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Android Phone (Sprint)

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Amazon Product Detail Page

That's right. The phone that captivated international trade show CTIA is here, and we've packed it full of features! A large vibrant 4.3 inch screen, dual cameras, 32GB MicroSD card slot and wicked fast web speeds, this is more than a phone. It's a Mobile Hotspot for up to 8 of your Wi-Fi devices. It's a high-quality mobile device featuring Android 2.3 and the award-winning HTC Sense experience, and it's your personal portable HD media center with an HDMI output so you can share in HD.

  • Mobile Hotspot: This is hot! Your personal portable hotspot, connect just like you do with any Wi-Fi device. Optional $29.99/mo. Sprint Mobile Hotspot add-on is required for Hotspot functionality.
  • Sprint Zone: Sprint ZoneSM - Your one-stop source to access your wireless account, phone tips, news, a list of top apps and more. Access Sprint TV, GPS Navigation, NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM and Sprint Music Plus.
  • Bluetooth: Enables hands-free, short-range wireless communicati
  • Exclusively from Sprint, the HTC EVO 4G mobile phone is the world's first 3G/4G Android handset, offering simultaneous voice and data connectivity and download speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. Additionally, the HTC EVO 4G can still connect to 3G data services in areas not currently served by Sprint's 4G network (learn more about Sprint's 4G network below).

    The HTC EVO 4G's 4.3-inch screen is perfect for watching video on the go (see larger image).
    Packed full of powerful mobile communication and multimedia features, the HTC EVO 4G has a large, vibrant 4.3 inch display and a built-in kickstand for easy viewing of videos--from Sprint TV programming to HD movies captured on the 8-megapixel auto-focus camera. It's powered by a screaming fast 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Google's Android 2.2 operating system. With integrated Google technology, the HTC EVO 4G brings one-touch access to the popular Google mobile services millions use every day, including Google Search by Voice, YouTube and Picasa. The HTC EVO 4G also provides easy access to both personal and corporate email, calendars, and contacts supported by Exchange Server and Gmail.

    And through Android Market, you'll get access to thousands of useful applications, widgets and fun games to download and install on your phone, with many more apps being added every day. The HTC EVO 4G also includes HTC Sense, a user interface overlay from HTC that makes it easy for you to create an individualized mobile experience tailored specifically to your needs.

    The forward-facing 1.3 megapixel camera makes it easy to have video calls using the two-way voice and video service from Qik (upgraded account service required). And with built-in mobile hotspot functionality, the HTC EVO 4G also allows up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices--including laptop, camera, music player, video player and any other Wi-Fi-enabled device--to enjoy the benefits of 4G speeds on the go. Other features include music downloads from the Amazon MP3 Store, microSD memory expansion (8 GB card included; optional 32 GB cards supported), Adobe Flash support, HDMI audio/video output, and up to 6 hours of battery life (learn more about power management on the HTC EVO 4G).

    The HTC EVO 4G offers lightning fast 4G speeds, Android 2.2 operating system, and a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor (see larger image).

    The handy kickstand makes it easy to watch videos on-the-go.

    Sprint's Blazing Fast 4G Network

    Sprint 4G offers a faster wireless experience than any other U.S. national wireless carrier, and Sprint is the only national carrier offering wireless 4G service in 32 markets (with more coming online soon). Sprint 4G delivers download speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G, giving the HTC EVO 4G the fastest data speeds of any U.S. wireless device available today. Sprint 4G network coverage is expected to reach 120 million people by the end of 2010.

    Sprint 4G services dramatically increase download speeds for photos, videos and large files. You can download a favorite song, picture, sitcom or large video in seconds, not minutes, or watch live streaming video- all while on the go, not just from the home or office. Additionally, businesses can benefit from the fast connectivity speeds of 4G. Some examples include:

    • Real estate agents can conduct virtual property tours.
    • Construction teams using 4G in the field can save valuable time by sharing schematics with engineers online.
    • Insurance companies can speed their claims management through real-time communication with on-site adjusters.
    • Health care professionals can improve their ability to remotely monitor patients.
    • Emergency first responders can rapidly assess and coordinate disaster action with real-time on-site video and audio.
    • Photojournalists can instantly transfer high-resolution images to the newsroom.
    Learn more about what to expect when switching between 3G and 4G coverage.

    Key Features

    • Ultra-fast 4G connectivity with simultaneous voice and data capability (peak download speeds of more than 10 Mbps; peak upload speeds of 1 Mbps; average download speeds of 3-6 Mbps)
    • 3G data speeds (EVDO Rev A.) in areas not yet served by 4G (peak download speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps; peak upload speeds of 1.8 Mbps; average download speeds of 600 kbps-1.4 Mbps)
    • Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g) for accessing home and corporate networks as well as hotspots while on the go.
    • Built-in mobile hotspot functionality allows up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices to share the 3G or 4G experience on the go with a laptop, camera, music player, game unit, video player, or any other Wi-Fi enabled device.
    • Powered by the Android 2.2 operating system with deep integration of Google services and access to thousands of apps to customize your phone via the Android Market.
    • Google mobile services including Google Search, Google Maps, Google Talk, Gmail, YouTube , and syncing with Google Calendar
    • Access to Google Goggles to search with pictures instead of words. It works with everything from books, DVDs and barcodes to landmarks, logos, artwork and wine labels.
    • Updated HTC Sense user experience includes Friend Stream to integrate Facebook, Twitter and more into a single flow of updates.
    • 1 GHz Snapdragon processor speeds up everything--from playing games to watching shows to opening files from work.
    • GPS using Sprint Navigation for turn by turn directions, and points of interest searches
    • 4.3-inch capacitive display with pinch-to-zoom and tactile feedback
    • 8-megapixel auto-focus camera with dual LED flash
    • Capture HD-quality video (720p)
    • HDMI audio/video port enables you to output pictures, slides and videos in HD quality (720p) via HDMI cable (sold separately)
    • Forward-facing 1.3 megapixel camera for making video calls. Two-way voice and video capability will be available as an upgrade to the preloaded Qik app on HTC EVO 4G to enable conversational, interactive, real-time sharing between mobile devices or from mobile-to-desktop.
    • Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.1) includes profiles for communication headset, hands-free car kits, and the A2DP Bluetooth profile--enabling you to wirelessly stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones or speaker dock.
    • Memory expansion via microSD card slot with support for optional cards up to 32 GB (8 GB card included).
    • Digital audio player and FM radio
    • Access to personal and corporate e-mail with Microsoft Direct Push Technology and HTML support. Send and receive email from multiple corporate and personal email accounts. Also, get wireless email access to popular commercial POP3 and IMAP accounts like AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo!
    • Instant messaging via popular services including Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger.
    • View documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF on the go to maximize your productivity
    • Visual Voicemail gives you quick and easy access to just the messages you want to listen to by letting you go directly to a specific message, without needing to listen to or skip past previous messages.
    • Full HTML Web browser
    • Adobe Flash technology ensures that rich Internet content, such as embedded video and animation, are displayed the way they are meant to be seen.
    • Airplane mode allows you to listen to music while the cellular connectivity is turned off
    • Built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing
    • 3.5mm stereo headset jack

    Vital Statistics
    The HTC EVO 4G weighs 6 ounces and measures 4.8 x 2.6 x 0.5 inches. It comes with a large-capacity, 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery with up to 6 hours of battery life. It runs on Sprint's 4G network as well as the 800/1900 CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A frequencies.

    What's in the Box
    HTC EVO 4G handset, rechargeable battery, charger, USB cable, 8 GB microSD memory card, quick start guide, user manual

    Sprint Services

    • GPS capable with Sprint Navigation: This GPS-enabled phone provides optional access to Sprint Navigation for driving directions on your mobile phone--by voice and onscreen. Along the way, turn-by-turn directions will be announced in a clear voice and displayed on your phone. For example, Sprint Navigation will say, "Go 1.2 miles and turn right on Elm Street." As you approach the turn, you will hear, "Turn right on Elm Street." Sprint Navigation also provides proactive traffic alerts with one click re-routing. And it's easy to find restaurants, banks, cafes, hotels and more from over 10 million points of interest across the U.S.

    • Sprint TV enabled: With Sprint TV, you can make your cell phone your always-on source for news, weather, sports and more. This comprehensive video service combines high-quality streaming audio and video from channels including the NFL Network, ABC, The Weather Channel, Fox Sports, E!, CNN, The Discovery Channel, and more.

    • Stay Sporty with Sprint: With NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, instantly connect to the NASCAR information you want, when you want it. Follow NASCAR action from practice to race day with real-time leaderboard and alerts. Get exclusive access to your favorite NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver with real-time driver stats, breaking news and more. Live in-car audio, race radio, NASCAR on SPEED and other audio/video only available on select phones. Visit for details.

      To access, just text "NASCAR" to 7777 on your Sprint phone or visit the Sprint Digital Lounge to download NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile (standard text messaging and data rates apply).

      This phone also provides access to Sprint Football Live--free for any phone with a data plan. You'll be able to follow all the live play-by-play action with the Live Game Center for both pro and college football games, as well as stay on top of the pro football draft with a Live Draft Tracker and in-depth analysis and bios on nearly 500 top prospects. Access by texting "FOOTBALL" to 7777 on the handset to download Sprint Football Live from Sprint Digital Lounge (standard text messaging and data rates apply).

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    Find local movie showtimes and TV listings, watch trailers, and search the world's largest source of entertainment information.

    Download audiobooks directly to your Android device, then listen wherever you go, get audiobook news, earn badges, and more.

    Amazon Mobile
    Shop for millions of products, get product details, and read reviews--right from your mobile device.

    HTC EVO 4G Power Management

    The HTC EVO 4G offers new capabilities for a smartphone that require more power, which can impact its battery life more than what you may have experienced using other smartphones.

    • It has more radios to power (3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS).
    • It features a larger screen than most typical smartphones.
    • It offers more capabilities than most typical smartphones, including:
      • Management of multiple email accounts and syncing
      • WiFi access point
      • WiFi Router capability
      • 4G data
      • GPS
      • >Access to several 3rd party applications through the Market
      • Applications and Processes running in the background

    With the HTC EVO 4G, you have the ability to manage your phone's power consumption to optimize its battery life. These include:

    Battery Usage Tools
    Before you are ready to charge your phone you can view what has been using your battery during this charge cycle.
    • Settings -> About Phone -> Battery -> Battery use
    Multiple Radios

    The multiple radios on this device will use battery life even when you are not using them.

    • To improve battery life, turn off your Bluetooth, GPS, 4G, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Sprint Mobile Hotspot if you are not using them.
    4G Connectivity

    The 4G radio should only be turned ON when the improved network speed is required for an application, such as YouTube, Web Browsing, or Sprint Mobile Hotspot. When not in use, its important to use the built-in 4G widget (preloaded on Home tile left of center) to turn the 4G radio OFF.

    If you have your 4G radio ON, but are no longer in 4G coverage then your device will be scanning in an attempt to re-acquire the 4G network. Your battery can be significantly drained by the scanning processes, so if you know you will be out of 4G coverage for an extended period of time or if you are not acquiring a 4G signal as indicated in the task bar, it would be important to turn your 4G radio OFF.

    E-mail Applications Settings

    The e-mail settings allow you to setup peak and off-peak hours for e-mail sync on each email account.

    • Pop Account
      • Mail -> Menu -> More -> Settings -> Send & Receive -> Set Download Frequency
    • Exchange Account
      • Mail -> Menu -> More -> Settings -> Send & Receive -> Schedule

    Generally, less frequent syncing equates to better battery life.

    Google Talk

    As soon as you sign up for the Google Market or Gmail with your Gmail account information, you are also signed in to the Google Talk instant messaging application. The Talk application tracks the presence of your Google Talk contacts in order to let you know who is available to instant message. Each presence change uses a small amount of power even if you do not have the Talk application open.

    If you have numerous contacts who are changing presence throughout the day all of these small impacts to your battery can add up to significantly shorten your battery life.

    To see a complete list of power management tips for the HTC EVO 4G, click here to read this PDF overview.

    Switching between 3G and 4G coverage

    Browser app connection warning.

    Mail app connection warning.

    When switching between 3G and 4G coverage, the HTC EVO 4G may experience a very brief interruption of data service as the device switches network connections. During this brief interruption, applications attempting to access data may be unable to do so and may display an error message. Below are some examples of how to proceed if an error message appears on the device. Other data-usage applications may experience a very brief interruption and will continue functioning once the network handoff is complete.

    • Mail application: Simply tap the Cancel button and refresh your inbox after a few seconds by tapping Menu > Refresh.
    • Browser application: Simply wait a few seconds and attempt loading the webpage again by tapping the refresh arrows or re-entering the address.
    • YouTube: Simply tap the OK button and attempt loading the desired video again
    • Sprint Mobile Hotspot: The Sprint Mobile Hotspot will remain on, but there will be no internet connectivity until the device reconnects to the data network.
    • Pandora: Pandora may briefly pause until connectivity to the data network is restored

    Use spaces to separate tags. Use single quotes (') for phrases.

    1. May/June 2012 Android 4.0 Review by Daniel J. Enloe "mental maven"

      I love this phone.. and now it will be getting Android 4 (ICS)... Too cool.

      I have had this phone for 18 months and no real issues to speak of... (Posted on 5/21/2012)

    2. A lot not to like Review by Jiminy

      I have had this phone for 17 months now. I have never been happy with it -- although my sister loves hers. The phone often shuts off after a minute or two -- for no reason. I find the messaging app is not user friendly. When the battery runs down, it has enough juice to run the "HTC" ad -- and the one for Sprint -- but not for emergency messages. The camera can take some nice photos -- as long as you know that most will snap a full second after you press the button. Now the camera has stopped working -- a common problem from what I see online -- making a key reason for a smart phone (for me) useless. I do like the GPS feature. You have to pay extra for 4G -- whether your area gets it or not -- and I haven't really noticed an increase in speed anyway. The battery runs out of power far too quickly. Even a bigger battery doesn't last long.

      I'm not sure what I will buy when my contract expires in July -- but it won't be an HTC. (And, as Sprint will not offer any discount until the contract actually expires, they will have lost this customer for this spectacular lack of customer service.) (Posted on 11/19/2011)

    3. almost the best phone ever!!!!!! Review by La Toija Striggles,La Toija Striggles

      The Evo 4G would be the best phone ever if the battery life lasted longer. I had 2 buy the big bulky battery so now I can't buy cute cases for my phone. On the plus side, I love the big screen, the touch screen, most of the apps are free, you can watch movies, tv, read books, u name it, the Evo can do it!!!!! The camera is GREAT!, (Posted on 11/6/2011)

    4. amoung other users problem Review by jillian aberdeen

      ok had this phone for 11 months now,was working find untill two days ago.the power botton is not working, the phone shuts down after 5mins of not being use and ask if it want to shutdown or restart after each ussage.the screen also blanks out cant see whos calling.the only way the phone works is to take the battery out and put it back in.then it will boot the phone up by it self (Posted on 10/23/2011)

    5. Amazing phone Review by Melissa in Houston

      I have had this phone for a year and have to say I love it. It has been showing its age lately (the battery mainly), but all rechargeable batteries degrade eventually. I don't really want a new phone either - I'd much rather just buy a new battery.

      I have never had an iPhone, but I do have an iPod Touch (the iPhone without the phone) and have to say that I found the Android OS very user friendly and intuitive. The iPhone/iPod? Not so much for me.

      The only flaw I can find with this phone right out the box is the quality of the screen. Images taken with the camera have a pixelated look to them. Also, the hardware in this phone is now dated. Most current smartphones are getting dual core processors and better graphic processors as well.

      If you want a nice smart phone at a fraction of the price of the latest models, this one will serve you well. (Posted on 10/15/2011)

    6. HTC evo 4G kinda-ok Review by Jamerz

      I ordered my evo through amazon. It was a great price until I saw my bills. I've had the phone for just about two months now. This is a kinda-ok phone, I guess. I've had some issues with it and of course I hate the bloatware from Sprint. I can't delete any unwanted apps and I keep loosing my themes. The battery life sucks and I really don't understand why it keeps opening blank web pages? The camera is nice, but inside pics don't come out that well, especially if you or the object that is being photographed moves even slightly. I like the fact that I can download just about any app, but I wouldn't want to because I don't want to drain the battery. I'm sure it would be an excellent phone if I were really tech-savvy, overall it does what a smartphone should do, so I'll stick with it for now. (Posted on 10/10/2011)

    7. Great 4g phone Review by Darlene

      This phones is really great, HTC did are spectacular job. I have been using this ever since it came out and its still a pretty revolutionary phone, definitely top of the line android (Posted on 9/30/2011)

    8. Great deal on this HTC EVO 4G! Review by Misha

      Last week I spotted a great deal for HTC EVO 4G for one cent plus FREE activation. Of course at first my husband and I were skeptical but I said what have we got to lose because we were shopping for our cellphones that we needed QUICK! But we couldn't afford other phones right now because timing was bad. This is not our first choice but second choice. I was shocked when I checked the statement after I ordered two phones in black and white. Sure enough I only paid 2 cents. That's all! We're very pleased when we got them last Friday 9/23rd. We played with them and like them good. It takes a while for us to get used to them but they're pretty good. So it's worth to us though.... (Posted on 9/26/2011)

    9. The Absolute Best Cellphone Ever! Review by Orrin Boyd "Orrin"

      I got my HTC EVO 4G about a week ago via Sprint and haven't been able to put it down or find any cons about it at all yet. Everything about this phone is absolute
      ly wonderfful!!m
      Only thing I did notice was that, as usual, the battery life on it is terrible. But that is rectified, however, by going to Gorilla Gsdgets and buying one of their outstanding HTC EVO extended batteries. My wife andextended batteries. My wife and I both got one, which was delivered extremely fast. With just the first full charge, the extended battery on my phone lasted for my whole entire 8 hour work shift, and it still was half-full of battery life. After the 4th charge the extended battery is supposed to really shine. Reviews stated that with the extended battery's full peak performance, the life of its.charge has been known to last for days. I also bought the snuffe-proof screen protector. And finally, I topped my new HTC EVO 4G phone with the best clip-on cover and case that's out there. And now I Have one of the best computer phones ever. I highly recommend the HTC EVO 4G Android phone. But to give you the actual phone experience you can have with it. I highly recommend the extended battery as well. Thanks. (Posted on 9/22/2011)

    10. Fast, but Lousy Battery Life Review by Sudaval

      Imagine a Concorde jet that couldn't fly more than 500 miles without refueling. That's the HTC Evo.
      We bought two of these phones about three weeks ago. I've spent the intervening time going through the recommendations on conditioning the battery and following the suggestions on limiting battery use, to no avail. We've only used 4G once or twice. We haven't streamed movies. We don't talk much on the phone -- probably less than 20 minutes a day apiece. We do sometimes use the GPS for navigation, but that's maybe once a day for 20 minutes or so at a time, and we turn it off between uses. Still, after a full battery charge, with such moderate use, this phone's battery frequently is exhausted in less than four hours.
      I have it from a person who regularly works on these phones that the screens shatter easily and the power connectors are flimsy. We haven't experienced that, but I will say that after three weeks of gentle use, my phone's developed a dead pixel.
      We're returning the phones and getting different models.
      As nice as the gee-whiz programs are, we have mobile phones so that, in an emergency, we can make a call. The Evo is fast, but its inferior battery life means that it fails the test of dependability.
      The one thing that has redeemed the situation so far is Amazon's excellent customer service. They're working with us to resolve the situation, and we'll be able to get functional phones. If I were scoring my experience on customer service alone, I'd be giving top marks. But you'd get good customer service if you bought another phone here as well.
      I was going to give this phone one star, but somebody told me that can be perceived as the province of hate mailers, and that one-star reviews tend to get ignored. This is not hate mail. I just want to spare you what we've gone through. Do not waste your time -- and possibly put yourself at risk in an emergency -- by buying an Evo. (Posted on 9/17/2011)

    11. Spring Horible Service Review by Brian M

      The phone overall is very good; however, SPRINT's customer service is Horible and downright bad enough to consider never purchasing the phone. After purchasing the phone and dealing with a battery issue, customer service and repair service keeps pointing the finger at everyone else. They refer you to the repair center who tells you to call the 1-800# who tells you to take it to a store. Basically no one at Sprint wants to solve a problem, they just take basic info and tell you to talk to someone else.

      BEWARE of thir customer service. I had one agent refuse to help me because she could not verify who I was, but sent me an e-mail saying it was a pleasure. (Posted on 9/16/2011)

    12. Maybe great phone, but Sprint sucks Review by Stephen

      I don't know for sure if the phone is crap or JUST Sprint service (by service I do not mean customer service, but signal/function), but one way or the other I'm lucky if the thing ever works.

      Initially, the battery was only lasting me about 6 HOURS, and that was with very minimal use. I unplugged it when I left for my 8 hr work day, used it on my first 15 min break for probably about 5 min, then by the end of my lunch (only a half hr) it was in yellow. By my last break it was either dead or almost dead EVERY SINGLE DAY until I started deleting all the crappy apps that were constantly running in the background, things I never used and hadn't personally downloaded myself, they just came on the phone. Now the batt lasts me about 10 to 12 hours, with MINIMAL use, and if I actually use it a lot throughout the day (like on a day I have off from work) it's dead within 4-5 hours, which really sucks for eggs. Don't even try to listen to music or an audiobook on it, it'll suck the battery dead within just a couple hours!

      The next major problem would be the fact that I primarily went with sprint service to get a phone that had gps built in and I didn't have to pay extra for. I just didn't want to have to buy ANOTHER electronic gadget to remember/forget when I go on trips, but I really love gps when I'm in an area I don't know well. Well, that tanked too. The first time I used it, it actually worked GREAT, reasonably speaking. I mean, IT SUCKED THE BATTERY DRY, AND IF I DIDN'T LEAVE IT PLUGGED IN CONSTANTLY, ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE, but that was fine, I'd paid a crap-load for the carcharger so I may as well USE IT, and you would have to leave any gps plugged in the entire time anyway, so no big. It was working great all through the backwoods of Logan, OH, out near Old Man's Cave, in places where the actual cell service wouldn't reach I was still getting a gps signal. I thought that was awesome! Then just about a week later, I was in NORTH CANTON, OH, the MIDDLE OF A RELATIVELY LARGE CITY COMPARED TO BFE NOWHERE, and I tried (I'm really not exaggerating when I say this) 40 TIMES to connect to the gps signal to find my way back out of there and get home to Marietta. Did it ever work? Sort of... We drove around for about 20 to 30 min, the ENTIRE TIME I was trying to get a signal and it wouldn't connect OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER AGAIN, and then finally we found our way out without it. THANK GOD IT WASN'T NEW YORK, CHICAGO, OR PHILADELPHIA! We drove the 2 & 1/2 hour trip home, and as I PULLED INTO MY DRIVEWAY, it finally said, "connection found". Great timing, Sprint...great timing.

      Another beef I have with it is that It's constantly crashing on me for NO REASON! I'll have a full signal, and it just freezes up and kicks me out of whatever I'm doing, sometimes it even turns itself off and restarts while I'm in the middle of reading an email. It just does, no rhyme or reason, no point to any of it. It just FELT LIKE IT, I suppose. Other times I'll be trying to rate an app, and for no comprehensible reason whatsoever it tells me it can't connect to the market at this time, and gives me the option to retry posting my comment. So, I hit retry. It pops up again. And again...and again...and again, infinity. So I give up, move on to another app and lo and behold, it let's me rate that one JUST FINE, NO CONNECTION PROBLEMS THERE! So I go on to the next one, and it's fine too! then it happens on the next one, I get a warning message that my phone is unable to FUNCTION at this time, (isn't the POINT of a smart phone to FUNCTION?!). It turns out, I have a really nice paperweight, and unlike an old iPhone, when I finally switch BACK to AT&T, I WON'T be able to use THIS PIECE OF JUNK for music, because it'll DIE! THE STINKING BATTERY WILL DIE, SERVICE OR NO SERVICE! That's ok, really, it barely functions for anything now anyway, so I won't mind so much when I get to drive over it with my car (which will give me such joy deep down in my soul)!

      And for any of you out there that may be thinking, "Wow, buddy, lay off the meds!", trust me, this is just sheer frustration with a piece of junk I'm contractually bound to! I'm actually thinking about switching to AT&T now anyway, getting back my iPhone, and just paying the fee for early cancellation! It would be worth it! Unfortunately, I have to wait till I have money, we're heading into the holiday season, I have a million birthdays this time of year, and not enough money to go around, so any switching or unswitching I do will probably have to wait until after I get my income tax return, and by then I may be insane anyway. If I'm not, it won't be for lack of trying on Sprint's part. (Posted on 9/16/2011)

    13. So bad I need to warn others Review by Andrew Kittross

      I don't normally bother reviewing products on Amazon because so many other people already do a fine job. But my HTC EVO 4G has been so thoroughly disappointing and frustrating, and there are few negative reviews, I feel compelled to warn others that they may be wasting a lot of money for an inferior product.

      1. The battery life is really, really terrible. This is my third smartphone, and I know all about how to preserve battery life by turning off unnecessary radios, reducing screen brightness, and avoiding unneeded apps. I charge it every night, but the battery will not last until the end of the work day unless I keep it in my pocket all day and don't use it. If you want to actually use the advanced capabilities of the phone, forget it; you'll need to keep it plugged in. You absolutely must have a car charger if you plan to use it for GPS navigation. Otherwise, your phone will die in less than an hour.

      2. The screen is too big. I have average-sized hands for a man, and it's very difficult to use the phone with one hand. This makes playing games or reaching all of the icons on the home screen frustrating. Unless you plan to watch a lot of videos or something, get a smaller screen. This is not really a deficiency of the phone, it's just something I wish someone had warned me about.

      3. My phone will not output audio to the headphone jack while it's charging. This makes it useless for listening to music on long car rides (see point #1 terrible battery).

      4. The microphone stopped working for anything except phone calls. There's nothing wrong with the mic hardware, since I can still make calls. But speech recognition no longer works (after a few months), and I can't record videos with sound. Cool features, but if they don't work, well, it's disappointing to say the least.

      5. If using Google Maps with GPS just to see where I am (not navigate somewhere), the GPS goes to sleep or something when the screen goes off (after the normal timeout). So when I turn on the screen again, I have to wait 10-15 seconds until Maps reacquires an accurate position.

      6. Phone will hang and need to be rebooted about once a week. I use a task killer to keep only essential apps running, so I know it's the system software that's doing this.

      7. Power button and headphone jack are difficult to find and operate, compared to all other phones I've owned.

      8. Micro USB port is backwards. I say this because (1) logos on cords point away from the user, and (2) I bought an auxiliary external battery thingy (see point #1 terrible battery) and the bulk of the thing comes right on top of the screen, making it impossible to use the phone for many things. It's also difficult to plug things in to the micro USB, but this is the fault of the micro-USB format, not HTC.

      9. The camera lens sticks way out on the back, so it's impossible to set the phone down on a table without exposing either the lens or the screen to scratches.

      10. 4G coverage is spotty, but I knew and accepted this before I bought the phone. I live and work in the greater Boston area, but have no 4G coverage at work, and marginal coverage at home. I can connect to 4G at home, but the speed is the same as the 3G speed.

      11. Boot time is really long. They changed something with the most recent system update, so that sometimes it will boot up in only 15 seconds. But usually it takes about 90 seconds to start up. Don't know why it's sometimes short now and sometimes long.

      There are some things this phone does well.

      1. The screen is bright and beautiful, making things easy to see and pleasant to look at.

      2. I like the HTC Sense UI, compared to the Moto Droid I used before this. The Sense UI basically consists of a large widget that gives you the time, date, and weather, plus a few neat touches like having the whole home screen give you an indication of the weather the first time you turn it on for the day (e.g, clouds go across the screen, or a windshield wiper clears the rain off the screen).

      3. The camera takes nice pictures.

      4. Internet and download speeds are pretty good.

      5. The phone charges quickly, which is important since you'll be doing that a lot.

      6. Dual LED flashes make a great flashlight.

      7. Kickstand is cool if you want to watch a video.

      In conclusion, this phone has enough cool features that it might be OK for you if you don't mind constantly charging it and your voice recognition doesn't fail like mine did. However, for the things I want to do with my smartphone, I'm bitterly disappointed and will not be buying another HTC. (Posted on 9/12/2011)

    14. Love the EVO!! Review by portland clarinet

      I just couldn't resist reviewing my new phone, and I'll try to keep this short and sweet without gushing too much. This is, quite simply, the best piece of electronics I think I've ever used! Everything about it is impressive, from HTC's brilliant Sense user interface to the look and feel of the device itself.

      Hardware: This phone feels very high quality and has an exceptionally well thought out design. The rear kickstand seems like a total gimmick, but I find myself using it all the time! Perfect for watching videos or reading books and articles. The 4.3 inch screen is also one of the signature features of this phone and it doesn't disappoint. It feels huge compared to any other phone, and really makes everything you do on the phone a pleasure.

      Camera: Excellent with an exceptionally fast shutter speed. Dual LED flash is awesome!
      Call Quality: Excellent, not a single dropped call and very clear on both ends.
      Speakerphone: Excellent and very loud!

      Software: This to me is what really separates this phone, and its sibling HTC phones, from all the other Android manufacturers. The Sense user interface really improves the look and feel of everything and makes Android considerably more intuitive. My phone came shipped with the latest Gingerbread version of Android, which is really impressive for a year old device. It is so much faster than my old phone, which technically had just as good of a processor and RAM. You literally cannot slow this phone down, no matter how many apps are widgets are running. I now reach for my phone before my laptop, it's that fast. AMAZING!!

      Final Thoughts: What else can I say? When I bought the phone, the salesperson put it simply: "The EVO's are flawless." I couldn't agree more. (Posted on 8/11/2011)

    15. Fun, but short battery life Review by Texas Dog Lover

      Love the phone and all the available apps (most of them are free), but the battery life leaves something to be desired. (Posted on 8/7/2011)

    16. Love it! Review by Megan

      It took a little bit of figuring out so I could use all the cool features but once I did, man oh man, was it a game changer! Love it! (Posted on 7/30/2011)

    17. Fantastic Phone Review by matt1229

      When it was time to upgrade, I looked around the market with different phone companies, and considered the iPhone, Blackberry, and HTC. Turns out we got a great deal from Sprint, and I couldn't be happier. The phone is perfect in size, the screen is nice and big, and you can set up all you ever need to only be a touch away.

      I would definitely recommend buying a bigger battery, but be warned, if you buy the 3500 mah battery offered for this phone, a new back cover is given to you as well (due to the larger battery size). Therefore, any case you have for the phone WILL NOT FIT unless you buy the proper hard case that accommodates such a battery.

      That would literally be my only complaint, battery life. Other than that, this phone is incredible and always fun to use. You can't go wrong with HTC. (Posted on 7/26/2011)

    18. THE BEST Review by ED

      After reading about half of the over 3,000 + reviews on, and also reading many other websites cell phone review pages, I finally decided to get my upgrade and get the EVO 4G. I had the Rumor2 and the Rumor as my last two sprint phones. Let me tell you, I was not disapointed one bit. I LOVE MY NEW PHONE. I was very concerned about the battery life, as almost everyone had bad things to say about it. It's not that bad at all. Now of course, if you are a big time gamer, or watching movies or tv on it a lot, then yes, the battery life goes much faster. The key thing about getting the most out of the battery life is training your battery when you first get the phone. After you buy your new EVO 4G, take it straight home, plug it in and let it charge over night for at least 12 hours with the phone turned off (make sure it's off and not in stand-by mode). Your phone will now be fully charged. The next day, use the phone as much as possible, but not so much where you drain the battery too fast and then that night, before you go to bed, plug it in over night and unplug it when you wake up. Make this a daily habit and try to plug it in at the same time every night and unplug at the same time every morning. That's how I have done it with all my phones I have ever had and now, after one over night charge, from 11:00pm to 6:30am, I can use my EVO 4G to surf the web, send about 25 to 50 texts, check my emails a few times a day, and make several calls and still have battery life to spare when I plug it in at night. So don't let all those negative battery comments scare you away from getting this phone. I was also worried a little bit about going from a phone with a full slide out key board like the Rumor to a touch screen. Since I work in an office, I don't get to talk on my phone a lot, but I do send several texts to my wife and kids through out the day. The touch screen keyboard format took a little getting used too, but after a few days, I got it down and I don't miss the full keyboard at all. The 4.3" touch screen is by far the best feature...very clear and vivid colors. I recommend you get a ZAGG invisible screen shield for it as soon as possible to protect it. It's the most important accessory to buy for this phone. The phone was very easy to learn how to use and setting up all my custom settings like, ringtones, screen savers, etc. was a breeze. Getting access to all your key features like text messages, emails, contacts list, and the interent are just a click or swipe away. I also like the 8MP camera, it takes great pictures. This will by my phone for a long, long time (Posted on 7/25/2011)

    19. Sprint HTC EVO 4G Review by xoxoColey

      I have this phone and it's great! I actually switched within my 30 day grace period from the HTC EVO shift - loved the keyboard on the shift but love how much bigger the screen is on the EVO 4G. The battery life isn't horrible but I also have a USB port in my truck so I plug it in when need be. Overall, I'd say worth it. I've had my fair share of phones and this one has far exceeded my expectations! (Posted on 7/23/2011)

    20. One of the best android phones out Review by Stanley Ardon

      The best android phone on sprint. Very responsive and fast processor. The HD camera is awesome. Also has a hdmi output. The only one better is the new htc evo 4g 3d. (Posted on 7/20/2011)

    21. It's More than a Smart Phone! Review by Kameron Karch

      When I got this phone, I was excited to get it, but scared that it would be a lot of time and effort to set it up due to the complexity of smart phones; that was not the case. The Evo 4g is very easy to set up and use. There are many ways to customize it to desired settings. There are many great applications on this phone that are comparable to the iPhone, too.

      One of my favorite qualities about this phone is that it takes very good photos, but the video camera isn't as great as I would like it to be. And I do like the front-facing camera that can be used for video chatting. Also, I love the availability of widgets that provide easy access to news, feeds, and social networks.

      When it comes to typing on the Evo's keyboard, I love it. It is very easy to type fast without many errors. I've even found that there are a few good keyboard swipe applications for the people who desire to type REALLY fast. I also really like the idea of using SD cards for storage because you can change them out for more room. Another great quality of the Evo is the high quality display. It's not as good as the iPhone's Retina display, but it is very close. Also, the Facebook and Twitter apps are really good, as opposed to other phones. The Evo also has a great kickstand that I use frequently for Netflix, which is also a great app on this phone. And it has an insert for an HDMI cord so you can direct videos from your phone to a television.

      As great as the phone can be, it does, like every phone out there, have a few problems and glitches. First of all, the 4 navigation buttons located underneath the screen pose a problem: While in the middle of an app, it is very easy to accidentally touch one of the navigation controls and close out of the app. Another problem is the battery life. For me, the battery lasts about a day, and that is if you only use it occasionally. If you use the phone very often, it might last a couple of hours. It just depends on how often it is used and what applications are used. Although, there are a few good apps that can help the battery last longer, such as "Juice Defender." A very small but annoying problem is the YouTube app that comes with the Evo. Sometimes, when you want to play videos, it will play a whole different and random video. And it takes a while to load videos on 3g, but WiFi works great.

      So all in all, the Evo is a very good phone. There aren't that many problems with it, so the Positives definitely out-weigh the Negatives. I've had the Evo for over 6 months and I still really love it, so I would definitely recommend this. (Posted on 7/20/2011)

    22. Best cell phone I've ever owned. Review by Gene Wie

      I've been a Sprint customer since 1998, and this is one of the best phones I've ever owned with them.

      It does require that you have just a bit of knowledge of how to deal with the operating system, and troubleshoot some minor technical issues from time to time. However, the flexibility of Android to customize the interface, develop new programs in a very common language (hello Java!) with a freely available set of tools (plug in the SDK to Eclipse and you're good to go), make the Evo a hands down winner for me.

      The huge screen is great, the camera works well, the dual LED flash doubles great as a high-intensity flashlight, and I find that the battery life is quite excellent. I use regular 3G service mostly with Wifi when I'm at home or work. On a recent trip to New York I had the phone running in 4G mode using PDAnet to connect it to my Macbook Air and I got great as blazes. (Posted on 7/19/2011)

    23. Do. Not. Buy. Review by JohnA "John"

      This phone is the single most useless item I have ever used. It was shiny and cool for 6 months then started rebooting twice a day or so. OK, I figured I just put some app on it that caused the problem - hard reset. No good, it kept doing it. Then the twice increased to thrice and then ... and then... It finally reached a place where it would not stay up for more than a few minutes.
      Sprint is very uncooperative on warranty replacements and it takes a long time to deal with them. HTC is no better.
      Every HTC phone I've used lasted no more than 6 months before it turned in to a brick. I can only surmise that they have no quality controls in place or they don't care that they send crap in to the marketplace.
      Avoid all HTC products - they are useless. If you want something shiny, buy a small mirror. If you want something that fits in your pocket, buy a small plank of the same dimensions. You may be thinking that the phone won't work as a phone but let me assure you, neither does the Evo.
      HTC should be ashamed of themselves selling this worthless junk. (Posted on 7/13/2011)

    24. Good phone, battery a little weak Review by Stacy Lee

      I have had this phone for 3 months now. It is a solid phone, with good size screen. My only complaint is that the battery life is a little short. I am guessing that it is because of that big beautiful screen, also have read that leaving the 4G on you get poor battery performance. I did purchase the extended battery, and I can not imagine not having it, some days, even with extended battery it runs low. Be sure to get a car charger too, if you are on the run like me. Technical Consultant | [...] (Posted on 7/11/2011)

    25. iphone is the best and droidx is the 2nd best, Evo is the third best!! Review by Fahad F. Fadhil

      I got two, one for me and one(white evo) for my wife, If you used of played with the iphone or the droidx, then you would rank the evo as the third best phone.

