZ18 takes better pictures in many cases and far better pictures indoors (with or without a flash). The FZ100 takes pretty good pictures outdoors in good light. Limiting ISO to 400 and fooling with white bal, sharpness, saturation can hepl overall quality. Sports, birding, actions shots, etc. are the reasons to own this camera. There is no replacing the burst speeds (even with a high end SLR). If you can live with the fact that this is a special purpose camera that does some things very well and other things not too well - you will enjoy its features. If you are looking for a versatile do-it-all camera, you may be disappointed. Hopefully, their2nd generation of MOS sensor superzoom may be more forgiving. Dispite its shortcomings I am keeping it for wildlife and birding pictures. (Posted on 1/4/2011)

  81. Good but Review by puttster "puttster"

    It was irritating that when opened on Christmas the camera was not ready to take pictures. Some reason two cents worth of electricity could not have been spent charging the battery at the factory? Plus FYI, it did not come with a flash memory card, so add $$ for that.

    I got a class 6 card for it. Not sure if that is the reason but this camera takes a picture without all the lag my 2 year old Nikon had. Another good point is the manual that came with it has a good balance of "not too much detail but still enough to operate almost everything in about an hour." Also the buttons are very intuitive. A very well designed camera! (Posted on 1/1/2011)

  82. Best in its Class Review by R. Finamore "Bobf"

    This Camera is Awesome. Coming from a SLR/DLSR User for years, for the price it has all the features of DLSR and then some.
    Quality is as real good . Of course the DSLR may have better quality to the trained eye and some DSLR
    may not not. The Features of this camera out weigh and DSLR under $1200.00 The zoom on this camera is not only amazing,
    the pictures are crisp and the video is awesome even in low lighting. Even the sound is super. Nad you can take a snapshot even when the camera is in video mode
    without disrupting anything. Way too cool.

    Takes 52mm filters, Balanced well on a tripod, The flash covers as much as my Vivitar 385 Flash.
    I could write more but you will not go wrong with purchasing this camera. (Posted on 12/31/2010)

  83. Features out the WAZOO Review by nathan

    This camera is great. Right out of the box my wife and I were shooting pictures! It has so many features, many I have yet to figure out, you can take pictures in any light or area large or small close or far! (Posted on 12/31/2010)

  84. Great "Carry-Around" while hiking & visiting Review by A. Brychta "FredB"

    The Leica Lens does wonders for pictures and clarity - makes for an almost professional picture without too much effort. The included manual on CD will give someone a great opportunity to write a decent clear logical owners manual (the ONLY reason this did NOT get 5 stars). On my nature hikes, I've set the camera to ISO 200 (sunny day) or 400 and have not had any disappointing shots. Even ISO 800 shots were as good as my Nikon D90 using the same exposures. The auto-focus works on any moving thing & captures the shot at 1/500-1/1000 so there are no fuzzies on the target. Even the packaging was good & secure with real on-time delivery. My wife loves the size & carry-weight. By a big class 10 SDHC card for this camera as burst-mode can be slow on a class 2 or 4 (this is normal, not a negative). One of the best buys I've made in a long time without ANY remorse or regrets. (Posted on 12/31/2010)

  85. Panasonic FZ100 review Review by Handyma

    We purchased a Panasonic FZ-100 to replace a Panasonic FZ-18 that we had been very happy with but it was dropped and damaged. The FZ-18 took excellent photos and we had hoped that the FZ-100 with Panasonic's new MOS sensor would be even better with better low light capabilities as well.
    While the battery life, ease of use, and features on the new FZ-100 are well thought out and function well, the images are not consistent and more often than not, poor quality. We got grainy, out of focus, and erratic exposures more often than not. I downloaded the latest firmware update and that helped marginally. Movie mode was exceptional with the camera. It was almost worth keeping just for that ability alone.
    My opinion would be that if you are considering the Panasonic FZ series of camera that you opt for the FZ-40 with the tried and true CCD sensor rather than the unrefined MOS sensor of the FZ-100.
    We reluctantly returned the FZ-100 due to its inability to provide consistent quality photos. (Posted on 12/30/2010)

  86. Poor IQ in low to moderate light. packed w/ features Review by DScott

    I purchased the FZ100 after my Olympus (4mp) camera got run over by a truck and still works (screen is broke). I purchased the FZ100 due to its features. On paper the camera is great is amazing in actuality its not. This camera ia back up to my DSLR (Sony a550). The FZ100 cannot take pictures in low light and only takes pictues in moderate light ok. In bright day light the camera takes decent pictures and is on par with any non-DSLR camera. The IQ is no where near even the most entry level DSLR. My 4mp Olympus takes better pictures in every light cond. then the FZ100. The only real positive is the movies. the FZ100 does take great movies, very clear and good picture quality. The other real benefit is it burst picture mode. My DSLR cannot even keep up with the FZ100 in burst pics. Its pretty amazing there. But who cares if you get 11FPS pictures (I was actually getting 14 FPS withg a fast SDHC card), if the pic quality of all the 100's of pics is below average. Read all the reviews before buying this camera. IQ is mentioned in every FZ100 review. The tiny sensor cannot handle the 14MP. Im returning my FZ100 and getting a Lumiz FZ35 (the older version of the FZ100, $140 cheaper and better IQ). (Posted on 12/29/2010)

  87. Good camera, Not too good with flash Review by T Newell

    It works great outdoors, but indoors, when I have to use the flash, the image quality is not very good and the flash takes too long to recharge. (Posted on 12/27/2010)

  88. Read this !!! Review by Lui

    If you thinking about buying the FZ100 be careful, this camera has some serious
    problem to making sharp images. I don't know if this problem due to lens, processor,
    or the sensor but the pictures are simply not sharp. Let me repeat the FZ100 Lumix does
    not make sharp pictures. If you decide to buy this camera, make sure that you try it out
    as fast as possible, within the 15 or 30 days return period, because that's exactly what happened to me. I purchase the camera, and start to make pictures, but after a while I
    start to realized that what ever setting I make, the camera just wont make/not able to make
    sharp pictures. It is too late for cash refund after 60 days pass, because my friends thats
    exactly what I feel like to do. I guess I'll have to list it on E-bay and buy a regular any
    camera that will make sharp pictures. Any camera will make sharper image than the FZ100.
    I don't know if they could recall a camera, but just wait, you will hear soon that Lumix
    made a lemon. Unfortunately I feel like a guinea-pig, and it was a very expensive lesson. (Posted on 12/27/2010)

  89. Ad Astra Per Aspera - To The Stars Through Difficulties Review by Marvin Cohn "drdos43"

    After much indecision, I purchased this camera. I became tired of lugging around DSLR equipment and missing some great shots. However, one must not compare this camera's IQ with the IQ of a good DSLR.....but then what is great IQ if you do not have an image to begin with. In this respect, the FZ100 in overall performance is as fast as or faster than a DSLR.

    I am an experienced amateur photographer, having won many awards in thirty-five mm photography many moons ago. Those days are over forever. This is not my first digital camera. However, it is now necessary for us old timers and serious beginners alike to learn how advanced digital cameras work and how the interaction of various settings on them will effect and affect the images produced. The complexities for a beginner, who has relied on point and shoot, will be daunting. Those who are not computer literate will also be at a disadvantage. These caveats apply to the FZ100.

    Right out of the box, the FZ100 in IA (Intelligent Automatic - nice for just "Automatic") mode will produce decent, but not great, results...In fact, in many cases this camera will produce images inferior to inexpensive point and shoots until one not just reads, but also understands and implements what is contained in the advanced manual (and refers to suggestions to settings published on the Net)....and understands the camera itself and becomes comfortable with it. This takes patience and time. If you cannot muster up patience and time, do not buy a bridge camera and expect miracles. A good camera does not make a good photographer. Some of the professional reviews of the FZ100, downgrading its IQ, reflect an out-of-the-box experience. (The same goes for the Canon SX30is et al, for which my review might also apply; but I liked some of the features of the FZ100 better, such as its burst mode up to 60 frames/sec, 1080p video, and better the way, most reviews do not mention this, but the actual OPTICAL zoom range is actually 32X not 24X, thus beating out the Cannon and with supposedly somewhat better results, depending upon the review and the reviewer. As far as my experience, if the shutter speed is high enough, the results are very good.

    All I am going to say is that once one gets used to the FZ100, and makes the correct adjustments, the results are absolutely superb both for still photos and video. Check out YouTube. As a bridge camera, the FZ100 gets FOUR and ONE HALF STARS.

    UPDATE 12/27/2010

    I was asked in a comment what settings I used to improve IQ. The following is my answer:

    I trust that you are conversant with the basics of photography; but I wrote the following for someone who might not be as knowledgeable as you.

    The following are some of the settings that I have my camera set to. Much depends upon your taste and the shooting situation. Pretend that the FZ100 is a 35mm SLR from the 1970's. No one setting will satisfy every situation or everybody. Refer to pages 209 and 210 of the advanced manual and make sure you know what the jargon means and what each setting does so you can set the camera accordingly. Also, make sure you download the latest firmware update. As of this writing, it is Version 1.2.

    Start with "P"or Program mode on the dial. In use, "P" automatically sets the camera to a combination of what it considers to be the best f-stop and shutter speed. This does work well for quick point-and-shoots and long telephoto shots. However, good luck at trying to control depth of field, etc. I hardly use this setting, but the menu can be initially set up this way. After the camera is set up this way, then go back and tweak it for the "A, S, and M" modes. I almost always shoot on Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or Manual, the last being one of the reasons I purchased this camera over the Canon. Manual settings are easier with the FZ100.

    Set the FILM MODE to "Dynamic" or "Vibrant"
    Contrast: +1 or +2
    Sharpness: +1
    Color Saturation: +1
    Noise Reduction -1 (or even -2) , but you may need a little post processing noise reduction for -2 (The reason you can reduce the noise reduction setting is because of the following PICTURE SIZE and the ISO settings.

    PICTURE SIZE: 10.5 mega-pixels. (Panasonic, as well as others, should never have tried to cram 14 mega-pixels into a small sensor. You will be surprised at the reduction in noise and artifacts just by this setting alone....)

    If shooting in jpeg, use the best setting, i.e. the six rectangular boxes

    ISO sensitivity set to 100 or 200; OR set the next option on page 2 of the menu ("ISO LIMIT SET") an upper limit of no more than 400. Remember that the most popular professional 35mm slide and color films were all less than 400 ASA/ISO way back when. Use 400 and higher only when you must. At 1600, the pics are still very usable and superior to many ISO 400 films of the past.

    White Balance leave at automatic; but I have programmed the Fn button for white balance. Setting the white balance to "cloudy" on a fairly sunny day can give you some really vibrant results. If you have incandescent lighting at home, set it for "incandescent" if you wish to shoot without a flash. The results are very good.

    Try these settings, and see what you think.

    There are about 10,000 other permutations for adjusting the FZ100, but I turn most of them off , especially the C-F (Continuous Focus) for still photos. It just wastes the battery.

    However, you may want to turn on the I.R. (I.Resolution) to "i.zoom." This effectively gives you an OPTICAL 32X zoom lens (something like a macro setting, but in the long direction instead. My camera claims that the zoom is actually 37X.) It works seamlessly and quite well...well enough to read sharply a license plate at about 200 yards if you support the camera and have a high enough shutter much for the reviews of IQ.

    If you do wish to shoot in Manual, turn on the MF ASSIST. (It only works when you shoot in manual and is a great help)

    I set the flash to forced-on. That way, the flash will always be ready when the flash is raised regardless of conditions and especially when I want fill-in light outdoors, e.g., to eliminate the shadows on faces or to compensate manually for back-lighting without changing the f-stop (EV).

    Always, Always, Always make sure that the shutter speed is high enough, especially at the longer end of the zoom... that is, of course, unless you wish to blur the action.

    Oh yes...and do get a good 52mm UV filter. (This is another reason I chose the Panasonic over the Canon. The Canon lens is not threaded for accessories. You must buy an expensive extension tube. With the Panasonic, all you have to do is screw on any 52mm accessory...and the lens cap still works.)

    There's much more. The video is outstanding...but that is another story.

    Are there some things about the camera I do not like?..Yes, but they are minor and that is also another story. (Posted on 12/23/2010)

  90. made me a believer Review by LGayle "Conspicous Consumer"

    After I placed the order for this camera, I changed my mind and decided I wanted the Nikon Coolpix P100 instead so I ordered it as well. Several reviewers gave the Nikon higher ratings so I thought I would prefer the Coolpix. After both cameras arrived I decided to try them both out and I quickly fell in love with the Lumix FZ100. I am not photography guru but I am the family photographer so it is important that I have a camera that does a good job and is easy to use. This camera felt right in my hands and had some features I just liked better. I like the fact that I can fold around the display screen so that it is protected when not in use. I like the way I can see the selection from the dial on the screen so I don't have to find my glasses everytime I want to change settings. So far, I am having a fairly easy time navigating through the options.. though I have had to review the instructions quite often.. but that is more of a function of my being older and not as tech savvy as I used to be.. not because the camera is more complicated than the other one. I imagine either camera will be a great buy... but this is the one I really wanted when it came time to choose.... (Posted on 12/13/2010)

  91. It's a no brainer! Look no further. Review by Thomas Schroth "Just a bit geeky!"

    I only have time for a short review but rest assured this is a GREAT camera! I have had a number of SLR's film and digital as well as compact point and shoot's. I have taken thousand of photos over the years and am fairly proficient. That said, on full auto it take GREAT shots, period. I also use the program mode to increase the ISO for indoor shots and have been playing with the advanced modes but the bottom line is 99% of you will use it on full auto. The things I was looking for was a real dedicated batterys (not AA's), a wide angle, and a high zoom. I also wanted a cabable video camera with HD. Read all the reviews, did the research. This was the best comprimise for me! I would take MOST of the reviews with any negative with a large grain of salt, sure nothing is perfect but the average user will NEVER see any differences. Easy to use, can hand it to anyone and they can figure it out, easy to hold,not too big, sturdy, good batt life. BTW, I shot well over 2hrs of video in low light with GREAT results. (Posted on 12/12/2010)

  92. Digital SLR Review by rockrph

    I am in the process of learning what the camera can do in manual mode. So far my pictures in automatic mode have been fine. (Posted on 12/7/2010)

  93. Image Quality Not As Expected Review by jyg

    Great all around camera for beginners to intermediate users. IQ dissipates the further it is zoomed. I read a lot of reviews that said the same, but just wanted the camera to work and had to see for myself. It is true, bottom line, there are just too many pixels for that size sensor. If super zoom is not a factor then the camera is great, produces sharp clear pics up to about 2/3 of zoom capability, then the graininess begins, which defeats the purpose of what the camera is supposed to be about. Not as Panasonic advertised.
    Amazon was great to deal with. I paid a small amount for 1 day shipping and it was delivered next day. The return process was just as easy. Customer service emailed a link to print a free return label, shipped the camera back and money was refunded in about a week. (Posted on 12/3/2010)

  94. You Play the Game to Win and Buy a Camera for Great Photos Review by Michael L Dow

    You Play the Game to Win and Buy a Camera for Great Photos

    This Camera has alot of features but it does not matter if the pictures suck. On top of that it is fast but the pictures suck. On top of that the Flash is weak. So long story short it is a return. Just buy a DSLR and live with the cost and lenses and have some great pictures. (Posted on 12/2/2010)

  95. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black) Review by Vinod P. Sompura

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black) Very good camera, excellent Leica lens, Handy (Posted on 12/1/2010)

  96. Small sensor + lots of megapixels = noisy pictures Review by VJ

    This camera has a small CMOS sensor and too much megapixels. In summary, this combination tends to generate noisy images. The way to take good pictures with this camera is to know (which is not that easy for the average people) the best setup for the scene to be shot (there are some tips and sample pictures on the web). My (old) Sony DSC-W290 takes better pictures than this Panasonic. Also, for those who has issues with image noise, I advise to look for "support" at Panasonic's web site. There you will find a firmware to this camera that may help resolve the noise issues.

    Good HD movie quality
    Good picture quality when shooting in B&W
    Camera features
    Camera setup/adjustments
    Battery life

    Poor image quality with ISO higher than 400
    Poor image quality when using point and shoot (full automode)
    Must setup camera manually to (bypass noise and) take good pictures (which is time consuming and requires taking some shots to get one good, unless you have some level of expertise) (Posted on 11/26/2010)

  97. Great camera, low light performance could be better Review by S. bektasli "ariss"

    It is the best camera i have used so far; with the exception of low light picture quality.
    Zoom works great. If you are looking to take pictures outdoors or lighted areas this camera performs great. Video quality is superb, microphone worked excellent with great pick up, outdoor pictures turned excellent. Even with the zoom maxed during the shooting image quality was great. As far as low light performance; i am still going through 240 pages guide to find and adjust best shooting possibility to my taste. The built-in flash is great for close up pictures in the dark, i recommend an external flash if you are looking to do a lot of night shootings. Battery had great performance, it lasted me more than 500 pics and bunch of videos. The accesorries that came with it was basic but practical, there are available accessories to make that camera more fun and get more out of it.
    All above mentioned picture quality was the way i have downloaded it from camera. Camera comes with photo editing software disc too. If you are looking to do basic adjustments that software comes handy.