      A close friend of mine has droidx, so I've played with it a lot, droidx has a main issue that makes all the users really suffers, it is that the phone freezes for no reason!!

      since I got my Evo, it never break never froze, battery life is bad, yeah I know but I got an extended battery that lasts me now for a whole day.

      I don't recommend the white EVO, I can feel that mine is way faster than my wife's white evo, and the same for the 3g. (Posted on 5/20/2011)

    26. Perfect Phone, Flagship Device, May Keep Sprint Alive Review by gkverne

      From the moment you first see this phone you know it's special. It looks huge, expensive, and powerful. By contrast, the Droid X looks huge and powerful, but not expensive.

      This is an Android phone running Android 2.2 (2010) with HTC's Sense on top. Despite Sense it is lightning-fast, intuitive, and easy to get the hang of. Once you're acclimated, it's very powerful and flexible. Sense delays software updates, but it might be worth it to you (personal preference, of course).

      Call quality is great, signal strength is great, and the phone is a great performer. 4G isn't in my area and you'll be taxed a $10/month "smartphone tax" by Sprint, but aside from those two issues this is an amazing experience.

      I had no issues with the device's software, and only one tiny issue with the hardware. The lip of the phone that rests against your ear while in use is a little rough on my ear, leading to discomfort on long calls. That's it though, otherwise this is a 10 out of 10. (Posted on 5/10/2011)

    27. Voted Slowest/Most Complicated Phone in My Office Review by Thomas G. Sterling

      This is a mini boat anchor. Those in my office that played around with it were astonished at how slow and complicated it is. I mean really slow. I waited so long for it to load into Google or Yahoo I felt like throwing it at the wall. Do your homework before getting into this 'Sprint Hyped' monsterocity. After a few days of us using this phone, those considering getting one totally changed their minds.
      Look elsewhere for the features you need and avoid this 'soon to be' relic. Also those owning one will tell you the battery runs out so fast you'll be living your life with a plugged in cell phone. A really bad investment. (Posted on 5/8/2011)

    28. Feature packed Review by TTN

      This is not my first Android experience, I own a HTC hero prior to this phone. I enjoyed what Android brings to the table, the ability to customize your home screen is an added plus for the OS. I was an early adopter of the iPhone and I was not totally satisfied with the experience for one reason; no ability to truly customize. Although the iPhone hardware was great, a screen full of static icons just doesn't do it for me. In comes the EVO.

      So this phone runs the Android OS with HTC's Sense UI rounding out the experience. Sense UI is basically a skin that adds to the Android experience. I am the kind of person who is ruled by his phone. I keep my schedule in my Google calendar and I follow it religiously. If my calendar tells me there's a meeting at 2pm, then I am there at 2pm. If my calendar tells me that I have a clinic rotation on Tuesday, then I am there on Tuesday. You get the point. So Sense UI (and Android) gives you the ability to add a calendar widget right on your home screen so that you get see exactly what your event is without having to access any apps (iOS or iPhone doesn't do). I know this is a small thing, but it just makes my day flow better when I can passively check my calendar everytime I access my phone. The screen on the EVO is great, large and clear with good pictures. Of course this is no AMOLED like the one on the HTC Incredible but unless you have them side by side; it would be hard to complain.

      The phone has an 8mp main camera and a 1.3mp front camera. I'd have to admit I was surprised at how good the main camera was for still photos. However, even though they claim the ability to record video at 720p, I found the video quality to be poor. I am just going to come out and say it; the video chat feature on the EVO is no FaceTime like what the Apple iPhone 4 has. Yes, with the EVO you can video chat on any signal (wifi, 3g, 4g) but I found that more than half the time it just does not work. Either it doesn't connect or the quality is poor or they can't hear me. Needs serious work. I tested FaceTime and it is just better implemented.

      The call quality on the EVO is great, I never got any complaints from people on the other line. Drop calls was a non issue because of Sprint's great coverage. It's a pity that I don't get 4G here in my state but I have experienced it during my travels to other cities and it is very fast. On par with wifi. When on 3g I have no complaints about speed, fast enough to do what I need but if you want to stream video; get on wifi or 4g. For those you want to access the hotspot feature for free, one word for you: unrevoked.

      Biggest con to this phone is the battery life. I work 12 hr shifts and the phone is usually on its last leg at the end of the day. Although that may be more than enough for an average person. If you plan to use your phone constantly, bring a charger.

      Despite it's flaws, this phone still does exactly what I need it to do. I willl never use video chat, I don't have battery problems unless I'm out all day. So I will give this phone a rating of:

      5/5 stars. (Posted on 5/8/2011)

    29. May Never Upgrade Again Review by Sinjin "rlvaugh"

      I've had this phone over 6 months and I can't ever imagine wanting to upgrade. Big, beautiful screen, fast 4-G speed, 8 megapixel camera, front camera, kickstand, lots of memory, tons of apps, and an overall thing of beauty. This may be the pinnacle of human technology. Thank you, htc! (Posted on 5/7/2011)

    30. Best phone I've ever had Review by S. Nelson "Online Shopping Addict"

      I love this phone. I have had it for 10 months. It is the first phone I want to last forever. I was attached to my Blackberry before this, but was always looking for something better. I am sure the iPhone is great. I have a few friends that have one, but this phone..... it just takes things a step further. The only downfall is the battery & you have to use an app killer to close applications. But I bought a larger battery here on Amazon & it lasts all day now. I am a heavy user. This phone has morphed itself into something wonderful. I am technically inclined, however, this phone was so smart, I don't even remember loading my contacts into it...... LOVE IT! (Posted on 4/30/2011)

    31. Great phone hobbled by a terrible service Review by G.W.

      I really have very few complaints about the HTC EVO. The phone is everything I hoped it'd be. Unfortunately, it's on the Sprint network, which is everything I hoped it wouldn't be. The Sprint personnel misrepresented the pricing, and then when I challenged it, didn't respond until after the 30 day return period had lapsed, so I've been unable to return the phone and cancel the contract. The network quality is poor. Many people complain about not being able to hear me. Data speeds don't even come close to the 3-6MB download speeds advertised, even in 4G network areas. Every now and then you'll get it, but usually you're lucky to get 1.25 download speeds. The hotspot was also an important part of my purchase, but it's quality is even worse than the phone's. There are times that the phone is actually getting a good connection with 3MB+ speeds, and a device connected to the hotspot still can't get over 1MB download speeds. 3G Speeds are unusable for data devices. If you're looking for a comparable 4G HTC phone, I'd have to recommend the Thunderbolt. Sprint just can't get the job done. (Posted on 4/26/2011)

    32. Amazing superphone Review by B. Withey

      I'm not big on long reviews, so I'll get to the point. I have had this phone for around 10 months now, and here's a quick rundown of the ups and downs.

      +This phone has an amazing screen. It is bright and has enough landscape to actually be able to watch videos or view web pages. Having it on full brightness is a bit of a battery hog, but thats the case with all phones.
      +The speaker is surprisingly loud while still sounding good. I listen to music on my phone often and never have problems with sound quality.
      +Although newer phones come with >1ghz processors and multiple cores, the EVO is still nearly as fast as them. Unless you are wasting your phones power on background garbage, you will rarely wait for anything to load/open. The UI is very smooth and responsive as well.
      +The Sense UI adds many useful widgets and apps that I always use. The HTC calendar, clocks and messages widgets are good looking and give you options for the looks.
      +The 4g connection is very fast. It isn't as fast as LTE, but it is definitely more than fast enough for anything you would need to do on your phone. The downside is that there is limited 4g market for Sprint right now, and considering that they plan to change over to LTE, I don't see that improving too much.
      -The battery life on this phone is less than optimal. That being said, there are simple ways to ensure it lasts a full day (minimum). Using 50-60% screen brightness, turning off your mobile network connection, turning off window animations, and ensuring you are using a screen timeout are simple ways to make your phone last all day (with average use).

      I realize that I have left several things out of this review, but the main points are here. Many phones have a lot in common, so pointing out those things isn't necessary. I would recommend this phone to anyone wanting a great touch screen only phone, though it will be succeeded by the HTC Evo 3D in the summer. It is still a high end device, and will be for a long time to come. (Posted on 4/26/2011)

    33. Great phone, but definately some shortcomings. Review by the palmetto "the palmetto"

      I love the functionality of the phone (in fact I'm writing this review with the phone). It does everything you could want a phone to do, hardware wise and otherwise. It's a fast processor, great camera, blah blah. I just want to voice the negatives. First off, I'm til running Android OS 2.2 with no update in the foreseeable future, with 2.4 fast approaching. Granted, the phone works just fine but I'm a stickler for updates. I think Swype is awful and I stopped using it due to its frustrating word replacements.

      This is the main focus of my revirew, please purchase the insurance for this phone. You WILL need it. I had mine for less than a month and already had issues. Biggest issue for me, the speakers blow out. I barely talk on the phone and the in call speaker is horribly buzzing. The external speaker is not as bad but crackling is still present. This is NOT just a lemon phone. I have 2 co workers, 2 friends, and 2 family member with the same phone and ALL of them (A-L-L) have speaker issues. HTC did something awfully wrong with these speakers and I have no idea what it is, but it's extremely annoying

      That's about it, other than that I can tell you ill eventually root the phone and that may be the only way to bypass some of the safeguards built into the phone that are so irritating, and for no apparent good reason. (Posted on 4/24/2011)

    34. great trucker phone Review by TJ "TJ n illini country"

      I have had the EVO since 8/2010 and i'm very happy with this phone.The phone quality is real good and thats the just the basic feature that should work good.This phone is made by HTC,and i have been VERY happy with HTC smartphones.I'm a long distance trucker so i needed a really good smartphone,and this fits my lifestyle perfect.Being out on the road,i'm able to surf the internet(mini opera) which is nice as i can read my local newspaper,check the weather,look at the winter road conditions.I can also watch TV,as it has sprint TV which is nice,especially in a 4G area. And there our so many applications you can download for free,and some that our pay type as well.Me being a trucker,my favorite program is INRIX traffic,as it will give me live traffic updates,accidents,& construction that our in the area as well.Another great progam is tunein radio,which is internet radio.I am able to listen to online radio stations all over the USA & maps works great on the EVO with a ton of options with maps to help you,and i'm able to locate nearby dining areas when i'm out of town.My gf loves the laditude program as she can see where i'm at when i'm gone.I am also able to tether my phone and use it with my netbook to surf the web when i have a lot of idle time.The camera is excellent considering its a smartphone with a 8 mgpxl camera.The video camera is very good as well,as it does 720p HD video as well,which has very impressive quality with you all the time.The mp3 sounds great as well, and its nice i can take my tunes with me when i'm traveling,i can also play it through my car stereo which is sweet.bluetooth device work great with the EVO,and i have never had any connection issues with it.I used a motortrend BT09 headset which worked really good with it.I currently use a plantronics voyager pro and its works excellent with my EVO.
      There our plenty of accescories for the evo online and you really want to protect this expensive phone.I recommend a real good holster or case. Even a good thick skin would be be great as well as backup.
      It was down to a Iphone or a EVO,but sprint won because of a cheaper monthly plan that suited my needs.I'm not knocking the Iphone as i know thats a great phone as well,but i'm very happy with the sprint EVO. (Posted on 4/20/2011)



    36. pretty good so far Review by C. Kroll

      Just got this phone a few days ago and am pretty happy so far. As far as ease of use, it's no iPhone, so there is a learning curve and I am still in it! Hoping that I'll be able to figure out all the little bells and whistles soon. Appreciate all the videos people have posted, which have been very helpful.

      The one thing I was worried about was lack of quality apps. Most of the popular apps from iPhone are available on Android though, so that has not been an issue so far. And happy to see that Amazon now has an app marketplace, which will make things easy to purchase.

      People on the receiving end of my calls have said they sound great, so that has been good.

      That's it for now! (Posted on 4/7/2011)

    37. busty evo Review by Jesse Guzman Jr. "luv2catchfish"

      What a great phone, big screen for my bad eyes ,fast, all the gadgets you would want put into a phone and i use the wifi feature to connect to my internet at home wow (Posted on 3/2/2011)

    38. Great phone. Highly customizable. Barely OK battery life Review by boobasan "> mu <"

      All in all, a very solid device. Looking back at my dusty iPhone 3GS is like going back in time a generation. There's a lot to like about EVO. The screen a stunning, call quality is superb. The phone is very ergonomically constructed. BUT, what I like the most is customizability of Android and ability (once rooted) to install custom ROMs. Android is a funny beast. Out of the box experience is nothing short of traumatic, but don't let it form your opinion. Coming to Android from iPhone was at first shocking, but you quickly realize that the operating system is very much open ended and you can get your phone to work for you the way you want to, and not the way Steve intended. Long story short, I ended up with MIUI ROM with Cyanogen kernel. For homescreen I use combination of MIUI and SlideScreen Beta (the one that allows you to have more than a single homescreen). This makes a killer combo!

      The only two problems I have are:

      1. Battery life. It is poorish. Can be overcome with SetCPU and Auto Kill Memory -- easily gets me through a day of good use.
      2. The way sprint implements callwaiting on Android.

      So, highly recommend it! Hack away and enjoy! (Posted on 3/2/2011)

    39. Best phone ever Review by Arun Jeevanand

      I used to be an iphone guy with ATT. First of all ATT Internet speed sucks. I used to love my iphone. Now, with Sprint I love Sprint's all new HTC EVO 4g. It has 4g capability.

      I fell in love with this phone the moment it arrived. I find this phone so more customizable which was not possible with iphone.

      If you love big screen phone with great camera, speed, resolution and everything else. Go get this phone from Sprint.

      BTW, Sprint 3g is crazy fast compared to ATT 3g. I never knew 3g could be so fast.

      Njoy the new HTC EVO guys. (Posted on 3/1/2011)

    40. battery life Review by Allen M Cole

      Battery life is not a big problem. Just buy 1 or 2 extra batteries and the charging station. It only takes a minute to swap out the battery. They charge quickly. I play some games that suck battery pretty quickly and I keep GPS and wifi on all of the time. I have never yet needed more than one extra battery.

      Thanks--Allen (Posted on 2/28/2011)

    41. Great toy... er... phone! Review by DefMunky

      After reading through the reviews I would say the great features and poor battery life are sufficiently covered but I don't really see my main cons listed so I just wanted to weigh in on that side of the Evo 4G.

      I only really have two gripes other than battery life.

      One is that HTC put the memory card UNDER the battery and the way it is done it is a bear to get out... I much prefer the covered side port for the card that would easily eject it if you needed to remove it. Now I have to take off my case, remove the back of the phone, pull the battery, lift up a little lever thingy, then fight with the card, moving it back and forth until it finally works it's way out enough to remove it. Granted you might only have to do this once if you upgrade to a larger memory card, but still it could be easier. Plus I have large hands but I think even those with small to medium size hands might still have problems. This is something I can live with though since you can connect it as a USB hard drive or even through WiFi to transfer files to and from a computer, so there's really no need to take it out unless you're replacing/upgrading your card.

      The other is something I wish I had known beforehand. The camera doesn't auto-focus when you are shooting video. It stays focused at whatever distance it auto-focused on when you hit the record button, even with auto-focus enabled in the settings. So far it seems that's the only thing the iPhone has the advantage in, it can auto-focus while doing video. It's not a deal breaker but would have been really nice to know to prevent frustration. I thought I had a defective phone but a quick Google search confirmed that it wasn't just my phone. I had really hoped the phone would alleviate the need for a dedicated camera for simple videos, but without the auto-focus functioning in videos it really defeats the purpose of using the 8mp camera for video.

      Even with those two faults and the battery life (or lack thereof), this is a gorgeous phone and I would have still bought it even if I knew about the camera. This is still a 5 star phone in my opinion as the myriad of other things HTC and Android (Google) got right far outweigh the three issues I have found and I would recommend the EVO 4G to anyone on Sprint looking for an excellent phone/toy/personal business communicator thingy. I use it primarily as a toy, music player, and podcast watcher, but it handles the business, communication, and phone side of things with equal aplomb. It's like having a mini-tablet that fits in your pocket and happens to be able to function as a phone. (Posted on 2/22/2011)

    42. Not quite perfect, but a great choice in a crowded smart phone market... Review by 35-year Technology Consumer "8-tracks to 802.11"

      Before addressing the hardware and functionality of this phone, let's address quickly the five-part equation that makes up your overall smart phone user experience:
      (1) the hardware...the phone itself
      (2) operating system software
      (3) installed applications
      (4) the network (overall, and where you happen to be using the phone at a particular time
      (5) the service provider

      In some cases, there are serial dependencies on the factors above, as many phones are tied to specific operating systems or service provider. Or you may spend a lot of time in an area without 4G service. Just remember that even if you make a great phone choice, deficiencies in other areas can diminish your overall user experience.

      Don't move to a smart phone without some research into these choices. Which provider? Which mobile operating system? Who can offer me the best service, or the best combination of value and service. The rest of this review assumes you've already figured out why a phone with the Android operating system might be a better choice for you than an iPhone, a Blackberry or a Windows-based smart phone solution...

      Bottom line for the HTC EVO 4G: feature loaded, user-friendly and a hard choice to go wrong with in a crowded smart phone market.

      The phone ships with an impressive array of capability and apps, and finding and installing new ones from the Android marketplace is easy even for non-techies.

      Two very strong performers in the pre-installed applications are Google-powered Voice Search and Navigate: both are eerily good at delivering search results and driving/walking directions. This phone's voice-to-text interface is also very good, and can be used for both composing text messages and delivering search results without typing. Surprisingly, a voice-based dialing app that is part of the operating system's collection of widgets seldom gets one right. The Evo's on-screen keyboard is adaptive to your compositions over time, and will suggest auto-completes for words you frequently type.

      The phone includes two cameras: an outward facing high resolution (8 megapixel) still/video camera, and a front facing 1.3 megapixel camera for video applications. It ships with an 8 GB microSD card. One surprising oversight of this phone is the placement of the microSD card inside the battery compartment. Although you can move files to an from it via the USB port, this phone would be improved if the card were accessible without removing the back cover.

      In addition to the USB port, the phone has a 3.5mm aux audio jack and an HDMI port.

      The rear of the phone includes a "kickstand", allowing you to stand the phone on a horizontal surface when viewing the display in landscape mode (great for using the speakerphone or watching videos).

      Customization of the scrolling display screens is intuitive. In our house, even less technically savvy users were re-arranging icons and applications in no time.

      Each of phone, video and still image quality are satisfactory.

      The overall finish of this phone is --literally-- quite slick. It can go sliding easily on leather car seat, and both the screen and frame will attract and display fingerprints. Whether or not you opted in to the damage/loss insurance that most providers offer, I'd strongly recommend both a screen protector and some case or holster to offer a modicum of protection to the phone.

      Mnay options exist for protection, but for our multiple Evo phones we've found the following to provide a good mix of protection and price:
      --<a href="">"Fishbone" protective case (red linked here; other colors are available)</a>
      --<a href="">SGP STEINHEIL Anti FingerprintSprint Screen Protector (Anti Fingerprint)</a>

      Let these protective devices soak up the wear and tear instead of your phone and display.

      Other reviews have discussed battery life, and it's worth addressing. This phone has five separate radio transmit/receive devices:
      -the standard cellular (3G/CDMA) transceiver
      -the 4G transceiver
      -Bluetooth (for short-range use of hands-free devices and data exchange)
      -GPS receiver
      -Wifi transceiver
      Each of these devices will exert its own demand on the battery. Selectively turning them off when not needed, along with setting a shorter time to turn off the display (2 minutes or 1 minute) will go a long way to mitigate the battery issue. Additionally, there are extended life aftermarket batteries (usually with an accompanying modified case cover to accommodate their their additional bulk) that will easily get you through your work day away from external power.

      A note about apps:
      Android is a Google operating system, and access to the Android marketplace for additional apps requires entry through a Google/Gmail account (either existing or one you create when setting up the phone). In return for the apps, be aware that you surrender significant personal information on your phone, your location (at minumum the nearest cell tower, and in some cases your GPS-derived location) and details of how you used the phone and applications. Providing this information is the cost of admission for functionality of the apps. I'm not offering a value judgement on this...just pointing it out for your information.

      Finally, a note about pricing:
      Comparison shop and pay attention when you're ready to make the move to a smart phone. For the hardware purchase, you can expect to find considerable differences in the prices (even when upgrade discount and rebates are included) from different vendors. Be sure to check out each each of your provider's "store" (brick and mortar, by phone and online), big box stores and even Amazon's new wireless store. It's worth investing a couple minutes in this research to save a considerable amount on the purchase price.

      Becoming a smart phone user begins with shopping smartly! (Posted on 2/16/2011)

    43. BEST PHONE IVE OWNED!!! Review by bwolcott

      Phone is awesome it actually ships with 2.2 froyo now and everthing runs smooth, I love the big screen would actually like it slightly bigger, I use the kickstand alot and screen quality is great for movies, when this phone came out it was definately the best phone u could get, there are phones coming out in the next few months that will have it beat as far as speed but this phone is solid and you cant go wrong with it. (Posted on 2/13/2011)

    44. htc evo Review by Ralph D. Palmieri

      Just bought it from amazon and got to my house fast. I had the phone for day so far. I been reading the Evo Forum so understood what i had to do. Also went to see how to use this phone at the store . Some things you forget how to get to them ( turning off 4g,wifi) to save the battery so took me acouple of mintues to find them and shut them off. Without this knowledge of what to do it would of been alittle harder to know how to use this phone.
      So far everything is great . The 1 problem is what everyone else is saying the battery life is very short. I read that it takes a week to start getting better which i hope it does. It only lasted me a couple of hours. I know it should get about 12-18 hours of normal use. Just have to read more at Evo forum if there are more things to shut down and how to do it. I say get this phone. Also got the car charger from amazon. Get the phone you will love it.
      P.S. go to the Evo forum to get some tips and if you have questions because you want to know what you are doing.
      P.S.S. got sprint to waive the activation fees. Call before i got the phone , when i got the phone and to make sure i call when i turned phone on offically (Posted on 2/11/2011)

    45. Surprisingly good! - only at first glance Review by Brian

      I bought HTC EVO after quite a bit of research, and was surprised with a few (positive) things that I hardly see mentioned anywhere (especially in comparison to other phones):

      - Above all: user experience/functionality. The interface for me is great, although some menus seem slightly counterintuitive (pressing home in some apps will bring back the home screen, but in others it will not); or perhaps I am just new to it. Switching screens, scrolling, using menus and so on, is all perfectly smooth and works like a charm.

      - The battery. It is not bad at all. It is far from what most reviewers write, provided the user tries a little harder to make things work well. For instance: the battery should be emptied and charged FULLY ther first few times to make it last longer and hold more charge (don't believe if they tell you that doesn't matter). The phone will charge more fully if charging is done with the phone off (the difference is probably around 20%). It will be charged even more fully if after charging (when the green light comes on) you disconnect it from the charger and then reconnect it a few minutes later. It will top it off. Charged like that, you can use it almost whole day even with heavy 4g use. If you are in a weak 4g area, then battery will be drained much faster. You could possibly drain the battery completely in a couple of hours if you were: in a bad 4g area, trying wi-fi also at the same time, and using gps all at the same time. The biggest battery drain by far is 4g, especially in a weak signal area. But you don't need 4g to be on all the time - turn it on only when you need it, such as navigation or maps or net. Tip: in the worst case, buy another battery. The new one on Amazon costs around ten bucks, and it is as thick as three credit cards stacked together and slightly smaller. Carry it around if you are afraid you will run out of juice. You could also buy the high capacity battery, but to me that's a waste. Charging the phone fully over night, is all it takes to have a phone for the whole day. Add a car charger and you are set. One thing that is slightly misleading: the battery indicator drops faster in the begging then towards the end. So while it may seem that in the first hour of use half of the battery is gone, and there is only another hour of use left, that is not true. With "half" the battery left, I still have many hours of (light) use, even if the first half was used up in only an hour. And in reality, with car chargers, usb chargers, and additional chargers that one can have at work, the battery life is a non issue. I have never run out of battery, and the only times it has ever reminded me to plug in the charger was late at night when I was home. On standby, it takes almost no power at all. It only exhausts the battery quickly when using 4g in a poor reception area. If on a typical day I use it as a phone, on standby, and turn 4g on for a few minutes at a time when checking email or using navigation, and then back to standby, then in the evening the phone will have about 40% of the battery charge left, which is not bad at all.

      - 4g is great, when it works or if it available in your area. In bad areas, 3g will be faster.

      - If you need to enter text on this phone, for WHATEVER purpose (text message, entering contact info, address for navigation, and so on), you can always choose to just say it. That part alone is worth the purchase price of this phone. I have used speech recognition software before, and even after "training" it for a few hours, it was not at the level of speed and accuracy of what this little phone can do (because conversion to text is not taking place inside the phone, but on google servers). Example: I am driving on a highway in an area I know nothing about, and my car is running dangerously low on gas. I switch the phone to car mode, tap the map, see where I am on the highway, click on search and say "gas station" and within a second I get to see the nearest gas station. I could see that after the next gas station, there is not another one for a long while, so I better get it right. Not a problem, just see myself on the map and see which exit I need to take. It's like having a co-pilot.

      - For car charger: it has to be Motorola charger which provides 950mA of power, otherwise it will be useless. There is one like that here on amazon.

      - Sound quality is perfect both ways during phone calls. I also tried playing pm3 files and FM radio through my home stereo, and it sounded unbelievably good!

      - I love the way voice messages are played - you can scroll through them, pause them and so on, like any mp3 file. Much better and faster then with regular phones.

      - 3g speed is quite adequate for most things, but when I am in a rush, and need instant loading of my maps, pages and whatever, then I turn on the 4g.

      - I hate navigation of any type. Once, a few years ago, I was late for my flight due to stupid navigation in a rental car that told me to take a wrong turn in a city I didn't know at all. Android navigation is the first time that I feel confident about using it. So far I only tested it on a few trips, and it worked really well, although for me , just seeing the map with my position is good enough. I also tested how quickly it adapts to my "wrong" turns, and it takes only a couple of seconds to adjust to the new route.

      - The ability to display real time traffic in the map is priceless especially if you live in a busy city. A few times it made a difference between getting somewhere on time, or being embarrasingly late. The traffic display is from Google, and is the same as you get on your computer - which has about 10-20 min delay. Also if a busy highway has a high occupancy lane, where cars with more then one person go fast and others are sitting as if they were in a parking lot, then you will get a "green" meaning - traffic is moving fine. But when you get there, it is only moving well in the high occupancy lane. Obviously, this has nothing to do with the phone, and even like that it is very useful and better then anything else.

      - Built in FM radio is perfect, as is the internet functionality. I prefer typing my emails and browsing the net on the real PC, so I only use it when I have to. But every time I had to (such as checking my email and other things) it worked wonderfuly well. Just remember to turn on that 4g for those times. (side note: some lesser sites are better used in their standard mode then in the phone mode - they usually have a button where one can switch between standard and phone display).

      - The resolution of this phone's screen is nothing short of miraculous. It is as sharp as printed text in a high quality magazine.

      The only bad so far has been the messaging system. Personally, I don't like messaging (why not just make a call???), but I do have friends and family all over the world, and I tend to use messages because of that quite a lot. Instead of waking up someone on the other side of the world, it is much better to send them a message and wait for reply; if they don't reply, I am glad I didn't wake them up. However, my messages sent to overseas places never get there. Judging by other SPRINT customers, I am not the only one with that problem. It appears that Sprint's messaging system is seriously flawed when it comes to sending messages overseas. I never had this problem with any other provider, so it was a bit of a surprise; at least delivering a few bites of text should not be a problem, but it is. I would normally ignore this, but as it is, it is one functionality which I (almost) can't live without. So, I have about 10 more days to decide whether to keep or to return to phone because of that. We'll see. (funny, messages work perfectly well from my overseas relatives to me - I just can't get my messages over to them).

      Additional info, a few days later:

      Yesterday I had a few minutes of spare time so I decided to call Sprint customer service to see if they can get text messaging issue resolved. I explain to them what is going on (that I can recieve messages but can't send them overseas, and that even local messages take a long time to arrive, sometimes half an hour), and she just hung up on me (no, I wasn't rude at the least bit). I guess she didn't want to deal with an issue that cannot be helped.
      So in conclusion, my impressions about the EVO phone are great, but Sprint technical support and ability to do simple stuff such as send a text message, leave a lot to be desired.

      UPDATE (Mar.11/2011)

      By now I have a better idea about the phone (and service that comes with it). First of all, Sprint does not have a contract with all countries in the world to send them text messages, therefore your message may or may not get there, depending on the country. It took Sprint very long time to figure that one out (about six weeks).
      The service with Sprint is barely any better then with AT&T (as far as coverage and reliability go). With AT&T I had a lot of dropped calls, with Sprint almost none so far. But with Sprint I had a lot of "never-received" calls. Interestingly enough, that happened even when I called Sprint support - they called me back and got a voice mail. My explanation is that their towers are overloaded and calls don't make it through. I don't use my phone too often, about 10 calls per day, sometimes even less, but in a single day a few times I had two to three calls missed like that. That's a very bad percentage. Luckily I do get a message (if the person who caled left it), but even that can take a few hours until I know that I even have a message.

      All in all, fantastic phone, pretty lousy service with Sprint.

      UPDATE: (Jun.07/2011)

      After a few months, one thing comes up as a constant problem with this phone: the user interface for contacts. Accessing them is not too bad (contacts that is), but entering a new contact is like a joke from hell. First of all, you can't use it in a landscape mode. You are limited to a full QUERTY keyboard squeezed into mere two inches where it is impossible to type with ones fingers. I see people using a stylus because of that - sort of like my 1997 Palm Pilot... but without the place to keep the stylus.

      But that's just the begining: if anything should go wrong during the input, which usually happens after I carefully typed and re-typed due to errors, names and numbers and addresses, even coming too close to the screen, without touching it, will switch to home screen and all that work will be lost. Compared to my 14 year old Palm pilot, this sucks badly and happens at least 50% of the time. At least Palm pilot remembered all input before switching to anything else.

      To make all this even worse, most parts of the contact input screen are well hidden, so that even today I find it completely counterintuitive: if you want to add a phone number, it is going to be a cell number by default. If it brings up the "name" screen, you have to first click on it to type in it. Why would anyone expect that I would bring up the new contact screen, but not want to type there? If you want too add an address, there will be no field for it. Compared to my old Palm Pilot, it takes about 20 times more clicks and many more minutes of frustrtation just to enter a simple contact.

      So if anyone has any suggestions for an alternative UI or contact/calendar/notes app, I would appreciate it.

      Oh, one more thing: I find that "speak" (speach recognition) option is less and less available - their server is always busy when I need it... so I have learned to not even waste my time on trying to use it any more.

      And yet another thing: I bought this because there was a promise of 4g and skype in the early days of HTC EVO. But now, all that has changed. You cannot make video calls using Skype over 4g - the network is too slow and you cannot use Skype voice over 3G or 4G, only over wifi network, which is a serious limitation. That was not the case when I was researching this phone. Qik app is slow to point of being useless for video calls, even over fast wifi network on both ends.

      All in all, I am growing more and more disappointed with lack of promised services with this phone; hence I am reducing my review from 5 stars to 3 stars. If the phone was available on some other network, I would consider giving it more stars, but as it is, it is tied into Sprint and that limits it's usefulness.
      4G when available is slower then 3g in the same area, lack of video over 4g which was mentioned as an advantage over iPhone, and terrible interface design all contribute to this update. One saving grace is the google navigation (sprint navigation asked me for login and that was the last time I cared to try it) and ability to give me real time traffic through google maps, which in a busy city comes very handy.

      ONE LAST UPDATE: FEB. 2012

      It really takes a while for one to learn about all the troubles with this phone. When technology is so new, it is hard to tell whether a problem one experiences is due to user error, or just a fluke, or whatever... However, by now I have a clear idea about problems with this phone. I only wish I knew about them BEFORE I bought it.

      1. The built in compass is worthless. As a matter of fact, it is so bad that it ALWAYS points in the wrong direction, about 160 degrees away from true north. I downloaded one of the compass apps, and while the application itself is OK it cannot give me true north orientation, or any other info due to compass in the phone not working. A little research on the net revealed that a whole series of this phone was produced with faulty compass. However, by now the phone is out of warranty and all of us with faulty phones are stuck.

      2. Any attempt to use internet for more than a few minutes will result in the internet becoming useless. This just shows as "page unavailable" so I thought that something was wrong either with 3G/4G service, or my wireless connection... until after testing it for a bit I realized that the phone cannot work with internet connection for a long time; something gets buggy after a while and one cannot access any internet page at all. The only remedy is - shutting the phone off and then on again.

      3. Turning the phone ON is a major pain - for whatever reason, I have to click the ON button more than once to make sure it is really going to start.

      4. For some reason, the phone can take a really long time to turn ON. Sometimes it is as quick as one would ecpect it to be, but at other times it hangs. Needless to say, this can be super frustrating.

      5. Usually when using the phone heavily, such as browsing on the net, answering a phone and perhaps having a message coming in, the phone will slow down to a crawl or will just become completely unresponsive. A few times it just stopped responding to ANYTHING all together, and I had to resort to taking the battery out to be able to use it at all. This is completely unacceptable.

      6. I couple of times I did not get a chance to drain the battery before recharging it, and did not have a chance to recharge it fully, and that made the battery completely useless. Now the battery is good for not more than 10 minutes of use. I tried full cycle draining and recharing a few times to no avail.

      7. The camera lens is all scratched by now as it is completely unprotected. Low light performance is abysmal.

      All in all, this phone is junk and I am reducing the review to very generous two stars only because I still like the built in navigation and the sound is OK.

      Just in case you were wondering - I make and receive only about 5-10 phone calls a day, and use it for internet about 2-3 times a day or not at all (lately). I use it for email about once a week, and I have no other apps installed on it, except for compass and barcode scanner. That means the phone is bone stock, and gently used.

      My recommendation is - stay away from anything with HTC logo on it, and buy a Samsung phone. There is a Samsung phone which was voted the best in Europe, and I hope that Sprint has it. If they do, I will upgrade, and never buy anything from HTC again. Never.

      EDIT: JUN 2012

      One last bit of frustration with this junk: I was expecting a very important phone call, and by accident happened to look at the phone while it was ringing. Except, there was no ring, or even vibration coming out of it. It was perfectly quiet in the room, and there was my phone sitting on the desk, with the display showing who is calling, but no sound at all. The ringing was turned all the way up, and the phone is set to vibrate as well. For months I had many missed calls and I always thought that I somehow did not hear the ring due to noise or whatever... until I actually saw the stupid thing not ring at all while the call is "ringing". To make it worse, this problem is completely unpredictable and random. So, it may or may not ring, your guess.

      I had to reduce the number of stars for this junk to 1, but I'd gladly give it zero stars. All in all, there is no power in the world that would make me buy HTC again. As a matter of fact, I have been so thoroughly turned off by this phone that I am even considering never buying another android device again due to its terrible interface (e.g. entering new contact info is one of the most frustrating experiences with a piece of technology). My next phone may just be an iPhone which at least has decent interface.
      Oh, and even the google maps/GPS is becoming more and more useless: recently I got completely wrong navigation (10 miles hwy trip took me through 50 miles of streets for no reason), and at other times I do not get a map displayed for half an hour or longer due to network being busy or whatever. So, this phone is basically useless. Stay well away from it or anything resembling it! (Posted on 2/3/2011)

    46. Evo 4G: The Beast of the Now Network Review by A, Tirres

      Sprint's EVO 4G set the standard for smart phones by unifying worthwhile features in a single device. A massive screen, 1 GHZ processor, Froyo (Android 2.2), front facing cam with a 8mp rear camera and dual LED flash, 4G and hotspot capabilities, swift browsing and Flash support and slick construction with that swweeet Sense UI from HTC. Even the back offers 'Ferrari' red highlights and a chrome kickstand so you can get the awesome multimedia experience you paid for!

      While quadrant scores aren't the fastest (since the more recent processor releases) and rooting is quite a hassle (relative to other devices) you're still getting a device that can swing with the Droid X's, myTouch 4G's, and iPhones that the other carriers provide in terms of speed, and stability.