    I was sceptical on buying it because of some negative postings. What i found out was you need to take your time with this camera. I see some people who has negative comments about it with short period of time having the camera in their possesions.
    This is not DSLR camera and nobody should expect this kind of results; but in P&S camera class it is one of the best in the market. (Posted on 11/26/2010)

  98. Dont buy it ¡ Review by dimitrios pagonas

    I wanted to upgrade my old sony DSC-F717, WHAT A MISTAKE, I can't belive how badly this camera performs, pictures are so noisy, for me unacceptable . (Posted on 11/22/2010)

  99. try first read manual later after surprises Review by rmg

    Bought the camera just recently and couldn't shoot a load of pictures yet, but so far almost all results look fine.
    The first day i got the camera we had an event in town (Glow in Eindhoven Netherlands) light sculptures etc. After the first couple of shots I was surprised it took so long to save the image. In the dark and without reading the manual first I accidently hit the burst button and instead of 1 picture I was taken >50 shots every time I pushed the button.

    So to avoid surprises it might be better to spent a little bit of time reading before shooting, afterwards all went just fine, pictures are great, the speed is unbelivable and 24x zoom is that much more then the old 12x on my Sony.

    1 little minus I wanted to mount a flexible suncap, but that is difficult attached to a filter, without minimal 1,x zoom the screen looks round instead of square, the wide angle works just to good.

    I didn't use the HD movie jet on this camera, but last year Panasonic offered free use of a TZ10 for underwater use in Egypt, pictures great movies that good that I stopped taking pictures and only used the movie mode. Same system on this camera, I can;t wait. (Posted on 11/22/2010)

  100. Great Sports Camera Review by xav8r

    I spent a lot of time looking for a camera for primarily shooting action sports shots of my children. I have owned several point and shoot cameras (Canon and Olympus) and neither would take a decent photo of action shots under high school stadium or gym lighting. I thought I had no choice but buy a full blown DSLR but my budget would not allow it. After reading many reviews I decided to take a chance and try this camera. I also considered the Fuji Finepix HS10 and the Canon SX20 but what sold me on the FX100 is the 5 and 11FPS Burst Modes. For this burst mode to work well does require a fast SD card. Panasonic recommends at least a Class 6 card. I bought a 16GB Class 10 card and it works well with this camera. When I shoot in the 11FPS mode the camera will burst 32 pictures at full speed then the rate will start to drop as the card buffer fills slowing to around 4 FPS and will maintain 4 FPS as long as I hold the button down. In the 5 FPS mode it just seems to keep shooting only slowing slightly. The first time I used it I shot 840 14 mega pixel pictures in 9 minutes! It did not even put a dent in the battery charge! Another reviewer said they shot over 2000 pics on a single charge. I believe it! The 24X optical zoom means I can sit in the stands and zoom all the way in so my kid fills the frame and the picture does not grain out like my other camera. I can finally capture the shots I have been missing! Daytime action shots turn out great! And I can speed up the shutter speed even more.

    There is a lot of debate about image quality with this camera. Under normal use conditions this camera takes a better picture than any point and shoot camera I have used. As with all point and shoot cameras the built in flash is usually over bearing but this camera has a hot shoe so an external flash can be used with much more control. The action pictures I take under stadium lighting are taken in P mode with the shutter speed set to a minimum of 1/125 sec with the Intelligent ISO turned on. The pictures taken are generally at 800 ISO. The pictures are grainy but very usable. Printed on 4X6 paper it is barely noticeable. On a 22" monitor you can see it. This is the trade off I had to make. To get a crystal clear photo at ISO's above 400 with fast shutter speeds you will have to buy a DSLR. And to get a DSLR with a high burst rate capability will cost you a bundle. And I have not even mentioned the 1080 P high definition video. It is fantastic!

    The bottom line is you get a lot of camera for $400. I am very pleased and I bet you will be too. (Posted on 11/19/2010)

  101. Not sure it's worth the effort, but can be quite good Review by E. Meshack-Hart

    On paper this is GREAT camera. I'm no pro, so take my review with it's grain of salt. I tried using this camera for 3 weeks, took hundreds (thousands maybe?) of pics and video, but the percentage of shots worth keeping remained low. I've been on all the forums and review sites, I've seen that this camera IS capable of amazing image quality and composition. IT JUST REQUIRES TOO MUCH work. yes, it's a little more fully featured, but at heart, it's still supposed to be a point and shoot. The work and technique required to get nice pics out of this thing borders, and in many cases suprasses what you'll be doing at professional level with DSLR's.
    In my case, I still have a FZ35, and I was actually getting this for the video features primarily, so i was willing to accept slightly lower IQ then the FZ35.. but at the end of the day, the disparity in image quality, and the advanced knowledge and expertise required to tease decent photos out of this thing was too much, so I'm returning it.
    if most of what ur doing is outside stills iso100 (maybe200), and relatively low motion daylight videos, you'll be very happy with this camera.
    Yes the burst mode is nice, but it aint worth jack if it just takes 100 crappy pics in the blink of an eye. i'd rather SLOWLY take a few good ones..
    but like i said. if you know ur stuff, you will be able to get amazing shots of this thing, but you will work for it. (Posted on 11/17/2010)

  102. Great camera Review by Jay S.

    Like any camera you have to take many pictures before you become accustomed to it's operation. The macro is amazing! Great zoom. Auto focus can be a little slow, it all depends on the lighting and the movement of the subject. Colors are true and stunning. I think the only reason several have given this model negative reviews because of focus issues is because they are not totally familiar with the camera. Very simple to operate and to make adjustments through menu system. Great video quality and sound. I would highly recommend this camera. (Posted on 11/15/2010)

  103. fully satisfied Review by Eva Schulz

    this is the first time i use a panasonic camera and i am quite pleased with the quality of the images. on the positive side; the cam is light weight, has user friendly interface, responds fast, amazing high definition imaging and fantastic zoom. the type of consulting work i do, most times require photography and although this is not classified as a professional cam, it acts like one. i think there is room for improvement in color management and macro shooting... but all in all, very good cam! (Posted on 11/15/2010)

  104. Surprised at Disappointment in This Camera Review by Ospreydance "Kat"

    When I purchased this camera I thought I was upgrading from my Nikon Coolpix P90 which unfortunatly ended up in the river with me on a kayaking trip and did not survive. I was excited about the Leica lense, increased mps, and the HD stereo video. In testing this camera out for several weeks, I found I could not get the clarity on macro or zoom that my Nikon had offered. Also several of the pictures would randomly have only what I can call 'noise' on part or up to half of the image - as if all the colors of the photo had been turned into static. After discussing with a friend, he informed me an old camera of his had started to display this same issue and would work for a time after being hit. I did not feel that a camera of this caliber should need to be jostled about in order to work and returned it. Amazon was wonderful about customer service and refunding me and I ended up ordering another Nikon Coolpix P90 through them. Although I have only tested for a day, I feel thrilled at the images I am receiving. I sell and use my photography work so this is very important to me. Thank you Amazon!! (Posted on 11/10/2010)

  105. Great camera, not great video for Mac Review by J. Beucher

    After reading the reviews, I decided on the FZ100 vs the FZ40. I tested out the photos in various settings and played back the 1080i videos on the TV; I was impressed by both. I felt the controls were not as user friendly as I would like, so that is why I gave it 4 stars.

    The issue that will cause me to return it (unfortunately) is that we use iPhoto to manage and view our photos and video. iPhoto and Macs do not support AVCHD video natively, which I was not aware of until after I tried to download the FX100 content into iPhoto...the photos showed up looking great, but no videos...They can be imported into iMovie, but that is not what I am looking for.

    This is not Panasonic's fault, thus the 4 star rating. (Posted on 11/9/2010)

  106. Bad Panasonic service Review by snark

    I can go to Canon and down load the owners manual all 195 pages for the SX30IS and it is very informative. Panasonic only has an over view document. I can not even figure out if the FZ100 has spot metering. So I contacted Panasonic and get this they want to charge me for a copy of the manual. They claim it is too big to download. Don't take this kind of crap do not buy their products. (Posted on 11/8/2010)

  107. Compare FZ100 with FZ40 Review by MoJoe

    It seems that all comparisons are with the FZ35 while the relevant question is how does this camera compare with the FZ40. I see the 1080i and the articulating viewer are features of the FZ100, but it just does not make sense to come out at the same time with otherwise identical models. I know that the FZ100 is the Leica Lux 2; is that the reason they came out with this model since it was already being produced? It just seems that for a $40 price differential the FZ40 could be brought out with these two features so why produce what appears to be otherwise identical models in different bodies (if the bodies are different). I guess one question calls for speculation but the other is a burning question - a comparison between the two current models rather than the discontinued FZ35. Is the 14mp sensor in the FZ40 also going to produce inferior photos then the lower pixel FZ35? (Posted on 11/4/2010)

  108. Panasonic DMC-FZ100 Review by Ray

    I have been reading the write ups on this camera for a few months now. Many reviewers state how great it is, many write on how their expectations were high and the camera did not live up to them. I actually purchased one, received it and immediately returned it because of those negative reviews. After doing more research I thought that I made a mistake and I again purchased the camera and have since received this second camera. After using the second FZ100, I decided that the negative reviews were probably written by professional wanna be's whose expectations were set very high. What they wanted was a professional camera priced at only a fraction of what it costs to achieve their desired results. What Panasonic and Canon have done is to package a non-professional camera packed with features that either basic camera or amateur photographers will enjoy using and owning. It is a great high end consumer camera and if in the future their owners want a professional style camera, a DSLR for example, they can invest their hard earned money knowing that their interest is serious and their new professional camera with all it's lenses and other accessories, will not set on a shelf collecting dust for years to come. Just my opinion and take it for what you think it is worth.

    6/13/11 Update
    I have had this camera since October 2010. Results of using this camera have exceeded my expectations. Went to Hawaii in April 2011 and shot a little over 1000 shots. In reviewing and editing these pictures of 4 islands have had issues in reducing the number of pictures down to a manageable number but I still have 400 shots in my Hawaii file. Way too many to work with but most are very good pictures or represent memories that we sill cherish. The ability to shoot rapid shots allowed for some very good action shots of waterfalls, dances etc. Did a lot of playing with different camera settings but as most of the pictures were of scenery used aperture and shutter priority quite a bit. Have blown up a few shots to my maximum print capabilities of 13"x19" with my Canon Pixma 9000 with very good results. Again I am not using pictures for professional purposes but for personal use. All that have seen them have commented on how good they are.

    Still give the camera a 5 star rating. Next trip to Alaska and see how it performs with a lot of whites. If you go to Hawaii be sure to catch the Polynesian Cultural Center and their stage show as the venue and performances exceeded our expectations. (Posted on 10/30/2010)

  109. Mixed review, loved it but then returned it! Review by P. Tran

    I'm fairly new to being a beginner photo enthusiast and so have needs that are in the middle of a casual user and someone that is willing to use only a DSLR instead of an advanced point and shoot. My previous cameras were pocketable point-and-shoots with the most recent one being Lumix ZR-1. As an upgrade, I had planned on buying a Lumix FZ-35 based on the strength of the reviews on Amazon, but really wanted to find one in a national electronics store so that I could hold it in my hands before buying online. Unfortunately, I did not have any luck in finding it in any brick and mortar store and so delayed buying it while continuing to compare to other competing models online. By coincidence, a friend of a friend bought one and that gave me the opportunity to handle the FZ-35. My first impression was that the FZ-35 looked and felt unexpectedly a little too plasticky and I was a little disappointed, enough so that I did not buy it. I then read about the FZ-100, which had been released in Asia but was not yet available in the US. Based on the incredible specs for the FZ-100 over an already excellent FZ-35, I decided to wait for the FZ-100 and ordered it as soon as it became available on Amazon. My initial impression of the FZ-100 was that the build, fit and finish was excellent, a big difference over my first impression for the FZ-35. I did not have the opportunity to handle them side by side but this was my distinct impression when I handled them each the first time.

    I received the camera less than a week before departing for a 10 day trip to Europe and so my first real opportunity to use it was ideal. My travel companion used a Nikon D40 DSLR during the trip. Throughout the trip, I was elated with the FZ-100! Especially useful was the fold out, flip screen which I used constantly. The incredibly fast burst mode was used frequently as well. Start up time was very fast, and shutter lag was not an issue. Compared to the size and noticeably heavier weight of my friend's Nikon, I was thrilled that the FZ-100. It was so much easier to travel with especially since we were exploring the cities mostly on foot from 10am till 10pm every day. The Nikon was probably twice as heavy. I was able to get about 500 shots, mostly without flash, before the battery died. It felt great to see the FZ-100 in the window of several camera shops in Europe (where it is sold as FZ-45) for approximately $150 more than the U.S. price. The only slight annoyance was that the removable lense cover did not feel secure. Several times, I was not sure if it was properly attached and even when properly attached, it felt like it might pop off.

    At the end of the trip, my friend and I shared our photos. While I thought that my images were great on the 3" LCD, and they still looked pretty darn good when viewed on my laptop, they overall did not look as excellent as they did on the 3" LCD. This is a testament to the great quality of the 460k dot resolution screen. Then, in comparison to my friend's images captured on the Nikon, I was dismayed to notice that a good portion of his photos were noticeably sharper than mine, even when we were capturing the same subject. Part of this may be because I used high zoom frequently, did not use ideal settings (mostly used Intelligent Auto), and of course, the Nikon is a true DSLR, but I was still disappointed. I was still much happier with the FZ-100 compared to the ZR-1 BUT the major kicker is that at the end of the trip, I noticed that the flip out LCD felt slightly loose when closed. I am positive that it felt sturdy and tight when new. To be honest, I think I was so thrilled with the novelty of the swing out LCD, that I used it constantly and fairly carelessly, instead of being more gentle with it. With just a few days before the 30 day return window ended, I decided to return it, figuring that the looseness would only get worse. Another annoyance was that the price on Amazon had dropped from $440 to $400 in that 30 day window. I still give it 4 stars because I was very happy with the versatility, image quality over pocket point-and-shoots, 24x zoom, and burst mode. However the image quality compared to a DSLR that is only $200 more, and the slightly loose screen were the deal breakers. I don't think the screen would have been loose if I hadn't frequently carelessly swung it open and shut, and rotating up and down. But, at the same time, I didn't drop it or bang it around. If not for the loose screen showing initial signs of wear and tear, I would have kept it.

    I'm now wavering between a micro four-thirds DSLR, or a beefier Lumix ZS-7, or perhaps leaping to an entry level Nikon DSLR (but can't bear the thought of travelling with it). I also am convinced that I do not want a model that has a full flip out screen but do want an articulating screen that can angle up and down. The flip out screen too easily lends itself to unintentionally being careless with it. I'm also slightly concerned that both Panasonics dropped in price so quickly. There will always a better model every 3 months so the lesson is to buy it after it's been on the market for at least 3 months and then STOP comparing it to the brand new models so that you can be happy with what you have! (Posted on 10/27/2010)

  110. Great Camera! Review by AutoBot

    I previously owned a Nikon P100... the Panasonic Lumix is a far better camera. Nikon did have a time lapse feature winch was cool and was slightly easier to navigate on the menus, but the Lumix is far better in every aspect, and is easier to change settings in manual mode + gives some nice control over focusing. The lumix auto-focus is great, it is quick and stays on target... the nikon was terrible and took a long time.

    Awesome zoom & Full 1080p HD video recording
    Image quality is better than others in class (Nikon P100 or Cannon equivalent)
    I did some night shots the other night... landscape and moon...and it automatically selected some HDR feature and took 5 photos and combined them so you could see everything clearly!

    software it comes with is usual...i never use them anyways
    Image quality isn't quite there in low light, but for anything in low light up to an 8x10' it looks great. The colors just aren't quite as vibrant. That being said, in good light it takes stunning photographs, I have a nice 16x20 that amazes everyone that comes into my house that I shot the other day.

    It needs a time lapse feature!!! My only true complaint...
    I wish it had a little bit better macro, but it is fairly good...(A honey bee fills up almost half the width of the screen...)
    It would also be nice if it charge through the USB...

    I use the high-speed shooting capabilities a lot and it rocks!
    You can set it at 2,5,11 fps @ full resolution and 40 & 60 fps @ lower. There is also a highspeed video but haven't tried it yet... I imagine its probably 120fps & QVGA resolution or something...