      Keep in mind this one warning however:

      THE STOCK BATTERY LIFE IS TERRIBLE. A few hours after unplugging from a charger and it will be in the orange youbetterplugmein mode. It even drains battery while sleeping..

      Luckily, the device is at its lowest price point through Amazon, and given the wave of new devices hitting the handheld arena, looks likely to remain at about $99ish. This makes buying an extended battery (see my Acase 3500 mAh Extended Battery and Case review) economically feasible.

      So, get this phone. It's sexy with quite some junk in the trunk in terms of hardware and screen size. Be weary of the battery, though. It sucks. Literally.

      +**** For hardware and excellent NYC network coverage.
      -* For battery. (Posted on 2/2/2011)

    47. Awesome phone, even better with CyanogenMod! Review by Bob L

      Ive owned my Evo 4G for one week now, and rooted it the day I got it. The HTC Sense software included with the phone is slow and clunky, making the phone use precious battery power, as well as taking a little bit to boot up. The remedy for this is the CyanogenMod ROM, which is Android 2.2 on a newer kernel than what ships with the Evo 4G. The latest stable version is 6.1.2. It offers much better power management, gets rid of all the Sprint bloatware, enables Wifi and USB tethering, and fully roots your phone. With this ROM, you can OWN your phone, and not be at the mercy of Sprint. Not that theyre a bad company, but all of the bloat these providers install out of the box really slow their products down! With CyanogenMod, this feels like I upgraded phones again...I cant praise it enough. The only con with the new ROM is 4G isnt supported yet, but will be available in the pending Android 2.3 Gingerbread release. It didnt matter for me, since 4G isnt available in my area yet. If you think this phone is awesome, try a different BTO once said, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" (Posted on 1/22/2011)

    48. Sprint PCS Evo Better than Eveready Battery & Timex Combined Review by TheTruth13

      Do you want to know how terrific the Sprint Evo 4G is? Well, I just returned from the Sprint store after purchasing my second one in four months! As you can imagine, I paid full price for this one, and while my stomach is still a little queasy, I know it was well worth it. This is really and incredible device! Check out the following link for the full story:

      [...] (Posted on 1/21/2011)

    49. Another Iphone Comparison Review by TexasDave

      Ok, first off if your about ready to buy this phone and your coming here for Amazon's reviews then do yourself a favor and buy it right here after you've read the reviews. I purchased mine here and was amazed at the price and service. I ordered it at 4:00 pm on a Wed and had it Fri with no issues. I don't know why people continue to buy phones from the providers especially the ones like Sprint who continue to insist on making the customer deal with mail in rebates to get to their special price. Like I told the Spring store guy, I can go down the road and buy it at Best Buy and get it for the final after rebate price or I can go online and get it even cheaper.
      So I am moving over from AT&T and an Iphone 3G. You really have to go up to an Iphone 4 before you can really compare to an Evo but while the Iphone 4 has some new features and better hardware the overall experience is exactly the same.
      First off the main reason why I'm switching is AT&T. They have the highest prices of all carriers and the worst service. With the move to Sprint I'm dropping my cell phone bill by about $30 and getting more minutes. AT&T banked too much on their exclusive Iphone contract. Yes they have a millions of people locked into contracts but we will see how the Verizon Iphone affects their business in the long run. Hopefully Verizon doesn't make the same mistake, AT&T never really addressed the network issues that arose from the millions of Iphone that suddenly got put on it with unlimited data (broadband speeds my butt).
      Apple, well they designed an amazing device and if it weren't for Android there still would be nothing in its class. The only other maker that really took a poke at them as far as I know was Palm with the Pre and it was a poor attempt from a failing company. The software was poor and the hardware was junk. Oh, I guess maybe Blackberry with the Touch but it was only the look, it was still more of a business phone. The thing that always bugged me about Apple was that they didn't want to let me do with what I wanted with the phone I purchased and owned. Thanks Steve, but I can really take it from here. I also didn't like the whole Iphone 4 signal fiasco. There is no problem with the phone, your just holding it wrong, here is a free case to protect you from yourself. Have another drink of the coolaide, everything is fine, you love our stuff.
      Ok, on overall polish the Iphone has the Evo (really Android) beat hands down. Apps from the same company like Facebook are just done better on the Iphone. Maybe they just need time like they had on the Iphone, who knows. Since I have released the Iphone from the case that has protected it well over the last 2 years it just feels good in your hand. The Evo is a little big, granted it went straight from the box to a case of its own.
      They Iphone from day one was just slow on data. Even on wifi on blazingly fast broadband it was just slow rendering pages and getting data. I never understood why, but tethered to a laptop the speeds were more what I would expect. For that reason I never used it much for web surfing, it was quicker to fire up the laptop. The Evo doesn't have that problem. While still not as fast as a computer, its pretty darn fast.
      Here is where I am different from everyone else. I have had no issue with battery life. The Evo has been off the charger for 9 hour now. Granted I have not made any calls but I have been playing with it and installing apps non stop and it still has 50% charge left. Mine shipped with Android 2.2 which I have heard is better on batteries. I did not change any factory settings, it came with bluetooth, 4g and wifi off. I turned wifi on but thats it, there isn't 4g within 100 miles of here. I think it may be better on the battery than the Iphone 3g. I do think the Iphone 4 has some pretty significant battery life.
      Overall I am just very impressed with the Evo, its fast, there is no wait while an app loads, its just there. (Posted on 1/21/2011)

    50. Switched from iPhone and not regretting it Review by Sajid Ansari

      I took a risk from jumping from the iPhone 3GS to the Evo. I really thought the iPhone was an excellent phone, but it pales in comparison the Evo and to the Android OS in general. While most settings in the iPhone are set in stone, the Android powered Evo allows the user to make the phone extremely personalized in each and every way, from custom operating systems, to different keyboard layouts, one-touch navigation directions, video chat over cellular network, custom widgets, and on and on. One could write a book on advantage of Android vs iOS, but in short, the iPhone OS is simply a page of apps, whereas the Android's OS is so much more, making the phone experience more personal, more fun, and more productive. Two key disadvantages in the iPhone vs EVO battle: The clarity of the iPhone's retina display is purely unmatched. When you zoom in on HD pictures and take a close look, the iPhone is by far clearer and sharper than any other device. The 2nd disadvantage is battery life. Evo's battery drains fast due to the more complex Android OS and the Evo hardware power requirements. While the iPhone can stay charged during normal usage for 2-3 days, count on recharging the Evo before the end of your 8-hour day.

      If you are comparing the Evo to other Android powered devices, you'll want to consider both hardware and software specs. The key competitor between the Evo and other Android phones is Verizon's Motorola Droid X. In terms of hardware, the Evo's huge 4.3" HD screen is unbeatable, and only matched by Motorola. This larger screen makes typing on the virtual keyboard much more accurate and easier to use than smaller screens. A very similar typing experience to the 4.3" screen of the Moto Droid X, but because the Evo's shape is smooth and continuous, unlike the glaring protrusion of the camera on the back of the Droid X, the Evo both looks and feels better in this department than the Droid X and any other phone. The Evo also has the awesome 8.0 MP camera, capable of taking the most stunning HD pictures, turning you into a semi-professional photographer. The 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of memory makes the Evo a very sharp, crisp, and lag-free phone. Of course, if you wanted more power, the Android OS lets you unleash the nerdy side of you, and work on things like custom operating systems and overclocking.

      Comparing the software side of the Evo to other Android devices, the key ingredient here is HTC's home screen launcher they call HTC Sense. This home screen launcher is what sets HTC devices apart from other Android phones, in terms of look and feel of the phone. I have compared HTC Sense with the likes of Samsung's Touch Wiz, and the custom Launcher Pro. Overall, I adore HTC sense because of it's extremely useful, simple, and well decorated widgets, and dock at the bottom of the screen. Again, thanks to the open-source of Android, you can always tinker and play around with home screen settings and different home screen launcher apps to make the experience exactly fitting to you.

      As for the Sprint network, I personally have been extremely satisfied overall. One thing that is hard to swallow is Sprint's $10/m charge for 4G, even if you don't use it. Right now, 4G is so spotty, that unless you are in a well covered area, the 4G actually DECREASES the phone's speed because it gets bogged down with trying to retain a weak connection. However, in a well covered area, the speeds area amazing at around 4 mbps and under 100 ms ping times. When 4G isn't available, the 3G coverage is reliable and fast. When I was making the jump from AT&T, I considered Verizon and Sprint, and ultimately chose Sprint because of much better pricing. Under their family plan, you can select 2 lines for $129.99 and be sure that you will never go over thanks to unlimited mobile-mobile calling, texting, and web data. Of course, that doesn't include the $10/m mandatory extra charge for 4G. Even with that, Verizon's plan would set you back around $170/m if you were to get unlimited calling among 10 favorites, which is almost a must to have since their included minutes are so few.

      For me, I am glad I made the switch, and I am much more impressed with the Evo than I ever was with the iPhone. (Posted on 1/20/2011)

    51. awesome Review by wcc963

      ok i have to say this is the best phone i've ever used. beats the iPhone by far. the only problem is the battery life, thats why i gave it four stars. if i keep the screen on the lowest brightness setting and never take it out of my pocket by the end of a 10 hour day its under 30% battery(with almost no use). i plan on getting an extended life battery which should bring out the beast in this phone.

      now after that, don't let the battery life discourage you. this is still an amazing phone and i recommend it to anyone looking to get their first smart phone or upgrade. (Posted on 1/17/2011)

    52. Perfection Review by Troy L. Snell

      If you have any doubts about getting this phone, put them aside and purchase it. It is the epitomy of sexy, and if you are not a fan of physical keyboards, then this phone is great. It is STARTING to get a little outdated with all of the new processors and other hardware coming out, so that is kinda hard to swallow.

      If you are with Sprint, and live in a 4g coverage area, and dont like physical keyboards, and like large screens, and HATE lag, this is it... (Posted on 1/17/2011)

    53. EVO=BEST PHONE EVER Review by Sacshop

      I just recently got the EVO as a early birthday present for myself from Radioshack for only $99 (with 2 year contract). First of all, that in itself was a crazy deal. I did alot of research on many phones from all carriers and found a lot of phones I liked initially. After reviewing phones and corresponding plans, I found very few had options for unlimited data and even fewer had good pricing on monthly plans. Shortly after I learned I recieve a %20 discount from my workplace through Sprint. My mind was made up, Sprint was getting my business. It basically came down to the Epic and the EVO, Sprint doesnt have too many other options when it comes to high-end smartphones. I looked at Verizon's list of phones (HTC's Droid series being the nicest!) and found a lot of comparisons from their line of phones to the EVO. After ordering my EVO and getting in next day, I found all the comments to be true, battery life is a bummer. After doing many tests and letting my battery drain down and recharging it for a couple weeks, I feel like my STOCK battery is sufficent without the need for any additional batteries or extended. I use my phone on a constant basis, only have wifi/3g/4g/gps/ on when I WANT it to be on, changed a few settings, do NOT use a task killer, an now I can make my phone last over the 24hour mark and well into morning use the next day. I have never been more satisfied with any phone in my life. As a former Iphone4 user, I was a little skepticle on the major differences between the two would be, but I was all but wrong. Dont get me wrong, there are major differences, but all in all, there is not a single thing my EVO cant do that the Iphone4 can do (anything your phone can do, mine can do better!) yet I its still the buzz. I have got a little off topic here but in a nutshell, best phone hands down. (Posted on 1/16/2011)

    54. Battery Review by Boook Eater "MC"

      I like the phone a lot but the battery problem is a big problem. So assume that if you buy this phone you also need to buy a better battery (like the Seido) for about $50 more, which adds to the price and the bulkiness of the phone (the better battery is also bigger). Even after doing all the adjustments recommended online -- turning off the WiFi, 4G, widgets, etc the standard battery is useless. Examples: I watched one video for about 4 minutes that drained the battery to half. The battery is about half drained in the morning when the phone is unplugged overnight (with WiFi GPS, and 4G). What's the point of buying a phone that has a radio and fast 4G network if in practice you can't use them because it will drain the battery? And even worse, what is the point of paying $10 for the 4G if in practice you can't use it because it kills the battery? (Posted on 1/11/2011)

    55. Best. Smartphone. Ever Review by Jonathan Hefner

      I have owned 4 Samsung Smartphones (both the Instinkt, and the Instinkt S30) as well as the Samsung Moment (Android). I upgraded my Moment to the HTC EVO, because I was tired of having to constantly reboot my phone, due to the radio lockup issues with it (Samsung build quality stinks also).

      I have to say, that HTC got it right with this phone. It's simply awesome. It's fast, it feels solid, and has a nice big screen. The one downside to this phone is that it (just like any real smartphone) is a battery hog. I can get the phone to last an entire workday with minimal usage (turning off 4G, Wifi, a few texts and a few short calls), however I just bought the 1800 maH extended battery set, and will try it out in that. Hopefully it will give me a few more hours. Sprint did just release a 2600 maH extended battery (an official one) but I've invested a lot in cases, and don't want that investment to go to waste, so I bought a slim extended battery instead.

      Aside from the battery life, I have absolutely NOTHING negative to say about this phone. It just works. It's fast, smooth, and never drops a call. Thanks to the Instinkt, I was certain I couldn't live without a slideout QWERTY, but the EVO has changed my mind. The onscreen keyboard is very responsive and accurate (thanks to the big screen), and it also includes SWYPE (which is really neat to use as well). It comes with an included 8GB Micro-SD card, so you will have plenty of storage. It has a really convenient kick-stand on the back, for viewing videos. Another awesome thing? This phone is insanely easy to root (unrEVOked 3), and get the sprint bloatware off of it.

      If you have the chance, GET THIS PHONE! You won't regret it. (Posted on 1/9/2011)

    56. One of the best cell phones Review by Jay

      Love this HTC EVO, I never though that I would buy any phones other than a blackberry and as much I like the blackberry I don't miss it. Great phone I recomend it to anyone. The only draw back is th battery. Iphone can't touch the EVO. (Posted on 12/28/2010)

    57. Recommend not buying HTC EVO phone or a HTC product Review by smartphoneuser

      Recently purchased a HTC Evo phone from amazon and the LCD display went bad. I contacted the HTC customer support center who redirected me to the repair center. 3 weeks later, after quite a few calls, I was sent an email that they would charge me 140$ to repair it. I have pictures of the phone which clearly shows that there was no physical damage. HTC's customer service is terrible and are not willing to help but rather want to make sure they get the money out of you. I am talking to Sprint and they are looking at potential options. My suggestion is do not buy a HTC Phone, try other manufacturers. Will never buy another HTC phone again. (Posted on 12/28/2010)

    58. Just Got The Phone did some research Between this and the Samsung Epic Review by JayBen "Kingpen Of The Ink Pen"

      The Evo is a really nice phone. i like the feel and overall quality of the phone. I feel like if i drop it it wont break and since its not a slider i dont have to worry about it losing its sliding feel over time like store model phones that are over used on display. i really wanted the samsung epic but i decided to get this instead for a few reasons. its running Android 2.2 out of the box i have no clue when Samsung will get the update and i didnt wanna wait or modify my phone with something unofficial. (if you never used android, like me, it prolly wont matter what version is running to you) yet i know each version is an improvement on functionality and performance so keep that in mind.

      The Evo is acutally a bit cheaper with the near same functions and abilities as the epic (the Epic runs more codecs for movies and has next gen (N-draft) wireless *but that wont matter once 4G is fully expanded in the next couple months*.

      The camera is hard to harness though. Pictures are great when the lighting is just right. I had a hard time taking pictures in a low level lighting setting. pictures were good quality but dark with no flash and way too bright with the flash. Maybe im missing a way to customize the flash? i noticed how the epic comes with a 16gb sd and earphones but that wasn't a big issue since ebay and amazon can get me things for less. so i wont have too many music,video files. It has more megapixels for its camera over the epic so i expect it to print some good blow up pictures. 8 to 5 megs is not that much of a difference though. it can connect to more devices vs the epic (8&5) with the mobile hotspot feature if you buy it. but with how these phone run the internet i doubt i'll need to brodcast my own wifi (wi fi is everywhere anyway)

      of course the battery sucks for such a powerhouse phone. i bought an extended battery for relatively cheap and when it comes in i'll update my post. i tend to use app killers to keep stuff from running because with automatic syncing active and background data collecting, things will run on their own eating the battery life up. i keep the radios off and screen brightness on automatic and the phone gets me thru a day of light to normal use. i even recorded a 45min video in normal resolution with the flash on and off from time to time, only to have it die an hour later. so its not horrible if you manage the battery right. im not a rooted user so i can understand why people root phones to remove stupid things sprint put on the phone. (nascar,football,tv)

      i love the screen, some may find it too big but it fits fine in my pocket. Tight pants are probably not good for this phone. T he phone is crazy light for its size as well. if you never had a phone like this and you plan on using all it has to offer with no specific interests i'd say get the Evo and maybe the extended battery. if your into movies and go on trips alot and dont want to bring a laptop to view movies and you want a keyboard i'd say get an Epic. Really Depends on your overall taste/preference. (im more into viewing movies on TV/laptop and mostly at home with the time to do it)

      (they are both basically mini computers)

      The evo is a great entry level 4G phone to have, who knows what will come out with sprint in the coming months with gingerbread 2.3 around the corner. im not looking that far into the future because technology changes drastically. In about 2 years my contract is up.(idk when i can upgrade) I'll be able to get the next best thing then.

      Android rocks by the way, i've had a blackberry curve and samsung blackjack and its been a better experience imho.

      i've used 4G a handful of times and i'd say its pretty damn fast when i got the chance to use it.(Chicago) i remember when 3G came out i thought it was so good *3-4 years ago*.

      The evo is great i just dislike how i can't get the right picture brightness even with the right scene modes. *thumbs down* (Posted on 12/20/2010)

    59. Best phone I ever had - But I had to return it Review by Ramkumar Balaraman

      This is a beautiful phone, both physically as well as the User Interface. I would even go so far as to say it is THE best looking and functioning Android phone available on the market today from any carrier. And yet I am returning this handsome beast this week and switching to an uglier (in my opinion) Droid X with its clunkier Moto-whatever cartoony interface.

      All because of one culprit - battery life. Not once in the last 3 weeks that I've had this phone has it lasted a whole day on a single charge. I tried everything; Juice Defender, Advanced Task Killer, manually shutting off services when not needed, wiping out all of my home screens, turning off account sync, never using 4G, turning down brightness until I can barely see anything, etc. Everything short of getting an extended battery (which are currently too bulky/ugly in my opinion). Its not like I got a dud, since my wife got an Evo too (I went Black and she went White), and the experience has been near identical.

      If you have the luxury of always having an electric outlet at your disposal (even while on business trips, conventions, conferences, vacations, etc. when you actually find yourself using your smartphone the most), or, if you don't mind getting a bulky/ugly 3500mAh extended battery, then there really isn't any excuse not to get this phone. Neither works for me, so I'll have to say goodbye.

      Pros and Cons follow.

      1. This phone is beautiful. And that's an understatement. All eyes on you when you're using it in the office or in public transit. Curves are all in the right places (no humps like the Droid X). Nice smooth expanse of glass in the front (no plastic buttons like the Droid X). Nice touches of red. Many a time I've stopped what I was doing to just pick the phone up and admire it.
      2. HTC Sense UI is fantastic. Smooth flow, pleasing fonts, beautiful colors and shadows. Excellent collection of good-looking widgets. I generally mod my smartphone themes extensively since I'm rarely happy with the out of the box experience. But this thing is just beautiful. I played around with the Droid X at the Verizon store, and its interface pales in comparison. It looks cheap and cartoony. I understand that the Moto version is closer to stock Android, but I'm not so much a purist as I am someone who likes things to look good. I do suspect that Sense has some not-so-small role to play in the battery life on the phone. A lot of folks have reported insane improvements to their battery life by custom-romming their phones. But then Evo owners in general tend to overstate their actual battery times, so take anything you read from them with a pinch of salt.
      3. 4G speeds are insane. I have a very strong 4G signal at home (Burlington MA), and downloads just whiz past at 3Mbps. But I did find myself using it less and less (see Cons below). 4G would be invaluable if you have a strong connection at home and are considering tethering it to a PC / laptop to make it your primary internet connection. Provided of course that you live alone (since anyone else would be disconnected when you aren't home), this would totally work.
      4. Video calling. This isn't mature yet in my opinion, since my few attempts with Qik have been far from satisfactory. Half of the calls one of us had no audio (both using Evos), and it was very poor whenever one of us had no 4G. This is just a software issue I imagine, and should soon be rectified by better apps. But at least the hardware (front-facing camera) already exists should the right software come along.
      5. SWYPE! Yes, this gets an entire bullet point. The latest software update brings Swype to Evo handsets. Its made my decision to leave the Evo even more difficult (though Droid X has it too). Try Swype and you can never go back - it truly changes the way you type.
      6. 8MP Camera and 720P Video recording. I don't count MPs as indicators of camera quality. My actual experience with video recording has been good, and still photos 'OK'. I find phones inching closer and closer to point-and-shoots in quality, though they're not quite there yet. I carry a DSLR with me whenever I plan to take photos, so I'd never use a phone for still photos anyway. For video recording, its pretty good, and can easily replace a digital camcorder.
      7. Screen size at 4.3-inches is perfect for most things you'd use a smartphone for. Web browsing is very good in landscape mode. You can also actually start to enjoy videos at this size. I feel that 800x480 is the perfect resolution for a device of this nature.
      8. Its an Android device! I saw a remote desktop application called PocketCloud in the Market and my love for this device instantly doubled. I have to go through a complicated Corporate VPN system to access my mail and other work systems, so this gives me so many more situations where I can just leave my laptop hooked up at home or at work. 800x480 is also a very workable size for RDP. Its like having a tiny laptop running XP in your hands. 4.3-inches of real estate is also essential for using the virtual mouse that comes with PocketCloud. Of course, I don't stay connected longer than 5-10 minutes at a time for fear of draining out the battery on the Evo, but its still a big deal.

      Of course, there are dozens of other pros with this super-phone and I could go on and on. But a lot of others already have. So I'll stop here and switch to the Cons.

      1. The Battery life sucks! There's no nice way to say this. Coming from a Nokia XpressMusic 5800 that was also capable of full-GPS and 3G web browsing, but could still last 2 days with very heavy use and a week(!) with moderate to low use, to say that the battery life on the Evo was a shock is an understatement. When I use this phone heavily I need to charge it THREE times a day. If I don't use it at all, it still threatens to shut down by nightfall. Short of custom-romming the phone, I've done everything in my power to extract a few additional hours from this phone, and failed. I knew of poor battery life before going in, but the scale of poorness was still not expected. I also see a lot of Evo owners misguiding others by quoting unrealistic numbers ("I got 27 hours with moderate use!", "I rarely use the phone and I can get by 3 days without a charge"). After combing through the forums and following every advice I found on both my and my wife's Evos, I must say that these people either got experimental super-batteries, or they're just making things up to evoke envy. Also, the Evo's battery charge indicator isn't perfectly linear. It stays most of the time between 30% and 70%. It drops quickly from 100% to 70% and very very very quickly from 30% to 5%. The phone shuts off within 15 minutes of the 5% warning, even if you do nothing to the phone. I really love this phone, but I could not imagine spending the next 2 years constantly worried about being stranded somewhere with a dead phone whenever I check e-mail or use the GPS. That's a deal-breaker in my book. Super-phones need to come with super-batteries. If HTC came up with a battery with 50% more juice without altering the form factor too much, I'd switch back.
      2. The camera makes contact with whatever surface you place it on. This makes it essential to get a case. Fortunately there are several good looking inexpensive cases out there for the Evo. The camera also adds to the unique looks of this phone so much that I probably wouldn't change anything even given a choice.
      3. One of the side effects of combing the forums looking for battery extending tips, was the finding that a disproportionately large number of people cracked their Evo screens or the plastic at the top of the phone, by seemingly minor falls. I can imagine how I'd feel if my $500 phone slipped from my hand/pocket on to the carpet and shattered its screen. User reports indicate that the Droid X is much more resilient to drops. The first few days I had the Evo I did not have a screen protector yet. So I was very careful not to put coins or keys in the same pocket. Only once I forgot and dropped a key into the same pocket. The result was a tiny (4mm) hairline scratch. Not very noticeable, but its there.
      4. 4G implementation on the phone is far from ideal. If you need to download something specific quickly, or if you need a short tethering session, that's great. But if you use 4G longer than an hour, the handset starts heating up very quickly, and the battery drains out completely within 2-3 hours. I suspect that the heating is related to the rapid battery drain rate, but its disturbing nevertheless.
      5. I don't have 4G coverage at work, and even the 3G coverage is spotty. They're both very strong at home, but one of the main reasons for wanting a smartphone was so I could access my personal mail from work. This is nothing against the phone though. It doesn't even say anything about Sprint, since I'm sure Verizon has some spots where Sprint is much stronger too (I believe this is more so in the west). It just means that for my particular situation, Verizon 3G is probably better than Sprint 4G.

      Returning this phone is one of the hardest decisions I've made in a while, but one that I believe must be made. My wife even reported feeling envious of the last longing looks I've been giving the phone the past few days :)

      If you're on the fence between an Evo and a Droid X, I suggest you try the Evo first. Sprint has an amazing 30-day return policy. So amazing in fact, that I'm actually feeling guilty about taking advantage of it.

      Since the phone is married to Sprint, I think a few notes about Sprint are warranted as well:
      1. My relationship with Sprint got off on a bumpy start. I ordered through the online Sprint Store (so I would have control over entering coupon codes like SAVE50, and so I could easily apply employee discounts as well). I expected the plan to start from my activation date. But I was surprised to find it actually starts from my order date! So though I ordered on 11/22, received my phones on 11/29 and activated them on 12/1, my billing started from 11/22. For a $130 monthly bill, that represents an unnecessary loss of at least $32.50. However, in Sprint's defense, I chose the wrong time to order - the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. If you order by Wed morning during a typical week, you should get the phones within 2 days. Also, Verizon just did the same thing when I ordered through them (i.e. starting billing from the order date). But they shipped overnight, so I only get billed for one extra day.
      2. Sprint ported over my wife's number several days before her phone got here, meaning she was left with no phone for a few days. This was more than a minor inconvenience, since she was expecting several important calls. We later found that this happens fairly frequently and the best bet is to order the phones as new lines and port them after they arrive.
      3. Except for poor 3G/4G connectivity at my workplace on the 16th floor, I've had no other issues regarding connectivity. Voice calls were never an issue.
      4. Cancelling the account with Sprint was super easy. No one caused any trouble. We weren't even asked why we wanted to cancel. Just remember to both cancel your account and initiate the return of your phones within the 30 day period (which starts from your order date). If you miss either step, you might find yourself with a bill for the ETF.
      5. Overall, Sprint represents tremendous value. Especially when you get a discount through your employer, but even if not. The fact that you have unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling irrespective of the called-party's carrier is a big deal. Even after paying an extra $20 for 4G (two of us) we were still hard-pressed to find a plan from any other carrier at the same cost for similar benefits. (Posted on 12/19/2010)

    60. Horrible Buying Experience - will NEVER buy from Amazon Wireless again Review by BayAreaUser "rimsundevil"

      I received the phone and I am going thru logistics nightmare in order to activate the phone with Sprint. Sprint does not know anything about my account and I have been calling amazon wireless repeatedly to try to set this up. This has taken me over 2 hours and nothing is resolved. This is not a buying experience I expect from Amazon. I will definitely NEVER buy any cell phone from amazon ever again. (Posted on 12/17/2010)

    61. Excellent phone with some issues Review by Raymond C. Hodgkiss

      I'm going to keep the scope of my comments to just the actual hardware itself. I love the Android OS, and I am very satisfied with the Sprint service so far.

      Bottom line: I recommend this phone. I absolutely love it despite some issues.
      I would give it 3 1/2 stars, however, due to a possible hardware problems and also a short battery life.

      I received my 1st EVO in July (hardware build 3). I had no issues for three months, as the phone worked perfectly. Starting in late October, the phone started crashing whenever I was running certain apps. This got progressively worse. Eventually, when the phone would crash, it would fall into a reboot loop. The phone would reboot to the EVO splash screen and crash again. This would continue from anywhere from 10 minutes to when the battery died. I never subjected the phone to temperature extremes, never dropped it. I treat it like a baby.

      The carrier replaced the phone in November with a refurbished one, with no argument, within 48 hours. So far, the replacement is working perfectly, although I did notice two differences. One, the vibrator mechanism is much, much quieter on this new phone. Two, there is 'light leakage' around the screen. The first issue really isn't an issue, but it gave me pause about quality control. The light leakage issue is sort of the same thing, no big deal to me. I've seen in the forums that light leakage on the EVO is a common 'problem' that bothers people, but it doesn't bother me. Again, it makes me wonder about quality control, as my first EVO did not have light leakage.

      What concerns me, however, is the crashing issue. As a professional computer scientist, I suspect that it is hardware-related. I did not download many apps on my phone, especially any task killers. Further, I wouldn't kill any tasks in any OS unless I know EXACTLY what the consequences are. I tried clearing user data. I tried resetting the phone to factory settings. I tried using the phone without the SD card. I tried reformatting the SD card. What I did eventually come to realize is that whenever I did anything that used a data connection (but not voice), the phone would crash. Since this issue also got progressively worse over time, until the phone was practically unusable, I suspect a hardware issue.

      The other issue is a short battery life. You'll have to get used to charging your phone daily. I usually keep the phone plugged-in at my desk and in the car, so I always have a full charge. You'll also want to turn-off the WiFi and GPS radios when you're not using them.

      The GPS is as accurate as those I use for geocaching or driving in my car. I do use the phone for geocaching, in fact. It acquires the satellites very quickly. The screen is vivid and bright, easily seen outside. The camera is better than I expected, but would not replace your point-and-shoot, but it can geotag your images, which is nice (keep this in mind if you're uploadiong images to flickr). Touch screen is perfectly responsive and is difficult to scratch.

      I hope my review didn't put you off on this phone, but from my experiences and what I read, I think this is the worse it gets. (Posted on 12/16/2010)

    62. Micro USB charge port problem Review by KimATL

      Pros: Big buttons, big screen
      Cons: Price, Did not meet expectations, USB charge port failure, bad battery life (need to charge too often), poor photo (bluish color with auto), 4g is not available in most places

      After using 4 months of EVO 4G, I found the micro USB charge port become loose. Due to this, the phone was quite hard to charge depending upon the phone's position. It shows USB port durability issue as others discussed in internet sites. I paid $35 to replace the phone at Sprint without going through with HTC. I wonder how long it will work from now on with the replacement. I have 3 other brand phones with micro USB which haven't show this problem yet. Sprint review site does not allow my review as this. I do not recommend EVO 4G. (Posted on 12/13/2010)

    63. HTC EVO is like a pocket PC/Laptop Review by IT-Man-For-2011

      I upgraded my Blackberry Curve 8310 to give the new touchscreen smartphones a try. I was initially concerned that not having a physical keyboard would be a problem but I'm glad I let those fears go because I never realized how much cellular phone technology had improved since 2008. I've never had an iPhone so I can't speak to those comparisons, but...........

      -Beautiful 4.3 inch screen
      -Thousands of free apps. I'm partial to the financial apps like Chase, Discover, etc. Basically allows me to bank and monitor accounts without having to log on to their website
      -Basically replaced my camcorder, digital camera, ebook reader, MP3 player, voice recorder, GPS car device, To-Do list, Outlook calendar, pocketbook game player, and newspaper subscriptions (with free news apps) in one phone
      -Relatively intuitive user interface
      -7 customizable home screns
      -Other cool stuff similar to what I've heard from Apple, like barcode scanner, bump technology, song identifiers, etc.

      -Obviously, they need to improve the battery life. I've used 20% of my battery in 30 minutes once.
      -The phone sits on the camera lens without a protective case
      -Doesn't allow you to remove Sprint apps or provide a simple native backup utility (unless phone is rooted)

      All in all, I'm glad I decided to leap into the new millenium and get this phone. It has basically eliminated the need to use my computer and laptop at home on a daily basis to manage my affairs and other things I like to do to/from office on the commuter train (Posted on 12/11/2010)

    64. Best phone I've ever had. Review by Jheezy

      I work for a local Sprint store and I've sold many of these phones, and finally I got one for myself.. I wish I would have gotten one so much sooner. This phone does EVERYTHING I want it to do, and more. The amount different applications are absurd. This phone has replaced my Garmin GPS, the Google Maps GPS Navigation is superior. The screen is AMAZING. I use the mobile hotspot for my home computer. Of course the battery could be better.. but this phone is really more a handheld computer that makes phone calls. I carry a spare charger in my car and if I know I'm going to be away from a power source for an amount of time, I pop in the 3500 mah extended battery from Seidio.

      Coming from someone inside the industry, this is the best phone I've ever had. (Posted on 11/29/2010)

    65. Love it Review by Jay P. Harbath "Jay P. Harbath"

      Until something better comes along, they will take this one out of my cold, dead hand. Sure I'd like better battery life, but that is probably just a sign of how much I use it. Love the Navigation system with the contact and Yellow Pages connections, great for a road warrior. Voice mail by name is fabulous. Email access saved me at the rental car counter at midnight when they "lost" my reservation. (Posted on 11/28/2010)

    66. upgraded from samsung highlight to the Evo 4 G Review by Deena Beierle

      I just upgraded from the samsung highlight to teh Evo 4 G. Not a good comparison, however, the services suck from mobile, another reason why i upgraded. This phone has everything for the busy person plus extras. Could not come up with a better phone that has everything if they tried.
      I give this phone a 5 star rating because it is the most truly best phone on the market. I don't know how i ever got along without it!. Loving it, thanks Sprint!!!! (Posted on 11/23/2010)

    67. Great Phone - the best yet!!! Review by Blueaoneet

      This is the best phone I've had to date. I had the Samsung Moment and it really sucked. I blamed it on the Droid operating system. But after using this phone for two weeks, there is no comparison. This phone is the truth.

      Some people have had bugs with the earlier version. I have the updated version and no bugs.

      Just a great phone all around. It is equal or better than the iphone - hands down.

      The battery life isn't that great. But if you purchase the extended battery, you'll be fine. Also, the volume could go louder as well. Sometimes it's hard to hear. But I can deal with that. . . for now. . .

      Good Luck. . . (Posted on 11/23/2010)

    68. Best wait, all-in-one device I've ever had in my entire life. Review by Justin T. Melanson "Sun Quan"

      I have been a loyal Sprint customer for just over a year now, managed to get my number from my dad's T-Mobile account transferred over and everything. It was my chance to liberate myself and have my own phone for once. My first phone, a Samsung Instinct MPH-800 died an unfortunate death when it was the victim of a toilet drop, no joke, that really happened to me. And I could not get an upgrade until September, which I thought meant September of 2011, not of 2010, much to my surprise it was September of 2010 that I could upgrade. I had to get a cheap Audiovox PPC-6700 off of e-Bay to tide me over though, ugh did I hate that thing. It was a nightmare to own, and it died after one too many hits on a hard surface just after I was eligible for an upgrade, so I was without a phone for three weeks.

      I will admit, at first I was considering upgrading to either the HTC Hero or the Samsung Moment, considering I didn't hear anything about the EVO. However, my local Sprint store had a display model of the EVO that was available to play with. Needless to say, I fell right in love and thought to myself "I must have this phone!" It was then and there that I decided that was gonna be the phone I upgraded to, and yes, I knew about the 10 dollar fee for premium data coverage, but honestly I was totally fine with that, considering it would still be way cheaper than either Verizon or T-Mobile's similar data plans, and don't even get me started with AT&T, they're a joke around my neck of the woods.

      Anyway, it took a bit for my EVO to get in at my local Best Buy, approximately 3 weeks, as mentioned above. But when it came in, they set me up, heck even installed a screen protector and my cell phone case that I purchased on-line too and I was good to go after that, I had to just hold it for a second because I had waited so long to get this phone, I had to make sure it was real, that I was not dreaming aaaaaaaaaaand......Yup, it was real alright. I could not believe my eyes, I was holding MY EVO in MY hands and it was gorgeous looking to boot! The sleek design made the thing fit like a glove in my hand, the kickstand, the awesome camera, it was all there. The gorgeous 4.3" display screen that is bright and vivid was just the icing on this delicious cake!

      My EVO came with Android 2.2 codename "FroYo" installed right off the bat. Immediately I got all the texts and e-mails that I missed from the get go, set right up on my cell. It took me but a few minutes to begin getting used to things, and within that amount of time, I fell right in love with this thing. I knew then and there that it was going to be more than just a cell phone. It was going to become pretty much my everything phone. This thing does it all! Cell phone, Canera, GPS, E-Mail, Gaming, Note-taking, the scalability of this beast is immense, and it's all in how you customize the thing, which is downright awesome. The HTC Sense skin makes navigating the phone itself that much easier too. And the touch screen is quick and responsive.