    BUY IT, it won't be disappointing!!! (Posted on 10/25/2010)

  111. Ultra Zoom mid size Camera (DMC FZ100) Review by singnote

    Bought this camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100)for trips where I might need a long zoom but not a large camera or bag to hold multiple lenses. I have been amazed at picture quality, speed of focus and overall usage. I am attempting to relearn photo techniques and like the ability to switch from automatic (which allows for much faster picture taking) to manual mode (learning the capabilities of the camera). I am very happy with this camera and recommend it to those wanting better pictures than a small compact without the weight, need for additional lenses and size of a larger DSLR. (Posted on 10/23/2010)

  112. Traveler Review by R. Schiavone

    I owned this camera for several weeks and used it extensively while photographing subjects during our short vacation trips. Upon returning home, I viewed both the still and video images on a 46 in. HD TV. The images were excellent. I am not concerned about comparing the quality of the images to other cameras, rather, I rate the overall experience of photography while using this camera, and my ability to capture the moment and communicate it to my audience. My purpose was to display the images as prints or as part of a slide-show for TV viewing. This camera fulfilled its purpose in its ability to easily deliver high-quality images. In all respects the camera was easy to use, and I used it mostly in manual mode, although, I handed it to my travel companions so I can get in the picture. The tilting screen is very useful for self-group shots because one can see the composition on screen, and move around if necessary. The camera is light, small, and I shot all day on the same battery, with power to spare. The image stabilization was very effective, even at the longest zoom setting. Video images are also excellent, in both 1080, and 720: images are sharp with excellent color. I am very pleased with this camera; it has all the features and controls to make photography fun, without having to carry extra photo gear, or weighing you down. It's a go anywhere camera, which I believe you will want to take with you, and make memories. (Posted on 10/20/2010)

  113. fantastiic zoom great image quality Review by Helmut

    i am very happy with my new panasonic FZ 100 , much better than my older FZ 28 and FZ35 , superb image quality and video (Posted on 10/7/2010)

  114. FZ100 vs SX30IS Review by Michael J. Costello

    For law enforcement purposes, I need to take clear photos of suspects from over 500-yards away. And since I hand-off my photos to others in the field, I need to print my photos on a portable printer with no opportunity for computer software enhancements. For budgetary and practical purposes, the camera also needs to be light in weight, inexpensive and simple to use.

    While hunting for the best camera meeting my above criteria, I compared the Canon SX10IS, Fujifilm HS10, Nikon P100, Panasonic FZ100 and Canon SX30IS compact zoom lens cameras. I compared these cameras by taking photos of a car license plate from 512-yards (the same car is parked in the same spot all the time). I measured the 512-yard distance with a Bushnell Yardage Pro. At 512-yards, I received the best IQ of the license plate numbers from my SX10IS set at 20x zoom + 4x digital zoom and mounted with a 1.7x TCON teleconversion lens. I mounted the TCON-17 to the SX10's and SX30's 52mm lens filter threads using a 52mm to 55mm step up ring.

    Although I found that the SX30IS gives me better IQ than the HS10, P100 and FZ100 at distances over 500-yards, the IQ of the SX10IS at these extreme ranges still reigns supreme. I also learned if the Canon SX10IS packs a 20x zoom lens configuration, then the SX30IS seems to be packing no more than 25x at best and not 35x as advertised.

    Why does the 2-year old SX10IS take better pictures than the new SX30IS from 512-yards away? Don't ask me, it just does.

    With today's technology, we can't expect any one camera to be everything to everyone, so if you need a camera to take a closeup photo of a war painted tribal chief eating roasted grasshoppers off a banana leaf under triple canopy in low light for a national magazine, then you probably should be packing a Nikon D3X or Canon Mark IV together with your new Canon SX30IS or older SX10IS. (Posted on 10/7/2010)

  115. Awesome Review by Monk

    Great camera. I have many Nikon . This is the best ever.Still learning the camera functions. (Posted on 10/2/2010)

  116. Is it really a 25mm wide? Review by E. Ortlieb "Mr. SteadyTracker"

    Enjoying my FZ100, especially the video quality at the full HD setting. Sold my GH1's a couple months ago, and bought the zs3 Lumix. The 25mm wide really spoiled me on the zs3 compared to the 28mm (35mm equiv) on the GH1's. So seeing the FZ100 had a 25mm (35mm equiv) I thought I could buy it and sell my Lumix zs3. But comparing the two cams (both on and recording, shooting the same scene, one above the other) the FZ100 looks like about 31 or 32 at the wide end! I even compared it to my Sony FX1000 which is a 29.5 mm (35mm equiv) and the FZ100 is not as wide as the Sony. (also have a Sony HX1 which also is a little wider, 2-4mm, than the FZ100!)

    Anyone know how to get the full 25mm (35mm equiv) activated on this unit? Again, I am only using it for video, typically.

    This camera is very close to being a GH1 with a dedicated lens. It has a Mic input, like the GH1. It will record up to the length of the card. (No 29 minute limit like on other brands of cams) Same connections/connectors in the Body, but this one has power zoom all the way out to 24x and a momentary auto focus button, that can be activated after you finish zooming. The low light capability is not as good as the GH1, but I really like the smooth look of the 1920 x 1080, it looks great on a good HDTV. I never did like having to change lens' on the GH1 to get closer than 280mm (35mm equiv.) The FZ100 goes way past that, without having to lug around a second lens!
    The pricing is a plus also.
    The built in mics work great too. I was at an extremely loud News Boys concert, and the sound did not distort at all. One song had an over-driving bass beat, really loud bass drum thumping, which lowers the mic levels within milli seconds, so this caused a less than professional sound recording on this one song, but for the most part, I am still really pleased with the picture, and sound. (same reverse volume pumping happens when people clap along to a song)
    These digital cameras reproduce purples really well also. My old VX 1000 Sonys would turn almost any shade of purple to blue.
    I made a 45 minute Blu Ray disc of the concert footage, so I'm able to study the footage, over and over. The compression looks very good, especially with the subject matter, super intense spotlights pulsing on and off, shooting thru fog, and sometimes the high intensity led spotlights shooting directly into my lens.
    Panasonic made a tremendous camera for under $500. (Posted on 10/2/2010)

  117. A nice little camera Review by Mark A Heifner

    As a semi-pro photographer and digital painter I enjoy having different tools for different purposes. A couple of years ago I bought an FZ28 and was quite impressed by the image quality, for a point and shoot. Of course, it did not even come close to the quality I get from my big camera, but there was nothing really to complain about other than comparatively slow focusing which is not unusual for point and shoot cameras. I recently purchased the FZ100 from Amazon. Believe me, the 14 megapixels made me very cautious - that is an awful lot for a tiny sensor and in the past that kind of pixel density has resulted in disaster. Panasonic is definitely doing something different because the image quality of the FZ100 is definitely better than the FZ28 PROVIDED you make a few changes to the settings. It is also much better than you would expect from a 14 Mp tiny sensor - this does not have a CCD sensor. I have found setting the noise reduction to -1 or -2 improves the image detail considerably even though it has a bit more digital noise in the image. For photos, I prefer to turn the sharpness down to -1 and also set saturation and contrast at -1 or -2. You need to experiment a little to find what you like best. For base images for paintings I often go the other way with the settings.
    On the whole the image quality is quite good for a superzoom, even at maximum zoom. At the widest angle there is a bit of distortion in the corners, but that is not unusual for a superzoom point and shoot wide angle. But it is perfectly usable in regular size prints. Of course, with big prints, well, the images might not be so great. The focus is very fast, unlike the FZ28 - I can even photograph birds and not have them vanish before the camera focuses. There are gobs of wonderful little settings that are really useful - such as being able to change the area the camera uses to judge focus and then move the focus point around; how I wish my DSLR did that. Exposure accuracy is very good with a nice but not great dynamic range.
    If you are thinking that 14 megapixels alone is going to give you DSLR quality you will be terribly disappointed. Judge it for what it is and you will be quite pleased. The lens on this camera, as is often the case with Panasonic, is excellent and to get that quality from such a wide range zoom is a credit to the Panasonic-Leica relationship. I did not give it a 5 star rating because I don't think any point and shoot deserves 5 stars and most don't deserve more than about a 3 and some can't break above 2. But for point and shoot cameras 4 is as high as I will go and this camera is a solid 4 star camera.
    As for my uses, I don't suspect I will use it that much for photography as I have a big, expensive camera with wonderful lenses for that purpose. That is not to say it will not produce fine photographs, because it does. Where it will be particularly useful is photographing scenes that I want to turn into my digital paintings. The problem with using a high quality DSLR for digital painting is there is way too much detail to deal with and your paintings tend to come out looking more like really bad photographs. With the FZ100 that deep detail is not there and if one turns up the noise reduction to the maximum the detail really vanishes leaving the essentials which is what is needed for digital painting. By tweaking the noise reduction one can get as much or as little detail as is desirable for a base image for digital painting. High noise reduction with a DSLR still leaves at least 100 times more detail than is desirable. With the good wide angle to super telephoto and excellent color the FZ100 is an excellent tool for the digital artist. But if you are only interested in photos and don't make huge prints the FZ100 will be good and very versatile. It also has very good video capabilities that might replace the need for a dedicated video camera.
    I highly recommend this camera, but keep your expectations sensible and don't go pixel peeping. Believe me, this isn't a Hasselblad digital camera; nor does it cost $40,000 - for the body only. (Posted on 9/24/2010)

  118. Flash stopped working after 11 months Review by D3

    UPDATE: August 5, 2011
    Four days ago I took three flash pictures about 12 inches away from the plywood underside of my model train layout. the pics were very washed out, as you might expect, and I was trying to compensate with the ev control. Now my flash will NOT work. I'm wondering if I burnt out a sensor. NO it is NOT in burst mode. I have been reading and searching for similar occurrences to no avail. I have tried every possible shooting mode, read the manual three times, reset twice, changed batteries and cards. I have a VERY realistic fear of sending or taking this to be repaired. It has not been out long enough for anyone to have experience with it. I feel my best bet is to just buy a speed light. I think I will try the Nissin DI-466.

    Excellent point and shoot. Pictures and movies are outstanding! I love this camera. For me, the features far outweigh the slight IQ drop at 400 ISO and up so many pixel peepers b about. For thirty five years I rarely shot anything using film over 200 ISA, so 400 and up is just for fun to me. If your an amateur shutter bug enthusiast like me, you will enjoy this camera. I don't use iA (full auto), I normally stick with PASM. I have had this for three weeks now and am still experimenting with all the features, like today I discovered the fun of slow-mo movies :) What I like best, so far, is the movie button behind the shutter release and full zoom while recording movies. I suggest downloading and reading the advanced manual to get an accurate idea of its capabilities.
    The only issue I have is I sometimes hit the review button with my thumb.

    If your an amateur like me, don't read the whole manual so as you go you discover new wonderful things the camera does like playing music in slide show review

    The camera has come in very handy for viewing what I can't see. I was doing some plumbing and couldn't get my head in position to see a pipe. I held the camera in place and got an excellent close up of what I needed to see. Same situation happened with my vehicle. The close up ability of this camera makes it a valuable tool. (Posted on 9/23/2010)

  119. My another FZ, Just amazing!!! Review by Jeffery B. Vu "kool100vr4"

    Hi all.
    I must admitted that i have bought and owned all FZ models since the FZ10, FZ7, FZ15, FZ20, FZ30, FZ50, FZ28, FZ35 and now FZ100. They are all very good to me, i love the Leica lens, its hard to beat. I now still own FZ50, FZ28, FZ35, FZ100, the newer model always improved better IQ and features, I love them all. I should know about FZ camera series.
    Now on the FZ100 i got a great deal direct with Panasonic and got a 30% off, i paid 375$ usd on Sept- 17-10 plus tax and shipping for a total of 407$ brand new.
    My 1st impression on FZ100 was WOW!!!, nicer body than the last year FZ35, the size is a bit bigger, thicker, longer due to the bigger LCD, solidly built, FZ100 has hot shoe, which FZ35 does not have, to use with bigger flash head in the big room, it uses difference battery than FZ35, smaller lens hood, got flip out LCD which FZ35 did not have, i really need the flip out LCD, it can be very useful, the minimum F stop still end at F8.0, i can use F16.
    Now!, on the performance, i have shot about 200 test shots with all my own settings, i know FZ very well by now, i shot in all difference lighting condition with difference ISO, the result i found FZ100 has a little bit warmer color, lesser noise than FZ35, sharpness still as great at 600mm, in fact i love FZ for its tele, images look more like DSLR now with smoother details, at ISO 1600 images were noisy but ok to use if needed, 800 ISO is good enough, but that i expected on any Point & shoot cameras, if i need high ISO low noise i use my Pentax DSLR. I believe FZ100 has newer and improved Sensor, and i love it.
    Conclusion, i love all FZ, FZ100 is a better and more improved than its 1 year old FZ35 brother, for those who said negative things about FZ100 only because they have not play with it long enough, or too rush to judge.
    Now my FZ35 will back up my FZ100 on the field. (Posted on 9/23/2010)

  120. Excellent Camera!! Review by Paul B

    I have just finally had the time to really use this camera and I am loving it! I have taken some very nice macros of a butterfly, some pictures of water falls, and even got some great pictures of the nearly full moon!!! A tripod is a must for this camera if you want to get some quality zoom pictures. Also, learning to use the manual settings will result in some excellent quality pictures! (Posted on 9/21/2010)

  121. Vacation Pics Review by Brent

    I received this camera just in time to take on a vacation to Scotland and Ireland. I still have a lot to learn abour the camera but it was easy to use in the automatic mode. The zoom is a great feature and the picture quality is very good. The battery life allows you to take many pictures over a period of days without recharging. (Posted on 9/21/2010)

  122. Totally covers my expectations Review by Eduardo Godyla


    My previous camera was an Olympus SP-560.
    The upgrade has been wonderful. Longer zoom up to 26x in raw and > 60x in jpg. HD Video with zoom and audio. Possibility of attaching a TC to achieve 57x in RAW with a Raynox 2.2. Auto mode worked very well for me (I am not a pixel peeper, but do want good quality when cropping in). Fast burst mode. Fast AF.

    IQ better than SP-560. Probably if I were used to an FZ-35 I would not be that happy, but since it is not the case, I am very satisfied.

    Only con so far is that the screen blacks out when focusing in low light. The SP-560 instead increased the image brightness when focusing in low light. (Posted on 9/20/2010)

  123. Very Happy Review by H. Bowman "Mailman"

    Bought the fz40 and sent back.....Couple bucks more and got a much better camera! What did that other customer mean about "Chip"? Bought a 2million dollar bag and the camera fits very snug....You can also stuff charger and extra battery...Very small..... I would NOT put my camera in checked in luggage...So this is perfecto.. (Posted on 9/20/2010)

  124. where's the chip on the market? Review by david matthews

    no chip came with camera. the chip advertised on panasonic web site cost $600, $100 more than the camera itself! technology of camera is ahead of available large chips. costco doesn't have proper chips. amazon doesn't have the large ($600.) chip. chip prices have to come WAY down in order for this camera to make fiscal sense. the older version of this camera makes way more sense as the media is reasonably priced. (Posted on 9/19/2010)

  125. Panasonic FZ100 Review by Rob

    Well all I can say is this a freakishly good camera/camcorder combination. I bought it off amazon at about 8am yesterday and had it delivered to my house at 3pm same day using their same day service for 20 bucks and could not be happier. My last point and shoot was a canon sd600 and I currently us a Panasonic 3ccd camcorder. don't remember its model#. anyway pics and zoom are mind blowing. the video is truly stunning. I read reviews until I had to force my self to stop and just make the dang purchase. Despite some mixed reviews in places about IQ and comparisons to it earlier models I could not walk away from the specs and the video and zoom examples on you-tube. I can say they are accurate but only much better in real life. Now granted I have only had camera for one day but I can tell you there will be no need for the camcorder anymore. Balance and fit in hand is terrific and lcd is same. I find the complaints about the price a bit odd. after using the camera and hd video I can say for certain that
    this is an unbeatable value for anyone who wants a great combo. I see no need for the 14mp but understand the marketing
    pressure regardless of how stupid that level of MP is? I also like the fact that it has the single battery versus the AA option that the competing canon and fuji use. I have had some of the higher end canons that use the AA system and all I can say is it is a huge pain in the butt, very expensive and very heavy. Stick with lithium batteries and don't buy into the
    "well you can pick up AAs anywhere bull. It sucks believe me. Very happy with the service from amazon on this one and
    absolutely could not be happier with camera. By the way you will not find this in any stores yet at least in Seattle area.
    I looked and 20 buck for same day delivery... are you kidding me?? deal of all deals!! As far as I am concerned this camera is under priced if anything. I am not an amazon fan either but this time they did me right! I am a happy camper with this one! (Posted on 9/16/2010)

  126. Camera totally meets my needs Review by V. Huang

    I bought this camera to take on vacations when I don't want to take my Nikon D90 and all my lenses. I have a trip to Belize coming up where I will be kayaking and river rafting and definitely did not want to take my clunky DSLR but I wanted a camera that could take decent pictures with a powerful zoom so I could photograph wildlife and also have good video capability so I wouldn't have to bring a separate video camera. I have the FZ18 and was very happy with it. I read everything I could on the web about the FZ100 before I pre-ordered it from Amazon and it had all the features I needed. I was kind of apprehensive about getting the camera when I read the negative reviews about image quality, however, there were some positve reviews to counter the negative. Some especially helpful threads were on Steve's Digicams (there are some nice pictures from the FZ100 posted there) and Dpreview.