      And I feel as though I've still barely skimmed the surface of this beast, and that there's much more potential waiting to be unlocked. First, I will say that even if you're in an area with spotty coverage, this phone can make a damn good call. Where I live, reception sucks, and yet I was still able to make quality calls, there were times where I was not, but for the most part this thing has done a great job with making and receiving phone calls. I can't complain at all. I've even got this thing set up as an alarm clock for throughout the week. And I can use it to check my bank accounts without having to log into the sites of the companies I bank with. Heck, I've even put my Stop and Shop card along with others on my phone using the free app, CardStar. Yup, this badboy comes in great handy, and that's not even touching on the music player which as a whole is alright. I'd say it needs an audio equalizer, but other than that, it looks good and functions well.

      As for GPS Navigation? I've used Google Navigation as my go to GPS program, which rocks the house with even Sprint Navigation, both programs come with the phone, Google Navigation offers this incredible satellite view that gives you a photographic look of the area around you. It truly is a sight to behold, and it generally gives you pretty accurate directions to your goal, even if they're not quite 100%, they still give you an idea of how to get from point A to point B. You can download note-taking applications, I did download one to jot down my schedule at work. Saves me the paper, and saves me time. I also use the calender to keep track of appointments, which comes in great handy too. It handles all these things very smoothly, have yet to have any major complaints at all. The camera on this badboy is downright incredible, simply put, it takes crystal clear pictures. Downright amazing. Love the fact that I can upload images right to Facebook, thanks to that, I was able to pull off a masterful prank on a friend of mine that I won't get into here.

      It helps that there's a solid architecture backing this thing up. The 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor loads things in virtually no time flat. I've had a few hitches here and there, but for the most part this badboy has provided me with a wonderful experience. Sound comes through loud and crystal clear, am downright amazed at how loud this thing can go. Games play very well on this thing too, when there's hardly a thing running in the background, the EVO runs games like Let's Golf, Angry Birds, and Home Run Battle 3-D without a hitch, and they look damn good to boot, it helps that all of them are good games too. But the best feature on this badboy is one I discovered recently. Emulators! Oh yes, that's right, you can take all the classic games you want on the go. With these, my EVO has become my portable Genesis, SNES, NES, and I also have a Game Boy Advance emulator on there to boot. It is amazing to say the least how much this phone, or any Android phone can do for that matter. Because of it, I am able to catch up and play some of the games I heard so much about, but ended up missing, as well as take some of my favorites on the go. A side note on that though, the emulators that you can download are not quite flawless, all of them do have the occassional staticy sound and slowdown, but still, for the most part they run very well, and do a great job of emulating my favorites for on the go.

      The EVO is not 100% flawless though, what phone is honestly? The one sore spot that many have is battery life, I figured out that if you hold down power very quickly, it goes into "suspend" mode which preserves battery life, and the phone can be taken out of "suspend" mode in the matter of a second. It makes a world of difference, because before I figured that little tidbit out, I was in agreement that the battery life sucked, royally at that. I was lucky to get 4 hours with everything that was running. However, with that little technique, I was able to bolster the battery life up to 11 - 13 hours as opposed to a measly 4 hours. So for now, I am happy with the default battery. If I feel the need to upgrade, I know I can do so without a hitch. Same goes with the SD storage, knowing I can upgrade all the way to 32 gigs is incredible. And there have been times where an application has frozen on me, but that's not happened often at all.

      I can only say this, if you're a tech junkie who loves tinkering with technology, and loves something that can become much more than just an ordinary cell phone, I whole-heartedly recommend this phone to you. Trust me when I say it's going to become your go to for everything, including entertainment. It's an excellent alternative to the iPhone, and even has alot of strengths over the iPhone. I am quite glad I got it, and you will be too should you decide to get this awesome phone. A final tip? Upgrade the phone at Best Buy, they do not do mail-in rebates, so the price shown is the price you pay. Because of this, I got the EVO for an incredible 200 dollars as opposed to 300 dollars and having to wait for a 100 dollar rebate. You'll thank me later for the tip.

      Small Update: Over Thanksgiving weekend, I was at my mom's and I remembered that there was 4G coverage in her neck of the woods. Of course I had to switch it on and see what it was like. Needless to say I was amazed. The speeds were quite comparable to that of a broadband modem. Simply amazing stuff if you ask me. It solidifies the fact that I know I've made the right decision to get this phone.

      Another Update: I think it's safe to say after almost 2 years of owning this phone that I am not only going to be glad to get rid of it, I am going to be doubly glad to call it quits with Sprint. Of late the battery life has been shaky, apps at times force close (even after freeing up space on the main phone) and it doesn't help that the customer service Sprint has in place really sucks as well as their upgrade cycles being messed around with too, makes me glad that my contract ends in September. I will most likely end up trading this thing towards a better phone with T-Mobile, whom I am going to most likely be switching over to. (Posted on 11/19/2010)

    69. htc evo 4g global using ? Review by ahmed

      hi there i want to ask about the evo 4g i can used it global i mean with out sprint network ? cause i'm from mid east ... or the evo its just exclusive for united states >>>>? please recommend i can order it to mid east and then crack the lock >>>> if it's locked >>>
      please recommend me !!
      kuwait (Posted on 11/19/2010)

    70. THE REAL DEAL! Review by Colonel

      Ok simple, everything that everyone else says great about the EVO is 100% accurate. This phones is leaps and bounds above any other phone that I have ever owned, and I have owned tons of them.

      Now the only, and I do mean only issue with this phone is battery life. Please don't get misled by ANY OTHER REVIEWER here. Even if you download a battery program to help with monitoring running programs you will not go a complete day on a full charge. Not if you use the phone for any use; if you do use the phone then you will definately need to find a charging solution or carry extra batteries like I do. You can purchase higher capacity batteries here or on ebay but I just carry extra ones.

      I promise you this......there is no other phone out there like this one! It's fast, it's loaded, it makes a joke of other phones I've owned in the past including the iphone. I have the largest phone package that Sprint allows for the EVO and I use almost every bit of it (not much of a Nascar fan). You will not be disappointed with this phone, and although I know there will be phones in the future that outshine this one I do believe this one will be the phone to beat for this year and probably the next 2!

      Don't kid yourself or second guess about some other phone that you think will do the same or similar things cause they won't. The EVO really is the phone that deserves the name Incredble! (Posted on 11/14/2010)

    71. HTC EVO - 99.9% Perfect Review by Hexydes

      The HTC EVO is a fantastic smartphone/tablet device. HTC's Sense UI layer on top of it is a great complement. Really the only criticism I have is the battery life and...well, it is what it is. If you can deal with either replacing the battery, charging twice a day, or just running out of battery after about 8 hours, then this is the phone you want. I've been using smartphones for five years, and comparing it relative to what's available at the time, this is the best smartphone I've ever used. (Posted on 10/30/2010)

    72. The HTC Evo 4G Android Smartphone: A great smartphone with a weak carrier Review by Mark "Sorokahdeen"

      In many ways, owning an Evo is like putting an underpowered laptop in your pocket: it allows you to send and receive emails; it takes photos and videos; lets you perform computations and put the results online from wherever you're standing, but it isn't nearly as good as it could be because of the company that carries it.

      The Good:
      Good sound
      Good bluetooth implementation
      High quality audiovisual playback for music, movies and audiobooks
      Super-fast charging
      Full web browser with Flash implementation
      Multiple transceivers for connection to the net
      Skype support
      Satellite GPS
      Haptic (touch-based) screen/keyboard feedback
      Hearing-aid volume support
      Great Texting support
      Beautiful, 8 megapixel camera with flash video capability. Secondary, video conference camera

      The Bad:
      Slightly rough software
      Very poor battery life without serious work by the end-user

      The Ugly:
      Sprint's additional data fees for owning the Evo, charged even on premium plans with unlimited data included

      The HTC Evo 4G is an amazing smartphone. It makes making actual phone calls seem like an afterthought. It plays music and audiobooks, takes gorgeous pictures and videos, runs the Amazon Kindle application for print media, opens web-pages with full flash implementation, plays games and even offers GPS-functionality. Its large form-factor allows it to enjoy significantly greater screen real estate than competing phones providing for a forward-facing camera in addition to the high-resolution, eight-megapixel main camera on the back of the phone that takes *stellar* pictures and videos.

      Battery life is a bear on the Evo. Unless you are a prepared to become a savvy user, the Evo 4G's battery life will jump up and bite you.

      Users have complained of battery life of less than eight hours with the Evo and this isn't an exaggeration: Out of the box, the Evo 4G is set up to constantly run programs in the background that automatically go online to check for news, mail, weather and other updates. This means that, unless you research how to turn off those things, your phone burns the candle at both ends, invisibly processing when its next update is going to take place *and THEN* going online to perform the update. In other words, your phone uses itself even when you aren't using it.

      The result for the unsophisticated user is comedy: the first Evo I ever saw was shown to me by a customer at Best Buy: it was stone dead. The second one was owned by a Best Buy sales rep who said he didn't have a power-problem; he just carried three fully charged, extra batteries around with him!

      This is not to say that the Evo 4G has to be a power-hog. With light data and phone use, I regularly get eighteen hours out of my Evo with a record time of twenty-three and-a-half hours on a single charge; but this happened only after many hours of research, and battery-conditioning voodoo. This is a bad constrast with my previous Blackberry smartphone which could be left turned on and off the charger for several days without worrying.

      There is a silver lining though: with the unit turned off, the Evo charges to full in about 2.5 hours--far faster than any other phone I've ever owned.

      In terms of connectivity, the Evo 4g is like nothing else, but this is expensive on many levels. The Evo works its magic by using no less than four different radio transceivers (phone/3G, bluetooth, 4g, wifi, and Satellite GPS) of those however, 4G is problematic on several levels.

      Sprint charges a ten-dollar-a-month premium just for owning the Evo 4G, even if the user has Sprint's `simply everything' plan that includes unlimited data. The fee still applies even if you live somewhere where Sprint isn't even dreaming of setting up 4G anytime soon.

      This means you pay for 4G even if you can't have it and are already paying for a super-premium plan where `unlimited data' is included. That, speaking plainly, is a rip-off--so much so that there are stories floating around of Sprint employees in call-centers living through the nightmare of having to explain the charge to irate customers by describing how wonderful the phone's screen is.

      I would genuinely hate to be one of those people right now.

      The problem with Sprint's 4G service is that it is a costly paradox. If you are anywhere where you can use wifi from a coffee shop or from your home or office, wifi costs either nothing or next to nothing and is easier on your battery than 4G would be. So how is 4G in any way useful? You *could* use it to tether devices to the Evo, providing a moveable, wifi hotspot of your own to, say, watch a movie on an iPad or a laptop.

      Unfortunately, two things prevent this even if you live in a place where 4G actually exists: 1) Sprint charges a $30 a month super-premium for wifi tethering on top of the charge for data (yes, Sprint expects a yearly, $480 Christmas Present) and, 2) using 4G alone, on battery power will turn that, sleek fully-charged smartphone of yours into a paperweight in less than an hour no matter what background processes you turn off. Contrast this with AT&T's 3g service for my iPad 3g: $25 a month for 2GB of data with additional 2GB blocks for $10 if needed.

      You can tell that Sprint knows how popular their pricing policies are with consumers: when Android hackers came up with free wifi-tethering solutions for the HTC Evo, Sprint's system software updates disabled them--sort of like a thief wrecking the zipper on your pocket.

      Despite all the reasons to be bitter about its carrier, the HTC Evo 4G is a great smartphone that offers sophisticated users a host of great features. It does everything the iPhone does and more and, although its software is rough in some areas, Sprint's network makes the Evo plainly, obviously superior.

      The HTC Evo 4G is a great smartphone but you wish it were available from a carrier that was less hungry than Sprint is; because Sprint's pricing for data makes your phone bill feel like an expensive insult to your intelligence.

      **Addendum** Apr 8, `2011: A difficult, but worthwhile fix.
      Please note, if you try this, you'll be trying it as I did: that is, at your own risk. With that said...

      My phone slipped out of my hand while I was taking it out of the holster and it fell several feet onto concrete shattering the screen. This was completely unexpected. My phone's screen has survived much more dramatic abuse than this, but this time I was unlucky and for more than a month, I was walking around with a screen that looked like a crazed spider had taken up residence underneath it.

      Despite my phone's being insured against loss or theft, I was considering buying a new one when someone told me something I should already have known: the parts and tools were out there and, although the work is certainly not trivial, a home-grown repair-job was possible.

      I got instructions on how to disassemble the phone on YouTube and bought the relevant part (the screen) and the tools (a number-four Torx screwdriver) on Amazon. Instead of the specialized tool recommended in the YouTube video, I bought a set of super-heavy guitar picks and used them for the two operations crucial to taking the phone apart: opening the case by sliding a thin, non-conductive instrument into the phone seams to separate the phone's assemblies that are held together by snaps *and* six Torx screws, and flicking open the locks that keep the phone's ribbon connectors attached to the phone's motherboard.

      The hardest parts of the repair were prying the bits of broken screen off the adhesive backing that holds it it to the front of the phone and getting the three ribbon connectors back into the clamped busses that move signals between the phone's parts and its motherboard. Also, the motherboard is attached to the phone's chassis by a single, tiny, phillips head screw that I lost during reassembly (I lost the phillips head, but the phone went back together without it and, so far it works fine).

      If you're going to try this repair, I would recommend that you magnetize your screwdrivers and set the screws and other small parts aside in light-colored cup for maximum visual contrast so you can spot everything easily when it's time for reassembly. In addition to the tools mentioned above, you will probably want a needle-nosed tweezers and a lint-free cloth for cleaning any smeared adhesive off of the liquid crystal display underneath the glass.

      Getting the phone back together after disassembly requires a lot of tries and a *LOT* of patience, but the reward for success is stellar: first, you get to show everyone that you did it (as I intend to tomorrow) and the total cost of the tools and replacement parts (all of them with next-day shipping) was less than a hundred dollars while a new Evo bought without a plan costs four-hundred and fifty.

      Good luck. (Posted on 10/27/2010)

    73. Sprint 4g EVO Review by Justin Harrison

      This phone is by far the best phone available on the market. Phones in today's world are now capable of combining a phone, internet and television all into one compact device. Not only is this phone capable of these things, it has more than trumped the standards of an all-inclusive device. Also, this is the first phone to be capable of 4G speeds, meaning that it is able to download information up to 10 times faster than the 3G phones. With these speeds you can stream high definition videos with ease. The 4.3 inch screen and beautiful resolution make watching movies on this portable device that much more enjoyable. But what if you want to watch a video with multiple people? Don't worry, the phone has outputs allowing you to watch videos on any t.v. with HDMI inputs. The features are endless on this phone. It is also capable of supporting up to 8 wireless internet connections by acting as a mobile hotspot. You will never be without internet again. The iPhone was the most advanced phone in the past, but the HTC EVO 4G is the phone of future. Every feature on the iPhone is on the EVO 4G, and then some. So why not invest in the perfect phone? It only has every feature you can possibly imagine a phone can have. (Posted on 10/24/2010)

    74. Best phone out there! Review by Travis Keatley

      I have had the EVO 4g for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it! Before purchasing the phone, I had to compare it to another competitor in this smart phone market, the Droid X. Now don't get me wrong, the Droid X is a great phone and it runs on Verizon's rock solid network. However, after holding the phone and playing with the X's interface for a while, I wasn't impressed. It is taller and thinner than the EVO 4g and feels a bit too long when placed in the pocket. Also, I much prefer the HTC Sense user interface to the MotoBlur variant on the Droid X. It looks cleaner and has better animations.

      As far as performance goes, this phone is great. The 1Ghz processor can handle any of the apps that you can throw at it. I haven't had mine hiccup once. The service is great as long as you don't live in a rural area, but the Sprint network is constantly expanding and getting better. Overall, I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a powerful phone that is also user friendly. (Posted on 10/21/2010)


      I bought this phone to get away from my Blackberry and the carrier (AT&T). First let me say I had a good run with my Blackberry 9000, then the 9700. But they kept cutting off and re-booting themselves, and the carrier would do nothing about it.

      Now back to my take on the HTC EVO 4G phone. I've had the EVO for a week now, and I'm very happy to say it hasn't re-booted itself. So I'm happy with that. It's larger than I expected, but that ok. It feels good while holding it, and looks even better. The calls are clear and my people can hear me just fine.

      I'm not to happy with the calendar on it. It doesn't let me do some things my Blackberry did, but I can and will live it. It's way faster than my Blackberry was when it comes to opening up web pages. And of course the 4.3inch screen helps a lot. For me the phone is like carrying around a mini computer. The web pages looks like my computer screen when I open a web page.

      Call signal is good. And the place where I work really blocks out cell phone signals. But so far my EVO is getting me a strong signal while I'm at work.

      It connected to my wifi with no problem, and to my blue tooth stereo headset. Again I do a lot of talking using my blue tooth, and I'm happy my calls are clear, and I don't have to keep repeating myself.

      Now the apps for the phone is crazy. I fell asleep while looking through all the apps this phone has, and like a buddy of mine said, most of the apps are FREE, FREE, and did I say FREE APPS.

      Well that's all I have to comment about this phone on here. If you're looking for a good phone to replace anything you have now, I would take a strong look into this HTC EVO 4G PHONE. (Posted on 10/19/2010)

    76. SUPER PHONE Review by soslo


    77. Great on paper, much worse in real use Review by M. Chase Masters "M. Chase Masters"

      How could anyone go wrong? Large display, 4G, Android 2.2, hotspot, and more. I'm on my 4th EVO replacement. Here's reality:

      1. The display is average in brightness. It is not readable in direct sunlight.

      2. Battery life abysmal. Buy an extra charger and bring it to work, you'll need it. 4-6 hours tops and after that you're in trouble. Want to watch your battery die even faster? Use 4G. Keeping this phone charged is like being the mother of quintuplets; you'll be feeding often.

      3. Random reboots while using navigation. Using the EVO to navigate while driving? Be ready for your phone to go dead while you watch the 4G splash screen as it silently rebooted itself.

      4. Blue tooth connection problems. Do you have more than one blue tooth device like your car hands-free and maybe a headset? The EVO rarely reconnects to more than one device correctly. Sometimes no audio, or no connection at all. Reboot.

      5. Black screen only. Sometimes the phone goes black when on and you can't get the screen back without pushing the power button. And during a call if it blanks and you try and get it wake it goes black over and over again. This is very annoying!

      6. 3.5" headset audio output very weak. If you are in a quiet room you;re fine. Anything more and i's very inadequate. Forget it on an airline flight unless you have very expensive headphones.

      So do I have your attention? This phone is like a new Corvette. It's specs are impressive on the sticker but once you buy it and compare to others in it's class it's a performance bargain with cheaper materials. tThe EVO's specs will sell a lot of phones. But this was Sprint's cheap way of marketing a phone using 4G as blinders to sell an overall cheap phone. The EVO probably works fine for the casual user. Make calls. Rarely using GPS. Occasional web surfing. One Blue tooth device. Fine. But this is the most problematic unreliable phone I have ever owned. Especially compared to a Droid and iPhone 3G. (Posted on 10/18/2010)

    78. Favorable Phone - Sprint Customer Service Is A Pain Review by Wayne Schulz "mas90 accounting software guru"

      I just received my HTC EVO 4G and haven't really had enough time for a full review other than to note that the system seems pretty speedy even when stacked against my Droid X and Incredible.

      Unfortunately my first experience with the EVO was marred by a call to the Sprint activation number. Apparently there's a PIN and secret question that you fill out during ordering. I couldn't recall having to fill this information out. And for some reason phone companies believe that we all have memorable facts like the model of our first car embedded into our brains.

      Needless to say I could remember neither a PIN that I supplied during checkout or the secret question answer. Therefore during activation the customer service would not provide me with any information pertaining to my plan, etc.


      Yes, I do realize that Sprint implements these security measures to counter fraud.

      It seems however to be excessive to make a new subscriber walk a gauntlet of questions as they're trying to activate their phone. It was a most unpleasant experience and I'm not entirely sure if I'll be keeping this phone after the nasty interaction.

      My tip -- if you order this phone at Amazon -- or elsewhere -- be sure to WRITE DOWN any pin or secret question that you'd asked to supply. You'll need it to do ANYTHING with the phone once you get it.

      October 24, 2010

      I've run into what I consider a show stopping bug on my EVO 4G. When I am on pure 4G (not Wi-Fi or 3G) the phone won't connect to GTalk Instant Messaging. This is important because Android uses this connection to authenticate your market purchases. Without a GTalk connection you will be unable to purchase or download any applications.

      Since I've owned the phone my ability to connect to GTalk via 4G has been basically non-existent. I can make a connection from WiFi. I can connect from 3G. When I switch on the faster 4G speeds (for which I'm charged an extra $10 per month) the GTalk connection times out with an error.

      I phoned Sprint technical support and was passed along to "advanced support" who quite incredibly (and wrongly) explained that the reason that the GTalk connection was not working was that it wasn't compatible with Sprint's 4G service (totally wrong).

      Use caution with Sprint - I'm still evaluating but so far the EVO 4G hardware is holding up ok (as soon as I figure out the GTalk connection issue). Sprint customer service and technical support are quiet a different matter.

      October 25, 2010

      Problems continued to persist with the Sprint EVO - primarily that the required GTalk component would not connect when I had 4G turned on. The helpful Sprint support staff ran the gamut of telling me that GTalk was incompatible with 4G and that the 4G service which was clocking 8 to 10 MB downloads on my EVO wasn't in fact active in my town.

      I completely wiped the device (twice) and tried another Google account. Neither worked.

      Sprint's clearly on the defensive as well about their added $10 per month for the privilege of having an EVO 4G which they quickly claim (wrongly) isn't compatible with their 4G service.

      I love that they answer their help lines touting their not ready for prime time 4G network too.

      You've been warned... (Posted on 10/18/2010)

    79. An extra $10 a month for what? Review by Book buyer

      This is an excellent phone in every way. If you want a big screen Android phone I would prefer it over the Droid X. But is hard getting past paying Sprint an extra $10 per month for this phone when I don't even get their 4G here in Phoenix. (Posted on 10/17/2010)

    80. Simply AWESOME!!!!!!!! Review by Dave

      Okay I have had this phone for about 2 months now, and I simply love it. Okay, personally, I think this is way better than the Iphone. I get full adobe flash player, meaning I can watch any online video, not just from YouTube. And the videos surprisingly aren't laggy at all. Also, I can freely download files and open them in file explorers. This is extremely convenient when I'm sending my resume to different people. I can compose the message on my phone and attach the pdf. Also, internet browsing is amazing. Really fast, and truly just like desktop experience. Also, if you like doing more with your phone, like installing customs roms, or developing apps, or anything of that sort, you definitely have the freedom to do so. Overall, this phone is absolutely GREAT!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 10/11/2010)

    81. HTC EVO 4G Review by postman

      First off I want to say that this is my fisrt touch screen, my first smart phone and my first contract phone. Ever. I have always had pre-paid phones so I knew that if I am going to get a contract phone for 2 years, it has to be something that is reliable and has a lot of features.

      I did a lot of research on this phone and a few others on youtube and other review websites as well and I looked at different cell companies and decided to go with sprint since they had the 69.99 everything data plan. There is a $10 premium for the 4g though.

      So far I am enjoying this phone. Has so much that it can do that its ridiculous. The screen is gorgeous. The colors they use are very nice. Its very responsive with the touch sensors and the 3g internet is very fast. I havent tried the 4g yet but since the 3g is so fast then obviously the 4g is faster still. There are over 50,000 apps on the android market. Most are free I believe.

      The call quality is very good so far. Even indoors I get a good recepition. Love the unlimited text that you get with this plan too. You can go to sprints website and see how many text you sent out if you want and how many minutes you used.

      The camera on this phone after you take a picture is gorgeous. The clarity is so good it seems useless to buy an actual camera. I love the camcorder to. The phone comes with a 8gb memory card installed so im sure it can record a lot of videos. You can upgrade up to a 32gb card if you want but you have to take the battery out to get to the memory card since the card is behind the battery. I heard they did that so that you wont "crash" the phone which is nice of them I think. It has two l.e.d. flashes on it when you take a pic and they also double as a flshlight so you can see in the dark. Very neat. The phone has a built in speaker thats also loud and sounds pretty good.

      As far as how easy the phone is to use, its somewhat easy. I am tech savvy and I love technology but I never owned a smart phone before let alone one with a touch screen so its something that I need to get used to. The instruction manual is almost 200 pages long so that shows you how much stuff this phone can do. Love the fact you can see the weather and you can also get traffic updates.

      The kick out stand on the back is very sturdy and its solid. It dosent look cheap at all. The phone seems to very durable although I wouldn't drop it. I am going to buy a case for it because the phone does seem kind of slippery to me.

      The size of the phone is not an issue with me. Thats actually another reason I bought it. I am 6'2 and I have big hands so I need a phone to match. But thats a personal preference.

      The battery life of this phone isn't that great but thats expected of a phone with a 4.3" display and can do a lot of things. There are things you can do to extend the battery life of your phone. I'm in the process of doing that with mine. I dont have a newer tv with the hdmi port so I wont be able to try that feature on this phone until I can get access to one.

      There is so much to this phone I can't name it all. If you dont have a problem with the battery life then I highly recommend this phone. You can probably buy batteries with a higher capacity.

      PROS: camera, features, speed of 3g/4g, network seems strong, screen size, phone size, kick stand, hdmi port, charger doubles as a usb data cable, camcorder, dual flash that doubles as a flashlight, you can get flash on the internet, memory card is included, access to 50,000 plus apps

      CONS: battery life, phone seems slippery to me, $10 premium for 4g weather or not the area you live in has it. (Posted on 10/8/2010)

    82. Amazon and Sprint deceiving charges be WARNED! Review by Chuong Nguyen

      BE WARNED when purchasing this phone or any Sprint as a new customer. There's something they both won't tell you is that as soon as this phone ships, your contract starts and you'll be paying for the phone service even though you haven't received your phone yet. I purchase 4 phones on a new contract. Amazon shipped it next day but I didn't receive it for another week. However, to my suprise my contract and services started the day they shipped it. That's a $200 monthly bill prorated to $50, gone! I called them both up and they verified this was the case and could not do anything about. Each of them saying it was the other's responsibility. I consider this being very sneaking to earn a couple of extra bucks from the consumers. For this very reason I am in the process of returning all 4 phones. Thank goodness for the 30 return policy. Sprint, this is why you have a bad rep.! (Posted on 10/6/2010)

    83. Use it to believe it... a True iPhone competition Review by A. Dahiya "AD"

      HTC EVO, Android and Sprint is a winning combination. True value for money.

      This phone can compete with any phone in the market.

      Imagine the world without HTC for their cost effective innovation in smart phones, Open smart phone OS Android and Sprint taking bold step into 4G. We all as consumers are very lucky to be in this evolution of smart phones. Bay Area has become the center of Mobile innovation within 3 years.

      Needless to say we will see this competition between iPhone and Android will provide us even better alternates. But also get windows 7 and palm webOS to compete even harder. We are just at the beginning of this revolution.

      HTC EVO 4G is just the phone you need. I have personally converted more than 40 users of iPhone to EVO 4G. I had to sell nothing, just made them to use my EVO. I think it is hard for iPhone users to believe that something this good is available. On top huge savings from Sprint. Try getting corporate discounts for more savings. I have saved on an average $50/month moving from AT&T to Sprint. I am a heavy user of this phone, I use easily more than 2GB of data every month. Also if you are in family plan it will be even better for others to have the unlimited data at low cost.

      My most used Apps are Mail, messenger, calendar, Qik, Camera, Contact book, skype, etc.

      Only Drawback is Battery Life.. which these days we have chargers every where.. at home, car and office... so if you notice most of the smart phones are charging when not in use. But HTC EVO can improve this .. and offer replacement battery which we can buy later for better battery life. (Posted on 10/6/2010)

    84. bliss Review by One Day

      I love my EVO.

      The screen moves and pops though, within 24 hours of owning, I wish I could get a replacement phone or repaired. (Posted on 10/4/2010)

    85. Decent device with a lot of opportunities Review by A4Q96 "Gadget Lover"

      Bought the Evo after an obsessive search and considering a switch from Sprint to Verizon or AT&T. At the end of the day, didn't want to ante up for the iPhone 4, was worried about the issues with that device, and didn't feel like the Droid X or Droid 2 (Verizon) was a huge advantage (especailly because Verizon and AT&T would set us back more a month than Sprint, without unlimited data).
      A few months in, I can say it has gotten better after a VERY rocky start. How can this op system be behind Palm in so many ways (vs. Palm 10 years ago, no less?) and simple exercises such as deleting e-mail messages take SO MUCH LONGER than on a Blackberry? Ridiculous. I'm learning that transitioning to ANYTHING after being a Palm Power User is a tough thing. My assessments:

      1. Great internet device - much better than my Palm or BB. I have been able to do online surfing, purchasing from Amazon, Groupon, etc. with no issues.
      2. HTC Sense is ok - Once you get the hang of HTC Sense (the basic home screen system), it is not too bad finding contacts and dialing frequently used #'s and setting up . I agree with other reviews that the contact search function doesn't work very well, though.
      3. Lots of free apps out there - Good thing about Android is the application base is improving
      4. My favorite thing so far: Downloaded Graffiti (just like Palm's original) and WAY better than the HTC Evo keyboard. I actually love the Graffiti because it is the original that Palm offered (before that piece of junk they called Graffiti 2).
      5. Games :)

      1. Worse than Palm 5x (released in 2000 or so) for Datebook/Contact/To Do/Memos! - Doesn't do the basics of datebook/addresses/to-do's/memo's-notes as well as my Palm did 10 years ago. Web opinion on this is universal agreement. Sigh.
      2. Voice dialing is the worst I have EVER used
      3. The OS is NOT intuitive and simple. , and Android 2.2 is here and better, but still a long way to go.
      4. Was really tough to move Palm data over! - Got address book to move over via a user developed PERL script. Ridiculous that someone had to write one. Otherwise, you lose several address book fields Am doing Memos via Notes Everything. Works ok but still not Palm simple. Am doing To-do's via my work Blackberry - don't like any of the Android task managers. Wish they had a better task manager built into Gmail and not one that interacts with the datebook calendar.
      5. Terrible keyboard - thank goodness for Graffiti.
      6. Camera is fuzzy - friends with iPhones get much better pictures.
      7. Terrible battery life - Never had a device that lasts for so little time. And I have to be careful not to let it run out completely, because I have had it completely reset twice in that situation (and had to resync and reload programs).
      8. Webcam doesn't work - the native appilcation as well as downloadable third party ones do not work. They freeze, stutter, and are not Skype compatible.
      9. Drag down feature to answer phone hangs up - wish there was a work around like pushing a button on the device.

      SUMMARY: I'm starting to cope :) but could be so much better. Good news is that Android open platform invites lots of competition and continuous improvement. Let's hope that they continue to improve and that I can replace it with a MUCH BETTER phone in a year or two.

      UPDATE January 2011
      I like my Android MUCH MUCH Better than I did at first... To be clear, it is not the most user friendly device, so I have had to either figure workarounds or learn things about how to do things on the phone that were not obvious at first
      1. Between Swype (handwriting recognition like on a Palm) and Smart Keyboard (available on Android Market), I have found much better ways to input data - far faster than the base program.
      2. Voice Recognition - I now dictate memos, emails etc. which is even faster than Swype, and in Smart Keyboard it gives you multiple options about what you said, and one is almost always right. Love it!!!
      3. Small shortcuts/workarounds - Each Android user interface is a little different, and HTC sense has turned out to be ok. Things like speed dial buttons have a lot of weird things to them (tap on the picture to speed dial, tap on the name right below it - a tiny sliver of a spot - to see the whole contact) that I figure out by trial and error. It is a little annoying that the explanations of these short cuts aren't more easy to find or more intuitive. Never struggled to find how to do them on my BB (the Apple/Window style drop down menus clearly tell you what to do).
      4. GPS - I use the built in Google Navigation/Maps, and it rocks. But again, not totally intuitive, and a few extra keystrokes. But now that i understand how to use it, it is AWESOME! I use the GPS ALL The time.
      5. Battery Life - I got a replacement battery that is wonderful: - lasts almost 2 days now, and I am a pretty heavy user.
      6. Webcam works better, and had to fault since the iPhone's FaceTime requires a Wi-fi connection to EVEN use it. The updates to Qix (for video calls) have helped, but still could be better. Here's hoping for better software soon. (Posted on 10/4/2010)

    86. Best phone on the market today period! Review by Rob "Do-it-yourselfer"

      First of all let me start by saying all you iPhone users got the inferior phone. I speak from experience, I have checked out the Holy iPhone4 ( The 4 for 4th generation and NOT 4g network as a lot of people think). Im not saying the Evo is flawless but its features, speed, apps, screen sensitivity & clarity is unmatched. My former phone was the Blackberry Tour. An awesome phone in it's own right but the one thing the Blackberries lacked that I needed was a bigger screen. I grew tired of having to zoom in on the text for web browsing. Although the Berries feel much better in the hand than the Evo, the pluses outweight the minuses.
      Let me start with the negatives. The biggest being the battery life, however I have found ways around that. Sure you can use the application killer but that is still not enough ( especially for the younger crowd that like to text every waking moment). There are 3rd party batteries out there that will extend your charge, I have one and my phone will go the whole day with no problem. The ability to change batteries is a HUGE plus over the iphones internal battery. Tmobile also has a cover with a built in secondary battery for their HTC2 which is basically the Evos twin as far as physical dimensions is concerned which is a pretty cool idea. A car charger is also recomended. The onscreen keyboard is also not for everybody. I miss the button keyboard of the Blackberry as it made for easier, more accurate texting. However that's a matter of opinion since Im not a 16 year old that sends 3,000 text messages an hour so it's really not a big issue for me. The onscreen keyboard is accurate if you have small fingers. I find myself having to go back and fix mispellings quite often and I also had to turn off the text recomendations for it would put " Amazing" when Im trying to text " Amazon". Those are my two biggest complaints. Also this phone will not work overseas, unfortunately it is limited to the states but since I am not a world traveler this does not affect me. Additionally as the screen takes up 90% of the face of the phone, it does not fare well should you drop it too many times. Im on my second Evo thanks to a fall that resulted in a cracked screen but then again it is a sensitive piece of electronic equipment. Electronics are not designed to be dropped so just be very careful with your phone which also means you MUST have insurance on it from Sprint. You will regret it if you don't The size and weight is also something to get used to. The Evo is heavier than most other phones but like with cars, a big engine requires a big chassis.
      The positives are too many to name. Where do I start? The speed?, The ever so wonderful screen?, The camera(s)? The video? all top notch that leave the Apple geeks iPhone4 in the dust baby! Sure Apple has way more apps than Droid does but who is gonna load 250k apps in their phone anyways? and you dont have to hold your Evo in a funny way to prevent drop calls and the covers are only for physical protection and not to enhance call quality as with that Appple wanna-be Evo.
      The screen : This is where the Evo shines. Although The iphone is supposed to have a better resolution, when you compare both side by side? It is a tough argument as the Evos screen looks a lot brighter and clearer. The screens sensitivity is top notch. Apps are loaded in a split second even when you are in the middle of a download, there is no slow down. Incredible! Photos and videos look gorgeous on the Evo. Unless you are a proffesional photographer there is no need to take a camera with you while on vacation. The Evo will handle all your photo and video needs as it takes beautiful 720 HD video and shoots with a 8 mp camera. Additionally it has the secondary, front facing camera ( Iphones strongest selling point ) which Evo had BEFORE Apple. More importantly, it does not require your phone to be in wi-fi and connected to another wi-fi iphone to be used. Video chat works WITHOUT wi-fi connection and you can also have video chat with a PC cam on the other end, unlike that "other" phone. Photos come out great if the phone has already focus in the subject. If not some shots will come out blurry but that is also the case with ANY camera including my Canon EOS Rebel XSI. Videos are the best on any phone. 720 HD video is wonderfull in well lit situations. If your subject is not in a well lit area, the videos will not fare well but again that is the case with ANY video equipment, even top notch camcorders. Youtube videos are best viewed on this phone than any other. The 4.3 in. screen is gorgeous for videos and the little kick stand on the back is a big plus for just such occassions. Sending photos and videos to facebook or any other social network is a breeze. The GPS will absolutely make other gps units obsolete. It is big, bright and accurate with voice recognition for driving situations as well for texting. It also speaks to you so you dont have to take your eyes off the road.
      Apps : The applications available for the Evo seems endless and all will load fast. Im especially addicted to a game called " Homerun Battle 3d " however that game eats up a lot of battery juice. All the apps (too many to review) load almost instantly including Facebook and Youtube. There is even a bar code scanning app and a flashlight app for when you are in need of a light source in a dark room which makes use of Evos wonderfull dual flash. Very usefull for me when I come home late and do not want to wake up my wife lol.
      Speed : As mentioned before, all apps load almost instantly. Calls go through fast and downloads are fast also and this just on Sprints 3g network as the 4g is not available in all areas as of yet but when it does think of the blazing speeds it will offer. However just like any computer, if you overload its hardrive with too much stuff eventually it will produce a little lag.
      Hardware : Another big plus of the Evo over iphone is the removable battery and memory card which are both easy to do. Im not a tech geek so I will not go into specific hardware spec but rest assure the Evo is powerful and fast!
      Calls : Calls are fast and clear. Although it may not be the best in call voice clarity it certaintly rests up the with the best. (I found call clarity is bit better on the Blackberry Tour). Volume is loud to the point where I have to tone it down depending what app Im using and where. I have not used the phone for music so I cannot comment on that. I still preffer an Ipod for music. Dropped call do happen on occasion but ALL cellphones do that. Sprints network is very reliable. I have had calls come in when I was in the middle of the Florida everglades for pete's sake. The nearest cell tower had to be at least 5 miles away!
      In all the EVO is easily the BEST cellphone on the market today. I can olny imagine what the Evo2 will be like. Of course nothing is perfect but Evos pros easily outweight the cons.