    I chose the FZ100 because of its 11 fps burst mode (beats my D90 5 FPS burst mode), articulating LCD, electronic viewfinder, HD AVCHD video and 24X zoom. I did not choose the Canon Powershot SX20 IS because I felt it was too heavy and it only has 20X zoom plus the LCD is smaller than the FZ100's LCD. I ruled out the Olympus SP 800-UZ because it did not have an electronic viewfinder, and the Fuji Finepix HS10 was even heavier than the Canon. I tried out the camera when my parents came for a visit and got to compare the FZ100 with my Dad's Canon SX20 IS. I used it in all sorts of conditions to take pictures at our local dahlia festival and got some really great indoor and outdoor shots of the dahlias and great close up shots of bumblebees (macro mode is outstanding). The next day was overcast and despite the conditions, the camera took nice scenery shots. I couldn't see much difference between my dad's pictures and mine (we viewed them on my laptop). I took my pictures using the P mode and automatic mode.

    The video was excellent. I really liked being able to use the zoom function while taking video (I think I won't be needing my video camera anymore!). I got some fantastic action shots of my dog catching a frisbee using both the 11 FPS burst mode and 5 FPS autofocus burst mode (a fabulous feature!). The camera is small and light enough to take almost anywhere and though the picture quality is not as good as a DSLR (especially in low light conditions), I am quite pleased with my decision to purchase the FZ100 and plan on keeping it. (Posted on 9/2/2010)

  127. It`s PERFECT Review by Claudia B. Martins

    Excelent camera. Actually, it's not a camera, it's a MACHINE. Great pictures outdoor and indoor. Usually I take pictures from animals, can't ask them to stand still, so I set the camera on automatic ISO and "sports", didn't miss a good shot. Be happy to share some pictures. Took better pics than the photografers at Seaworld and San Diego Zoo, and they were using SLRs. And it's not difficult to use. The best! I was already pleased with my 2 previous Lumix cameras, the FZ20 and TZ4, but now, they look like toys, comparing to this one. (Posted on 9/1/2010)

  128. Decent still camera, good video camera Review by Dawn S. Miller

    Yellowstone update: Last week, I took over 7000 photos of bears, bison, wolves, elk, moose, geysers, mud pots, etc., and I'm thrilled with the FZ100's performance. It was comfortable in my hand and on the strap around my neck. It could burst shoot and then shoot a slightly shorter burst while the first burst was still processing. The only real wait I had was when switching to video; it wouldn't start until all photos were processed. Learned that one while filming the grizzly bear directly across the river.

    One recommendation: get as large an SD card as you can afford, or buy several smaller cards.

    A few more thoughts:
    * The burst mode, is in my opinion, the key feature of this camera. It's why I was able to take 7000 pictures in 7 days. I'm deleting photos left and right, but 75% of them came out clearly and in focus, and an amazing 20% are keeper shots (I was expecting 5%). And catching the bear while he was shaking water out of his fur . . . priceless.
    * The battery kept going, and going, and going. Burst shots do not appear to be included in the estimated 450 shots per battery recharge--one day I shot nearly 2300 pictures, along with some video.
    * After experimenting with the zoom, I think it may be better to reduce the resolution to, say, 7mp, or even 5mp, and increase the optical zoom at its extreme range rather than keeping resolution at 14mp and then cropping the result to the same size. The camera appears to keep more fine detail, and the exposure is often more appropriate.
    * Pictures taken with the digital zoom look more like paintings by Monet than realistic photographs, but they're pictures that I couldn't have gotten otherwise, and it was fun to pick out animals waaayyy across the valley.
    * The video mode is great, with fine detail, and I could convert frames into 2mp photos in two clicks. The video button on top of the camera made it easy to switch from stills to video.
    * Nearly all of my photos were shot during the day at ISO 400 or less, usually ISO 100. They were stunning. Night shots weren't so great. For that I recommend a tripod, a remote shutter control, and a long shutter speed combined with as low an ISO as you can manage.

    I am definitely keeping this camera!

    I'm upgrading from a Kodak EasyShare P712 and chose to buy the Panasonic FZ100 mainly because it had a 24x zoom and a 5 frame-per-second autofocus burst mode. The initial reviews weren't promising when it came to image quality, but, hey, hope springs eternal. I've been experimenting with the FZ100 for a week now, and last night was a great night for a sunset/low light test.

    The results? It's better than the Kodak. First, it successfully took shots within the Kodak's range that the Kodak couldn't properly focus on (clouds, stars). Second, its burst mode rocks! Ten pics in 2 seconds--one of 'em is bound to look good. Third, its image quality (IQ) was better--and I've been generally happy with the Kodak's IQ.

    That doesn't mean the FZ100's IQ is great. As a recovering perfectionist, I don't dare "pixel peep," but I still can tell that the image quality of the FZ100 is only decent. None of the superzooms have great quality, but I had hoped for good. This is my biggest disappointment, and the reason I almost sent the camera back. ISO 100 is the way to go on this camera, and even it has some noise. Unless the setting absolutely requires it, I won't set the ISO above 400, and that's pushing it.

    The other thing I'll do is set the "Quality" to RAW+fine jpg. That way, if a jpg looks good enough to print in something larger than 4"x6", I can work with the RAW file. RAW produces better photos with a little post processing. The only down side is that you can't take nearly as many pictures on the same SD card, but I can live with that. There are some other tweaks that help, like turning down the noise reduction, but I'm still playing with that.

    As a video camera, the FZ100 is very good. The zoom is slower for videos than for stills, but wow, it works well! For those family and pet shots that I never intend to print, I may even turn on the video instead and then pull out the best frame.

    Biggest pros:
    * 24x superzoom
    * 11 fps burst mode or 5 fps burst mode with autofocus
    * 1080i HD video (with smooth zoom)
    * Easy to manually tweak shots

    Biggest con:
    * noise above ISO 200

    If you want better image quality and don't care about a camera's video capabilities, then you may want to look at the older Panasonic FZ35, or wait for more reviews on the new FZ40. And if you don't mind changing lenses, then go DSLR. They far outshine superzoom cameras in image quality. But if you're looking for a good all-around camera and camcorder, the FZ100 may be just the ticket. (Posted on 8/30/2010)

  129. A Camera That Meets My Needs! Review by J. Watts "JLW"

    I usually order from Amazon. I had originally pre-ordered this camera from Amazon, but canceled and ordered from J&R - an Amazon seller where it was in stock.

    I have had my FZ100 for about 4 days now. I really haven't had a long enough period to become a real smooth operator yet. In the time that I have spent exploring a few of the many features, I have been quite impressed. I started out with using just the iA mode. Venturing out from there mostly in the "P" mode, I have explored:
    1. The optical zoom vs. extend optical zoom - amazing range/clarity
    2. Using with my neck mounted mini tripod - adds steadying effect for long zooms
    3. The macro mode - outstanding sharpness
    4. The multi-angle LCD and the viewfinder - adds flexibility
    5. Using face recognition - unique feature that works
    6. Stabilizer vs. no stabilizer - definitely works well
    7. Timer use to reduce shake in zoom shots - a 2 second lag allows firming of the camera before shot
    8. Using the burst mode - fast, fast, fast - having the choice of shots is very handy
    9. The travel destination option - unique, allows you to plan ahead (destination, days and local time)
    10. Using the auto bracket mode - gives you a range of exposures in the burst mode
    11. Using the HD AVCHD modes - both modes make outstanding videos (better than my ZS3)
    12. Setting the maximum ISO settings - helps controls noise in low light
    13. Using the flash vs. no flash - flash is pretty powerful (stronger than my ZS3)
    14. Manual focus mode - it works, with practice it will be quite handy
    15. The 3 custom settings - allow setting up 3 comprehensive camera modes for personal preference -- nice

    I have tried to get away from comparing the camera pixel to pixel image quality. I realize that this camera does not have the absolute best image, but it does take very good pictures! In low light the MOS sensor is not quite as good as the CCD sensor, but limiting the ISO and the use of the viewfinder or tripod does help to handle the noise.

    I have tried out four other cameras before buying the FZ100. The closest to my preferences was the Canon SX20, but to me it lacked many of the FZ100's useful features, it was slower and menu access was more difficult. The Lumix FZ-35 was also a fine camera, but was much slower and lacked features that I wanted. Both the Nikon P100 and the Fuji HS10 seem to be fine cameras, but lacked refinement as compared to either the Panasonic or the Canon models.

    After working with a number of the available features in the FZ100, I have become very impressed with the seamless nature of this camera. To incorporate so many advanced features with convenient controls into the camera and still maintain its ease of use seems truly amazing to me. For my needs this camera was a great choice.

    Remember though, impressions tend to be subjective.