      I hope the Evo 2 has the weight of Tmobile Samsung Vibrant with a Blackberry-like slideout keyboard and of course, stronger battery life. Everything else is perfect. Also Evos $200.00 price tag ( after $100.00 mail-in rebate ) is a lot more attractive than iphones 4 ( $500-1000 ) price and you are getting a BETTER phone. Good luck in finding one at the Sprint stores. You'll have to pre-order one first but that just shows you it's popularity and demand. I can walk into any AT&T store and find many iphones available. Apple/At&T ? You can eat Sprints Evos 4gs dust! (Posted on 10/2/2010)

    87. Fantastic phone, but it's not for everyone Review by Brent Friar

      I've had my Evo since release day (6/4) and I love this phone even more now than when I got it. The ability to customize and make the phone do what you need it to do is unsurpassed, Android is a great operating system that is only getting better. I've had smartphones for year so I've had PalmOS and WinMo 6.1 and 6.5. This is a huge upgrade. Anyhow, let's talk about this phone...

      First and foremost this is a phone and my business depends on it. The call quality is superb and in my are Sprint service is very good. I never drop calls unless I am out in the country, and I know where the dead spots are, there are only a couple. The call quality is also excellent on the other side. The microphone is very sensitive and picks up sound very well. You don't have to yell at the phone for the other side to hear you. Speaker phone is one of the best I've ever used. The external speaker is loud enough to hear easily at a conference table or driving down the road. Again, the main microphone is good enough that there is no need to yell at the phone even when on a conference call and not sitting directly next to the phone.

      Next, utility of the phone. Built in to the phone are all of the basic functions you would need in a phone. E-mail, G-mail, navigation, youtube, internet, voice searching, Sprint TV, and countless others. Anything this phone doesn't do out of the box, there's an app for that. There are tens of thousands of apps that will allow you to make your phone do virtually anything a phone is capable of. All of the important apps you've ever heard of have an Android equivalent. Some of the apps lack a little polish, but in general they tend to work well. The Android developer community is quickly growing and the quality of apps is increasing very quickly.

      The hardware of the phone will simply amaze you. The 4.3 inch screen is bright and very clear. The colors are crisp and vibrant. It does well enough in direct sunlight that it can be used, but with any screen it is a bit tougher in sunlight. There are arguably better screens on other phones, but unless you have them side by side, you'll never notice a difference. The resolution is excellent, and the screen size makes it very easy to see. The multitouch works as you would expect with no screen lag and accurate touch sensing. The capacitive buttons are also extremely accurate. They work when you touch them without having to repeatedly try to get the buttons to work. I've not had any problems with the screen or buttons being overly sensitive. The CPU is a 1 ghz Snapdragon that makes the phone extremely fast and capable. Apps open near instantly and work without lag. This is a serious speed demon especially with the recent Android 2.2 upgrade. The GPU does fall short in comparison to some of the newer phones like the Samsung Galaxy S line, but it does a passable job. I have not had any issues playing higher end games at all, though the FPS is not as high as it could be. For gaming, there are certainly better options, but overall for general use the CPU is amazing.

      This phone has both front and rear facing cameras. The rear camera is 8mp and records 720p video and the front is 1.3mp and records svga video. As with any camera, getting good results is more related to the user than the equipment. Getting very high quality results takes some tinkering with the settings, the auto settings and out of the box defaults are decent but that are not as good as some other phones. With the proper set up the photos and video are capable of being very good.

      The stock battery is a 1500mAh piece that is decent, but larger would be nicer. Out of the box the battery life is horrible due to Sprint defaulting to turning everything on. You can significantly improve battery life by messing with the settings, there are tons of online resources that discuss battery life settings. I generally get 12-14 hours on heavy use days and 24-30 on light use.

      Sprint service will vary depending on your location and should probably be a deal breaker if you live in a bad Sprint area. I happen to live in a 4g market and the coverage is great. 3g speeds in this area are above average, typically over 2 mbps downloads and 750 kbps uploads. 4g service is a little spotty the farther away you get from Charlotte, but I suppose that is to be expected. When in a strong 4g area the speeds are unbelievable. I've gotten 8 mbps down and 1 mbps up pretty consistently.

      That said, as I mentioned in the title, this phone is not for everyone. If you are the type of person that just wants to take it out of the box and be told how something works, this is probably not the phone for you. By nature, Android devices are going to take a bit of tinkering to get them working THE WAY YOU WANT. They are built with the implied purpose of being customized. This means that you will have to learn a little about how your phone works to get the settings right. There are tons of online forums and resources to help you along the way, but this is not an iPhone it is not optimized to be used one way out of the box (nothing wrong with iPhones, they are a great product). To get the most out of your Android device will take active ownership. The more willing you are to tinker, the better the rewards. Getting root access (not as bad as it sounds) opens up a new dimension in customizing and apps. Free mobile hotspot, free USB tether, custom Android ROMs, over clocking, all kinds of capabilities and performance gains to be had.

      Last, I have noticed many reviews recommending task killer apps. I cannot stress enough how bad these are. Even the app developers will tell you they are not intended to be used to kill apps for battery savings. Android automatically manages apps and how much CPU they are using (what actually kills your battery). If you have battery problems, you are better off figuring out which app is the culprit and replacing it. There are apps that will show you actual app CPU usage. Task killers can make your phone unstable, cause force closes, and even negatively affect battery life since your phone will have to start up all the apps that got killed. Android often loads an app and has it ready in the cache to speed up performance. This does not kill the battery as no CPU is being used by an app in the cache. Read up on app killers, you will find that they tend to do more harm than good. (Posted on 10/2/2010)

    88. EVOlve your smartphone expectations! Review by Jeff Czaja

      Ok...let me state first off that you should pay NO attention to the battery issues early adopters dealt with. With 2.2 loaded on the phone it is a NON issue. Just yesterday I got 14-15 hours without charging. Granted if you go nuts with apps all day or 4G coverage your battery will drain.

      Otherwise I am extremely happy with the purchase of this phone. It is a marvel of technology. The screen size is impressive. The virtual keyboard is just fine. Talk quality is awesome. It's basically a mini-computer. I can not think of one thing I am dis-satisfied with so far. Honestly I read the reviews on battery drain and almost got scared off. I even went so far as to purchase a spare battery. Although you may not need a spare battery, it really has worked out very well for me. If my phone drains, then I just swap the battery and charge up the spare (let's see an iPhone user do that!). Even on heavy usage days I never need more than two batteries.

      Big fan of the Android OS, and marketplace as well. I love the fact that a bunch of third party devs can submit apps and not run it through the tyrannical Apple board. Just a lot more choice when comparing Apple vs Android. Not to say that Apple is junk or anything (I have an iPod and love it). I just like having the option to do my own thing on an Android phone.

      If you want a powerful, pain-free, high tech smartphone you really can not go wrong with the HTC EVO. It's AWESOME (Posted on 9/28/2010)

    89. HTC EVO 4G Smartphone Review by S. Lee

      I absolutely love my EVO. I 've had it since they came on the market and if I needed a phone tomorrow I wouldn't hesitate to buy this one again. I'm seriously in love with this phone. It does everything I could ask for in a phone. I loaded the movie Avatar on this phone and it shows it flawlessly. I also video chat with no problems using the front facing camera. I keep the bluetooth & 4G turned off unless needed so I have no trouble with battery life. This is my perfect phone, IMO it's better than the iphone, now we just got to get the apps caught up :)
      Thank you HTC for this awesome phone! (Posted on 9/27/2010)

    90. Evo Won't Sync With Outlook Reliably Review by Gas Guru

      I like most of the features on the phone but it won't sync with Outlook reliably. Also the software will not sync with Outlook tasks or Outlook notes at all. I have spent hours with HTC and Sprint and their software is buggy so I have had to uninstall and reinstall their HTC sync software repeatedly and am doing it again now. Numerous other users are having the same problem on the HTC forum and they can't seem to find a fix either. I would recommend going with Blackberry if you are a business user with lots of contacts. Stay away from the HTC EVO until they get it working properly unless you want to spend hours with their tech support. (Posted on 9/19/2010)

    91. Kicks iPhone Booty! Review by El Sabio "RSW"

      I've been an iPhone user for about 1.5 years. I couldn't justify the high cost of their voice/data plans any longer and found Sprint to have amazing deals, great service, and now decent phone selections (with new Android devices). Initially, I wanted to save money so I purchased the Samsung Intercept (see my review on that piece of junk). After a few weeks, it wasn't worth the penny I paid for it (I purchased three of them).

      Instead of hoping for a good phone I went into the Sprint store and tried out the new Epic 4G and the Evo 4G. The Epic still has Samsung's phone interface which is no where as easy and intuitive as the Evo's. After all, this must be a phone first and foremost. Also, I realized that after coming off the iPhone I prefer the soft keyboard versus a slide out. With the Intercept I never used the keyboard. Those were the two biggest reasons to switch to the Evo, but overall, I feel this is the best Android phone offered by Sprint.

      - Fast!. The OS is responsive, no lag, no hiccups, no reboots. It just works
      - Phone interface is so well thought out. It just makes sense. Everything from the phone widget to the contacts list are all integrated nicely together. It's very easy to communicate in multiple formats (SMS, email, phone, Facebook, etc) from the contacts application. In fact, I never open Twitter or Facebook as I can get status updates via the contacts app.
      - Camera is great quality and easy to use
      - Feel and build of the phone is high quality. Comfortable to use (one drawback, see below)
      - Internet speeds are great
      - Music player is well designed. So easy to manage music. Even ability to create and edit ringtones from your playlist. Another well thought out feature by HTC.

      - Back cover seems flimsy and the camera lens protrudes. Definitely need a case to keep it protected.
      - 4G connection isn't reliable, even though I live in a 4G network and it drains the battery quickly
      - Battery only lasts half day with heavy usage.

      Very happy with this phone. Definitely worth the upgrade! I recommend it and Sprint with no reservations. (Posted on 9/19/2010)

    92. PHENOMINAL Review by Nick Qsick


    93. looooveeee itttt!!!!!!!!!!! Review by "unknown"

      this phone is AWESOME. Just dumped verizon for sprint. verizon is THE worst cell company ever. avoid them at all costs. sprint offers a MUCH better data plan and the phone is AMAZING! (Posted on 9/14/2010)

    94. Not the phone, but slamming Sprint and the listing... Review by Gregory King

      I see all the capabilities listed in the specs, but what isn't obvious (or listed at all) is the $10/month extra fee Sprint nails you just to use the phone, and $30 per month fee on top of THAT you pay if you want use the mobile hotspot feature they blatantly advertise.

      So, you get dinged for up to $10-40 a month to use what appear to be the only decent Android phones on the Sprint service. If they advertised this better (not sure whether to blame Sprint or Amazon), and had a decent 3G phone as an option for the rest of us who don't need/want 4G, it would be acceptable.

      As it is, it's bogus. The 3g options are all outdated and have significant issues. The Hero and the Moment have decent hardware, but don't have Android 2.2. 2.1 is too taxing for their CPU's, and 1.6 is no longer available.

      The Intercept does have 2.2, but ironically is a hardware downgrade on many factors.

      We're left with no good options. (Posted on 9/14/2010)

    95. Evo Review After One Week Review by West Coast reviewer "andrew777777"

      I'm 5 days into my Evo ownership. I bought this phone after painstakingly weighing the pros and cons of this phone vs the Samsung Epic. So, first, a comparison for anyone else trying to make a similar decision. My only hesitancy in buying the Evo was the onscreen keyboard. The Epic has a high quality slide-out keyboard that I really liked, but otherwise I think the Evo has the Epic beat in a number of departments:

      (1) Evo has Froyo (Android 2.2) already on it. Samsung has stated they'll offer an update to the Android 2.1 on the Epic, but I didn't want to be waiting on it. Figured it made more sense to buy the phone based on features it offered TODAY, not the future.

      (2) Evo has bigger screen. This screen is tremendous. Epic has the allegedly superior Super AMOLED screen, but the extra size on the EVO makes this phone just soo easy to read, particularly for web browsing, but the benefits of size extend to basic tasks like reading email, as well.

      Both are probably great phones, but right there (above) are two solid reasons to pick an Evo over the Epic. The major drawback on the EVO (for some) is the onscreen keyboard. I was wary of it and -- frankly -- I'm still getting used to it. I think it's going to take some time before I'm at the point where I'm not cursing the thing, BUT... with scads of my colleagues and friends typing away happily on their iphone screens, I suspect I'll get to that comfort point eventualy.

      Also, know that the Evo is heavy. I traded up from a Palm Treo Pro. Evo feels like a brick (it's 6 oz) compared to my featherweight treo pro. Epic is 5.6 ozs, a little lighter, but I guess all those features don't come without weight (in either phone). Still getting used to this thing's heft.

      BUt... much to my relief, the much discussed battery life problem has been NO problem. I charge it overnight and then with normal usage (phone calls, texts, email, and web browsing) it holds plenty of charge through the day. I plugged it in last night with a 1/2 charge still left on the meter. I think the battery problem is being overblown b/c many eafrly adopters are also probably heavy app and services users. All that stuff probably drains the battery abnormally fast. If you use the Evo for normal tasks, I don't think the battery seems to be a problem. Big relief for me.

      If you are already comfortable with onscreen keyboards, I see no reason not to get an Evo. (Posted on 9/7/2010)

    96. THIS IS THE CADILLAC OF PHONES & SERVICE Review by Firstclassfreight "FAST SHIPPING!"

      My husband and I love our SPRINT EVO 4g phones, and our UNLIMITED EVERYTHING service with Sprint. I love the google search where you just press the microphone and say what you want to search for. I love the visual voicemail for free! Pick and choose which message to listen to. You don't have to call voicemail. They are downloaded to the phone and put in a list to listen to and delete in whatever order you want to. The most exciting feature is having a hotspot for our computers, laptops and our ipads and itouches. If you love gadgets, how can you go wrong with a phone that SO EASILY powers up wi-fi for so many devices at once. We almost fell for Verizon's data plan which limits your use. WHAT A DUD. Sprint is a big OPEN WELCOME DOOR, COME IN AND USE YOUR PHONE & ENJOY IT! EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED when you pay the premium, navigator, google features, so much to love about this mini computer/hotspot/phone. Oh and download Pandora immediately. It is like having an ipod genius for free. This phone is amazing. My husband and I can't believe we finally after 10+ years of trying to get the newest coolest phone, feel like we are on the cutting edge. DO NOT DELAY, (UNLESS YOU DON'T HAVE SPRINT RECEPTION IN YOUR AREA) GO GET THIS PHONE!!! (Also free Sprint TV, radio, navigation, all integrates with google services, so much more, oh and
      the phone works great too!) (Posted on 9/6/2010)

    97. Miles ahead of the pack! Review by Stephen S Hewett

      This phone is really as good as it gets! There is not a better phone out there, or on the horizon for that matter. Sprint really lucked up with this one, as they usually don't have a lot of good phones. The closest comparable phones are the newer Droids, but they are not quite as cool. The Evo is so friendly, when you first get it, you want to spend hours with it. After having it for a few days it becomes an extension of your body (that can be said about all phones though). I don't think any one user will make use of all the features that Evo has to offer, that being said, there is something for everyone! Great Phone! (Posted on 9/5/2010)

    98. sub-par phone and the worst service Review by K. Kim

      got this 2 weeks ago, only to return it in a week. first of all, phone crashed twice in 3 days. I faced too many problems with this phone before i got to discover any positives. the worst part was sprint charging $10/mo for 4G service which constantly disconnects you when you are moving. (Posted on 9/3/2010)

    99. This Is Why Mac Will Fall Apart.... Review by Roth91

      I am not a techy. I am not an 18 year old kid out of college that is in love with Mac products. I am a professional that is not old but not young either:)... so a device for me makes me money and helps secure my job. I wanted an Iphone but never wanted to leave Sprint. I settled for a hero and was amazed. I was fully satisfied. There were a few things I wished the hero would do but found out the Evo could do them so I decided to give it a try. I spent the full boat because I was not due for an upgrade. To me (and my job) it was worth every penny of the 450! If I were working for Mac I would be very scared of the Evo! I have an Ipad that was given to me by work. I like it but it is too bulky and won't fit in my pocket. Too many limitations with what you can do with it. It is not a real computer and not a phone so to me there is no point in owning one. It is more of a toy than anything else. I am glad I didn't have to spend the money and buy it otherwise I would return it and get my money back! For what I need, the Evo is perfect. It even offers the full web browsing experience WITH FLASH PLAYER loaded from the factory. Now that is something my Ipad and Iphones CAN NOT DO.

      Why pay all that money for service with AT&T for a product that is not in your control and won't do what you need it to do? Steve Jobs is a dictator! There are so many simple things I would like to do with the Ipad but I can't because Steve Jobs has everything locked down. Need to load everything through Itunes.... blah blah blah! Heck with that, I will stick with my Evo. I can customize and organize everything on my Evo the way I want. It offers everything a Iphone has and more. It is everything I ever needed with a nice big screen that fits right in my pocket. I don't need anything else!! Let all the 18 year olds dream about Macs. I see them in the store drooling over them. I went in the store to buy my Evo and a couple 7th grade girls were drooling over the Iphone4. Last I checked a phone is a tool... not a toy! The people that work in the Mac store think Steve Jobs is God and everything from Microsoft is a baby toy. Told me there are "few people left in the world that use powerpoint" and that keynotes is 10x better then powerpoint. That is when I turn around and walk out of the store. That is the opinion from a 23 year old out of college without a real job and has never been in the real world!

      Plain and simple.... Macs are just an image that young people are facinated with... let the college graduates buy all the macs they want because I need something that works in the real world. Something that lets me use it in the way I need to use it... not a Mac product that trys to hold me back. Macs are toys... the droid (evo) is a real tool for the real world. I am very happy with the Evo and droid phones. VERY IMPRESSED!

      I don't know why people claim the Evo turns off and acts funny. I read the same type of reviews about the Hero and NEVER had a problem with it. So far the Evo is not giving me any trouble either. I don't know what these people are doing to their phones. They could be loading some funky apps or jail breaking their phones... so take those complaints with a grain of salt. As for 4G, it is not available in my area. I know this because I never see the 4G in the top browser. Honestly, that is not why I bought this phone anyway so I could care less. I would say this is one of the best phones I bought. It is everything a smart phone should be. It is also a great travel companion. Why lug the laptop around the airport when you can stick this phone in your pocket. Check email, browse the internet and I even love Sprints FREE nav program (last I checked it was not free with other carriers). Went on a trip recently and this phone came in real handy. Bottom line, the Evo is a great phone... so who needs an apple! Unless you are 17 years old! (Posted on 9/3/2010)

    100. A smarter phone than most of its owners Review by mediafreak "mediafreak"

      I am coming at this review as something of a techno-phobe(I'm 59). For every sparkly new technology step forward there's always something dauntingly complex or "glichy" that makes me think why bother keeping up with the latest buzz toy? This phone is in a whole different catgory of brilliant. You have hundreds of other reviews on the net to sift through so I'll cut to the chase-

      1.Blazing speed, a million things you can do with it(that you never imagined a cell phone could do),voice recognition that's eerily accurate,a fairly intuitive learning curve that didn't drive me crazy.

      2.Battery life-Everybody chill! This thing easily lasts all day with the 4G,Gps,
      Wi-Fi turned off most of the time. If you're going to spend your life with your nose pressed to this thing(tempting but resist the urge) ANY phone that does as much as this one does is going to need a touch-up charge at some point during the day-that's the tradeoff. A ridiculous reason to pass on the best cell phone on the market if you're a Sprint customer, and the professional cell phone reviewers generally rank this the best from ANY provider.

      More than a cell phone, maybe a combination auxillary memory bank and concierge service for us senile citizens?!
      Update:I had written all the above from using my wife's EVO. Got one myself, let it fully charge, turned it on at 12 noon and 24 hours later it has 90% of its juice left! Not 70, not 60, 90%! Admittedly this was with all the battery draining features turned off and minmal calling but still this shows how much 2.2 has improved. Get a second charger for your office or car and you'll be fine. (Posted on 8/30/2010)

    101. got it, tried it, and now returning it. Review by kms

      I gave this HTC EVO a heck of a chance for the past 30 days. The size, weight, and horrendously bad battery life are just a few of the features causing me to go back to ATT for my old phone. Honestly the screen is amazing- crisp, bright (if you dare use battery), and smooth to the touch. The camera is pretty great too. The photos are like none other that I have seen from a cell phone.

      Oddly enough, when transferring the video off to the computer, the sound got lost - on all videos. I don't know if this is typical, but certainly frustrating. The ability to transfer music, files and video onto the phone as a drive is great, but the players that come with the phone seem to be lacking the "smart" features that the old iPhone had - like where to start back up, how it reacts when there is an incoming call, etc.

      The Sprint plans are right on the money for pricing. Nothing else comes close to the "deal" you get for unlimited talk, text, web, but the call quality is lacking! I've had random people cut into phone conversations which sounded like wires were getting crossed, and if you talk at the same time as the other person, then you both cant hear anything! It doesn't handle that too well.

      I definitely don't think its a terrible phone, but it just wasn't right for me. For those who want to give it a try, the absolute worst feature about this phone is its battery life. The extended battery works well for my husband, but he still has to charge it every night with regular use. (Posted on 8/29/2010)

    102. Another excellent product by HTC Review by Labuiacs

      This is my third HTC phone ( Mogul >> Touch Pro >> Evo ) and I have yet to experience issues with the quality of HTC products.

      The phone's large screen makes it easy to adapt to an on-screen keyboard, which was a bit of a concern.

      The battery life is not too bad if you know how to manage your use. Doing things like turning off unnecessary apps, radios and dimming the screen all alleviate the battery issues a (tiny) bit. I'd gladly take a battery hit for great performance and robust features, but I don't expect everyone to feel the same way. (Posted on 8/28/2010)

    103. the best and greatest phone i have purchased Review by dantino

      here it go believe me when i say that this phone is the best of 2010 now all my family members left their iphone 4 and iphone 3gs and now they all love their evo thanks to me i was the first in the family to get mine now a total of 25 family members with the evo. That must be bad for apple and at&t. (Posted on 8/27/2010)

    104. I found peace with Evo. HD2 Horrible Review by angelberry08

      I purchased the HD2 by HTC a windows mobile phone and it was a horrible experience. The phone locked so much that ended up purchasing the EVO less than six months later.

      The main issue I had was locking and user friendliness with the HD2. Besides never being able to recover the two Blocker Buster Films that came with my HD because of an storage card mistake on my part. The HD's beautiful screen was the only thing I liked. Oh and my Napster to Go subscription worked quite well. On the HD2 books I paid for with Barnes and Noble weren't compatible because of a compatibility issue between the phone and Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble is advertised with the phone, but only the older titles like "Little Women" would load. My Audible books weren't compatible w/ the HD2 nor was Napster. Slacker radio was okay but it stopped loading and failed all the times. Bottom line, I feel like a sucker for buying the HD2. I predict they will end production and stay away from the HD name. I'm wrapping up my little expensive brick a birthday present for my sister and hopefully she'll like.

      EVO Advantages:
      EVO calls clearer
      Email (Google Reliable w/Evo)
      Text messaging works
      Calendar-Attractive Color Interface to help me stay organized.
      EVO a billion applications that are FREE!
      EVO has seamless integration of apps over the air vs HD's USB transfer or trying to figure out whether to save to the SD card or the device. I was really hesitant to even look at another HTC but my previous phone a G1 was great (screen size is important since I'm approaching 40).
      No Freezing and taking the battery out five times per day. (Posted on 8/26/2010)

    105. Awesome Phone...screw iPhone Review by SmartBoy

      I was using iPhone from 2007 till now. Got tired of Apple trying to spin iPhone 4 antenna issue.
      That's when I started looking for an iPhone alternative. I was initially thinking of Droid X.
      Then I saw HTC Evo and I fell in love.

      This is an awesome phone. Sprint offers great $$$s over ATT.

      Bye Bye Apple.

      20 years back...Microsoft beat Apple...seems like history is repeating Android is beating Apple.
      Some things never change. (Posted on 8/24/2010)

    106. Amazon price good, Sprint sales bad Review by disillusioned

      I'm "still" trying to buy this phone. To start at the beginning: I purchased a Droid X with the the basic data plan from Big Red only to find that, despite the coverage map advertised, the phone would not work in my house or within a range of several meters. I cancelled the plan and sent the phone back and the company was agreeable about the matter. After speaking to several Sprint customers who live near and around me, I found that they have good service around and (more important) in my house. This includes data.

      So, great! I can get a Evo 4G for a little more per month after the premium service charge and the warranty. It'll cost about the same up front and I still get Android 2.2 on a screen big enough for large fingers to type with. Whats not to love?

      I'll tell you. Unless you didn't even look at the price of this phone as you typed in the credit report info, you will be spending more for this phone up front than $200.

      If you purchase this phone here you will quite likely receive an email from Sprint saying that there was an error processing your order and you need to call them before they are forced to cancel it.

      Upon calling the number they provide in that email you will speak to a meticulously polite representative of their sales department who will inform you that, due to their credit check, they need a deposit that will be returned to you in 13 months.

      Now this is a little annoying to me as I'd already passed previous credit checks from their competition. Its more annoying because of a habit I formed early in my use of Amazon and other websites.

      I never keep more than $50 over the agreed upon amount of a large purchase in my checking account before sending the order(s) and I keep it that way until the order is processed. This is due to a previous problem with another site where the "company" attempted to take out their amount with another 0 added to the end.

      So when I called Sprint thinking I'd need to verify my billing address, I was surprised by the extra 13 month interest free $100 loan they wanted from me. Verizon didn't need it for their flagship device. But, after some considerable stubbornness on the part of the representatives (and on me, I don't appreciate when people start shaking me like a money tree) I was convinced that there was no option but to give them more money if I wanted this device on their network.

      It should end there, right? We renegotiate an agreement, I transfer more funds to my checking account,they take it out start of business next morning and give Amazon the green light.
      All is well!

      Not quite. The funds were not removed from the account. Another call is placed. Why have the funds not been taken out? Why is the order still pending? Well, they need me to authorize the withdrawal. But I authorized it last night. Spoke to a supervisor, said he would see to it personally. Start of a brand new day; not going to work that way. Fine, whatever. I'm here now, authorize it. Take the hundred bucks; authorize Amazon to take my money; the amount we previously agreed upon.

      "Yes sir," they says. Then silence. Then "may I place you on hold?". Then "may I have another hundred dollars please sir?"

      You read that last part right. After some simple math we are now paying four hundred dollars for the phone (or at least I am). You see, there has been a "discrepancy" when the representative placed the order. Sprint will blame it on Amazon until they find out you have two phone lines in the house, call Amazon tech support and Amazon confirms--several times over a speaker phone so the Sprint supervisor can hear--that they are not placing any hidden charges, and you are only being charged (by Amazon) $199.99 for the phone to ship.

      After about an hour you will hear (and make sure to have at least one hour of free time to hear this come out of the new Sprint Sales supervisor's mouth) that there was an error when processing the credit check/loan/whatever you want to call it and that you have been, basically, charged twice.

      You are left with 2 options: cancel the original plan, or pay Sprint another $100. No, the consumer didn't do anything wrong. No, its not the fault of Amazon (not once their representatives can hear every word Sprint says anyway). Sprint finally says "We made a mistake". And then they say, in the most politically acceptable way possible, Please give us more money or cancel the order and recreate it. Yes, this will put you down to the bottom of the ordering que. No, you will not be getting this phone on the previously agreed time. You will now get it some time in October...if you're lucky.

      So, I ask, if I cancel the order and start over then I don't have to give you more money? "Thats right," Sprint says. "Not going through another credit check?" No, already done. "Not going to ask me for another hundred dollars on this?"

      No. Of course not.

      Okay, I'll remake it. I expect a credit for this; this is crazy stupid and a bunch of bull (and I'll be completely honest, "bull" was nowhere near the level of four letter words I had dropped on this Sprint rep come round 3 with Amazon on the other line; I am certain I was the quaint essential "nightmare customer" by now).

      I cancel the Amazon order. I create a new one. I will receive an email within a few days from Amazon (actually I received the processing confirmation from them within minutes).

      Okay, I turn to the Sprint phone and let the Amazon rep go. We're good now? Order is going to go through now, right? We're done with each other and I'm sure you're as happy to see the end of me as I am to see the end of you?

      "Well sir," I hear on the other line, as a very tired Sales Supervisor begins again, "We're going to need the new order number first".

      Okay, I've got it. Move the hundred bucks you took out of my checking account a few hours ago onto this order.

      We can't do that, says the supervisor. We need our order number. And we can't move the money from this old order to this new order. You'll receive your original hundred dollars in 2-7 business days. You will not have to go through the same credit will have to release another hundred dollars for the new order.

      You read that last part right too. (Posted on 8/24/2010)

    107. I used to like The Evo Review by Sholanda

      originally, loved this phone. Used it for about 2 months. After the 2.2 upgrade was downloaded, phone did not detect charger. Waited 3 days for a replacement phone. First call made with replacement phone, the "End Call" started freezing and phone randomly calls contacts without even touching anything. Another replacement has been ordered. Dissapointed! (Posted on 8/23/2010)

    108. Best Android Phone on the Market Today Review by ChadTrh

      So, my husband and I bought this phone on a whim mainly because they were sold out everywhere and we found a store that had it in stock. He got the black one and I have the white one, which is exclusive to Best Buy stores. I totally didn't expect it to live up to the hype, but it does.

      I'll start the pro's with:

      1) The kick-stand. It's such a tiny feature, but for me, it really helps it stand out above it's Incredible competition. I don't have to buy a special case or anything to allow it to prop up to easily watch videos.

      2) Even though it is the most obvious, and the sales pitch for the Evo-- 4G! It is definitely not available everywhere, but when you are on the 4G network, you'll know it! It's awesome. A lot of people say that it not being available everywhere is a con, I'm going to say that it being available at all is a pro.

      3) Wi-Fi hotspot without having to root the phone. With many other Android models, Wi-Fi sharing is only available after phone has been rooted and rooting is not the for the faint at heart.

      4) Honestly, it's an AWESOME phone. It is definitely going to give the iPhone and all other Androids a run for their money. HTC did a remarkable job one-uping everyone.

      However, there are downsides to having such an awesome phone:
      1) The battery isn't great, it will last all day, but you must charge it at night. I am on my phone pretty regularly throughout the day so I feel that for as much use as it gets, it's not terrible. Pay the $20 for the car charger though, just in case. If you do not put it in standby, it will die very fast. You can also download apps, the one I have is called "Advanced Task Killer," which helps your battery life by shutting off programs you are not currently using.

      2) It's big. Bigger than you might like. I was pretty alarmed at first, but now I'm used to it and a blackberry looks like a toy phone to me. The bigger screen is good for watching movies/TV and surfing the internet. My 2 year old daughter has no problem watching shows on it.

      3) No physical keyboard. All typing must be done on a touch screen. You get used to it easily (or at least we did), and the auto-correct is outstanding at fixing typing errors.

      4) Wi-Fi Sharing disconnects users if you receive a phone call for more than 10 seconds. That is a drag.

      So, overall this phone receives 4 stars from us. I'd say 4 and a half but that's not allowed. We didn't review Android Operating System itself. I'd recommend this phone, because it really is more than Incredible...(pun intended) (Posted on 8/15/2010)

    109. Battery Life Review by RM

      Battery life is terrible. I went camping, didn't use my cellphone as I had little coverage, and my battery still died in 18 hours or less. Other than that the features are great. I would have thought with such a leap in all the features, HTC would have made a leap in battery life accordingly too. What good are the apps when there is no juice in the phone. (Posted on 8/14/2010)

    110. After 30 OK days with the EVO... I fell n LOVE with the Droid X! Review by Senator Blutarsky "Senator Blutarsky"

      My travels with 4" phones:
      (I'm placing this on both the EVO and Droid X page as its equally relevant to both)

      EVO [by HTC]<a href="">HTC EVO 4G Android Phone (Sprint)</a>

      Having owned (3) successive Windows Mobile powered HTC handsets, a Touch, Touch Pro and a Touch Pro II (on a free upgrade)... I anxiously waited for and picked-up the EVO on launch day.

      - screen size (love reading e-books and web browsing wherever I go!)
      - Android 2.1 operating system (in particular, speech-to-text functionality!)
      - HTC's Sense User Interface (UI)
      - Aesthetics (looks great)

      Surprisingly though, I found I could NOT live with:
      - Inexcusably poor battery life
      - hypersensitive touch screen and thus, inaccurate on-screen keyboard [Am I the only one that had this reaction???]
      - hypersensitive soft touch function keys
      - underwhelming still and video performance
      So, reluctantly, I returned it after 32 days (with some groveling) to get...

      The Droid "X" [by Motorola] <a href="">Motorola DROID X Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)</a>

      A few days later, on a whim, went over and grabbed the last Droid X on its launch day at my local Costco (30-day trial instead of the only 15 allowed at the Verizon stores!).
      As a happy Sprint customer, I assumed I was just using it to get "my fix" and avoid going back to that now-antiquated Windows "brick" I still owned outright... suplize!

      I LOVE the Droid X!
      - The screen's touch sensitivity is calibrated perfectly! (it registers a press just when you want it to... and doesn't when you don't! Very similar to the iPhone)
      - Excellent performance for the (4) lower hardware "function" keys
      - Hardware shutter button for the camera is a shocking improvement over EVO's virtual on-screen analog. (here too, usability is dramatically improved)
      - Kick-ass video and stills output again puts the EVO to shame.
      - OS runs noticeably faster...
      - AND... the slightly smaller battery seemed to last at least 30-40 percent longer!?

      Disappointments: (I can think of only two):
      - Motorola's ugly variant MotoBlur 2 UI (tolerable... but lame)
      - When held normally, the phone's dimensions make reaching the top of the screen difficult. (...and I'm 6'3!)

      EPIC [by Samsung] [Available on Sprint as of Aug 31, 2010]

      Sadly, my time with my new friend is now up and I've grudgingly decided to reserve two Epics (My Girley's Palm Centro is also gassed!) for the following reasons:
      - Personally, I prefer a slider keyboard... though now I'm thinking, with the right phone, I could probably live without it.
      - I'm motivated to remain with Sprint because the network performs at least as well as Verizon here in L.A. at 75% of the price (though VZ still has the best customer service)
      - Sprint gave me a free Airave (signal booster) without a monthly fee by just asking. (I now get 5 bars in the house instead of 3).
      - And, as oft mentioned by others, its tech specs are enticing...

      NOT enticing: again, as others have said:
      - poor UI design
      - Bland aesthetics (clearly the least attractive looking handset of the bunch)
      - .3" smaller screen (every bit matters... I guess I'm of two minds here)
      - Unresolved GPS issues which call into question Samsung's build quality and support
      - Historically poor software support for OS upgrades.

      I guess we'll see how it goes...
      Who knows, if it's a bomb... by then, the Dell Lightning may be out... ;)

      Hope this helps!
      Struggling over which of these amazing phones is best is a great problem to have. (Posted on 8/11/2010)

    111. QUESTION! Review by Marsha Haney

      I have a quick question.. I have Sprint, but i am available for an upgrade. I want this phone so badly but I do NOT want to pay $400 for it.. Is there any way I could still get this for $200 ??? THANKS! (Posted on 8/10/2010)

    112. Mobile Hot-Spot Is Great - Highly Recommended! Review by C. F. Hill "CFH"

      The HTC EVO is an absolutely impressive device! It has so many features and capabilities that it would be hard to cover them all in an Amazon review, so I'll just touch on a few good and bad points that were important to me. Here are my observations:

      Pros -
      + Mobile Hot-Spot; we picked this up as an "extra" line on our account almost solely for the "Mobile Hot-Spot" capability. We live on top of a mountain in South-Central PA and even though we do get Internet through our cable modem it is very unstable and goes out intermittently for hours or even days at a time. Since I work from home full time, Internet access is a necessity so when it goes out I have to drive off of the mountain to my wife's shop and work from there, not to mention that my wife and kids complain something fierce when their PCs and the XBox can't connect to the Internet. We had looked into buying a MiFi, but that only supports 4 wireless connections and the EVO supports 8.
      + Great Screen; the large screen has an amazingly clear picture and the touch sensitivity is just about perfect for me
      + Intuitive Interface; I had this mastered after five minutes or so if navigating around
      + Lots of Apps; there are a huge number of useful apps available, including the free Kindle reader
      + Two Cameras; this has an 8mp primary camera on the back and a 1mp secondary camera facing the user, very cool!
      + HD Video; a very usable 720p video camera (I used it to shoot a video review on another product and it turned out fairly well)
      + HDMI Out; has a mini HDMI connector for connecting it to a HD TV. The cable is not included so I bought <a href="">Amzer Micro HDMI High Speed Male to HDMI Male Cable for HTC EVO 4G (5 Feet)</a>. Note that the EVO will only send certain content (i.e. video, YouTube) out the HDMI port, so normal screens and menus will not show.
      + GPS; very accurate and can be tied to apps like "Where" that shows interesting things (restaurants, ATMs, etc) in your general area

      Cons -
      - Large Size; this is a big device and it is fairly heavy! I am a big guy so it doesn't bother me, but my wife doesn't like the bulk
      - Battery Life; running the Mobile Hot-Spot will kill the battery in about 3 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of time you keep the screen lit up

      Misc -
      * Comes with a pre-installed 8gb SD card
      * Flashlight App is actually very cool and very bright since it uses the LED lights on the back of the body
      * It's actually a phone too!

      This is a really amazing device that out performs all of my other phones (multiple BlackBerry models), my various iPods, and several GPS units!

      Highly Recommended!

      CFH (Posted on 8/9/2010)

    113. Finally a smartphone with a stable OS Review by Doug in CA "Doug in CA"

      August 22, 2011 Update: Still love the phone but have had problems with a blown speaker. its been replaced twice so far. And the last software update to Android 2.3.3 is not as stable as the previous 2.2 version. I would go back but it's too much work.

      Original Post:
      To begin with i am not a techie, but I am an early adopter. I am always in search of the most convenient efficiency tools I can find. It all started with my palm pilot years ago, which I loved. This phone is far and away the best tech device I have ever owned. I am also an iPhone owner, 2G and 3GS.

      I can't speak about the iPhone 4, but this phone is way better than the iPhone 2G/3G versions. It's not necessarily the fault of at&t either. While I had to leave my iPhone / at&t due to horrible coverage in the SF Bay Area, the iPhone itself had its issues. Wi Fi performance on my EVO is unbelievably fast compared to my iPhones. well in general, the iPhone was really slow, had poor 3G performance and would hang all the time. When I wanted to enter data on the keyboard, the iPhone would stall and i couldn't enter data. But this is an EVO review.

      This phone is FAST. There is 0 waiting for apps to run, enter data, scroll through menus, it's instant and the way it should be.

      My coverage in the SF Bay area is amazing compared to iPhone/at&t. I never drop calls and get cell service on BART from Walnut creek all the way to San Francisco. Only when BART passes throug the caldecott do I lose reception. with my iphone it would take forever to regain reception when coming out of a no reception area, and there were plenty. The EVO is up and transmitting data right away.

      The video is awesome. You really have to think twice about needing to use a camera or camcorder. I recently hiked to the top of a mountain near walnut creek and did a 360 deg video of the view. i then played it on my 52" Sony flatscreen via the optional HDMI cable. It wasn't a news quality broadcast, but it was amazing to think my cell phone tool that video.

      I love the android operating system. It's got more options than an iPhone, but I am OK with the tradeoff between the EVO's ability to be more customizable vs. the iPhones simplicity. To be honest, I think that apple has dumbed down its operating system so even the most tech disabled people will be comfortable with it. Android has widgets which if you have a mac computer you will be familar with. Ironically the iPhone does not have them. The EVO also has this pinch function when you are in the home screen which is similar to the function when you squeeze the mouse on a mac. All the open pages are visible and you can quickly pick one.

      I love the new message notification screen. Just swipe your finger down the homecreen when you see notification icon and all your new emails, texts, and phone calls are summarized. Just tap one when and you go straight there. easy and fast.

      I am an exchange user and have a personal gmail account. No big news here. EVO sets up and syncs effortlessly. My big gripe though. Neither the iPhone or the EVO sync outlook notes or tasks without convoluted unreliable workarounds. I am not willing to install all the goofy 3rd party solutions for either phone. But I do use tasks with my google account and the EVO does sync no problem with my google tasks.

      There is much concern about battery life. My OEM battery lasted about the same as my iPhone 3GS, til about 3PM. Then done. But I bought this extended battery [...] for $41 and I am done worrying about battery life and have a spare fully charged battery now as a backup. Not an option with an iPhone. At 3Pm now I still have 50% battery available.

      SD card. The stock phone comes with an 8GB micro SD card thats not particularly fast. I upgraded to a class 6 16GB card for $71 and it was a big improvement. This card is super fast at file transfers. [...] This fast card will also improve the video performance of the HD video ability of this phone. There has been choppiness complaints about the video quality with the stock micro SD card, but none with the class 6.

      I was a little hesitant about the size of this phone at first, and wanted an HTC droid incredible instead. The droid incredible is the same size as an iphone which I was comfortable with. But I am glad the droid incredible wait list was so long. The size of this phone is just fine. And now in fact my iPhone seems kind of small. I do need reading glasses so the size of this phone, being just a little bigger is no problem and an east tradeoff.

      If you think my iPhones were just bad ones. You're right, they were. My 2G was replaced under warranty once. The second 2G is actually a pretty good phone. Stable and a pretty fast OS. My wife uses it and loves it. My 3GS is bad. I am on my 3rd one. The first two had the hot battery problem and were replaced by apple. My 3rd one does not get a hot battery, but it is SLOW. I mean really slow. I gave it to my 17 YO daughter and I will probably have to bring it back to apple and go for number 4. Even she is struggling with it. Thank god I got the extended warranty.

      This phone is awesome, and by far the best I have ever owned. And I have owned a few. All the palm treos, which I liked, except when I made a brief jump to Verizon and they only had a treo with windows mobile. That was a buggy phone. A Nokia E71 which was a good phone but the screen is just too small. The E71 performed much better than my iphones on at&t's network. way faster and better call quality. (Posted on 8/7/2010)

    114. OMG! What words can't describe!!!!! Review by C. James "Cris-Style"

      O-M-G!!! This is my 1st Android and my 1st Touch Screen phone and man, I'm in love! This phone does SO much, I adore the size of the screen and how bright the colors are! The camera is awesome and the pictures are of great quality, really bright flash too! I really don't know what to type, but if you are a Sprint Customer then GET THIS PHONE! I haven't had any problems yet, the battery does drain "quickly" that's the only down-side, other than that I'm BEYOND SATISFIED, this phone surpassed my thoughts & expectations. I'm ANDRIOD for LIFE!!!! (Posted on 8/4/2010)

    115. Love this phone Review by R. Batra "RB"

      So I have had this phone for about a month now. I haven't even touched most of the functions b/c I just use it for internet access and music during commute times etc. However, my son loves watching Phineas and Ferb on it even though we have a giant LED tv at home.

      Overall, very easy to use and responsive. I live in SF so we don't have 4g yet but to be honest, downloads and uploads are pretty fast regardless for someone like me. Screen is very responsive and I like the 7 customizable home screens and folders etc. Froyo has made start up about 50% faster as well.

      My only complaint is what everyone else says, battery life. I am lucky to get a full day out of it. I was hoping Froyo would help prolong battery life but oh well.

      Overall, great phone, I like the screen and functionality. I am anti Iphone b/c I don't like that everything they do is proprietery. This is a better phone regardless (Check out Cnet's comparison) (Posted on 8/4/2010)

    116. Best Phone Ever!!!!! Review by laura jennifer mantell

      this phone is so much fun, don't know how i lived without it. it does EVERYTHING i could want and more. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!! Did i mention i LOVE this phone? and the kickstand is such a great feature, don't know why nobody has thought of it before. it's a little touch that goes a long way. (Posted on 8/2/2010)

    117. Love my Evo! Review by Lisa "Lisa"

      My hubby was trying to convince me to get the HTC Hero for a few months now but I hated that round ball at the bottom so much that in the end he was not able to convince me. Instead he got me the Evo for my birthday last week and I love it!! It took me an entire day of playing with it to figure things out. I hardly use my computer anymore since I can do the same things with my evo. The only bad thing about this phone is the battery life (can't go a full day without charging) and my alarm does not work (so mine could be defective?). Its a bit larger than my previous phone, the Samsung Instinct, which I loved except for the really bad camera quality but at least it came with an extra battery and it lasted a much longer time. I have not done a side by side comparison of the 4g vs 3g, so I cant tell if its much faster, but it really sucks that it costs an additional $10 per month for that. I compared my cousin's iphone and the Evo has a much better navigation system, slightly larger but weights the same and has waaay better reception. I love my Evo! (Posted on 7/24/2010)

    118. Just know you CAN'T TRANSFER MUSIC OR PHOTOS Review by Catherine A. Bythewood "catbtw"

      Awesome apps. But I was mislead by the salesperson that there was a process for me to redownload my Sprint Store music purchases, and for photos to be transferred to my computer & then to the EVO' This is not accurate (confirmed by Sprint customer service when I called for assistance when I tried unsuccessfully). I have lost all of the purchased music,and the photos would not upload from my laptop to the phone. Maybe savier folks than me could figure this out. So this is for average folks like me who might need to know NOT to purchase from the msuic store unless you are okay about throwing your $ away,,,, (Posted on 7/23/2010)

    119. One of the Best Phones Ever Created Review by Bryan A. Mabe "B.A.M. Man"

      There are so many reviews out there (besides Amazon) which claim to be from cell phone/electronics experts that seem to always give this phone a 4/5 or a 8/10 or some grade which detracts ratings for silly reasons. The reasons are often based on aspects of the phone which do not represent the actual phone, but the Sprint side of the deal. Sprint forces customers of the Evo to foot another $10 bucks a month in order to get the 4G network. Regrettably, that fee is issued to customers who do not even live in a 4G network. That is a shame. Now, getting that out of the way - the phone itself is a merely perfect piece of handheld bliss. The size is by no means too large and those who put their phones in their pockets do not need to worry, it's sleekness provides comfort when its in a pocket - there is no bulkiness.

      The GOOD:
      - Screen is large and very vibrant. It is easy to maneuver through the different icons on the screen because of the screen size. That is the first thing the customer will notice about the phone.

      - The fast processor (1Gz). This is THE fastest phone I have ever had. It even rivals many netbooks out there. The response to the touch is perfect. There is no way or reason to improve it.

      - 8mp camera! It even has a flash. This thing takes very good pictures for a phone. Those of us who do not want to carry a digital camera around with us all day everyday will appreciate the easiness and fluidity of the camera functions and photos. There is even a front facing camera for video conferencing/calls

      - 720p HD output. This is the feature which many will cherish as long as they have the phone. There is no need for a handheld video camera because the Evo does its job. One of the VERY few that has an HDMI port to connect it easily to an HDTV

      - The sleekness of the phone is noticed immediately along with its size. It's very comfortable in the hand. It might seem a tad bit heavier than your last phone, but after a couple of days it will feel like it is the norm.

      - Many, many other aspects which you can discover yourself

      THE BAD:

      - No noise-cancellation speaker on the front (although it doesn't seem to need one)
      - No physical keyboard (which I do not prefer, but a lot of people like the option of a pull out QWERTY)

      There you have it. If you want to try Android and can get or have a Sprint account - the Evo is the only way to go. (Posted on 7/23/2010)

    120. Does it all Review by Mike The Geek

      I'm not a phone freak but had been waiting for a strong smartphone offering from Sprint. I left AT&T 10 years ago and haven't looked back, and their exclusive hardware wasn't enough to woo me. I have owned multiple Palm products in the past - the original Palm Pilot, a Sony Clie, a Centro, and others. This replaced them all handily.

      This phone is really incredible. The sync features of Android continually impress me (I have to have Exchange working for my job). The screen is amazing. Headphone audio jack. Screen is magnificent. Replaceable battery which I bought for $15. Standard recharge/USB cable. Finally, and importantly, you can write your own software for it. I'm a software engineer and to me the heavy-handed, bureaucratic approach to software adopted by the industry leader is simply unacceptable. I own the phone, I want to be able to write programs however I see fit.

      Limitations: HDMI is not very special, if that's why you're getting the phone, you will be disappointed. Camera/camcorder quality is not as good as your camera/camcorder. FM radio doesn't seem to work. It's also a big phone, but it's a big screen.

      Overall, incredible package. (Posted on 7/21/2010)

    121. A decent iPhone replacement Review by Colin Miller

      I bought the Evo, switching away from an iPhone 3GS to save money (Sprint is cheaper than AT&T and with better service in my area). Overall I've found that it's an acceptable alternative. There are things I prefer on the iPhone, but other things I prefer on the Evo. The Evo seems to have slightly more stability issues, but Android's notification system is better. THe camera is very nice, and the screen is quite good to look at. If there were more apps on the android market, it was a bit more stable, and if the battery lasted longer I'd probably give it a 5.

      The biggest fault with this device is the battery. It lasts maybe a day and a half in light usage, and slightly less than a day in heavier usage. You HAVE to plug it in each night or carry around a power source or something. If you can deal with that though, it's a slick little machine. (Posted on 7/20/2010)

    122. Amazing phone - saves lots of $$$ Review by S.Zimm

      Okay, so the battery life for all Smartphones and particularly Android-based phones is really bad. The Evo is below average even for Smartphones. But it's got a huge screen and multi-tasking which will hurt battery life. That said, I've been an Ipod lover and heavy user for a decade and still use my iTouch apps when in my house so that I don't have to think about connecting wifi to the phone, cords to stereo, etc.

      After some tweaking, I much prefer my Evo to the iPhone. I had to make a move when my old phone got thrown in the trash by my 18mo. old and was hesitant to move from Verizon and my beloved iPhone apps. Now, I'll never look back. The connection to Gmail, Gcal, Gtasks, etc. has made my life so easy. It's a much simpler connection to my desktop. Everything syncs great. As I said, I do use my Ipod and heavily rely upon Itunes to run a music server at my house, but other than that, the Android Apps do a great job of covering every iPhone app I've ever used.

      The biggest pro is price. It is cheaper than the iPhone and my contract costs me about $250 less per year than my previous cell bills. Unlimited data! Unlimited talk to all cellphones. Minute usage is a joke. I'm never close since I talk to cell's 80% of the time. Easy tethering to my laptop. 3G coverage and voice coverage is solid and on my commute in the northwestern hills of Connecticut is actually better than with ATT or Verizon - my wife's cell carrier. I don't drop calls from work to home which was stunning!

      Save yourself some $$$ if Sprint has decent coverage in your area. Take a test phone from a local store. I did and found decent coverage which improved with the Evo.

      If on the other hand, you've got money to throw at ATT and Apple, I'm still a fan. I just like to have my money to spend on other things!

      Sprint Navigation for free- awesome!

      Spring TV on vacation saved me since the house we stayed in has no cable tv. I watched lots of ESPN for free. connected to the TV through the HDMI out and watched hours of the British Open last week.

      Evo 5 Stars!!! (Posted on 7/20/2010)

    123. The Best Smartphone Review by manbearpig "Half man, half bear and half pig."

      Coming from iPhone 3G, I got my EVO on the launch day in a Radioshack. It took them 4 hours to activate my phone and the data was activated by Sprint customer support over the phone sometime around 7PM that evening. It was a tough day for me (thanks to all you android fanboys), especially because I had been waiting to switch to android since almost one year. The reason it took me so long to switch was that all the available android phones were not necessarily better than the iPhone in my opinion. I wanted to move to android partly because it is Google's product and hence all other Google service that I use (gmail, search, picasa, docs, calendar, news, reader) come tightly integrated into all android phones. And the other reason was that I wanted to move away from the iPhone because I was tired of 3.5" screen, I wanted a bigger yet pockatable screen... enter HTC EVO 4G with 4.2" screen... I'm now a very happy boy!

      SCREEN: The bigger screen makes a huge difference. iPhone has a 3.5" screen and EVO has a 4.2" screen. If you consider the screen area, EVO's screen is ~45% larger. This significantly improves the web browsing and gaming experience. If you ever played a Sony PSP, then you already know how big EVO's screen is. Yup, it is exactly the same size as a Sony PSP although with much higher resolution. So an HTC EVO 4G will give you a screen that is ~45% larger than an iPhone in a not much bigger phone. In fact, this phone is almost the same size as my iPhone 3G enclosed in it's hard igriffin case!

      BATTERY: Is EVO's battery life comparable to other smart phones'? Yes.
      After disabling the 4G antenna, I can easily last through the day with my regular web browsing + gaming + phoning activities. The 4G antenna does require a lot of battery juice though. I don't live in a 4G area so I have no need for enabling the antenna, but if you do live in a 4G covered area... the easiest workaround would be to carry your charger (EVO comes with a wall+usb charger) or to use 4G only when you absolutely need it like uploading an 8 megapixel photo to Flickr. There are a ton of articles online about how to tweak EVO's settings to obtain the most out of your battery but I have found that just disabling the 4G does enough to conserve the battery. Now the question whether or not EVO's battery life suck with 4G enabled can only be answered once there are other 4G phones available in the market. You surely can not compare a 4G battery life with another 3G smart phones can you?

      CAMERA: I find the camera to be satisfactory. The pictures look amazing on my EVO's 4.2" screen but they do not look as sharp on my 19" monitor. The color saturation however seems appropriate to my untrained eye. I'm uploading a couple of snapshots, take a look and decide for yourself. Shooting in dark/indoors is an absolute joy because of the flash.

      PHONE: The best part was when I logged into my EVO with my gmail account, ALL my gmail contacts popped into my EVO - without me having to do anything! I remember moving my contacts from my <a href="">BlackBerry 8700C</a> to <a href="">HTC Tilt</a> was a tricky exercise and then moving my contacts to my iPhone 3G was a completely manual and tiring process! You have no idea how happy I was when I found out that I can now simply add all my remaining contacts into my gmail account (on my computer) and they will sync to my phone wirelessly instantly and automatically. And this works in the other direction too... meaning, whatever contacts I add to my phone sync with my gmail contacts. This means that no matter what phone I use in future, all my contacts are always available to me right there in my gmail inbox! Another great feature is that I can now be scrolling my phone book and from their check my friends' facebook or flickr or messages and come back to phone book! This is a feature of Android OS. As far as the call quality is concerned, I have no complaints.

      SPRINT TV: I simply disregarded this app as a Sprint bloatware at first, but started to like it later. This is free mobile tv service that you get from Sprint (only for EVO I believe). It gets a few channels like NBC, CNN, ESPN etc. I really had a good time watching some Wimbledon and FIFA matches live on my EVO in my office. One day, two of my colleagues came to my cube and started bragging about how their iPhones could display the live scores of any and all the FIFA matches and I simply started ESPN mobile showing a live FIFA match on my EVO. The look on their faces! Oh man... I almost made them cry that day without even saying a single word. Great Success! :)

      KEYBOARD: With a larger screen, you'd expect typing to be easier on EVO but that is not what I found. I think because the screen is larger, my thumbs have to reach farther and hence register a lot of wrong keys in the process. ENTER SWYPE! This is like a third party keyboard app that you can install on your EVO. Although you won't find this in the marketplace but installing it is still very easy. The best thing I like about swype is that it is very forgiving and I don't have to be accurate to type any more. And it remembers whatever new (non-English) words I type and predicts them correctly in future.

      WIDGETS: It took me a while to check out all the HTC widgets that were installed on my EVO and I now prefer them. The HTC News widget is better than most RSS readers that you can find in the market (free or paid). And I also like their Friends Stream... a nice way to aggregate all feeds from facebook, twitter and flickr into one single screen. I even like their Clock widget especially because a single touch takes me to the bedside/night clock screen and with the built-in kickstand, this has now become my favorite thing to stare at during those nights when I can't fall asleep.

      NAVIGATION: Considering the fact that it uses Google Maps, I have no doubt that the data presented here is more accurate/recent than my TomTom. I have not yet been able to give this a full try because I don't have the car mounting kit. But from whatever searches I did (for fun), it seems to be very fast and finds places accurately even when spoken to in my thick Indian accent. I foresee myself ditching my TomTom for this because of the accuracy of Maps data and also because I no longer have to connect my GPS to my computer every 6 months to install all the latest updates! And the screen here is bigger anyway displaying more information in a glance. Plus it's free! You can't beat free.

      TETHERING: From whatever information I could find so far, it appears that tethering is not very difficult once you root your EVO. If you do not want to root, then there are paid tethering apps available in the market. I hear that the next android update (2.2) brings the tethering capability natively to the phone. Currently, I have no real need for tethering my EVO because I don't yet own a tablet computer, but once I get that, I know I can easily tether it to my EVO and enjoy the internets whenever wherever however I please. This was a big point for me to move to Android.

      To sum things up, HTC EVO 4G is absolutely the best smart phone I have owned so far. It sure has some quirks but the goods far outweigh the bads in my opinion. I find my EVO very easy and enjoyable to use and recommend this to everyone. I can not wait to see what capabilities Android 2.2 and 3.0 will give to my EVO. The only thing that can make me give up my EVO is an HTC EVO2 (or whatever they decide to call it). You'll notice that I did not speak about things like video camera, music player, radio etc. Well, I have not used them enough to be able to provide an informed feedback. I had never copied a single song on my iPhone and I don't think I'll copy any songs on my EVO. Not that I don't like to listen to music, but whenever I do... I prefer to sing them myself :P (Posted on 7/18/2010)

    124. Best Sprint Phone to date Review by V. Moran

      This phone has it all:
      - 2 cameras (1- 8mp and 1-1mp forward faching camera)
      - Large vivid touch screen display
      - 3g and 4g speeds (to see if you are in a 4g market see the sprint site)
      - wifi connectibility
      - GPS
      - Tons of applications via the android marketplace
      - Music player
      - Just about anything you want in a phone
      - Avaialble video conferencing through Qik (have not tried it yet but supposedly can work through 3g and not just wifi connection like the iphone requires)

      Things you need to know before deciding to buy:
      1. Phone is fairly big. If you do not like phones with big screens it could be a problem. However the larger screen makes web surfing easy.
      2. Battery life gets drained quickly with all features on and used frequently. It is managable by turning features like gps, wifi, or gps on/off as needed.
      3. Phone Does not come with a screen protector so buy one when you buy the phone.
      4. There is a $10 xtra premium data fee even if you have the "everything plan"

      Overall I have had the best experience with a phone so far. I find my self surfing on my phone and using applications more often and actually using the features. This phone is in high demand and sold out almost everywhere for a reason. (Posted on 7/18/2010)

    125. HTC EVO 4G Review by Oscar J. Castro "Oscar"

      I purchased my EVO over a month ago and it has been a true pleasure owning this phone. The screen clarity and screen size is second to none. This phone has so much to offer that the average user will never fully take advatage of its true capabilities. Of course with every great there must be a down fall, so my only dislikes about this phone are as follows:
      Battery Life: If you leave everything turn on, it will eat your batterie up in less than 6 hours. I found out that by just simply turning on things when i need them i was able to extend the battery life by about 30%.

      Size: It is great having a screen this size but you will also have to deal with a big fairly bulky phone: I don't mind since my hands are fairly large but someone with small hands might find it a bit difficult to navigate using just one hand.

      Email Notifications: If you use Gmail like I do, once you recieved an email, you will need to access like 3 different screens to clear the little icon that shows when you recieve a message. I'm sure is not a phone issue, it must be an operator issue and they way i have ot set up.

      Over all, I think the HTC EVO and the Sprint Service has been well worth it. I am a former blackberry isuer and even though i prefere the size of the blackberry, this phone truly is amazing and i am happy I made the change.

      Oscar (Posted on 7/18/2010)

    126. Switched from IPhone to Evo Review by D. Mierzwa

      First let me say, I LOVE my Iphone. I have nothing against ATT, but they do not have very good service in my area. If the IPhone would have been offered on Sprint, it would have been a no brainer. But, since it wasn't, I considered switching to the HTC EVO. It is the first phone that I thought might be good enough to let me switch back to Sprint, which has much better coverage in my area. I went back and forth for weeks, and finally decided to try the EVO for 30 days. Now I LOVE this phone too! It's not better than the IPhone.....It's different. So, for all of you IPhone users who are trying to decide what to do, I suggest you give it a try. We went from a 2 IPhone family to a 2 EVO family and are happy. The Android market has most of the apps that I actually used on my IPhone. My husband is not really gadget oriented, so he just leaves the phone pretty much as it is. I am just a little bit "techy" and I love all the customization I can do to it. I wasn't sure I could adjust to the bigger size, but I love the screen. Now when I try to use my IPhone, it seems way too small. I was a little bit worried about the battery life at first, but it hasn't been a problem. It makes it through the day (and I actually use it more than I did my IPhone), and I just charge it every night (which is what I did with my IPhone). I bought a few extra charging cords for just in case (I got the Blackberry Micro USB cords for $1.99 on Amazon and they plug into my Apple USB chargers). I was going to buy an extra battery (nice option), but I don't think I need one. I do miss all of the accessories available for the IPhone, but in reality, I bought a few items and that was it. What I don't miss about the IPhone is the dropped calls and no service areas. I can now go anywhere in my town and actually make and receive phone calls....and it costs less. Now if Sprint did eventually get the IPhone, I'm not sure I would switch back to it. I'm really loving the EVO. (Posted on 7/15/2010)

    127. Best 4G and Android phone on the market Review by Stuck

      The HTC EVO 4G from Sprint is one of the newest phones to come with the Android Platform. With a 4.3" LCD and the coveted 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, it is a hefty competitor in the smart phone market. With over 15,000 apps to choose from you can rest assured that the giddy feeling you get from a new device will not end soon. Having owned the phone for almost two weeks, I can provide a good review on what to expect from the HTC EVO 4G.


      It has 4G: This is a first in the smart phone industry. Sprint has been touting its ever expanding 4G network but has never had a phone enabled with 4G to use it with until now, and let me say that the differences in speed are enormous. Downloading on Sprints 3G network hit around 1.0 mb/s, Upload 256 k/s. Downloading on Sprints 4G network hit around 3-4 mb/s and, Upload 1-1.4 mb/s! I took a pic of one of my Speedtests, you can find it in customer images.

      It's huge: With the 4.3" LCD display taking up most of the face of the phone, you will be surprised on how big the phone is. Tons of room to work with and movies look great. I can also add that the phone is a little thick and has a very firm and heavy feeling. (Good build quality)

      Responsive: Out of the box you will see that the phone is extremely responsive to even the tiniest touches on the screen, but seems to block out accidental tabs with the edge of your finger which actually makes the phone a lot more easier to use. Apps load in less than a second and the pre installed apps almost always load up instantly.

      8 Megapixel Camera: The camera is great. See an example picture in the customer images that I posted (Look for two geckos!)

      Front Facing Camera: The front facing camera takes fantastic pictures and has a very good looking video quality when used for video chat.

      720P HD Video: Recording at 720P at 25FPS, it takes surprisingly good video for a camera phone. Check out YT for a plethora of example videos (If you type in "htc evo test video spacebears" in the searchbar and view the first video that is a fantastic example of the video quality)

      Video Chat: The video chat is simply great, it can be used over 3G or 4G and is very responsive and not sluggish at all.

      Mobile Hotspot: For 29.99 a month you can turn your phone into a 4G hotspot. The data speeds are extremely fast and you can connect up to 5 devices at once.

      Kickstand: It's AWESOME. Doesn't let the phone fall over and is very sturdy. Don't expect it to break off.

      The monthly plans are cheap(er): Ranging from 69.99 to 99.99 for the Simply Everything Plans, you will most likely pay less over other carriers with similar features. But don't forget the 10 dollar premium data fee.


      4G not in all areas, premium data fee mandatory: Currently Sprints 4G network is limited to around 25 major cities, but it is expanding continuously and hopes to cover 120 million people by the end of the year. Also if you order the HTC EVO 4G you will be subjected to a mandatory ten dollar premium data fee even if you aren't covered with 4G. Supposedly the funds are going toward improving and expanding the 4G network.

      The microphone sounds bad: The audio sounds like it is in mono and picks up a lot of background noise. No external mic port. Don't expect to be Vlogging with this anytime soon. (Firmware update may improve sound)

      UPDATE: Due to recent ROM updates, battery life has improved tremendously!

      Battery Life: Simply put, it sucks. You will need an extra battery if you are a road warrior. I can get through the 9-5 day without having to charge but I almost immediately have to plug it in by 6-7 o clock with normal use. Expect around 4-5 hours of HD video and around 12 hours if you use the phone simply for calls. Normal use you can expect around 8-9 hours. The good news is the knock off e-bay batteries are cheap.

      It's waitlisted: This phone has been waitlisted ever since it came out so good luck finding one!

      The HTC EVO 4G is simply a great phone and should be seriously considered if you are in the smart phone market :D (Posted on 7/15/2010)

    128. Amazing Review by Justin A. Zelinsky

      This phone is amazing does everything you could want and more. The device run's smoothly and the camera is great. The internet is quite fast and very fast when using 4g. I highly recommend this phone to other. My co worker is now getting one. (Posted on 7/12/2010)

    129. Must have Review by Craig Robinson

      I love this phone. It is sleek and provides a huge upgrade from the older HTC WinMo phone I had. I got my wife an iPhone 4 a week or so later, and I think the EVO is far superior. The screen is larger, I don't risk dropping calls by holding it in my hand, quick response, great integration with gmail and google voice, and I got to stream the World Cup games with ease. Overall, I have no regrets on this phone which seems a little odd given the normal shelf life on a cell-phone is a week or two when the next one is announced/released. (Posted on 7/12/2010)

    130. EVO - ultimate smart phone Review by earlwise

      Simply the best. The battery life issue is blown out of proportion. I frequently use wireless, bluetooth, and I always leave my GPS on (but turn off GPS apps when not in use), and I get a full work day. If I turn off bluetooth, then it keeps working well into the evening. This is not much different than my Blackberry Tour. I just occasionally plug it into my computer to top off the charge when I am stationary, and it is always ready for a real workout. (Posted on 7/11/2010)

    131. Thinking abouting switching from an iPhone? My Experience. Review by Gadgitz Lover

      I've been an AT&T/iPhone customer since the first gen iPhone launched(I was actually one of those tools that stood in line on day 1). In general, I think the iPhone(2g/3g/3gs) was, until recently, the best smartphone on the market. That said, I began looking for a new carrier and phone earlier this year due to the poor AT&T voice/data quality in the Seattle area and after trying out a few Android based phones with V2.0 & 2.1. I was also tempted by the less expensive plans from Sprint(50%+ lower than comparable iPhone plans-even with the 4g add on). A secondary motivation was my overall dislike of Apple and their anti-competitive/non-consumer-friendly behavior.

      In search of my iPhone replacement, I tried the HTC Incredible, Palm Pre, Several Samsung models with proprietary software, the HTC Hero, and HTC Evo. Granted, I didn't try all the models out there, but liked the incredible and Evo the best. The Incredible is a better size, but the Evo has better specs and was on the less expensive Sprint network. I had to wait a few weeks for the Evo to go back in stock, but eventually got one on 7/3. I've been using the Evo for over a week now, and here are my list of pros/cons:

      - The 4g, when I have coverage, is lightning fast. Quicker than anything I've ever seen on a smartphone. In terms of browsing, it feels just like I'm on a laptop at home on my cable broadband connection
      - The 3g is also fast, faster than I experienced on the AT&T network
      - Beautiful Screen. At first it seemed huge, but now really appreciate it.
      - High Quality Camera/Camcorder. Noticeably much nicer than the iPhone 3GS.
      - Customization, I love how customizable the Android OS is. Something I missed when I had and iPhone. The widgets are awesome.
      - The Gmail/Facebook/exchange integration. Once you add your accounts, it automatically syncs them up and links the logical contacts. Very smart.
      - Amazon MP3. Nice interface and better prices than iTunes.
      - FM Radio
      - Sprint Family Plans: We have two Evos and two Heros on our plan(w/1600 shared minutes) and will pay ~$50 per line.


      - Sprint TV only works when on the 3g/4g network, will not work via WiFi
      - Some apps are buggy and require a "Force Close" from time to time
      - No native integration beyond email with Hotmail. Would be nice if contacts/calendars could be synced in the same way as gmail.
      - HTC Sense. Not quite as good as the iPhone, though still works fine.
      - Sprint Customer Service. We signed up with an employee referral plan and it was a nightmare to get all the numbers transferred over. They have good intentions, but can improve their overall processes and systems. In my experience, AT&T CS was better and more empowered to help me.
      - App Store/marketplace: Still has a ways to catch up with Apple. Several apps that I wanted and couldn't find: Dinner Spinner and Weber App.
      - As others have said, the battery life isn't great. At first, I couldn't get it last past 3pm, but found how to optimize the settings and can now make it last about 2 days on one charge(it just really depends on how much you use 4g)

      I'll add to this review over time, but overall I think the Evo is a great iPhone replacement for those that like to fiddle with and customize their phone. If you just want a phone to use out of the box, that doesn't require any customization, then the iPhone is for you(if you can handle the dropped calls:). (Posted on 7/11/2010)

    132. Best Phone Review by srik

      I have been using HTC EVO for past 12 Days.

      HTC EVO 4G is the best phone among all phones available in the US market now. There are many reasons why one should opt for HTC EVO instead of iPhone, HTC Incredible, Motorola Droid X etc. The reasons are both phone based and network based. Utimately a great phone and a great network make the "Best Phone". HTC EVO and Sprint score together to make EVO THE phone to have.
      As a phone HTC EVO is definetly better than HTC Incredible and iPhone. As a network Sprint is way better than AT&T and is equal to Verizon if you are in and around Cincinnati, OH (network coverage varies from area to area, so pls dont take my word for it).

      Getting to the plans which each carrier offers into the argument makes Sprint score by leaps and bounds. AT&T with its data cap's was revolting for me (I just dont want to think always before I go to youtube and AT&T 2GB plan means I can just go to youtube for 18mins per day). Verizon with its soft data cap of 5GB is a good choice with people who can pay more (but they dont have a phone with front facing camera - no video calling).

      Please bear with me while I go though EVO+Sprint and iPhone+ATT&T and Droid-X+Verizon in brief (hope my effort helps some one out there).

      HTC EVO + Sprint: You get a cutting edge phone ($199). Monthly charges review- unlimited data + unlimited messaging + unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling (irrespective of the network) + 450 anytime minutes(can use just for landline calls as all mobile calls are free) + free Sprint GPS navigation + early nights and weekends (start at 7PM instead of the normal 9PM) + 4G speeds --- all for $79 / month.
      Phone's screen is amazing, so is the sense UI interface. Installing and using app's is very easy. One of my friends (a iPhone user for 2years) asked - "Is it easy to use?" My reply was - "As easy as iPhone with more possibilities than iPhone". And needless to say my friend was amazed with HTC EVO when I showed him the pics it took. I took his picture with no light in the room at night time(11pm) with flash and it came out amazing. Currently Cincinnati doesnt have 4G and frankly I don't feel the need for it, Sprint 3G is that fast. High Def youtube vids start running in 5 secs (I always have WiFi switched off on the phone, just to test out its 3G speeds). Only slight drawback is this phones battery (its still better than iPhone 3GS), but we can change the phone settings and now I get to use the phone whole day on a single charge (with 30mins of youtube + 30mins browsing + 30mins playing with the phone + talktime). When I do more youtube, I need to charge it by 7pm. For example, the other day I used this phone for 1hr browsing + 30mins gps + 1hour youtube and the phone got to 20% charge by 7pm. If you ask me, battery shouldnt be the reason why you shouldnt get this phone.

      Now I also want to give a wee bit about iPhone+ATT&T and Motorola Droid X+Verizon (hoping that it helps people choose better).

      iPhone 4 + ATT&T: You get the best selling phone ($199). Monthly charges review- 2GB data cap + NO free messaging + NO unlimited out of network mobile-to-mobile + 450 anyime minutes + NO free GPS + NO free early nights and weekends + NO 4G speeds (even 3G on AT&T's network is horrible) all this for $65 / month. If you want the same featires as Sprints $79 plan, AT&T will charge you $100 per month AND still a data cap on 2GB (exceed it and will get charged $10/GB).
      The iPhone 4 has been raved as a wonderful looking phone, I beg to differ. I prefer the HTC EVO looks. Just place both side to side and see for your self, its a individual thing after all (and YES EVO fits perfectly fine in my pocket). iPhone screen has great resolution but EVO has bigger screen and frankly, for me bigger screen matters and EVO has sufficient resolution to make my friends jaw drop. Apple has much more apps but for all intents and purposes Android has all the apps I will ever need and Android is growing by leaps and bounds AND almost 70% of apps in Android market are free, only about 35% of Apple apps are free.