    My cams: Lumix ZS3, Lumix FZ100, Lumix LZ10S(wife), Canon Optura 300 (Posted on 8/28/2010)

  130. it's ok, but..... Review by K. Chamberland

    I was so excited about this newest camera from Panasonic. I have loved each new version as it came out. I expected this time would be no different. I've had it several days but after some testing it will be going back tomorrow. I took six groups of photos with similiar settings - macro, indoor, landscape, - using the FZ100, FZ35, ZS7. I showed them to my husband without him knowing which was which, and the results are interesting. The FZ35 won 4 of 6 groups, the FZ35 tied with the ZS7 in 1 group and the ZS won in 1 group. The FZ100 was no improvement over the other 2. Besides that, the camera was heavy and clumsy to handle. I did not test the video since that is not a major concern for me, I am happy with the MPEG short videos that I occasionally take. I am about stills of wildlife, nature and my cats. I will be staying with the ZS7 in my purse and FZ35 in my camera case for nature trips. (Posted on 8/28/2010)

  131. Seeing is believing, FZ35-FZ100 Comparison: REVISITED Review by Simon Sharpe

    I enjoyed this camera for the 36 hours I have used it. Like another reviewer, I really wanted to like it. I have enjoyed the FZ18, the FZ28, and the FZ35. I bought this based on my good previous experience with the FZ series.

    After taking pictures under identical conditions (indoors, ISI200, manual exp) with my old FZ35 and the new FZ100, I can report that the 35 has better image quality. The images on the 100 are significantly, visibly noisier. Maybe viewed in isolation or compared to lesser cameras, the image quality seems OK to other reviewers.

    In spite of all the other great features on this camera, I cannot* pay $500 for an image quality downgrade and, sadly, the FZ100 has to go back. It might be that the FZ35 is still the king of the superzooms.

    For the record, the speed of this camera (three-core processor), the extended zoom range and the tilting rear LCD are big improvements. There are numerous smaller improvements. The camera feels heavier and a little bulkier than the 35.

    ADDENDUM: I am keeping it. I am not in love with the Image Quality or the chipped battery, but there are other things about the camera that are good so I am upgrading my review from 2 to 3 stars.

    * It looks like I can (Posted on 8/26/2010)

  132. Availability Review by S. Gosin

    Another vendor was able to ship this item before it was available through Amazon. I was disappointed with lack of availability in a timely fashion from Amazon which is quite different from my prior good availability experience with Amazon. (Posted on 8/23/2010)

  133. Very good 'Super-Zoom'. Review by D. Hentze

    I've had a few days to play with the new DMC-FZ100, and for the most part, the results are good. Let me first say before anything, if you're expecting DSLR quality photographs with this or any other 'Super Zoom', it isn't going to happen. Since I already own the FZ35, most of the FZ100's features are familiar to me. The FZ100's best feature is its 25-600mm LEICA Lens. I also prefer its wider angle compared to the FZ35's 27mm. Panasonic's POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) does a great job up to about 18X zoom. When you're zooming at full length, don't expect miracles. It helps, but you'll still need a fairly steady hand and fairly high shutter speeds to get the best pics. Panasonic's iA mode does a very good job as usual, but still tends to sometimes use a higher ISO than necessary. I prefer "P" mode with a little manual tweaking of various settings. Most people will consider the FZ100's 3" free-angle LCD a big improvement over the FZ35's fixed 2.7" screen. I haven't played around much with the FZ100's video yet, but from what I've taken, it seems to be at least equal to the FZ35. All this leads to me to my biggest disappointment I have with the FZ100. Image quality just isn't as good as the FZ35 under any circumstances. It doesn't mean that the FZ100 isn't capable of taking 'good' pictures, just that my older FZ35 takes better pictures. I've tried just about every setting combination possible and the FZ35 still wins. I'm not overly surprised though, since they're cramming 14.1 MP into a small sensor. Too bad marketing dictates increasing MP count with every new camera. If the FZ100 was 10 MP, it would probably produce excellent images instead of just good. With that being said, the FZ100's results still are good, and from what I've seen from the other 20+X Zoom cameras, it still beats them. If you're not expecting DSLR results, and aren't obsessed with "pixel peeping", than I recommend the DMC-FZ100. If you're thinking of upgrading from the FZ35 like I did, you'll have to ask yourself if the 24x wider zoom and other improvements are worth sacrificing some image quality.

    24X 25-600mm LEICA Lens
    3" free-angle LCD
    POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) still among the best there is
    Intelligent Auto (iA) Mode works well, and great for novices
    RAW Mode
    1080i HD Video
    Well designed controls and layout
    Hot Shoe for external flash

    IQ not quite as good as its predecessor (FZ35)
    Above average 'noise' at ISO 400 and above
    0.2" EVF (electronic viewfinder) is fair at best
    Price is currently among the highest for Super Zooms
    Uses chipped, proprietary battery. (Posted on 8/23/2010)

  134. Powerful camera Review by Fla47

    I've had the camera for four days -- not nearly long enough for a thorough evaluation, but I have found it to be extremely capable so far.

    Image quality in most cases is very good to excellent. It's not going to be great in low light ... from my experience you need a DSLR for that, and even they can struggle. The zoom is quick and smooth to operate. IQ at 24X is very good, to my eye, and I have been shooting for 30 years. The autofocus is by far the best I've seen on a non-Dslr. Video is excellent. The burst capabilities at 14 MP are remarkable.

    This camera's capabilities can create the tendency to compare its photos to a Dslr. That's not a fair comparison, obviously, but if you assess it on the basis of a small-sensor camera, it's very impressive. And of course, light and easy to carry, unlike a Dslr and accompanying lenses.

    I do think $500 is a lot...I would recommend waiting until the price inevitably falls if you can. Of course, you'll miss some shots if you do that...

    (P.S., after another six days of use, still greatly enjoying this amazingly versatile camera. I notice that some users have a small but growing collection of FZ100 shots on Flickr.)

    [...] (Posted on 8/22/2010)

  135. I hate to disagree Review by GR

    My first few photos were disappointing but after sticking with it and studying the manual things came together and I'm getting great shots indoors and out.
    Keep the ISO in auto mode and the ISO won't go above 400 and anything up to and including 400 look fine to me... Get past this on ISO and this and all of these types of cameras pictures start to deteriorate.
    Set ISO auto, Do not use motion Deblur, and you get some great pictures. Burst speed is super fast. Panorama stitching actually works. HD video is out of this world. Now if I had the FZ35 I might not be as happy. You certainly aren't gaining much.
    The pictures I've seen floating around the internet from the FZ100 look great. (Posted on 8/21/2010)

  136. Disappointed Review by C. Miller

    I also recently purchased the FZ100. After owning the FZ35 for quite sometime I was excited about the features offered by the FZ100. I wanted good picture quality, extended zoom, good macro capabilities, and the articulated LCD. The hi def video is a nice feature but it is not an important factor to me. Since it was announced I read all the reviews and got as much info as I could. I pre-ordered the camera. After taking a variety of pictures I was really disappointed in the picture quality of this camera. I really wanted this camera to work. I can echo the other reviews and agree that if you stay in good light and use an ISO of 100 the camera takes good pictures. The 24x zoom is good if you stay within those boundaries. However, going to 200 ISO is gets rough with noise. Going to 400 and above it gets abysmal. I've tried the internal noise reduction, sharpness, contrast, etc but nothing seems to increase the quality of the photos. If the IQ were as good as my FZ35 I think I would keep it. I'm sure it has some strong points in the burst mode and hi def 1080i video but those are secondary to my needs. I used it indoors with flash in the iA mode, P mode - again - the images were just full of noise. So I plan to send the camera back for a refund. I really wish the FZ100 could perform at least as good as my FZ35. I've amended my review to 2 stars because staying at 100 ISO the pictures are fine. The 24x zoom is good. The video was not a factor for me. But I have read it is outstanding. (Posted on 8/21/2010)

  137. Very Disappointed. Review by Jean A Freitag

    I received this camera today with great expectations...I first tried using the camera in the auto mode, outside in normal outdoor conditions at about 6PM...I took both with flash and without and all the pictures came out very dark...I at the same time took pictures with my Nikon L110 and the same pictures came out great with the Nikon.
    I then tried taking pictures in the house adjusting some of the setting and also using the auto mode and again I was completely disatisfied...they are all dark as if the flash is not working at all yet I see it go off...
    When paying $500.00 for a camera, I would expect it to take really good pictures expecially in the auto mode.
    I will say, the video is very good in outside conditions... but again very dark indoors under normal light.
    I would like to see the pictures the people who are giving this 5 stars took...I was ready to send it back, and then tried to give it a second chance...and after even calling Panasonic and questioning why the pictures are so dark, they had to I can only think that I have a defected camera. I think I will waite for the FZ40 and see if I have better luck with that one. (Posted on 8/19/2010)

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