      Motorola Droid X + Verizon: Droid-X ($199) supposedly has much better battery life that EVO. But no front facing camera for video calls. A slightly larger (longer) in size and a ugly bump at one end (lengthwise) - might not fit into some jeans pockets. The interface is no where near HTC's Sense UI. Coming to plan, Monthly charges review- 5GB soft data cap + unlimited free messaging + NO unlimited out of network mobile-to-mobile + 450 anyime minutes + NO free GPS + NO free early nights and weekends + NO 4G speeds (even 3G on AT&T's network is horrible) all this for $90 / month. (Posted on 7/11/2010)

    133. Superb phone - one my best electronic purchases in a long time! Review by Xenos

      If you are on the fence about the Evo - don't be. I have had it for about 2 weeks and am more than impressed with it's ease of use, amazing features and sheer power. This is definitely a muscular phone, big and brawny in all respects so it may not be for everyone. But if you're looking for a phone that can pretty much do it all, then the Evo is a slam dunk.

      I was considering other options (iPhone, Droid Incredible etc) but when you factor in Sprint's affordability it's hard not to choose the Evo. No regrets here! (Posted on 7/10/2010)

    134. Syncing with my Mac, Great phone. Review by Kirk "Kirk is my Hubby, I'm the one who is us...

      The HTC EVO is a great phone. I struggled with syncing but then found spanningsync. It works great for syncing iCal and Contacts from my mac to my EVO. Go to [...] and use code 7EE93E for a $5 discount. We use .me to sync calendars on our Macs. By syncing with one of the Macs using spanningsync, my phone updates all the Macs sharing iCal calendars. When you check out the spanningsync website you will quickly see these are Mac people! I also really like doubletwist for syncing music, pictures and video, it is free! An iPhone would have been easier, but Sprint is less expensive and now it all works together.

      The apps that I have tried have all worked great.

      Battery life is an issue when using the phone heavily, like when I was on vacation. The phone did run completely down twice in the evening.

      For a phone it really takes great photos!

      I have been a Mac guy for many years(pre-second coming), but Mac users deserve more choices than ATT. (Posted on 7/6/2010)

    135. Is it all hype; definately not. Buy this phone. Review by Fox Mulder "the X files"

      I'll briefly tell you why i opted for this phone from my own personal experiences.
      I know you can do some of this stuff using other phones, but i'll still mention them anyway.

      On another note. Anyone complaining about battery life there are things you can do to help here.
      My own phone lasts me all day, but i'm not browsing the web for hours at a time on it, so i can only speak for myself.

      I suggest you get Advanced Task Killer and also Startup Auditor.
      Startup Auditor is similar to msconfig/startup on a Windows PC. You can stop applications running at startup and even disable them completely.
      Using just a task killer the apps can pop back up after 10-30mins.

      Onto the list.

      1. 8 megapixel camera w/ flash. Works great.
      2. 1.3 megapixel front camera for video conferencing. I tested this out using Fring app and called a PC skype account. Works great even over 3g.
      3. GPS navigation. Why purchase a separate GPS for your car when you can mount this in a holder and suction cup it to your windshield. Works great.
      4. Using an app called Cardio Trainer and the built in GPS i can track my running times and distance and send data to a website to track my performance. Similar to Nike+ on itouch.
      5. Use as a Camcorder and show on TV using HDMI output.
      6. FM Radio.
      7. FTP - AndFTP app can connect to my PC from work.
      8. VNC - AndroidVNC app can take control of my home PC from work. Tested even works well over 3g.
      9. Using Subsonic app, i setup a music server on my home PC. I don't need to load music to my phone anymore, i just connect to my home PC and and stream the music to my phone. Works great.
      10. Pandora - create your own radio.
      11. I use a pair of Motorola S9 Bluetooth headphones on this phone. Works great. Quality is just as good as my itouch, which i will be selling here within the next few weeks.
      12. I like the Barcode scanner and Amazon app. I can scan a product barcode and lookup the cost on Amazon or google to get an idea of cost. Pretty cool.

      That's about it. There's tons of apps. I know lots of phones can use these apps, but just thought i'd still mention them.
      Pretty much any app the itouch or iPhone has Android has one to match it. I like this phone better because it's less proprietary than apple.
      All my music already sorted in folders doesnt need to go through itunes to upload to the phone. Just drag and drop your folders onto the SD Card and voila.

      Good luck with your new phone. (Posted on 7/5/2010)

    136. Awesome Phone Review by Thomas F. Stuart

      This phone is awesome. I have had every phone on the market thus far. From the I-phone to the blackberry to the Hts Touch Pro 2. Every thing about this phone is big from screen to functions. The only draw back is the battery life, have to charge it the car before I get out. This really a great phone. (Posted on 7/4/2010)

    137. Amazing Phone! Review by Basil Mahmud

      The best phone I have ever had! 4G, Hotspot, GREAT CALL QUALITY (Not 1 Dropped call), great screen, HDMI Out. This phone is basically anything can be done on this phone. (Posted on 7/2/2010)

    138. Love my Evo! Review by D. Forsey

      Great phone! Love the way it organizes my contacts with EVERYTHING about a contact in one spot. Email, FB, Twiter, phone, text...all in contacts. Way cool.
      Apps for everything
      Battery life is not long enough. (Posted on 7/2/2010)

    139. Switched from iphone 3G and Luv it so far Review by Naveen.B

      I had been using iphone 3G for about 2 yrs and I was thinking to get iPhone4 and then someone showed me EVO at work. Given the 30 days return policy decided to give a try EVO, i brought this phone understanding the battery limitation while getting the phone and I have no regrets so far(3 weeks into it).

      Here are few things to help u decide if you are not sure about EVO yet.

      - Best phone H/W(except battery) available in US market today.
      - 4G coverage and including teetering with sprint makes this deal even more sweeter.
      - Android o/s give you a lot of flexibility i.e how your phone looks, how is behaves or what app you could run etc etc, you might want this or not depending your technical background(iphone still wins on ease of use).
      - Very Good camera(don't expect it to replace ur canon or sony but still good enough for casual shots).
      - Better value for money with sprint when compare with AT&T or verizon($79 - unlimited data, unlimited msg, 450 anytime mins, unlimited any mobile to any mobile(not just sprint) calling).
      - Very fast, I didn't realize how slow iphone 3G was until i used EVO.
      - Flash works.
      - All the main Apps I used on iphone i found them on andriod market so far.(8-10 apps).
      - Better Micrsoft Exchange integration for Emails/Calender then iphone 3G.

      - Sprint charges extra $10 for EVO.
      - Short battery life, for me battery last 1 full days(7am-8pm) with personal email, work email, bluetooth, 3G, light web surfing.
      - CDMA not GSM and not portable to any other career. I will need to carry another phone if I travel international.
      - Limited smart phone choices for 2nd line. Looking to 2nd phone for wife and dont want to pay additional $10 for EVO. (HTC Hero seems like the only reasonable choice :( ).
      - PPTP RSA VPN doesn't work on android but works on iphone. still looks for ways to make it work.

      Thanks, (Posted on 7/2/2010)

    140. iPhone? Whats that? Review by rdh1079

      First, let me say this, I have an iMac, I have the Macbook Air, have owned a regular Macbook, and a previous iMac, and also have a hacked netbook running OSX...I am a Mac guy....But I now have ZERO desire to own an iPhone.

      The Evo feels great in my hand, it is solid, well built, and yes, very big. This phone does everything, and it does it fast and smoothly. The battery life is not fabulous, but really, let's be real here, you have a phone that can surf at 4G speeds (where available), or wi-fi, has access to tens of thousands of apps, which can run at the same time, can record HD video, take 8MP digital pictures, and has a BIG, beautiful screen. You cannot go into this assuming you won't have to charge your phone daily, you probably will. If you don't use most of those features, why would you get this phone?

      I have zero complaints about the phone, I have owned it now for a little over one week. I have downloaded many apps, surfed to many websites, made and received many phone calls, sent and received numerous text messages, so on and so forth. No problems. Period. I cannot find a flaw with it. The battery life isnt even that bad!

      I intermitently ran GPS, 4G, and several different apps (Maps,My Tracker, various others) and was good for over 24 hours!

      You are provided with widgets that allow you to easily and quickly manage your connections, which makes it so easy to turn on and off things like GPS and wi-fi, and therefore easy to manage your battery.

      The camera pretty much rocks too, for a phone camera of course. You can touch to autofocus, not always perfectly accurate but come on, its a phone. There is virtually no lag from the time you touch the screen to the shutter "snap", thats nice. The pictures look nice, you could definitely print them at a 4x6 size and they would look good.

      Call quality is great, I can understand folks, they can understand me. The speaker phone is a teansy bit on the quiet side for my taste, but no big deal.

      Let's talk about the on-screen keyboard. My previous phone was the Samsung Moment (sucks, dont buy it), I loved having a real keyboard, and was pretty nervous about the Evo's on-screen keyboard. It took maybe a couple hours and I was texting away, I am a bit slower than before, but not in a big way. The screen is sooo big that squished keys are really not an issue. And the phone is fast, so there is no lag when entering text.

      And with basic setup the phone connects your contacts to facebook, so you can pull up your contact list and it tells you if anyone has updated anything. Very cool.

      I have not used 4G much on this phone, I dont seem to be able to get a very strong signal. I am in Portland, the network is new, it will improve and this will be a great feature. until then my 3G seems faster than ever, maybe because the processor on this phone can maximize the speed available on 3G.

      Wi-fi connections do seem to be weak, though it does connect, and I can surf, so I don't know if the signal is weak, or if it just doesn;t show as many bars as it should, either way, not a big deal to me.

      The phone is solid, that's the bottom line. If Sprint announced tomorrow that the iPhone would be coming to their network, I wouldn't be interested, I love this phone. (Posted on 6/27/2010)

    141. looove it! Review by mis nurse nis

      this phone makes me soo happy. i love the long unending list of free apps. i love the customization. i love the internet speed. i love this phone!

      BUT: with online games.. sometimes there is a little lag. but not enough to change my decision of keeping this phone. (Posted on 6/26/2010)

    142. OK, but with a few bugs. Review by Mark Dempsey "Biker Dude"

      I've had the phone about a month (since 6/4) and have a mixed review. First, I refused to get an iPhone because of it's got proprietary everything. Very nice if you're Apple, but what if you want to change the battery? You have to hire a technician. Ditto with the iPod, BTW. What's up with Apple's so-called "sophisticated" design that doesn't let you change a battery?

      I also have a sister who uses her iPhone so much that she lugs around an auxiliary battery (plug it in for additional battery life), so I knew going in that more functionality demands more power. Battery life has been exactly as expected. I don't go around with the Wifi (awful connectivity, BTW), GPS, Bluetooth or 4G turned on. No 4G where I live anyway.

      IMHO, throw away your Bluetooth headset. Get a nice wired headset. Works like a charm, doesn't sap your battery, and lets you plug in without fumbling around. Perfect for me.

      Letdowns include disappointment that the Android OS is so buggy. It's not terrible, but little things don't work right. The personalized ringtones don't stick, for example, so I get a default ringtone 95% of the time. I also thought I was getting Android v2.2, but no (so no Flash video, yet). Believe it or not this phone has an HDMI output that you can plug into your flatscreen TV. No flash, means... "So what if it has an HDMI output, I can't play anything!)

      Anyway, Android is, relatively speaking, in its infancy, and upgrades should be forthcoming. Adobe just announced Flash for "Froyo" (Android 2.2) and HTC / Sprint should be upgrading in the next few months. I also read that Chrome browser should be available in the fall, as should 4G...

      On the plus side, it's a pretty cool phone. I really like the speech-to-text feature on the little keyboard. You can speak in any text input opportunity (messaging, URLs, searches) and the phone translates with about 80% accuracy to text. Terrific for shopping lists. (BTW, turn off the vibration, and make sure you tune the keyboard)... Also great integration with Gmail, contacts, calendar, tasks and Google Docs. All of these make this really a "cloud access device" (CAD!) as much as it is a phone.

      I'm not a phone hacker, so I haven't tried anything fancier than downloading Flash beta (don't bother, IMHO)... so it's promising, and fun for what it is. It also is supremely practical (I can change a battery, I don't have to jailbreak the phone to customize its appearance, etc.)...

      ...but it's not all the way there, yet.

      On the other hand, it does have a "kickstand"....!...;-) (Posted on 6/26/2010)

    143. Poor software makes this good hardware too frustrating to use Review by Robert Petry

      I have been a smartphone user for years starting with Treo's then Blackberry's, iPhones and the Palm Pre. I wanted to love the Evo but I don't. Mine crashed twice a day and locked up other times requiring a battery pull. It was buggier than my Palm 700p and that is saying something.

      Plus I had trouble with multiple bluetooth headsets. The Evo would say they were connected but no sound out of them. I had to repeatedly turn them on and off and re-pair them while trying to talk to customers. That was a very big issue.

      Ever heard of unified Inboxes? They are very popular right now on BB, Palm and now Apple. Not only do you not have a unified Inbox on Android with Sense, you have two email apps. One for Gmail and one for everything else. So I was constantly going back and forth between them.

      If you are in the browser or one of many 3rd party apps and a notification came in you would hear a beep. But there is no way to see the notification without exiting the app, pulling down the bar and looking at the list. I would rather have an annoying popup like on the Apple.

      Sorry. I love Linux and wanted to love my Evo but Android needs MAJOR work on usability and stability. I returned it. (Posted on 6/26/2010)

    144. Bye bye AT&T and iPhone for me Review by Victor

      I bought this phone with some concern about it being another one of those ...trying to catch up with iPhone products. I went through a good number of MP3 players before I finally purchased the iPod back in the day. I liked my iPhone but had a number of concerns:

      1) Steve Jobs - very controlling and slow at releasing updates to the iPhone which make it do what other phones have been doing forever..(come one...the 3G can't record video are you kidding me....can't send MMS messages until recently?...really?)

      2) Wasn't sure I liked the whole touch screen keyboard experience. My text messages were horrible unless I slowed WAY down....misspelled words all the time.

      3) iPhone camera software stuck with shutter closed and apple says it was a "hardware" problem and wouldn't fix as out of warrenty (thank God my Geek squad plan covered it.) But disappointing performance from Apple on this....a HARDWARE problem because an APP had the screen shutter stuck on closed?...maybe but didn't seem right.

      That being said I still wasn't sure about this whole android I was in for a suprise. This phone rocks the face off of the iPhone.

      In addition to having the unnecessary but still cool "Wow!" factor...this phone does everything. I can browse the internet and clearly read the web pages. If I have to zoom in the text on the page "word wraps" the text so I can still read it without scrolling left--->right.

      The screen is awesome....nice colors, great resolution...awesome.

      The speed is great.

      The keyboard is bigger....but the really kicker is the SWYPE program which quickly made me forget about how much I loved my work Blackberry Keyboard (but hated everything but email)

      I had concerns about moving to Sprint as I had them about 5 years ago and hated their customer service and service.....they have obviously changed somethings. Customer service is as good as ATT or better....more dropped calls....great coverage....high speed ....AND I get unlimited EVERYTHING (except calls to landlines-450 min during peak)for $79.99....unlimited text included (ATT - $20) unlimited data (ATT $30)unlimited mobile to ANY carrier included (ATT to ATT only)...ATT well over $100.

      I could go on but this is an awesome phone.....Oh yeah if you are worried about the number apps....don't. Apple may have the numbers for now...but seriously how many "tip calculators" do you need to choose the Amazon Marketplace allows for some more "colorful" apps as Steve Jobs isn't dictating what you should or shouldn't do. Also, there is still an app for almost anything you can type in the search field.

      Great phone

      If you are a "small handed" person you may want something more along the lines of the HTC Droid Incredible or the HTC Hero (maybe). Hopefully Sprint will come out with a smaller phone like the incredible for those who mind the big screen (The incredible is basically this phone without a front camera and smaller - awesome phone). But Sprint's plan kicks Verizon and ATT's proverbial A@*. (Posted on 6/24/2010)

    145. Love the EVO Review by mzee26

      I've been going from phone to phone trying to find one that will keep me happy. I live in SW OKLA so the iPhone wasn't available and that was my "dream phone." I have an iPOD Touch and I love it. When the HTC Hero came out, I thought maybe that would be the phone that would keep me interested. It was a good phone, but when I see it up against my EVO, it looks so tiny. The EVO's big screen is amazing! Since I had the HERO, using the EVO was easy to navigate right away for me. I like how by just signing in to facebook, that all my contacts just appeared on the phone without me having to do anything. I also accompanied that with a sync and I was good to go. It's easy to create groups and to send out group emails and text messages with just one click of the send button. It configures your email accounts for you. I am a heavy twitter and facebook user so that was something that was a must in a phone for me. The EVO is super fast and I don't currently have 4G in my area yet. When searching for wallpapers for example, the pics load lightning fast. The Android market is growing day by day and has many useful applications that I have downloaded and have worked great. The battery life that everyone cites is kinda what happens when you have a smart phone. When I don't need to use the internet, I just turn it off and make sure that I have a task killer installed to kill the running apps that I don't need. When I do that, I can go a couple of days without having to charge the battery. I haven't used the camera and camcorder alot but when I did use them, the quality was good. I like the kickstand built in to the phone as well. All in all, this phone does compete with and may even surpass the iPhone 4G. But since I've never had an iPhone, I'll just say the EVO surpasses any phone that I've had..and that's a LOT! (Posted on 6/24/2010)

    146. Super Smart Phone Review by Ryan Rudzinski

      I went from and old broken flip phone on AT&T to this Super Smart Phone on Sprint. And wow.

      It's got a lot of great features. And I like the size of this thing (big) because I'm a tall guy w/ big hands. It does have its weak points. I.E. Battery life. But if you turn off a few settings, that you don't use, it isn't so bad.

      Just had to put my two cents in and give a five star. (Posted on 6/23/2010)

    147. Amazing computer...I mean phone...just amazing! Review by Jason R. Gallia

      Picked mine up on the release date, and have been using it since then.

      The phone is super fast, can handle multiple applications with ease, and has been completely compatible with the most common Android apps (e.g. amazon shopper, bubble, facebook, skymap, mytracks, pandora, shazam, droid light, etc.). I use advanced task killer to manage my applications. I've found the battery life to easily last until night time, when a recharge is necessary. I've got the body glove case installed and a screen protector installed. The case is low-profile enough, and the screen protector maintains good sensitivity. I have calibrated the typing system, and it's as sensitive and accurate as an iPod.

      I know htc is working on a car dock that allows rotation, but haven't heard of the release date for that. Anyone else heard? I haven't been able to find any other evo specific mounting solution...

      In short, this phone is just absolutely amazing. Get it. You won't be disappointed! (Posted on 6/23/2010)

    148. Great Phone Review by Amazon Bob

      The IPHONE 4 was tempting, but I don't like AT&T. Besides, they and Verizon give tons of money to the right-wingers.

      The HTC EVO is a great phone. It's the first phone I've really enjoyed. The surprise is that Sprint is such a good service.

      The only negative is that you have to charge the battery daily and keep a watch on the battery level. Then again, that's common with today's smart phones with many features. (Posted on 6/21/2010)

    149. THINK BEFORE YOU BUY THIS PHONE.....! Review by M

      I bought this phone for less than a week and loved the hell out of it. then i hated it. it was not a thought out design as i expected like the iphone. bottom line, most of the phone is overkill.

      - fast 1ghz processor. fastest startup (5 stars)
      - fast internet speed. even for a 3g speed is quite amazing!!! (4 stars)
      - nice interface & big screen (3 stars)
      - nice animation and live screen savers

      - heavy & bulky (case adds even more weight/bulky). excitement wears off quite fast after you realize how big this phone is. try wearing shorts on a hot day and wonder why it sags on one feels like i have my girlfriend's makeup kit in my pocket. a phone shouldn't feel big in your pocket. (3 stars)
      - terrible battery life (processor & screen size drains like bloody hell). 1500mah battery is quite small compared to most phones (2 stars)
      - sound processor is the worst among mp3 players. no way to adjust the equalizer settings or even preset soundfields are not availble. in addition, no audio codecs available on android market or even a media player to enhance the sound. i bet most of the people who review this and love it aren't audiophiles like me. c'mon this is supposed to be my entertainment center on the go. (1 star)
      - limited apps on market vs apple. most people dont care but variety is good (3 stars)
      - bluetooth connection in my car has compatability issues (1 star)
      - screen resoultion is only 65k colors vs 230k for iphone. i would expected much higher resolution (2 stars) (Posted on 6/21/2010)

    150. Great Phone Review by Brad

      I have had my EVO for 5 days now. Having replaced my HTC Hero with the EVO, it was a snap to set up as I was already familiar with Android O/S. I was unable to make the Hero work for me, primarily because the screen is simply too small to be effective with a touch screen keyboard. I evaluated the iPhone, but without exception, everyone I know that has one, loves the phone, hates the network.

      The EVO is big, but to me it is just right. The screen size is big enough that I have no issues typing on the virtual keyboard. The resolution of that big screen is impressive enough that it really is a practical interface to a variety of media aps, like YouTube. It's kind of like a practical iPad. Bigger than you'd like for a phone alone. Big enough and powerful enough to actually use as a portable computing/internet device. But not so big that you can't slip it in your pocket and take it everywhere. I bought the Platinum case with holster - I'll review it separately, but suffice to say that I am happy with it.

      There are an unlimited number of practical apps for the phone, and with Google behind the Android operating system, there is no doubt that this will be the platform of choice for developers in the future.

      I ordered the phone from Amazon and it arrived several days in advance of the promised date.

      While not listed on Sprint's website, apparently Nashville has some limited 4G. I found that I could receive it in the Sprint Store, and it was amazingly fast. Push enter, and the screen loads. It is also very fast on wi-fi. However, while I have found the Sprint network to be mostly reliable and available wherever I travel (I travel a lot), I have always found the 3G to be too painfully slow to use - except when you absolutely have to access something.

      In summary, a great media phone, great operating system, lot's of apps and a reliable voice network. Only drawback (probably not unique to sprint) is slow speed on 3G, but more than fast enough on wi-fi, or if you are lucky enough to live in a 4G area. Make sure you are comfortable with the size before you commit, but my advice is to try a live phone. You may be put off by the size until you actually see what it is capable of doing. (Posted on 6/20/2010)

    151. Looks flashing but its a little buggy Review by Poise "Kaknowledge"

      1. Its a 4G phone. Good luck getting 4G reception. I live in Seattle and I barely get one 4G bar. I've been downtown and various location and never seen the phone get full bars in 4G. Most of the time it runs on 3G.

      2. The home, search, back and menu button are a bad design choice. Those buttons are touch sensitive which makes the phone look really nice. The problem comes when you are typing in landscape mode, you will find yourself accidentally pressing one of the button, ruining your typing (texting experience).

      3. The phone has sharp edges which sucks when you put the phone to your ear. By the end of your conversation, you feel like you had a knife to your ear.

      4. Lastly, The WIFI is horrible. You could be in the same room as your router and it barely picks up a solid signal. I know my router works because I have laptops and a iPhone which pick up the signal just fine.

      UPDATE 6/21/10

      When I use the Pandora Radio App in my car with the Auxiliary jack, the phone tries to voice dial. Maybe I just have a bad phone. I will look further into this issue.

      UPDATE 10/21/10

      4G signal is still sketchy.
      WIFI signal quality still bad, I might have a defective unit.
      They fixed the Pandora glitch listed above.
      3 months and change and the phone is still holding up pretty decent. The screen glass its really good quality, I don't use a cover and I don't have a scratch on it.
      After switching between this phone and the iPhone, the internet speed is really good. I will never go back to an iPhone... maybe. (Posted on 6/19/2010)

    152. Just Hate The Keyboard(or lack there of) Review by A. Lopez

      I owned an Ipod touch and fell in love with it. I really wanted to get an iphone but my carrier has been sprint for years. I was excited when sprint was coming out with a phone deemed the iphone killer. I guess I didn't realize the problem with my ipod touch because it wasn't a phone so I didn't actually text alot on it. When I got the HTC EVO it was a little confusing at first, but nothing you can't easily figure out. Read the manual! I don't like techy gadgets much but I loved everything about this phone. The cameras are my favorite. I love how you can focus in on something in the picture and the backround will kind of fade. But back to the keyboard, I just really wish it had a qwerty board or something tucked away. It is difficult, if not impossible to type any text on a touch screen! Especially one so tiny. I mean the screen is huge for a phone, but the keyboard is only 1/4 of the screen when texting or emailing or typing anything. I hate it, but my old phone didn't have a keyboard so can't really complain. It was the punching numbers until the letter you need appeared kind. I am a female and I have slightly long nails and now I have to cut them in order to accomodate this phone. My husband also tried it, he says larger hands would have a problem using it too. Anyways, if that doesn't bother, I guess this phone is an A+. (Posted on 6/18/2010)

    153. Finally a Smartphone Review by N.O. Lawyer

      I am a person that is not necessarily the gadget geek, but I do love new toys. This phone is truly incredible. I have been with sprint for some time and really wanted to get an iPhone, but did not want to change service providers. My previous phone was the Samsung Instinct, which was "supposed" to be Sprint's answer to the iPhone. Needless to say, I was skeptical at best when the HTC Evo was announced because I had been burned before (if the Instinct was the answer to the iPhone, I must have asked the wrong question). I did a little online research comparing the Evo to the iPhone and was sold. Luckily I was quick enough on the draw and was able to score one of the last Evos in the first batch sold. I've had for some time now and really have no major complaints. This phone surpassed my expectations. As a person that really craved all the neat tricks the iPhone could do, this phone meets and exceeds all of that. I even was able to download some of the same apps that are available for iPhones, so I no longer feel left out. Some folks are totally anti-iPhone, that's not me. If sprint had offered it, I would have gotten it hands down. But now, I say iWhat??? There are tons of things that you can do with this phone. I won't repeat everything that other folks have said. I'll just tell you a little about my experience with the phone compared to my last, the Samsung Instinct (1st Generation Instinct).

      Apps Galore! As some folks have said, after about 10,000 apps is there really a need for anymore? Sure, iTunes offers more apps than the Android market, but you can't possibly put them all on the phone and they tend to get repetitive. I can't tell you the best apps to get as it depends on how you're using the phone. I can say that if you want it, more likely than not Android market has some version of it and many you don't have to pay for.

      Transition from other phones. Coming from the Samsung Instinct, I had very little trouble transitioning to the style of this phone's touchscreen. Granted there are some differences, such as the touch and hold bringing up new menus and the touch screen being much more sensitive. But the differences were all improvements so I have no complaints. Also, my contacts and pics, even my messages all transferred over with no problems.

      No phone is perfect. The drawback on this phone is definitely the battery life. However, this is becoming a problem across the board as phones are able to do more and more things, so this is not unique to the Evo.

      No service provider is perfect. These days even a great phone can be hampered by poor service (i.e. iPhone/AT&T). Every service provider has some quirk or issue that will upset some subscribers. As a person that has been with virtually every provider (I still remember the old PrimeCo commercials, lol), Sprint's positives far outweigh it's negatives especially compared with other providers. I rarely experience dropped calls, my bills rarely fluctuate, and I am finally fully satisfied with the offerings of phones. (Posted on 6/16/2010)

    154. Love my EVO. Review by Richard Cabrera

      Got 2 of these on "Opening Day" - June 4th, 2010. My local Best buy had a limited amount of Evo's - I was unaware of this at the time - I noticed there was a couple at the mobile center setting up their new Evo's. So my wife an I indicated to the Rep that we also want a couple of Evo's. She gladly told us that to give her a moment and she would set us up. 5 mins went buy (It was about 10am) and a few more people starting forming a line behind us.. So the rep inquired who else was there for the evo? Well, EVERYONE WAS there for the evo. To close out the story, my wife and I got 2 of the last 3 phones left at the store that day.

      Ok now to my/our experience

      I'm transitioning from a Blackberry Curve 8330 to the HTC Evo. The only recent experience I had with touch screens was my iTouch which I gave my self for Xmas this past year. I really like my itouch, so I was torn between waiting for the iphone (6/24/2010) or getting the EVO. I'm so glad I got the EVO..

      1 - The screen is HUGE... The Automatic brightness level is GREAT. I did download an app which I can pop up simple level controls so I can minimize battery consumption when I'm using the phone. but overall I keep the brightness on auto.
      2 - Battery life for a phone that size, the amount of data it crunches in/out, the speed of the processor, etc, etc.. Is not all that bad. I charge it overnight, use it for about 30mins on my train ride into work, use it casually at work, really use it a lot at lunch time, by around 2pm I'm down to about 40% battery. Thats not bad in my opinion.. Again, I'm using task killer apps, brightness level controls, etc. to minimize battery consumption but nevertheless it does a good job at holding battery life.
      3 - WiFi Tethering or Hotspot works flawlessly.
      4 - Android OS is great. I'm still getting used to how things work but overall I'm really happy with it.
      5 - Google integration - I LOVE THIS FEATURE. although I had a blackberry, it wasn't an enterprise server one. therefore I had to manually sync my contacts with BB's desktop manager (WHAT A PAIN THAT WAS). I always had duplicate meetings, wrong calendar events, deleted contacts, added contacts.. A ROYAL MESS.. - In comes GOOGLE Calendar, Google Contacts, Google everything and WAla... Life is GOOD...
      6 - 8mp camera - Just like other owners have said, it's GREAT. Zoom feature is a bit cumbersome and takes some time to get used to it (im still working on that) but it works and it works well.
      7 - 720p recorder.. AWESOME.. my daughter had a ballett recitale a few days and I took about 20 mins of HD video.. LOOKS GREAT.
      8 - Front camera is good idea. I'm messing around with Qik (Video conferencing App) but I've only done 1 test.. Gotta try it again. Seems to work ok.
      9 - Sprint has excellent tower/service coverage throughout Miami. So I've always been pretty happy with sprint.
      10 - Weight is not that bad. For the size, the accessories the phone has, the processor, etc, etc. It's pretty balanced out. My wife doesn't seem to mind the weight, and she's a picky one when it comes to how heavy the phone is.
      11 - GET ONE, GET ONE NOW... I got 2 at best buy 6/4/2010 for 199 each. [...]

      1 - $10 data charge (WTF)I don't have 4g in my area, Sprint doesn't say when I'll have it in my area, never was anything mentioned about $10 extra data charge on the plan to have these phones. Why offer an "Unlimited Family Data Plan" if it's not really unlimited.??? This really has me upset. I might not be that upset about it if we had 4g in my area but we don't...
      2 - $30 for wifi hotspot option. WTF again... This was a feature that was going to be offered as part of the data plan. Now it's $30 per month.. What's up with that? I mentioned earlier that the Wifi hotspot works great. Well it does, there are apps that can assist in getting the service working. Look into it. Tricky to do it but works. And just like a rep from sprint told me a couple of days ago, if you are forced into the $10 charge take full advantage of the data service. I tried to get more info about why the $10 and the rep honestly told me that they were not given any information why. He was sorry to have to tell me that but they just don't know.
      3 - My wife doesn't like the power button. she has long finger nails and it's a pain for her to turn on the phone. specially since we have the slide cases to protect the phone on.
      4 - OTTERBOX hasn't come out with a case for this. I'm already on the WAITING list with them. I did get an email notifiying me that it's in the works and will soon be released. I LOVE the OTTERBox on my iTouch.. It's GREAT..
      5 - Android Market is not as nice as Apples. itunes is a nice software to have to synce your ipod/iphone. back it up, and do other things to the ipod. Android doesn't have anything quite that good yet. There are talks about something comeing out soon, but it's not out yet. I have read some articles, where you can actually integrate your itunes with the Android phone. I'm going to try that out this weekend.
      6 - Apple definetly has a lot nicer FREE apps than Android. I do have to tip my hat off to Apple for that one. then again, they have a few years lead time on Android with making apps. Android will catch up, I'm sure...

      Thats pretty much my story. Hope the review helps in any sort of way.
      Enjoy the EVO if you do get it. (Posted on 6/15/2010)

    155. Chose this over the IPhone, no regrets! Review by D. Porter

      I have had this phone for almost a week now. The only other phone I considered was the new IPhone, so far I am very pleased with my decision. Before purchasing this phone I had Palm and Microsoft SmartPhones. I also have an IPod touch at home that I use regularly and love. I didn't have any experience with Android.

      -This is a large phone. I was worried about this at first, but it is not cumbersome to use as a phone, and the large display looks great! I have large hands and my previous phones all had QWERTY keyboards. I was worried about the switch to soft keys. The large display makes texting and typing easier than I expected.
      -Android is great! Having used Apple products for a long time, I was nervous that Android would be a step down in terms of usability. Quite the opposite is true, the interface is very intuitive and easy to use.
      -Applications. I have downloaded many apps (widgets). I was surprised to find that most of what I was using on my IPod touch had comparable apps for Android. There are a few I am waiting on (Audible is a big one to me, but it isn't out on the IPhone yet either).
      -EMail. I didn't have a Gmail account until I got this phone, but I created one and used it to import all of my contacts from Outlook. I have been using Google Earth, Google Documents, and of course Gmail on the phone. All work perfectly and I am finding myself drawn into the Google world. I wonder if I'll ever go back to Hotmail or Yahoo....
      -The camera is great! I don't know why I would even bother carrying a point-and-shoot anymore. The flash and zoom are new to me on a phone camera, and both work well. I haven't taken a bad photo yet. The ability to easily do basic editing of photos on the phone makes sharing pictures easier than anything else I've tried.
      -On the same note, the video camera also works great. I haven't tried the HDMI output yet but am anxious to do it. I have taken several videos and uploaded them to the Internet, seamless.
      -Sprint Navigation and Sprint TV both work well. I haven't even tried Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation yet, I'm sure that I will.
      -Speech recognition. Most queries can be done verbally instead of by typing them in. Speech to text for contacts and navigation works well, so long as I pronounce clearly I have had no problems.
      -Good For Enterprise. I didn't want to single out one app, but this one deserves it. This application allows me to attach to my calendar, email, and contacts in Microsoft Exchange at work. Thus far it has worked flawlessly, and gives me all the business functionality I need on a much, much, MUCH cooler phone than a Blackberry.

      Not-So-Pros (I can't really say cons):
      -Battery Life. Granted it is my first week so I had almost everything turned on all week. I will work on a power management plan going forward. I usually charge my phone overnight, but with GPS, data, and Wi-Fi running, plus using the phone extensively I have to recharge during the day. I'm hoping I can find a happy medium that allows me to go all day without recharging. On a good note, all my mini-USB accessories from my last Palm phone work fine to charge the phone.

      As I said, I was considering either this phone or the new IPhone. Feature for feature they are very similar, and since I already had ITunes and multiple IPods it seemed a no-brainer to get the IPhone. What brought me to the Evo was not the phone, but the carrier. I chose the carrier first, the phone second.

      I have been very happy with Sprint's network for years now, both data and voice. I am concerned that AT&T is no longer offering unlimited data on the IPhone, no doubt driven by the fact that their network was unprepared and overwhelmed by the IPhone's success. I've heard AT&T's spin control (most people don't use 2Gig per month, they are spending a ton upgrading their network, blah blah blah), but the experience of my friends who have the IPhone is always "the phone is great, the network is not". I have a family plan with 4 phones; my Sprint plan with 4 smartphones (unlimited data and text on all 4) cost less per month than AT&T's plan to have one IPhone (limited data) and three phones (no data). In the end, the Sprint network (faster, unlimited data, and cheaper) made the IPhone, much as I wanted it, the wrong choice for me.

      At this point, I assume when I replace this phone the IPhone will be available on Sprint. No doubt if I could have had an IPhone on Sprint I would have done that. However I'm impressed enough by the HTC phone and Google OS to say that even though a week ago Apple could have had my business (on the right network) that next time they will have to earn it. Nothing against Apple, but I like this phone that much.

      ***Update 6/18/2010

      I continue to be very happy with my decision to stay on Sprint and purchase the Evo. A few updates:

      -Battery Life. After some time online in a few forums, I have tuned my phone so that I am getting about 30 hours between charges. Turning off GPS and Bluetooth when not in use (there are easy switches on the homepage), switching to WiFi at home instead of 3G, and limiting checks for the Good app and email did most of the work. Since I usually charge every night, this is more than enough for me. I still use the phone about 1-2 hours during the day for voice, plus about an hour of data.

      -Apps. I have installed 32 applications. Only had problems with 2, and they were low-rated freebies. The app, Flickster, Pandora, ATK, Google Earth, Sprint TV and Sprint Navigation continue to be favorites. Google Maps also is very easy to use.

      -Sprint. Performance on the Sprint network is great. Given the mess AT&T had with the new IPhone orders this week, and the fact that something like a million new IPhones will be going on the already overloaded AT&T network, I feel even better in my decision to choose the carrier first and the phone second. (Posted on 6/12/2010)

    156. Convergence is here - and it works pretty well! Review by Jerry Saperstein

      I've been n the technology industry for a long time and over the past several decades, I've heard a number of visionaries (real and wannabe) prophesy about the day when the computer could be held in the palm of your hand and you'd use it for everything without compromising on anything.

      Well if that day isn't entirely here, it is very, very close as is demonstrated with the Sprint HTC Evo 4G.

      This is one amazing machine.

      The 4.3" screen is absolutely marvelous. Unlike my last four HTC smartphones (PPC6700, PPC6800, Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2), I can read without squinting!

      The Android Operating System puts Windows Mobile 6 (or whatever they are calling it these days) to shame.

      The 1 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is blazingly fast. Multitasking is quick and efficient.

      Available RAM is a bit on the chintzy side.

      There's a lot of bloatware installed on the system, but that is easily gotten rid of. You have to be extremely careful with setting options since, as delivered, the Evo 4G will suck your battery dry within a few hours of just sitting there and seemingly doing nothing. In my early days of experimentation, I went from 100% charge when I went to bed to 15% by morning. This is one device where you really want to learn all you can about it. Read the manual, delve deeply into the settings and follow the forums. When people talk about poor battery life on this phone, they're being honest but also exposing their ignorance or unwillingness to optimize the battery life. My suggestion to Sprint, HTC and Google would be to deliver the Evo 4G with all the battery sucking options turned off and thus avoid the unnecessary bad rap about battery life.

      I have never been a fan of onscreen keyboards - until now. The onscreen keyboard on the Evo is great. It took me a little while to gain accuracy and speed, but I am now as fast if not faster than with the slider keyboards on my earlier HTC smartphones. One of the first purchases I made to complement the Evo is the Freedom Pro Bluetooth keyboard. (You also have to buy drivers for it from Google's Market service.) Couple that with any of several notes applications, email or QuickOffice and you can leave your laptop at home on many occasions. By the way, the Evo will support the new 32GB microSDHC cards.

      The Evo, with an optional Sprint service, can serve as a WiFi access point for up to eight other devices. The service while seemingly pricey is half the cost of Sprint's standalone data service. Sprint levies a $10 surcharge on monthly usage fees for the Evo. Allegedly this is to cover truly unlimited data service on 4G networks. The problem I'v encountered is that Sprint's 4G service in Chicago is spotty and practically impossible to obtain indoors. When you can get 4G, It can be blazingly fast - but it can often also be no better than a good 3G connection as well. To date, I am not overly impressed with 4G in terms of actual availability.

      Evo has two cameras. The rear-facing one is typical of higher end cell phone cameras. Usable, but not great, pictures. The twin LED flash helps a lot. The front-facing camera can be used with the Qik service for video calls. So far I am not impressed with Qik and the fact that are adding a surcharge for "premium" features which, in my opinion, shouldn't be considered premium doesn't help. Fring allows you to use Skype and Skype itself has promised an Android client this year.

      There are many cool things about this phone. It is, in my opinion, physically beautiful. I like the large size and it fits my hand well. The Android OS, so far, has been dependable with no system crashes. An occasional application crash, but not the OS itself. The four capacitive buttons on the bottom work more often than not. The volume controls on the right side are a design error in my view, but they work well enough.

      The HTC Sense User Interface, which I had turned off on my HTC Touch Pro and Touch Pro 2 smartphones has finally reached a level of maturity where it adds to the convenience of using the device.

      Call quality has been quite acceptable.

      Many tasks that can drive you mad on other phones are simple on the Evo. Finding and connecting with new WiFi and Bluetooth devices is as simple as it can get.

      That said, the WiFi and phone receivers on the Evo seem exceptionally poor. I lose the WiFi signal in my unit, something that does not occur with my other phones or computers. Likewise my Sprint signal is far weaker indoors than with any of my previous Sprint HTC phones. This may, in fact, turn out to be a dealbreaker for me. Having had the unit for a week now, I have eliminated all the other possibilities for the poor reception - it is the Evo at fault here and I will be communicating with Sprint this next week to learn what they intend to do about the problem. The forums have been filled with complaints about these issues and, if my experience is a guide, with good reason.

      Google's Android Market offers a broad array of software, much of it useful. I have downloaded a number of programs, free and paid, and found them useful.

      A couple of little blessings: a kickstand on the back so you can conveniently watch videos or listen to music or books and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

      Overall this is an incredible piece of work. With my Bluetooth external keyboard, I can see myself leaving the laptop at home on many occasions. The Evo, so far, handles all my basic tasks smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

      You have to really learn about this device in order to manage power consumption - otherwise your battery life will be abysmal. And many, including myself, are unhappy with what might be weak WiFi and cell receivers or may be a firmware problem. I am hoping that the problem can be resolved soon.

      Sprint, HTC and Google have done a real number on the Sprint HTC Evo 4G. It is outstanding, a true engineering masterpiece. All the power you need for your everyday work tasks and communication fitted into the palm of your hand. On top of that, it is a great entertainment center as well, the 4.3" screen being more than adequate for watching most movies and video. Speaker volume is adequate and speaker fidelity is as bad as any other. Use headphones for your listening.

      The Evo is a great device and probably more fun to play with than I am entitled to have.

      Jerry (Posted on 6/12/2010)

    157. My considerations Review by Reggie A "Reggie A"

      I thought I would add a couple of notes to the favorable reviews the EVO is getting here and on other sites that allow users to comment. From the other reviews, you will have noted the important features that are attracting the gadget nerds, the business users, and the folks who are just looking for a good feature package. There were several features that captured my imagination. I like what Steve Jobs has to say about "face time" in his intros to the new IPhone, and I thought for a while that would be my new phone. I really like the idea of being able to create a wifi hot spot -- though with the number of hot spots growing exponentially, this is not as important as it would have been even a year ago. I really like the nav function, and I must say the android versions are far superior to the Garmin, Magellan, and Tom Tom devices I have used in my autos. I was immediately attracted to the significantly larger screen because we use our phones to download and read research documents -- Word and Acrobat files -- as a part of our teaching and research work.
      I am also impressed that Sprint has taken the lead on the deployment of 4G. It's not available in my city and is not therefore a deal maker/breaker for me -- but it is 4G that will prevent overloads and delays on the mobile networks, so it's an important move for a service provider.
      I currently have an IPOD Touch, and I frequently use about two dozen apps from Apple's App Store, and I like that most of them are free or very low in cost, so that's another feature I looked to the new IPhone for.
      But the deal-maker for me lies in another direction. I am very disenchanted with many American businesses, and I consider AT&T to represent the epitome of unbridled greed. Like other companies you can think of, AT&T never misses an opportunity to increase their rates or add charges, just a little. You need to remember they're talking about millions of transactions each and every day, and while our tolerance for all the little changes is high, they eventually add up. I personally think it was a bad mistake for Apple to give AT&T an exclusive, and that connection kept me open-minded as I looked for my next phone and service contract. I'm in an area where AT&T is the phone provider, and there is really no suitable alternative, so when I moved in, I signed up for their "bundled" services -- local, long distance, and DSL. Their ads promised me nice bonuses for signing on -- but I was not a bit surprised to learn that there were restrictions and conditions. I didn't get a dime, and I received a level of service I had come to expect. The phone line is just a line, and not much can be done to screw that up -- but I had problems with their DSL right from the beginning. I opted for their highest speed service, and I had months of dropped connections and slow loads before I finally dropped them and signed up for cable.
      HTC sells their EVO through T-Mobile, (different name) except that it is married to the obsolete Windows Mobile 6 operating system. I like T-Mobile's service very much, and looked hard to find a suitable alternative. I am currently a Verizon customer, eligible for a phone upgrade, and that provider has the HTC Incredible -- again the same phone, but with an Android operating system. When I compared plans, however, I found Sprint had the lowest cost of all the providers, with T-Mobile a close second. For the same services, AT&T wanted nearly $50 more, and Verizon has been learning from AT&T and B of A and now adds a nickel or a dime to everything they do. I would have had to pay nearly $100 more each month to get the same services from Verizon. AT&T and Verizon both have caps on web usage, and the costs for extra use are very high. If you download and watch one movie, for example, after you have used your monthly capacity, the cost of that movie would be about $35! I actually don't think we will ever approach those capacities as a practical matter, so that concern was not a critical one -- but why pay extra for the privilege of having a ceiling on your usage?

      I also will be very happy to walk away from Apple. I absolutely hate that everything I do on my IPod Touch is based on Apple's I-Tunes software. They want to control everything. I love their inventiveness, marketing, and manufacturing execution, and I actually came close to buying an IPad when I saw the announcement, but I will not miss the micro-controls inherent in I-Tunes and the Apple App store. I'm not a teenager who must buy the latest music on the market. The songs I now have available on my external hard drive include music that I purchased as 45 rpm and 33 1/3rd records, 8-track tapes, cassettes, and CDs. I resent that Apple feels compelled to monitor and control that inventory. For as long as I can remember, the music labels have been able to package junk with a few good songs so they can charge the higher prices. I'm in favor of free enterprise, but those kinds of shady practices have long given free enterprise a bad name. Free enterprise means I can look for competitive pricing and services, and I spend enough time to assure I'm rewarding business practices of which I approve.

      I ended up with Sprint, and though no phone and no service is perfect -- I have previous experience with Sprint and like their customer service and prices. With what you'll read about the phone, you'll know it's feature rich, Android based, tough, and reliable. It's actually a little big as a phone, but that extra size is very important for all the other things a smart phone can do -- witness the rush to buy the IPad -- a large screen without a phone, camera, or USB connectivity. I'm very happy with my new phone and service provider and don't hesitate to call them a five-star combination.

      If I made anyone unhappy with the polemics I've delivered on different businesses, I apologize. My intention was simply to add the dimension of service to the important choices people are making about their mobile phones, and it must be apparent I've developed strong opinions about them. At the end, though, all I've done is exercise my right to take my business where I choose, and I've written this review to add a couple of considerations that may help others as they make their own decisions.

      That's what I think -- what do YOU think? (Posted on 6/11/2010)

    158. Revolutionary Device Review by Mike J "MJ"

      This phone is in a nutshell the most amazing device that I have ever used. It feels strange to even call it a phone when it can do pretty much everything. The only downside is that it's not the greatest on battery optimization. I charge it daily, which I guess would be comparable to every other smartphone. Def about a billion times better than the iPhone. Do the research and you will agree. (Posted on 6/9/2010)

    159. Very pleased with this phone Review by Brent J. Nordquist

      This is my first HTC phone, and my first experience with an Android-based phone, and so far I am very pleased. The large screen is fantastic; much easier to type on than my wife's HTC Hero. The synchronization with GMail/Google Contacts/Calendar worked flawlessly. The phone is very responsive; user actions feel very snappy. The voice recognition is surprisingly accurate; very useful for a quick text message. I have been a long-time Palm/Treo user, and so far I've found high-quality free replacement apps for just about everything I do in the Android Marketplace. Nothing to complain about so far! (Posted on 6/8/2010)

    160. Excellent Smartphone Review by M. Bianco "shmianco"

      i'm very impressed with this phone overall. i'm new to the Android operating system, and HTC's sense UI: i love both. my point of view comes from having a palm pre for 1 year. i'm not a fan of the iphone's interface and fan-base (Thats right, apple fans ruin the fun for everyone) so always tried the "best alternative".

      phone calls are much better than my pre. i can hear people very well and they can hear me. no problems.

      the interface itself along with the android marketplace make for an easy and fun day to day use structure.

      general speed: very very fast, especially compared to the pre. basically, you have a computer in your hand.

      battery life: the claims of poor battery life are exaggerated compared to my experience. tech blogs will say one thing and users will say another. you can take steps to preserve what battery life there is, this isnt rocket science. if you tell the phone to do a lot (And it can do a lot!) then the battery will be taxed, simple idea. for a smartphone, its on par with whats available. this is NOT its achille's heel.

      4g: is available in some parts of west los angeles and santa monica. namely, in my hood! it gets to streaming youtube HD videos very quickly, no waiting. boo waiting!!

      overall this is an excellent phone, and i have no specific complaints. i just hope it lasts 2 years so i can get the next best thing without problems!

      yay! (Posted on 6/8/2010)

    161. Awesome Phone. Battery Life Tips Review by W. Lee

      There are plenty of reviews on this device already, so I decided to simply address the battery life issue - which was my only concern with this phone. With just 3 things, my EVO uses about 5% battery per hour.

      1. Turn off 4G, Wifi, and GPS.
      2. Install Task Manager by Apollo Software
      -Enable AutoKill
      the only app I have in the ignore list is the battery time lite (Motalen)
      -I have it set to 1 minute
      3. Email - If you have email setup (not gmail), it will use battery to check if you have new mail. I think the default for peak times is as item arrives, and this will kill the battery. I reduced mine to once a day since gmail is my main account anyway.

      Bottom Line: Unless you are in an area with especially poor coverage, the battery life should be decent. Just realize the phone really costs $439 (add the $10 per month fee for 24 months to the cost of the phone). If the price is affordable, then get the phone.

      Search google for EVO battery tips. goodandevo (Posted on 6/8/2010)

    162. Switched from iPhone to the Best Phone I Ever Owned! Review by Petar Smilajkov "Peconi"

      I've been an iPhone user since the day one. Had every single iteration of the device and finally got bored with same software and apps... Every iPhone brings new, faster hardware (and some new features), but 90% of software stays the same. After years of using it - I'm bored :)

      I switched to HTC Evo 4G the day it launched and I'm not looking back. Even after seeing Jobs' Keynote and all the features of the new iPhone - Evo is still the best choice. The only thing iPhone brings to the table that Evo does not have is a super dense, super crisp display. Evo has an AMAZING screen regardless, and I can live without the "retina display" as Apple dubs it. Evo has a TFT LCD screen - just like the one in your laptop so the quality is stunning, and it's bigger!

      Do note that I am a techie, and I like gadgets. Truth is that Evo is NOT as fluid and intuitive in some things as the iPhone, so if you're not a techie person or prefer 100% simplicity and usability - go with the iPhone.

      If you're willing to explore some new Android waters, truth is there is no better phone to do this than Evo!

      All my iPhone did for me, Evo does as well: checks my emails, makes phone calls (better than on AT&T, one of main reasons I switched), plays my DRM-free music, has a built in music store (Amazon MP3 WooHoo!), syncs with my iTunes (music and playlists) via FREE DoubleTwist app for Mac wich acts as an intermediary, plays my Audible books (and can download them without syncing to iTunes), plays my podcasts (and I do not even have to sync them either, it downloads them directly via Free app).

      It can also make Video calls with other Evo users (just like iPhone does iPhone to iPhone), and since iPhone's FaceTime is an open standard, it's just a matter of time before FaceTime app for Evo surfaces.

      The only downside is the battery life, however, I purchased a 1750mah Seidio battery here from Amazon after reading great reviews about it... Therefore - that problem is now solved, for $41 bucks.

      I love the phone, network is great (here in Columbus, OH), and I think I made a good choice switching from iPhone (at least until the next one comes out).

      [...] (Posted on 6/8/2010)

    163. Great phone Review by Thöm Frost

      I have owned over the years Palm OS phones, Windows OS phones, Nokia and Blackberry's just to name a few.

      All were good phones at the time with a few exceptions but this one out does them all.
      I live in a 4G area so I get the full benefits of 4G. I got the hotspot service for my phone and have tried it out with several laptops and a netbook and it works great.

      I upgraded the firmware on this phone so I haven't ran in to the issues some have been reporting. I asked a Sprint tech and they said that they will have Android 2.2 ready for the phone when it comes out.

      The only issue I have had with the phone so far is the MicroSD card, it was hard for me to get out and put in my own with all my songs. (Posted on 6/7/2010)

    164. My first smartphone, great experience so far Review by Brian Purcell

      This is the first smartphone my family has ever bought. We've stuck with pay-as-you-go phones simply because we didn't see the need for the extra stuff. We knew we wanted an Android phone because we both use Goggle Calendar to sync our schedules.

      I debated between the Incredible (Verizon) and Evo (Sprint) for a couple of weeks. We settled on Sprint for pricing and simplicity of bill, so the Evo won. My wife got the Samsung Moment because she wanted a QWERTY keyboard.

      Quite simply, Evo has just about everything I could expect from a phone. After signing into my Google account, everything was setup for me to access. The screens are setup with ease in mind. I love that I can turn WiFi and GPS on and off just by a tap on the screen. My Facebook and Google contacts are synced seemlessly. The phone is thin and fits in my pocket easily, although I plan on buying a skin to protect the edges. I don't have 4G in my area, so I can't review that yet.

      My only gripes are battery life and ear placement for talking. The battery drains pretty quickly while using it, so it might be a good idea to get an extra battery. Also, when I talk on the phone, the edge of the phone seems to dig into my ear. Maybe with a skin that will go away. (Posted on 6/7/2010)

    165. A sweet phone with one fatal flaw for international travellers Review by Javafuel

      This phone is so sweet, way better than Apple Nazi's 4g iphone with 400,000 junk apps. Sadly it's on Sprint's CDMA network. Most of Europe and Asia are on standard GSM networks, so this amazing phone is a domestic phone. Why would a smart phone in 2010 still not a global phone...I'll wait for the GSM version. Sprint, get with the program and ditch 1990 CDMA technology. No wonder you can't compete with the rest of carrier. (Posted on 6/6/2010)

    166. My Take Review by PR4LFE

      Lets get this out of the way - I had the iPhone 3GS for 10 months (jailbroke it 4 months). The service with AT&T was just fine other than the dropped calls here and there which I believe is with every network. The 3G connection was good here in Vegas. Now, I decided to switch from the iPhone to the EVO 4G because once I saw the screen (I didnt realize I wanted a bigger screen) it was a definite plus. Much like any phone available there are things that this does better and could do better. Now mine review will be a bit of a comparison to the iPhone since that was what I just left.

      Battery Life: I could make it through the whole day with the iPhone obviously depending on usage and which features were turned off or on. Generally I would have to turn off 3G to do so. On the EVO 4G for example - this morning it was at 100% at 5am it is now 9:36am and I am just under 50% with light usage (4G is turned off) 3G only and screen brightness at auto. A bit too early from me to determine true battery usage without some more time but first impression I would say it has OK battery life and the iPhone is good.

      Screen: To me there is no comparison between the two screens. iPhone has a 3.5 and the EVO 4G has a 4.3 - thats just more landscape to view anything. Now, in sunlight the iPhone does outshine the EVO. Its just easier to see. The EVO screen is just more vibrant and sharper to me than the iPhone.

      Touch Response: This is a neutral category. I don't see either one being more responsive than the other.

      OS: Well, this one is a bit trickier I believe. The OS on the iPhone is quite polished and it does things very well. Its responsive and has nice built in feature for email contacts. The EVO on the other hand has a very nice OS in Android 2.1- its more customizable in how you want to personalize your phone. Features that the iPhone 4.0 OS will bring as already here. Folders and custom background are in. Not to mention and by far the greatest feature of them all....NO ITUNES. Not needed for activation, for music or video. I like the Amazon MP3 service better. Actual MP3's. Android is loaded with tons of features to let you change your own experience with the phone. Its like giving you power of your own device.

      Camera and Video: Not tested.

      Talk: With my usage nothing that I would say is any different from AT&T to Sprint here in Vegas.

      4G: Connectivity is spotty at times with my testing here in Vegas but when its on its fast. Way faster than 3G.... noticeably. Surfing on the EVO is like being freed from not being able to see webpages the way they are suppose to. I do have to state however that certain pages heavy on Flash can cause a slow down. For example the [...] website can be cumbersome to navigate (but on the iPhone as well).

      Connectivity: I have not had any problems with Bluetooth at all. It connected to my bluetooth stereo and ear piece without a hitch.

      Multitasking: So far I have had a bluetooth connection going, playing music and surfing the internet and there was no slowdown on the phone at all.

      Overall I have to say that I am very pleased with the EVO 4G in my 4 days of ownership. I like the iPhone but disliked iTunes very much and the fact I could not do simple things such as folders and custom backgrounds. I understand that it is coming in 4.0 but thats too little too late. Not to mention that my bill goes from $105 to $85 after taxes. It is a bit unfair for those not in a 4G City to have to pay for the service but for me it would still be cheaper than AT&T without 4G. The cost itself is better for me. The phone to me does everything the iPhone can do and then some (even better). Two things that stand out is the email and webpages on the EVO. Those two along are ahead of the iPhone. The iPhone does have the cool letters on the right hand side for contacts that the EVO lacks but the with the EVO you can send certain numbers directly to voice mail. For every person its going to be a to each there own type of decision. With the next iPhone information being released this week time will tell how well the EVO hold up in the competition but as for me Im glad I switched.

      UPDATE 6/8/2010 - All is fair in love and they say. Anyways, I had issues with the iPhone along the way such as lock ups, apps just closing, not turning on. So now its the EVO's turn: using speaker phone I was on hold, the screen turns blacks as normal for power save however I could not get the picture to come back. I could hear the hold music but pushing any buttons did not return the screen back so I had to remove the battery. The weirder one is for whatever reason last night 3G somehow got turned off. Not sure how but it did.

      UPDATE 6/10/2010 - Ok, so everybody has heard the old saying "dont quite your day job" well that kinda of apply s to the camera and video abilities. Like most smart phones I wouldnt say people use them as the primary means for taking pictures and video but its nice to have the function built in. The video and pictures are ok and can be good depending on the scene. Since this standard is not going anywhere maybe a future version will improve on this.

      Battery life still depends on usage but for light usage you can make it a whole day without charging with 4G turned off. Medium to Heavy with 4G turned off might last you half a day.

      UPDATE 6/14/2010 - More news update; random applications such email, internet and sprint tv will error out and force close. It might take a few attempts but it will eventually work. Games from my experience on Android for the most part are not as polished as those on the iPhone. They seem a bit.....old. I have only downloaded and tested a few (free). Internet sharing with the PC (Windows Vista & 7) is pretty easy. Might take a few minutes to set up but then you are good to go. 4G still seems very spotty here in Vegas for a good connection so I dont get to see fast 4G speeds all the time. (Posted on 6/6/2010)

    167. The Apple iPhone Is So 2009, says Evo Review by C. R.

      The Evo is THE alternative for those not wanting to put up with the iPhone restrictions or AT&T's well publicized shortcomings.
      As a proud new owner since Friday I can honestly say the Evo lives up to the hype - and then some.
      A warning though: the Evo is much larger than the iPhone and pretty much any other phone out there. For tall/large folks with large
      hands this is actually wonderful, but for those who like the tiniest, sleekest toys to go along with their midget hands, this thing isn't it.

      Regardless if you live in a Sprint 4G area, you'll pay an extra $10 fee. If you haven't already, you also need to upgrade to one of Sprint's more expensive plans.

      Keep in mind that, as with all Androids, you can turn off and/or customize almost any feature you don't like. The Evo is not quite as intuitive to learn as the iPhone but it's also
      a lot more capable and powerful. The growing Android app marketplace really helps with this.

      Gorgeous, gigantic, super bright, crystal clear screen. Best. Screen. Ever.
      Truly fast at everything - apps launch instantly, everything is just "zippy",
      Powerful enough to run a bunch of stuff simultaneously without slowing down at all
      Very modern and "hip" interface.
      Fantastic integration with all things Google (Maps, Gmail, Google Voice, etc.), Social Networks (Friend Stream is amazing), and GPS
      Call quality is excellent
      WiFi works very well
      Touch screen is VERY sensitive and fast. Could be Pro or a Con.
      Videos are unbelievably large and crisp on this thing - no other phone comes close yet
      Has lots of options and customization features
      8 Megapixel camera AND HD video camcorder (!) surprisingly good quality for a phone
      Does eBooks very well (need free eBook reader)
      Android app market is huge and growing fast. Downloads and installs are super simple and fast.
      Everything about this thing is just fast.
      Casing/back doesn't show fingerprints or lint much at all (screen is another story, see below)
      Did I mention it's FAST?

      Battery Life. This makes sense as the gigantic screen by itself likes to eat up juice when in use. WiFi, Bluetooth and certain auto-updating apps also drain the battery.
      Suggestion: turn WiFi OFF when you leave your house. Keep the default timeout setting to 1 minute or so to make sure the screen turns off after a short time of not
      using the device. Turn Bluetooth off if you're not using it. Reduce screen brightness, it's set to Auto by default when you get the Evo.

      Default email client not super intuitive, plus polling intervals can not be set to anything shorter than 5 minutes. Email client can easily be replaced with other apps if you wish though.

      Touch screen is VERY sensitive and fast. Some folks might need to get used to how fast/sensitive it is. Could be a Pro or a Con.

      Soft keyboard has some minor quirks, mostly in terms of intuitiveness. Hard to describe here.

      For people with larger hands like me, the Evo is perfect. For someone with very small hands, this device could be a nightmare to use. Seriously - it's LARGE.

      Like all touch devices, the touch screen is a fingerprint magnet

      If you are on Sprint (or considering switching) and want the fastest and arguably best device out there at this time, the Evo is it. (Posted on 6/6/2010)

    168. Whopping 4.3-inch Screen makes ALL the difference! Review by Jung Il Lee ""

      I own three phones, Sprint Palm Pre, T-Mobile Nexus One, and this HTC Evo 4G.

      One thing I have noticed over the physical keyboard and the Nexus One multi-touch is that HTC Evo 4G simply has the biggest screen size that allows for easy of typing and it's TOUCHSCREEN!

      For business people (like me), it's important that I can type fast and the HTC Evo lets me do that easily because the keyboard "never" misses, I can type faster than my Palm Pre, which has a physical keyboard.

      Other than that, the large 4.3" screen isn't large enough to make it a burden on your pocket while its perfect size for typing on the go.

      This is the best smartphone ever due to its "design" not the 4G or that it has a kickstand.

      If you have been stuck with a Blackberry because of a keyboard, this is the right time to switch, to a real smartphone that can do everything.

      Gotta love it!

      P.S. and yeah, it's fun to play sega, nintendo games using the "free" emulators. No, u dont have to pay for most apps like iphones. :p (Posted on 6/5/2010)

    169. Worth the hype/wait, absolutely love it!! Review by Erik in OC

      Updated 3/4/11: I've been on Sprint since 2005 and have used many of their smartphones: from Windows devices like Mogul and Touch Pro to the elegant WebOS on the Pre, and Sprint's first Androids, the Hero and Moment, and now the one that makes all those look silly: the HTC Evo.

      Let's start off with the battery life myth: Since the FroYo update, I am easily making it 30+ hours without charging. I can drain a full battery in 5 hours if I'm trying to, but never with typical use. The negative reviews on battery are typically from not so savvy smartphone users and you will find these types of reviews on all smartphones.

      Android is easy to use and you will love all the Marketplace apps to customize it as your own. The Evo has HTC's Sense UI, which is pretty user-friendly. A great thing about Android is that if you aren't happy with Sense UI, you can go to the marketplace for Launcher Pro (my strong preference), ADW Launcher or a few of the other options, but those 2 are widely viewed as the best. With these other launchers, you can add more rows and columns for apps and tweak little homescreen options to your liking.

      Navigation works so well that I sold my Garmin Nuvi 265WT. It loads directions very fast, which is great because my biggest pet peeve with Garmin was waiting for the satellites.

      Let's talk about media: For music there are several well designed apps but my favorites are PowerAmp (equalizer), Doubletwist (wireless air-sync), and TuneWiki (scrolls lyrics). For streaming, of course there's Pandora, Last.FM (now a paid app) and Slacker. For viewing your loaded video files, I've only used Rock Player, which views the loads of AVI and MP4 files I have.

      Voice quality: I make a lot of calls, and usually 3-4 a day to people I've never talked to before. Calls are very clear and they need to be. I get 4-6 out of 6 bars from Los Angeles, all over Orange County, down to Chula Vista. I would be frustrated with anything else. This obviously depends on your region, but in Southern California, I get excellent reception everywhere I go, much better than I got with my Palm Pre.

      Camera: At 8MP and with 2 LED lights, it's better than most phone cameras but if you are expecting a phone to be on par with your point-and click shooter, that's a little unrealistic. I still use my Canon and however far these smartphones advance, if you take your picture quality seriously, you will always want a camera. As for the video recording, it gets the job done. I was considering a Flip type camera, but the Evo has 720p recording and makes that obsolete.

      vs. iPhone 4: I'd like to go a phone review without mentioning this device, but let's face it, Apple has done a great job of making sure it's always in the back (or front) of your mind when phone shopping. As a reseller, I've used the iPhone for several hours. If you already have an iPhone, it probably doesn't matter how glowing my review of the EVO is, you're most likely getting the iPhone 4. If you want things really simple, that's an area iOS, to it's credit, excels in, and simplicity is not a bad thing. If you like to customize all the little details to your liking (ahem, a geek), chances are, you'll prefer Android. I get why people love their iPhones, but I don't get why those in bad coverage areas (like Southern CA), would sacrifice the main feature of a device. If you are a texter and rarely make phone calls, then I can understand somewhat. For AT&T to charge as much as they do, have subpar to very bad customer service (lots of personal experiences, I'll hold back my rant), and still have extremely spotty data and voice coverage in my region, that's unacceptable.

      BOTTOM LINE: Shop for carrier coverage in your area, BEFORE the phone, unless you don't make that many calls. A great phone with poor coverage is not so great anymore. If Sprint sucks in your area, don't get the Evo. If Sprint is awesome, like it is in Orange County, CA, you are going to love the EVO. (Posted on 6/5/2010)

    170. A Wow! With a Few Bugs Review by Daniel Murphy "Dan Murphy"

      To give you the perspective that I'm coming from, I'm not a dedicated techie. I upgraded to the EVO from a Treo Centro (sorry Palm OS!). Though I know what a Snapdragon processor is, my review won't be on that level of expertise. I'd rate my ability to adapt to new technology as fair-to-middling.

      Here goes: The phone itself is classy looking. When off, it reminds me of the black stone monolith in 2001, A Space Odyssey. When on, the screen is bright, and has VERY sharp detail (again, I'm coming from the perspective of my Centro). The pinch and spread function (to contract or spread the picture on the screen) works very smoothly and consistently. The "flick" function, used to scroll through apps, is wonderful, don't know how I did without it before. The screen is QUITE sensitive to touch, requiring a bit of getting used to for someone who does not count manual dexterity amongst my assets. Though the phone is big (4.2 inch screen)it is very slender, not heavy, and I don't find it cumbersome in the least. It is comfortable in the hand.

      The camera: first, it has two: the heavy duty one (8 megapixel) faces out the back, a 1 megapixel on the keyboard side. In a 4G area (I'm not, yet), this allows video phone calls, I'm told. The camera has autofocus and a surprisingly bright flash. Picture quality seems good to very good.

      Sound: I'm a bit hard of hearing, no problems at all with this phone. The sound quality is the best I've ever had on a cell phone. EVO has very few buttons, but it does have a very easy to use up and down volume buttons on the upper left side of the phone, works great.

      Keyboard. Well, hmmm. My Centro had a manual keyboard, and if there is anything that I really miss with the EVO, it's actual keys. Though the virtual keyboard is BIG when the phone is tilted to landscape mode, many functions on the phone (including entering contacts!) only allow the portrait keyboard for Qwerty. The phone has three keyboards to choose from, so if you're a whiz with the standard cell phone keyboard that kids are miraculously good at texting with, you can choose that format. I'm getting better, but still quite a few errors in keying.

      Speed: in a word: fast. Very little lag between functions, even when more than one function is chugging along.

      Voice recognition: the Google search by voice is (for a novice like me) nothing short of a miracle. Say "Quilt stores", and the phone takes into account your GPS location, in seconds a list of quilt stores (or Starbucks, or mountain biking trails)is at your disposal. SO cool! The directory search for phone contacts by voice is a bit more hesitant, could stand some spiffing.

      Apps: Holy Cow! Again, I'm a novice, but the very accurate GPS, in conjunction with entertainment apps such as Yelp! and Flixter, is mind-boggling. Touch Flixter, and this very smart phone instantly (NO input required) brings up all theaters, movie times, trailers, Rotten Tomato ratings, AND, all the restaurants in the area of your chosen movie, AND turn by turn directions to the theater thanks to Google Maps. Basically, get off a plane anywhere in North America, you're ready to roll!

      The GPS. Eerie, when combined with Google Maps. To navigate, you don't have to enter your starting place, the phone already KNOWS where you are. With a function called "layers", while navigating from point to point you can incorporate a satellite view, giving you an awesome (and distracting!) view of all the territory/buildings around you, for miles, depending on the scale that you choose. Get a (free) sports app, and the GPS/accelerometer kicks in to tell you exactly how far you've gone, maps the route you've taken, tells you how much elevation you've gained (!), and how many calories (incorporating your weight) that you've burned. Crikey, what fun! I used the GPS first day out with my EVO to find a restaurant, than used the voice turn by turn (it does call out specific street names, not just "turn left" or "turn right"). It was flawless, and VERY up to date with recent construction in the area.

      WiFi, signed on to my home network without any trouble.

      Ability to personalize: terrific, many options to "make it your own".

      Synchronization with multiple functions: terrific. No trouble setting up e-mail accounts (you MUST have a Gmail account for full function). I calendar with the online Google calendar on my laptop, the transfer to my phone calendar is automatic and virtually instantaneous.

      Bad stuff: they lie if they say that getting all your Palm OS data is going to transfer accurately. Argh. But I'm getting it straightened out. In the "Someday" category: EVO does not support Netflix instant play yet, nor Hulu. I'm a family doc, it DOES support Epocrates, an essential pharmacology data base.

      Battery life: I'm guessing 4 hours of continual multi-use, way better than that for talk time only. This multi-function micro-mainframe of an instrument has multiple draws on its battery: GPS, WiFi, AND, you can actually talk on the thing.

      So here's my bottom line: If they could give me an easier keyboard, or allow full voice recognition (I use and love Dragon 10.1 at work), EVO and I would become soul mates. As it is, after about a day and a half of adapting to a non-Palm OS system (I had one of the original Palm Pilots), I can tell that a long and fruitful friendship is in the making with this product. The leap from a semi-smart phone, like the Palm Centro, to this one is a quantum leap, not a simple upgrade. Without exaggeration, I can say that the EVO will change the way I operate on a day to day basis. I can also say that it is a whoppingly fun toy to play with!

      7/20/2010 Addendum/Update: This is a great phone, and I'll stick by my original statement that it is a quantum leap, not an upgrade, over any previous smart phone that I've owned. BUT...the battery life is a real problem. Even with an App Killer, and even with the GPS and Wi-Fi turned off when I don't need them, well...let's talk car gas mileage and gas mileage for Army tanks. With cars, you describe gas consumption in terms of miles per gallon. With tanks, you describe it in gallons per mile (this is true). If not a tank, the EVO is at least a half-track regarding energy consumption: that little green bar informing you about battery life keeps you mentally tethered to the nearest wall outlet or USB port. I have never run the battery completely down during a workday, but I've come uncomfortably close. There is no question that the value of the EVO would be significantly improved by tripling its battery life, or making replacement/spare batteries available at low cost. Otherwise...I love my Evo!

      8-14-2010 Update: The Froyo (Android 2.2) update was simple and flawlessly executed. Even better, it is a substantial improvement. From the very useful Flashlight app that uses the phone's flash LED's as a flashlight, to the quicker transition from one app to another, it's a winner. On a different note, those of you that wonder whether you can "tether" your Evo to your computer as a modem, using a cheap or free one-time app instead of a $29/month fee from Sprint: yes. Which makes the phone even more valuable in hotels and airports that want to charge $10/day for internet, not to mention being on a road trip.

      9/30/10 Update: Purchased the Seido battery that has double the capacity of the OEM battery: it's for real! No question whatsoever that I'm going to get through the whole day with power to spare, even leaving Wi-Fi and GPS on, even using the screen for Kindle reading for extended periods. The battery, contrary to what some reviewers have said about it, does significantly add to the weight and thickness of the phone. For me the issue is no contest: I no longer need to know where the nearest electrical socket is, and I have freedom to use all the phone's functions without fear of the color red on the battery bar showing up. (Posted on 6/5/2010)

    171. poor phone quality - great mini computer Review by Mom in Florida

      I'm a little disappointed in my new HTC EVO. I realize that the more features you put into a device that you need to sacrifice something but I really expected the phone features to be much better than they are. The voice quality with respect to just talking on the phone is mediocre and once you add talking over Bluetooth it's downright poor quality. I'm also surprised that HTC decided to devote their time and energy to developing voice recognition software for text messages, posting to facebook, etc. (which I love BTW) yet removed a standard phone feature of voice dialing via Bluetooth Headset. If you push the button on your bluetooth headset nothing happens, you can not initiate a call via the headset. The voice dialing feature that comes with the EVO does not work very well and is certainly not hands free while driving. I spent $4.00 on the Voice Dialer HF app from the Android market which is better than the voice dialer that comes with EVO but I still have to pick up my phone and tap the application to launch it, speak through the speaker on the phone, and then once the call is being placed it automatically connects to the Bluetooth headset and I can talk; this is not my definition of hands-free communication while driving! (Posted on 6/4/2010)

    172. Iphone can suck it Review by Mastershake

      After playing around with it for an hour, I am in love. I tossed my boring blackberry for this device. Its a wonderful alternative to the iphone. (Posted on 6/3/2010)

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